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#1 Posted at 2017-08-31 08:38        
So i'm helping out on a mission where we want to spawn in triggers for service pads. We got them to work on a LAN server but they don't work when we put that mission file on a dedicated server. Anybody know what the problem could be?

The code we're using:

The service pads are only supposed to unlock after certain events.
So we call them in in the Main_Machine.sqf, which is started by the initserver.sqf like this:

mainObjScript = [] execVM "Missions\Main\Main_Machine.sqf";

in this file this is how we call the function that actually spawns the trigger:
[currentAO] call AW_fnc_BaseManager;

In that function this is the code that spawns the trigger:
_serviceTrigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", (getPos GuardianGroundServicePad) , true];
_serviceTrigger setTriggerActivation [ "WEST" , "PRESENT", true];
_serviceTrigger setTriggerArea [6, 6, 0, false, 3];
_serviceTrigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "[vehicle (thisList select 0)] execVM 'scripts\vehicle\rearmGround.sqf';", ""];

And the rearmground.sqf looks like this:
(I'm well aware that this is rather old code that could definitely use some tweaking. For now however it works so it's not that high on my todo list)

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#2 Posted at 2017-09-12 04:17        
Are these just for repair/rearming/refueling vehicles and such in one location or is a location that will constantly move?

Because if its in the same location, why not just avoid the script creation part of it and throw down a full trigger with the same parameters? That's worked on my dedicated box for MP repairs and such.