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Mission summary: You fly in a ghosthawk, as gunner, shoot at enemies (infantry + flying unarmed transport choppers etc) on a king of the hill style AO.

I captured 10 minutes of my own flight, so it is a natural -close to real thing situation that will help you to understand and get used to 6.5mm minigun ballistics of ghosthawk. You will be flying in a human controlled helicopter, not AI. Whole point of the mission is to experiment with ballistics with unlimited ammo on.

Helicopter you fly in is setCaptive, meaning AI will never shoot at you. But I wanted to make it more realistic by keeping the altitude and speed high like I do on multiplayer to fly safe from machinegun fire and rockets.

There is "reset flight" option at action menu for when capture is ended.


*ai needs polishing, more diverse landing spots and different groups will be added once I solve performance issue
*adding more flight captures for clockwise and counter clockwise options /w side switching options such as different altitudes, flight styles.
*balancing fps and dynamism of the ai, it feels a little dull after a while.
*adding accuracy statistics
*adding hit marker on crosshair

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