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Operation Greek Fire - Episode 3


1st of Febuary 2035

The Taskforce is still attempting to disrupt CSAT forces on Stratis and Altis. The Campaign on Stratis has gone smoothly in comparison to the on-going battle on Altis. Much thanks to the 1st Recon holding back the majority of opposition forces on the island.

The 7th Fleet and its Marine expeditionary force are closing in, the task force on Stratis will be able to establish communications shortly. Its only a matter of hours before the invasion of Stratis begins.

1st Recons mission today is to advance on the western flank of the CSAT frontline, seizing the town of Girna and Outpost Romeo. If successful,1st Recon will be able to break through a part of the CSAT frontline, threatening the CSAT Main Base at Stratis Airfield. It is crucial for 1st Recon to deploy Anti-Air assets near the Airfield to support the Navys Aviation when the invasion begins.

Our Platoon will attack the town of Girna at dawn, we will attack the town from the south and south-east. The Main effort is conducted by Team 3 on Overwatch and Team 2 on the Assault. You will decide what approach to take.

Option 1
The Overwatch - Use the high-ground south of the town to overpower the towns garrison from distance.

Option 2
The Assault - Sneak up closer to the first compound and deploy a flare to signal the attack.

Option 3
The Diver - Take a wetsuit and flank the enemy on your own. This is the most difficult option, only take it if you have the balls for it.

-Run without mods (May or may not break mission with mods)
-Lowered in-game MUSIC volume (Just to balance it with the radio communications / Dialogues)
-Follow the mission tasks (You may break the mission if you do not follow the mission script)
-Post feedback and report on bugs that you find!

-Scripted Synchronized Attack with three player choices
-Dialogues and voice acting throughout the Mission (110+ recorded lines)
-Timely Autosaves.
-Scripted movie-like experience.
-Events that make the mission feel like a COOP mission.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.


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Credits & thanks:
Bog @ GOL for voice-acting
Parker @ GOL for voice-acting
MacGregor @ GOL for voice-acting
Myself for Editing, scripting and voice-acting