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#1 Posted at 2016-06-07 00:40        
So i started working more and more with the default BIS modules instead of using scripts in order to get some features done but, i stumbled across a little issue.

With the Sector module i was wondering if its possible to only allow capture once certain criteria has been matched. In my case it would be the destruction of an Objective.

I know its possible to Activate the Sector Module once the item has been destroyed but i need the sector module to be active in order for the SCON module to actually initialize. Now i know there is the area marker with the area trigger and it tht specific trigger i put on the condition: !Alive Obj1. How ever once blufor enters the Sector area without destroying the objective they still capture it.

-Allow the capture of sectors only if conditions are met.
-Have this with the sector loaded.
-Have this done within the default ArmA 3 setting and no scripts(Optional).

Thanks in advance for responding and or helping.