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#1 Posted at 2009-03-23 22:27        

Today Armaholic starts a new service for the Armed Assault and Arma 2 community.
We have been asked many times in the past wether we could make news about tournaments and leagues but till now we always had to turn those requests down.
As we have been adapting our news coverage already in the past few months we have also been busy trying to find a way how we could give the community the chance to be able to announce their projects which are aimed towards the multiplayer community without our general Armed Assault and Arma 2 news being pushed down by community advertising posts.

So, today we announce a new feature called "Community News".

On top of our homepage you can see a new feature, a whole new and dynamic add show representing Multiplayer Community Events.
Every news item it displayes is clickable and will bring you to the appropriate page where more information about the event can be found.
This page can be filled with any information the organizer of the multiplayer event wishes to display there, this is totally up to those organizing the event.

So, if you organize Multiplayer Events such as Leagues or Tournaments or you organize public Co-op Nights or organized Player VS Player battles from now on you will be able to submit a news item which will dispay in the add placement on top of the homepage. The news will run a whole week and will be updated on saturday, this means if you want to show a different item the next week you should make sure to submit it before each saturday 21:00 GMT (23:00 CET).
Old news will be removed weekly and also each event and/or organizer can only have one news placement each week.
We also advice you to use our calendar and events section together with this to to give full exposure to your project and let people easily see which events are schedueled in the near or further away future.

The Community News advertisment space is meant for:
    - Tournaments
    - Leagues
    - Multiplayer events such as co-op night open to the public
    - Any other community event which we consider a valid addition for the Community News section
The add space is not meant for clans or units who want to advertise themselves. Unless you organize a multiplayer event where the general public is free to join without forcing them to join your clan or unit or any other kind of restrictions (except the obvious restrictions). This also excludes just having a public server where everyone is free to join playing whatever gametype, we do not consider that an "organized event".
All submittions will be reviewed by our staff.

Organizers for any events should make sure to submit a page where all the required information can be found for anyone interested in it as well as adding a picture of size 577 x 103 (w x h).
You can add your event here, just fill in all fields, it kind of speaks for itself.

If you have any questions ask in the Community News topic
We will add a guide soon how to correctly submit your event!

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