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#1 Posted at 2017-11-29 21:18        
Here's an idea that I just had to give people with programming skills a role in arma3 multiplayer and co-op. The idea is that a player could choose to equip their player with a laptop as their secondary weapon (as opposed to an at4 or rpg). This player would then need to sneak into the opposing team's base, and connect their laptop to an enemy cpu terminal, or patch into a fiberoptic line. They would then execute scripts (maybe copy & past pre-made scripts from a text document on your background desktop into a dialog screen that pops up once your "laptop" is connected?) to do things like make false targets appear on the opposing team's map, or make the opposing team's map go completely dark, or even shut down teamspeak (for the opposing team). Perhaps defensive scripts could be employed to defend installations.

You would need a way to ensure that only non-cheating scripts could be executed ie scripts that only attack coms & battlefield info, and not scripts that add unlimited ammo or invicibility or anything like that...

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