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#1 Posted at 2008-11-16 09:37        
Hi everyone

My Coop-Buddy is working on a little Scout/Sniper-Campaign (Some Training-Mission plus 1 Assassination until now) and i try to make the intro-movies to all of them. Lots of problems until now, but most of them solved thanks to Mr. Murray's Guide and the Scripting FAQ in this forum. Still, there are 2 problems i can't solve:

1) After a lots of testing i was able to fade in a picture (campaign logo) during the intro. But my intention is to play a sound file while the picture is shown. Right now, the picture disappears as soon as the soundfile starts, no matter how long i set the duration in the description.ext. Is there a way to show a picture and play a .ogg-file at the same time?

2) I want to make a Slow-Motion effect (setacctime XXX; MH-6 that flies away), but the rotor-sound just stays as fast as usual. It's just weird if you see the the chopper fly away in "Slo-Mo" but the rotor-sound is real-time. Is there a way to slow the sound down too, or fade it out? The "disableEnviroment"-Thing didn't work...

Thanks in advance. I hope you understood most of it (Until now, i thought my english was really good... But the sentence construction turns out to be more complicated than I thought)


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