Pierre MGI submitted his MGI Tactical Pack.

    Quote :
    A year has passed since I issued the HUD Tactical glasses V 2.3
    Thanks to all of you who took time to play with this add-on and feedback for improvement.

    This add-on remains the basement of what could be called the version 3. But major changes lead me
    to change also its name.
    - First of all, the players don't need any more to wear tactical glasses. Now, this add-on is always available, with your settings, from mission to mission.
    - Next major change is the MP environment. I tried to cope with most of situations you could play.
    - Each version comes with new tools. I hope you'll like some of them.
    I hope this will please to you but I’m aware nothing is perfect. If you have any specific demand as server owner, just ask me.

    This add-on is not a heavy one! Just test it.

Written on 2016-05-01 by Pierre MGI


Revo submitted an updated version his 3den Enhanced addon.

    Quote :
    This modification adds new functionalities to 3den, without creating any dependencies for players. That means, mission builder can use this mod to make their lifes easier without making the lifes of the players harder by forcing them to download additional mods.

    • changed: fixed a bug which would reset the unit traits controls

Written on 2016-05-01 by R3vo

SabreD released an updated version of the Antonov An-2 Annushka, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This is a port of the An-2 APL Files from Arma 2.

    • merged an-2 base and upgrade pack in one addon

Written on 2016-05-01 by SabreD


[Dust]Sabre released an updated version of his Albatros Flugzeugwerke on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Contains the Albatros B.II (C.I, C.III) and the Albatros D.II for Arma 3.
    These are ports of Helijah's Albatros B.II and ESPANA's Albatros D.II.

    • merged both addons on steam
    • added some small details

Written on 2016-05-01 by SabreD

Romzet released a new wip video of the ArmSTALKER Online Project on the Armaholic forums this time showing the drinking and eating animations.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the ArmSTALKER Online WIP topic.

Written on 2016-05-01 by Romzet

beppe_goodoldrebel released an updated version of his Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Famous weapons and gear from the 80's and 90's used by US "Black Ops" operators.

    • Added:
        - M727
        - M733 A2 Upper
        - M727M203
        - M727 Cmag
        - M727 Master Key
        - M727 Acog Ta01
        - Aimpoint 3000
    • Updated:
        - Direct Action (SP) mission by Orcmaster

Written on 2016-05-01 by beppe_goodoldrebel

Tr4cid released his Digital Earplugs for Vehicle script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The Earplugs only works in vehicle, but you can turn it on/off in actionmenu (per mousewheel and than leftclick).

Written on 2016-05-01 by Tr4cid

K-Town released his Arma Intellij Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma Intellij Plugin is a plugin developed by K-Town (me) for Intellij IDEA. Intellij IDEA is a Java IDE developed by Jetbrains and offers many amazing API's for creating support for custom languages to be used inside the Intellij editor.
    Intellij is free, but I recommend reading the license agreement regardless.

    • Syntax checking for Header files (*.h, *.hh, *.sqm, *.ext) and SQF files
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Finding usages of variables
    • Rename refactoring for functions and variables
    • Seamless config function creation (alt + insert)
    • Auto-completion (ctrl + space)
    • An "Arma Color" picker dialog which allows to convert HEX or RGB to Arma's color format (black -> [0,0,0,1])

Written on 2016-05-01 by Armaholic

Canis lupus released his Plastic Armbands/Markings on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Addon contains armbands en 3 sizes and 4 colors.
    They are sorted in sizes to make them usable with a variety of uniform models.
    As an example the small version fits the RHS Russian uniforms and the Medium fits the RHS Gorka uniforms and so on.

Written on 2016-05-01 by Canis Lupus

[JTFS] Bridge.J released his Knock People Unconscious mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I created this mod for use by my unit but I thought some other groups might find it useful.
    It adds an ACE interaction allowing you to punch someone, knocking them out. Works on AI and players, just interact with their head and you'll see the option to punch.
    It knocks people out for approx. 60 seconds, giving you enough time to restrain them etc.

    As the mod uses ACE actions it does obviously require ACE3 in order to work.

Written on 2016-05-01 by Armaholic

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