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#1 Posted at 2009-01-12 16:20        
Hi guys,
Well I just started on my first attempt at singleplayer map editing and is going ok so far. Have managed to get Mando's amazing heliroute script working and now have a 4 man team (the player as squad lead + 3 team mates) inserting into the market area of Avgani. What I would like to do next is once they have disembarked from the heli is for the other 3 members of the team to fan out to some preset positions and go prone or kneel and scan the area while the heli takes off again. I have searched around and I understand I probably need to use a combination of waypoints for each team mate (aside from me) then use the setUnitPos command with DOWN or Middle to make them prone or crouch. However im having a bit of trouble getting it to work. Also how can I make them do this just until the heli has gone, the begin following me afterwards. I guess some kind of triggered timer?

Also is there any way to access all of the squad leaders commands via script ? I see obviously the setUnitPos and setFormation commands are avaliable, so I take it everything in that list is. When the player is squad lead, is it possible to still issue commands via script to the rest of your squad ? I want to make it appear that the squad is more "intelligent" than it really is so in parts of the level I need my squad mates to break off from the player and perform various operations then re-group either when the player has moved a certain distance from them or they have completed their "task". Is this beyond mission editing and into scripting ?

Thanks for any pointers or assistance.