aliascartoons released in our forums a new version of this cooperative mission where your objective is to launch a diversionary attack on the southern part of Altis.

  • changed re-spawn policy, still one life per player but if you die you can occupy an AI slot if available
  • Psycho revive script replaced with the one fixed by Alwarren
  • changed the pbo file name
  • weather minor changes
  • changed units loadout
  • changed scripts which didn't work after last A3 update
  • changed few triggers
  • tweaked special effects
  • new special effects
  • additional messages

Written on 2015-07-29 by aliascartoons


J has submitted a new version of this tactical squad based survival action horror mission, the fourth in the series.

  • Single Player and 6 player cooperative
  • Added more zombies and Demons
  • Reconfigured Zombie and Demon Max Health settings
  • Added Assault vehicles and a tank
  • Optimized overall mission data for smaller file size now 214kb

Written on 2015-07-29 by t1specialist

Goticwar released an updated version of his =ARC= Japan units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The "Japan Units" mod ( by Goticwar) aims to add japan contents on BLUFOR side of Arma 3. More precisely, the mod add new units and vehicles.
    From a technical standpoint, units and vehicles that use 3D models of the game Vanilla with new HD textures.
    You must keep in mind that it is only re- texturing , so that some units will use clothes and gear that are not used IRL.

    • News: Patchs
    • News: beret
    • News: caps
    • News HD icons for New unifomrs and Vests
    • Uniforms camo Types:
    • News camo (JASDF) Pattern 1988
    • (JASDF) Pattern Digital Correction texture (uniform & vests)
    • (JMSDF) Pattern Navy Correction texture (uniform & vests)
    • News Vests DLC camo Types:
    • Vests DLC (Japan) Kaki
    • Vests DLC (Japan) Tan
    • Vests DLC (Japan) Grey
    • Vests DLC (JGSDF) Jeitai
    • Vests DLC (JGSDF) Jeitai Desert
    • Vests DLC (JGSDF) Jeitai Desert 2012 (Iraq)
    • Vests DLC (JASDF) Pattern 1988
    • Vests DLC (JASDF) Pattern Digital
    • Vests DLC (JMSDF) Pattern Navy
    • Vehicules Types: Correction Code for all vehicules
    • GhostHawks Camo & Blue
    • Commanche Rh 66 Camo
    • MATV Camo & OD
    • L39 Albatross Blue

Written on 2015-07-29 by soronelite


Kash697 submitted the first version of his IAF Indian Air Force texture replacement pack.

    Quote :
    This addon represents Indian Air Force. Currently it only has C130j textures but in the coming days i'll add textures for more IAF warplanes Which are available on Armaholic website. You can also go through the website and do requests for me here, after which i'll ask the original modder for permissions and then make texture pack for the mod.

Written on 2015-07-29 by kash697

The ACE Team released an updated ACE3 version on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We have noticed that when using ACE with 3rd-Party mods that do not fully support CBA Extended Eventhandlers (XEH) that some units do not work with Interaction fully. You may see the cursor but no menus.

    The latest Community Base addons A3 has an optional PBO that you can activate to help resolve these situations.
    1. Move the cba_enable_auto_xeh.pbo and its signature file from the CBA optional folder to the CBA Addons folder
    2. Restart Arma.

    If you have identified the 3rd-Party mod that causes ACE Interaction to break, contact the developer and ask them to support the CBA XEH. They can contact CBA Devs for help.

    Developers can update their mods by one of the following methods to work with ACE.
    Reference: Two guides to help developers get started with the CBA extended event handler system.

    • Changed:[ist]- Updated Spanish translation
    • - Updated German translation
      - Updated Portuguese translation
      - Updated Polish translation
      - Updated Czech translation
      - Various 3D models and textures
      - Medical litter models
      - Optimized wind deflection code
  • Fixed:
      - IED Class Inheritance
      - Bug with Advanced Medical medication configuration (hr min/max)
      - Wirecutters unable to cut concertina wire
      - Interaction with explosives while swimming
      - Vanilla damage effects incorrectly playing
      - Zeus module was broken on dedicated servers
      - CheckPBO wasn't checking for extra client addons
      - Earplugs being added when combat deafness was disabled or unit already had
      - Couldn't interact with the map when it was shaking
      - Rallypoint object classnames
      - Pain effects showing in zeus
      - Binoculars had safety mode
      - Combat deafness while using zeus
      - addActionToObject function wasn't working correctly
      - Concertina wire damage wasn't globally applied
      - Impenetrable tactical ladder
      - Repeating medical animations during rapid treatment
      - Vector Lag (RPT Spam)
      - Unloading unconscious pilots and boat passengers
      - Loading unconscious into co-pilot seats and boats
      - Cut parachute/Reserve parachute
      - Actions to buildings (UserActions - Ladders)
      - Zeus/Curator interaction menu
      - Sitting
      - Finger pointing
      - Open action for boxes/crates
      - 'parachute' and 'camera' hitpoints to the HuntIR model
      - Missing ammobox animation sources
      - Virtual attach object placement
      - DAGR 10 digit grid support for all map configurations
      - Headgear provides hearing protection
    • Removed:
        - "Treat at" action menu entry when using ace_medical

Written on 2015-07-29 by Armaholic

singlot informed the community on the Armaholic forums about the new The Goat Island he started working on.

    Cabrera Island is a small island in the Balearic Islands, Spain.
    I have tried to capture their profile and best field within the constraints that give me the objects.
    In some cases due to the limitations I have taken some license.

    This version is in Beta01.
    Missing many things yet to make and review.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Isla de Cabrera / The Goat Island WIP topic.

Written on 2015-07-28 by singlot

EricJ released an updated version of his UH-60 A3 Pack on the BI forums.
This adds different versions of the UH-60 A3.

  • Updated with ability to use the AGM/ACE3 Fast Rope capability.

Written on 2015-07-28 by Armaholic

Herr_KaLeun released an hotfix for the Bundeswehr Kleiderkammer (Gear of the German Armed Forces) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I would like to present to you our first mod for ArmA 3.
    The Modpack is based on the German Armed Forces (Bundesweh ) and the version 1.0 contains different kinds of headgear (mainly the M92 Helmet).

    It's here! Version 1.9 just launched.
    This update contains new versions of the Feldbluse, primarily the war-versions. Also all Camo-Patterns have been updated and the whole mod has been polished. Squad-XMLs are visible and there are damage-states. More detailed infos are, as always, in the changelog.
    Version 2.0 will contain the Feldjacke and probably even Ace-Support for the headgear

    • Invisible-Launcher-Issue fixed

Written on 2015-07-28 by Armaholic

M4RT14L has submitted a hotfix for the latest version this coop mission in which you must complete a variety of random tasks, and thanks to ALiVE is recreated in a live and persistent scenario.

  • Reworked all tasks, not increased performance but they give less bugs.
  • Changed "Destroy Supplies" and "Destroy Campsite" tasks to "Find Evidences" and "Destroy Ammo Caches", to get more similar to counter-insurgency mission.
  • Reworked "Repair Vehicle" task, now damaged vehicle has two Menu Actions to tow or release the vehicle from the CRV.

Written on 2015-07-28 by M4RT14L

Fiesel-Wiesel released in the BI forums a new mission where you must observe the Island, gather possible informations and destroy possible threats.

    Quote Fiesel-Wiesel :
    Hey Guys, I'm here to release my next mission, after "Operation Waterfall".

    This one is much bigger and has a lot of triggers, scripts and technics inside, which I learned the last months and year.
    I was always doubt to release them, cause they need a bunch of Mods which we are using.
    And sometimes I´m asking myself, if we might the only one who has 10 and more Mods running in one mission...

    Anyaways, in the next time I will release all of my missions and hope you enjoy them.

    Like I said, if you are willing to download the big load of addons you might also enjoy this one!!
    And of course, if you once downloaded all these great Addons, you are ready to play all of our cool missions!

Written on 2015-07-28 by Big

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