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In 2035 the NATO got intel about chemical weapons on Altis, an island state in the ageis.
We know that CSAT forces support the Altis Armed Forces with conventional weapons, but we cannot allow them to sell chemical weapons to the AAF. This time CSAT draw us over the line.

After a successful NATO invasion on Altis we were able to secure the chemical weapons, but we underestimated the AAF.
Last night they started a counter attack against our forces and we lost the FOB near Pefkas bay where the secured chemical weapons were stored in a Blackfish VTOL ready to leave the island. We cannot allow them to get them back! They also got hands on an old Gryphon jet fighter and an armed UAV, which must be neutralized. We also know that the AAF commander is in a FOB near Frini, and he is the key in their communication network. If we eliminate him, they will jump around like headless chickens and we can push the remaining AAF forces back into the sea.

Okay, Black Tiger,
your first task is to neutralize this commander, so they cannot react to our counter offensive.

After that, proceed to the northern airstrip near Abdera and take out the fighter jet, the UAV and all support vehicles.

Your last task is to destroy the Blackfish VTOL in FOB Pefkas and the chemical weapons in it.

Good luck and bring me my bird back!

If you enjoyed the mission please leave some Feedback regarding our work, thanks!