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#1 Posted at 2007-03-27 15:08        
I tried using AddAction in a mission and it works ok, except that the name of the action also appears right in the middle of the screen. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

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#2 Posted at 2007-03-27 16:06        
Hi Nuclear Paul, :welcome to

I havent been diggin into this yet however I did check the wiki page about the addaction command.

And I noticed one thing there
unit addAction [title, filename, arguments, priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, shortcut]
And the following:
showWindow: Boolean - Display associated window

You might to set that to false and see if that removes the onscreen message.
But again, I havent tried this myself yet and I am at work so I cant test it neither for you now.

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