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MIL_Craters - Dropbox/Armaholic

MIL_Craters will spawn a crater on the position of an explosion. This will happen for ANY explosion, and was developed for use in a runway denial scenario where aircraft have been tasked with bombing a runway. Feel free to edit the types of craters that are spawned to suit your needs (variables _a, _b and _c). Just be sure to also edit the forEach loop at line 37 if required.

    - Spawns small and large craters (90% - 10% chance respectively).
    - All spawned objects saved to MIL_Craters array for simple deletion if needed.
    - Function uses inArea to limit craters to a user-defined area.

To use:
    - Copy the file MIL_Craters.sqf to your mission folder.
    - Run the script server-side from initServer.sqf using:
    - nul = [_center,_a,_b,_angle,_isRectangle,_c] execVM "MIL_Craters.sqf";
    - _center - array or object - center of the area to be covered
    - _a - number - x radius
    - _b - number - y radius
    - _angle - number - rotation angle
    - _isRectacle - boolean - true for rectangle, false for circle/oval
    - _c - number - z axis (height)

    - Example:
    nul = [[6362.9,8373.8,0],580,265,0,true,0] execVM "MIL_Craters.sqf";

If anyone finds any problems or has any requests/suggestions of anything else to include, please let me know.


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Thanks for the release :-)
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