Ghostjaeger07 released the first version of his Afghan National Army Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod will allow players to work with the Afghan National Army, as well as have OPFOR ANA (that look exactly like BLUFOR ANA) to keep missions exciting and personnel on their toes.

    This mod is a work in progress, with only three units available currently, but work is continuing on expanding units and vehicles.

Written on 2014-12-20 by Armaholic


Goliath86 released an updated version of his CorePatch, a config patch for Arma 2 OA, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a simple config/script patch for Arma 2 OA. My objective is to correct all the errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63) show with the launch command line -showScriptErrors.

    Upon rollout of 1.63 patch, Bohemia included a new script interpreter that show all the undefined variable present inside scripts. There are a lot of them and maybe they cause script to not run properly.

    Because of ArmA 3, BI programmer have not much time to spend try correcting errors of an old product, as a programmer I understand this, so I decided to use my skills to try to fix these errors as best as I can.

    If anyone know about some of these errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63), with no mods, show in-game with the launch command line -showScriptErrors, inform me in this thread and I will try to fix them.

    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Trial By Fire"
    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye"
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70342
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68220

Written on 2014-12-19 by Goliath

=A3SM= Petar submitted the Serbia mod MRAP Hunters addon.

    Quote :
    Three MRAP Hunter light armored vehicles from the game with Serbian Army camo patern for the ArmA3 Serbia mod.
    If you like it enjoj it.

Written on 2014-12-19 by PnK2


Hcpookie released the first version of his HEMTT Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) Vehicles.

    • HEMTT Vehicles - models include flatbed, rearm, refuel, repair, and... gun truck!

Written on 2014-12-19 by hcpookie

Craig released an updated version of his U.S Pack on the Armaholic forums.
The changelog is massive so if you want to know whats new and what has changed with this release please check the downloadpage.

    Quote craig :
    The U.S Pack contains 41 U.S camouflage Uniforms and 3 standard black, green, tan, using the independent side uniform, some have more than one, I also included A test mission with all the gear in an ammobox and aslo paper doll gear menu for you to view all the stuff. Class names are in the missions folder.

U.S Pack v2.2

SP Pack
Arma3 Dev Build

Written on 2014-12-19 by craig

Opticalsnare released an updated version of his famous Blastcore mod on the BI forums.

    Quote Opticalsnare :
    This a Visual Effects package for the A3 Platform. Report any errors or feedback.
    Make sure you have set the particles to high in the options menu. And are running the latest CBA build!

    Ok hope this goes well, heres the update its not entirely finished and there will further updates coming. Had some last min changes to make sorry for the delay.

    Some of the effects are not final, there are other effects which is not included in the release, these are still at the experimental stage so I will be making more effects for more variety, but its time to update the mod and that the update itself is a must needed for xmas. Sorry I took a while, it took quite some time to rebuild the effects and learn new methods in doing so which I think has paid off.

    Any issues let me know, im pretty sure the keys work.
    Also included are the updated tracers mod which supports more ammo types and some changes in visual.

    Please use this update in good regard!

    • Complete rebuild of the effects package
    • Supports third-party Addons Better

Written on 2014-12-19 by OpticalSnare

Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his =VQI= SpookWarCom mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SpookWarCom is an ArmA III Module System that is designed to add numerous elements of Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops, and other darker immersion and gameplay options for the player who wants that ominous 'deep behind enemy lines' feel conducting secret operations in the most dangerous countries in the world.

    Just place any of the Modules you want to use on the Map, and set your options. Works great with ALiVE, AGM, RHS, TPW, CSE, AB, and any other Mods you want to run with SpookWarCom. Use as many or as few modules as you prefer. Very user friendly. Designed mostly for Spec-Ops, but standard infantry and all other gameplay styles, are of course, possible.

    Under the command of JSOC and overseen by the CIA and MI6, you will be conducting clandestine operations around the globe in both an official and unofficial capacity. The most secretive Special Forces consisting of the best operatives throughout the entire combined Spec-Ops community.

    • SOCOM:
        - Fixed: Several Missions
        - Fixed: SATCOM (daylight optics)
    • HALO:
        - Fixed: Config Sound Error
        - Fixed: Config Animation Error
    • Diver:
        - Fixed: Config Sound Error
        - Fixed: Config Animation Error
    • Sniper:
        - Fixed: Config System Text

Written on 2014-12-19 by Goblin

Henrik Hansen released his Zeus ObjectEditor on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I decided to release my Zues object editor script to save creations made in zues, the script also lets you easily create the objects in mission without Zeus being enabled.
    The objects mappings are precise as the script uses VectorDir and VectorUp ect.

    Script created to have easy save functions for obects in Zeus - and being able to easily create those saved objects in missions without Zeus.

Written on 2014-12-19 by Armaholic

Massi released an updated version of his US Marine Corp and MARSOC units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote massi :
    I’m updating all my units pack to include new vehicles from my NATO SF\Spetsnaz vehicles pack, there are also new helmets and weapons, and some other fixies and additions you’ll find in the readme.
    Hope you’ll enjoy this new update!

    • added some new weapons from NATO SF\Spetsnaz weapon's pack
    • added vehicles from NATO SF\Spetsnaz Vehicles's pack : HMMVWs, UH1Ys, Static Weapons
    • added new OPS CORE and peltors thanks to Voodoo.
    • changed woodland camo (A3 BI)
    • added flag poles and flag markers
    • fixed: flag position
    • improved: units loadout and groups

Written on 2014-12-19 by massi

J0nes informed us he released an updated version of his ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I am proud to release the stand alone LHD from the ATLAS total modification from the MANW contest. While the rest of the mod has yet to go public, this part of the mod is something that we feel could be useful to some of the naval units out there.

    While it is not drivable, it does contain a large walkable interior as well as a functioning well deck. I hope to continue making improvements on the model and the useability of this ship, just know that updates may be few and far between.

    This is a simple template using map markers to help you place objects on the deck of the ATLAS LHD.

    • Added: Server Key
    • Fixed:Weapons.pbo now only contains configs vital to the LHD

Written on 2014-12-19 by J0nes

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