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#1 Posted at 2018-07-13 08:29        
Hello everyone.

I am trying to find ghillie nets for accessories like bipods and silencers.
I have downloaded the mod Trixie's Sniper/Marksman Pack whereas the pictures and description there shows the ghillied silencer and bipods, but only the rifles and scopes are ghillied, i don't have the option in arsenal for the other accessories.
For the silencer:

And for the bipod:

As i said, the weapon and scope works fine for me. It doesnt have to be from the trixie mod, any mod that can give me a netted silencer and bipod would be great.

Is there any mod or add on in existence for Arma 3 that has ghillie netted accessories as an add on?

I have spend a lot of time in Google and searching the steam workshop, but have not yet found what i need.
Any advice/help would be appreciated.


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