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#1 Posted at 2017-04-21 21:42        
Hi there, hours of searching were useless so I hope to get help here.
I am making a MP Mission using the Vanilla Respawn System of APEX.
So I have defined My Respawnloadouts in CfgRespawnInventory and everything is Working fine.
Now comes my special requirement: In my Mission the player should have the opportunity to get exactly the same Loadout that he had at time of death. I know how to do the save-and-apply-loadout stuff, I did such thing before.
But now I want, that the saved loadout is only being applied, when the Player selected the "last loadout" class.
So maybe I thought there might be some scriptparameter for Respawned Eventhandler or maybe a variable attached to the unit, but I could find nothing.

Long Story Short: How can I get the classname of the selected RespawnInventory class AFTER the unit has respawned?