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#1 Posted at 2009-06-04 06:30        
Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk, version 0.45

..more images..

MP Public beta v0.45!
Completed Namalsk, more objects, better optimalized, optimalized buildings from version 0.3, and more..
Enjoy playing missions on dedicated server on detailed Namalsk!
Enjoy capturing island with CTi mission Namalsk warfare for 32 players!

Dedicated server:

Modification Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk v0.45 has own 1.16 dedicated server!
On server you can connect only with this mod - no other addons or modifications are not allowed.
If you have problems with connecting, check your <arma folder>\Addons\. In this folder must be only official addons.
You must launch your Arma with these parametres (included in mod launcher): -mod=beta;Nightstalkers - exactly in that order!

On server is many missions created for Nightstalkers modification (ctf,dm,ff,tdm,warfare,..).
In addition, there is a few missions for TVT 10-30 players promising a long battle in the perfect environment of the island Namalsk.

Max. players: 30
Country: CZ
More information:

WARNING! Server is set to the highest possible difficulty!


* Complete the southern part of the island Namalsk (approx. 261k objects)
* Many objects (transmitter, laboratory, rail bridge, and many others.)
* Some buildings contains paths for AI
* Object AII - unique in Arma - underground laboratory
* The southern part is intertwined Namalsku by rail
* A new mode for the MP - Search & Destroy
* Many new MP missions for dedicated server
* Namalsk warfare - rearranged CTI from Bis, for 32 players, added new units and weapons

* Rapid increase in fps in the north and whole Namalsk
* Changed the look of the main character - Tamika (beta).
* Corrected a lot of buildings and optimized version of 0.3.
* New texture clouds (Thanks to SenChi)
* New textures for the grass (Thanks to SenChi)
* Fixed some bugs in the model Havoc (Thanks to Vilas)
* Minor details in the prologue to the campaign.

* There remains a problem in some places with clutter (grass). (It will be corrected in the fix for version 0.45)
* Satellite mask is not yet perfect. (It will be corrected in the fix for version 0.45 - higher resolution and detailed)
* Some buildings still need to fine-tune
* Animation opening the doors in the transmitter is still choppy.
* If you found any bug, please report here: (link:

READ README for details! HERE

I mean this folder -> < arma folder >\Nightstalkers\

Arma: Armed Assault 1.14 needed, no QG, i recommend v 1.16b (better fps and it is version for server)

Download version 0.45 (502MB) 7z archive

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#2 Posted at 2009-06-12 16:44        
I saw that underground lab you Tricker! Its in that All base in the south. There is nothing new in ArmA about that! You just make a huge hole on the ground of the central part of the base and covering it with a structure with stairs to go down, good trick, but you could be say something more interesting at the end of the underground than "You want more buy ArmA 2. Sumrak".
and by a small bug that ArmA camera have in third person I could see that the tunnel you made (Blocked with that lazzy sign) goes to nowhere. Its just and odd hole that if you are in first person you cant see the inside.
I like the crater in the al winter zone that makes the game say that maybe and asteroid landed there, or aliens!
The train tracks are a great job man, Good job with the sebjan zone, especialy the Dam.
About the airlane at Sebjan, improvise that a bit more...

Anyway, great island boy, 8.5/10