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#1 Posted at 2018-02-04 22:52        
Hello this is my Last attempt to trying this.

I have a mod that i am making but i have run into massive problems as there is no guides outhere to help

so to start up i have a raw hanger that has been made in blender it has been made an arma3 object using the blender tools arma3 tool box. I can load it up in object builder fine. but have no clue how to get it into game i beleave it needs come sort of config but have no clue were to start. as again the is no guid for how to make one for my building/ hanger that i have made.

And the second problem is when i apply textures to my object in object viewer using text viewer 2 it changes the colour in object builder.

if someone knows what i can do or can help i would very much appreciate this a lot.

if you guys cant help i will just have to abandon my project.

kind regards.