Miller submitted his seat switcher script.

    Quote :
    A script which lets you choose where you want to sit!

    • Choose on wich passenger seat you want to sit
    • Visualization through Dialog
    • Visualization of FFV seats
    • Visualization of occupied seats

Written on 2016-02-12 by Miller | EinfachJul


[TAC]Cyborg submitted an updated version of his TAC-Combat-Support-System + Respawn System.

    Quote : A working multiplayer and full dedicated compatible Combat-Support-System
    And my New Alternative Respawn Script!

    1.3 Changelog:
    • Added: Artillery is now firing, counting, and responding if they shot and how many
    • Added: delay for Artillery usage now configurable.
    • Added: "Move to" for CAS and Taxi Helicopters
    • Added: adjust altitude for Helicopters
    • Added: exclusive Group access with Timeout is now configurable for CAS and Taxi Helicopters!
    • Added: Respawn notification for Support Vehicles
    • Fixed: markers should now be shown correct.
    • Fixed: Landing is now 99% accurate!

Written on 2016-02-12 by CHIMERA_Cyborg

Spackenbremse released an updated version of the SRU - Persistent Database and Resupply addon by him and Spackenbremse on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We (Spackenbremse, Qwer, tulrich from were working for a couple of weeks on an addon, that gives you the following functions:
    • Saves player position and inventory every minute to a database
    • Saves vehicle position, direction, fuel, damage and inventory to database (every minute or when you exit a vehicle)
    • Gives you the ability to connect it to your team-website and build a little interface to add resupply points
    • Saves all of the above based on map and mission name. So you can switch without losing your progress for a specific mission
    • Addon only needs to be installed on the server / no client side installation required

    • imrpoved object saving
    • inventory of objects can be stored now
    • you can disable saving for objects and vehicles

Written on 2016-02-12 by Armaholic


Vitaly 'mind' chizhikov submitted an updated version of his Composition tool which he released on the BI forums.
The changelog can be found on the downloadpage!

    Quote :
    CompoT is a toolset designed for mission/addon makers to place and manipulate objects. CompoT is integrated directly into Eden mission editor, allowing you to place most ArmA 3 buildings and objects seamlessly, while normal mission making.

    To play mission made using CompoT, players do not need to have addon installed, everything is stored in mission.sqm and/or ct_projects.sqf. Addon is needed only for mission making process.

    CompoT have powerful GUI tools to utilize objects added by other addons, as example it is natively compatible with CUP objects, which is 3500 additional objects.

    CompoT`s cornerstone is randomization. With CompoT, mission/addon makers are able to significantly increase replayability and overall variability of their missions, by adding certain level of battle field randomization.

    CompoT is aiming to support as much of community tools and utilities as it possibly can. If you like to have CompoT`s functionality in your own project/addon/what-ever-you-are-doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help integrate CompoT in your project.

    CompoT is open source, it is found on GitHub, feel free to fork and/or pull request.

    • Seamless integration into Eden Editor
    • Powerful object browser tool, with searching.
    • Compatible with any mods.
    • Does not need mod to be installed for playing mission.
    • Can be used virtually in any kind of missions, including persistent MP missions like DayZ.
    • Flexible means of randomization.
    • Object library with more than 4.5 k entities, all categorized and have screenshots.

Written on 2016-02-11 by mind

Reyhard released an updated version of his RDS A2 Civilian Pack, which contains ported vehicles and civilians from Arma 2, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A2 Eastern Themed Civilian Pack which contains different vehicles.
    A2 Civilians with working inventory, etc. i.e. policeman, worker, woodlander, doctor, profiteer, businessmen, pop (priest).

    • Added siren for police car & ambulance
    • Added blinkers
    • Added car first aid kit item
    • Added warning triangle TO-11
    • Added spare wheel script
    • Added dlc icon
    • Added police holster as vest item with visible holstered pistol inside
    • Added new, VG like, pictures for all vehicles
    • Added trunk anim for Scoda Octavia II
    • Added some eden integration
    • Accessing inventory from outside automaticly opens trunk if such anim is available
    • Fixed ikarus, octavia & s1203 sounds
    • Fixed S1203 FFV get in/out anims
    • Fixed worker & villager weapon aiming errors
    • Fixed police car interior errors
    • Improved suspension behaviour for all vehicles
    • Improved light effects
    • Improved physx
    • Ikarus doors stays open if you use "open door" action

Written on 2016-02-11 by reyhard

SpeisCheese released his More Vehicles Mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds many new variants of existing ArmA 3 units. What I missed in ArmA 3 was this variety, which was present in other games like Wargame series, but not in ArmA 3. Variants only include different guns, no visual changes. My mod includes right now 15 different variants for CSAT, NATO and AAF vehicles.

    • Added Virtual garage compatibility
    • Added 7 new variants, including 4 ArmA Textures for vehicles not ingame
    • Fixed some small issues

Written on 2016-02-11 by SpeisCheese

Hawaiian released an updated version of his 75th Rangers on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Aloha, this addon is my rendition of the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment.

    I am aiming to get an "overall" look than to have a "quality" look implemented into this addon, If you need to know why, it's because I play on an iMac and when I purchased it I didn't have plans to play video games on it.
    Including in the addon are Infantry and Inf. groups (*no vehicles) implemented as a faction to use in Arma III.
    Of course it won't be 100% accurate due to my limited areas in modding, but I got them as close as I could with the help of many individuals who has contributed their time and work in helping us attain a decent 75th Ranger to get our immersion tank filled.

    • added ,re-textured,& modified DaveGary's Camelbak Mule.
    • took off Fortrex GPS that was on "Ciras Vers02 Olive" and added the cutters pack instead.
    • added Fortrex GPS by itself or w/o thermal wear.
    • fixed textures disappearing on thermals at a distance.

Written on 2016-02-11 by Hawaiian

[CZ75]-LuzifR submitted an updated version of his No Chain addon.

    Quote :
    This addon removes the red/yellow chain which appears on the screen when the connection quality is bad or the desync is high.
    I decided to make this addon for movie-makers because the chain in the center of the screen disturbs to much.

    • binarized

Written on 2016-02-11 by LuzifR

Autigergrad released his Regional Ambient Sounds Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I'm a very active mission maker for my group and one of the areas I like to focus on is immersion. Whether we are patrolling the streets of an Afghan city, or perhaps we're helping defend a village in Nigeria from Boko Haram militants, I like to feel as though I'm actually in that region.

    So I decided to put together these "packs" of authentic regional sounds to be used in missions.

    My first two collections are for African or Middle Eastern themed environments. These packs include:
    -ambient crowd noise/chatter
    -regional music
    -authentic news broadcasts discussing the topics of the region
    -other stuff (that's the scientific term)

    I figured some of you may enjoy adding these to your missions as well.

    I'm not a modder and I'm not a coder, just an avid ARMA fanatic who wanted to help make the ARMA experience better as much as I can. I hope you like them.

Written on 2016-02-11 by AUTigerGrad

Pinaz93 released an updated version of the Eurofighter Typhoon AWS on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm working on a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon from Hcpookie, and I'm ready for the release.

    • Added Loadout menu based on Firewill's one
    • Various new textures
    • Aerial refueling with [Dust]Sabre KC130
    • Hide the fake afterburner for now
    • Added Master Arm

Written on 2016-02-10 by Pinaz93

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