EricJ released an updated version of his A-164 Wipeout Skin Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_01 (A-164 Wipeout [MDARNG])
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_02 (A-164 Wipeout [USAF])

    Original base texture from BIS, with edits to represent the actual colors of the A-10 (of which the Wipeout is obviously modeled on) and features one representing the 104th FS, Maryland Air National Guard, 2035, from Baltimore, Maryland. The [USAF] one is a more “generic” scheme in case you don’t like the MDARNG version.

    • you can now view the aircraft in the Garage

Written on 2015-04-26 by Armaholic


Seelenlos submitted his SL Telegraphiedienst addon.

    Quote :
    After all, ArmA is still a game and we shouldn't take things too serious from time to time ...
    So we thought it was a good idea to give the player the opportunity to play a soundfile from a selection
    of various funny movie quotes, music snippets, classic game sounds etc. over the network which will
    be heard by every other player in the game. You can select the sound to be played by pressing and
    holding LCtrl+LShift and the Numpad keys in the visual interface at the top of the screen. Many of
    the available sound samples are German, so is their description in the interface. In total there are 81
    sounds to select from, including a bunch of famous movie quotes from our childhood's heroes
    Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

    • Plays sound samples over network by pressing LCtrl+LShift
    • visual interface
    • 81 sounds to select from
    • player who played the sound is shown in global sidechat
    • mod is to be run client-side only

Written on 2015-04-26 by Fry2312

Tinter released the South Asia Map, which he ported from TakeOn Helicopters, on the BI forums.
Bohemia has recently released the source files for TKOH and it is allowed to bring the materials to an Arma game.

    Quote :
    BIS recently released the assets for Take On Helicopters, which you can access here.
    All credit to Bohemia for releasing this!

    The immense size of the South Asia map, 122km X 122km or 14884km^2, really interested me and I dug through the .pbos to see if I could get it working in Arma 3.
    Lo and behold, I was successful.

    The size of the mod is a little over 8gb, 6gb is map data, 2gb is repackaged assets. It is standalone from AiA even though it uses takistan/zargabad buildings.
    I did end up including water.pbo, which just has the ambient water vehicles. It has no effect on how the map plays and since I only realized after I had uploaded it and it's only 152mb, I will not change it for now.

    Even though the only work I did was to package some .pbos and upload them, I decided to release it anyway to see if I could create interest in this map.
    The immense size has it's downsides, a big part of the map is filled with barren desert and empty mountains and the ground detail is pretty low.

Written on 2015-04-26 by Armaholic


James2464, from the Project Reality, released an updated version of the 10km Kunduz, Afghanistan terrain for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen I rarely joke so it is with great pleasure that I release Kunduz v1.0 today! The community we have here is truly special, as long as we continue to collaborate and pool our knowledge anything is possible! A big thank you to Bohemia Interactive for their support, keep up the great work!

    Building a terrain for Arma little lone anything else is very difficult so be sure to support any modders you see giving it a go!

    Now what are you doing? Go get some!

    • Fixed AI offset for roads
    • Fixed floating trees
    • Fixed floating rocks
    • Fixed clipping wall
    • Fixed vegetation irregularities
    • Tweaked Minaret roadway
    • Tweaked compound walls

Written on 2015-04-26 by james2464

Austin_medic released an updated version of his AUSMD Editing Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter. This oculd also help by preventing you from making accidental typos and breaking the command/function you are trying to use.

    • Extended Functionality of description.ext editor to include a debriefing section
    • Fixed a few oversights in description.ext editor
    • Cleaned up a few forms to make them consistent

Written on 2015-04-26 by austin(medic)

maquez [Q-Net] informed us he released in the BI forums an update for his Insurgency cooperative mission for 20 RHS:AFRF vs Leights OPFOR.

  • updated to ALiVE v0.9.7.1504161
  • updated to RHS Escalation v0.3.7
  • changed revive to BI function revive
  • added BI function dynamic group
  • removed group management

Written on 2015-04-26 by Q-Net_maquez

Rydygier has submitted a new version of this free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

  • fixed a possibility of loot sell failure, some players experienced;
  • small code optimisation.

Written on 2015-04-26 by Rydygier

Craig released an updated version of his Canadian Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    5 Canadian camouflage Uniforms and 3 standard, all come with rolled up sleeves, they are using the independent side uniform.

    • Removed : Paper Doll gear menu
    • Fixed : uniforms being duplicated in the arsenal
    • Updated : headgear/vests/backpack armor,weight
    • Added : 2006 Multicam Camoflage
    • Added : Tactical/Pullover Uniforms all camos
    • Added : Pullover Canadian Rangers
    • Added : Baseball Cap Rangers Red1
    • Added : Beret The Royal Canadian Regiment
    • Added : Beret Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry
    • Added : Beret Royal 22nd Regiment
    • Added : Beret Canadian Airborne Regiment
    • Added : Insignia 1/2/5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
    • Added : Insignia 31/32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/41 Canadian Brigade Group
    • Added : Insignia 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th Canadian Division
    • Added : Insignia 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group 1968-1993
    • Added : Insignia Royal 22nd Regiment 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Battalion
    • Added : Insignia Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry col/des
    • Added : Insignia Joint Task Force 2 col/sub
    • Added : Insignia Canadian Special Operations Regiment
    • Added : Insignia Canadian Airborne Regiment 1968-1995
    • Added : Insignia 1st Special Service Force 1942–1944
    • Added : Insignia Canadian Rangers

Canadian Pack v1.2

SP Pack
Arma3 Dev Build

Written on 2015-04-26 by craig

Phoenix_ZA submitted an updated version of his ZAM - ShowNames addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Shows the names of nearby players when you hold down the key.
    Factors such as time of day, fog, zoom, group membership, ranks, line of sight, optical zoom (factoring in simulated atmospheric distortion), thermals and voice are taken into account in order to make recognition as realistic as possible.
    This has been separated out of the ZAM mods collection and is where you should get zam_showNames.

    • Fixed TFAR support by changing currentUnit to TFAR_currentUnit in fn_showNames_tfar_eh.sqf

Written on 2015-04-26 by Phoenix_ZA

Rydygier submitted an updated version of his Fire For Effect addon which provides fully autonomous AI artillery reacting on any current situation by smart shelling enemy targets spotted by allied forces.

    Quote Rydygier :
    FFE is a counterpart of A2's "Fire At Will" addon prepared for Arma 3 with only minor changes, mostly unavoidable due to completely new artillery handling. Its variation deals with artillery under Hetman script.

    Unlike Arma 2, in Arma 3 scripts aren't necessary to actually see AI artillery firing, still some scripting can improve arty AI and can be useful for people, who need such enhancement. That is the goal of FFE.

    "Fire For Effect" provides fully autonomous AI artillery, that reacts on current situation by smart shelling enemy targets spotted by allied forces. "Smart" means reasonable target choosing, avoiding friendly fire or civilian casaulties and ability of predicting, where moving target will be at impact by analyzing its movement vector. FFE provides also simulation of targeting errors due to factors like human mistakes, weather and more.

    Addon supports all generic Arma 3 artillery units. Custom artillery pieces, if compatibile with vanilla artillery computer, may be added via init variables.

    • added auto-detection of arty assets, that should grab and utilize also any custom made artillery without any manual config. Manual config left as an option/backup.
    • Compatibility with Iowa battleship mod with following init variable to force this mode manually.
    • minor code improvements.
    • manual updated.

Written on 2015-04-26 by Rydygier

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