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Let me introduce myself, my nick is Domino (real name Dave), i have been an arma player for quite some time, mostly i like PVP BUT i also like co-op missions to play with my friends. i have not been scripting arma for long as i thought it was more trouble than it was worth (turns out i was wrong) 3 months ago i started looking at some of the missions code we play on my dedicated server to see if i could fix some of the bugs these missions contained. After lots of GOOGLE i was able to fix some of those bugs so that myself and my friends could enjoy these missions (HOOKED on scripting since then), 2 months ago i made my first script, (AI helo evac script) i also changed some of the missions we play to include the bis virtual asenal as well as add a few other goodies to these missions..

1 month ago i started my own project, myself and my friends really enjoy playing the "battlezone altis .. Skepsist edit" mission however we find it lacking in some area's/parts, so i took it upon myself to start a new script with that mission in mind.

i present to you as a very early WIP Random Mission Generator.

Alpha 1 --> MediaFire Link
Alpha 2 --> MediaFire Link

here is a quick show & tell video preview 1 Youtube
in the video i am simply demostrating mission activation and deactivation in different towns/cities across the map.

Remember that this is a framework script, i will be releasing a fully functional script that includes actual missions
at a later date.. with the framework in mind, this script will only generate the mission/submissions you specify in the configuration, you will actually have to script the missions you add yourself BUT witin the framework will be functions and other scripts to aid in your own mission creation. you will be able to create simple missions just by calling functions and scripts contained within the framework.

here are a few things the script contains (but is not limited to)

0. the script (random mission generator) will be able to run along side any existing missions you play.
1. Simple configuration to setup the server.
2. Simple configuration to define the primary/secondry missions that are choosen at random in each town.
3. Each primary mission can have an unlimited amount of "side" missions within the primary misison zone or folked from the main mission.

4. You can choose the enemy that will be spawned from the configuration file, speaking of which i think it would better to show whats in the configuration file to save me explaining some things..

5. Configuration paste ... Configuration.sqf 90% of the configuration options/functions are already implimented and working. It is not limited to these options.

6. The mission creation and removal is automatic, it uses the in game task system to keep track of each mission/submission, once the primary mission and each submission are completed the server will auto end the mission and inform all players of the outcome.

7. you can have an unlimited amount of missions active at any time. for instance in the config if you specify 5 allowed missions the server will maintain 5 primary missions at all times, as a mission is completed the server will generate another mission to keep the mission limit at 5, BUT also within each primary mission you can have an unlimited amount of "side" missions associated with the primary mission.

8. i have added tons of options/function wise so that you can tailor your missions the way you want them.

9. i have added tons of functions to aid you in the creation of:
enemy units (many function for creation of different unit groups and assets)
groups (creation of dynamic groups that are cleaned & removed when mission ends)
markers (simple creation of map markers)
triggers (simple creation of mission triggers)
mission map text (dynamic)
general map text (dynamic)
timed mission messages
server messages (sent to all clients at intervals)
mission states (uses default game mission states mission use these states when set)
mission status (different from mission task state)
mission data (added this so that global vars does not have to be used (beta idea))

ALL of this stuff will be auto cleaned when the mission is complete/failed/cancelled.

10, mission stats per restart, how many played completed/cancelled/failed etc. (sadly not persistent)

11. Each mission added is meant to be modular, im making this script with modular missions in mind, each mission added should really be contained to the start script and the end end script or the mission folder both of these files will be defined in the mission defines array. more on that in a later update. Actually here is a quick look at how missions are defined.

Define Missions (this code will change)

The script is in FLUX right now as today i have seperated client/server function into different folders/files but also started renaming fucntion/array names to reflect what they do and what they are for, modular in mind.... the first thing i wanted to do was make sure what i wanted to was possible, now what im doing is sculpting the files/functions etc... what ive added so far is working, now i need to refine and adjust what ive added to be better!

tons of other stuff that i will not bore you with right now..

Stay tuned as the script progresses ill keep you updated with new videos and information about implimentation etc.

i have nothing to hide, here is a snapshot of the current state of the script, (eden editor altis) Link same settings in config as in the video above, If your inclined take a look at my scripting tecnique or just mess around with the configuration.sql file.. DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR SERVER, IF DOES NOT GENERATE REAL MISSIONS, it is just test mission generation with a static object in each town a mission is generated.

If you have any ideas/thoughts you would like to add them please do below.. :)

i would just like to add that this work is slow due to the fact i have to research the things i want to achieve, ive only been scripting arma for a short while.. that said i think i have achieved alot in such a short time.. :)

Thanks for any comments.


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