Arnas Pipinis has submitted his first mission to Armaholic.

    Quote Arnas Pipinis :
    US Marine corps are heading out to secure villages around Takistan. You play as Bravo teams Grenadier.

Written on 2015-12-01 by xxchevo


Von Quest informed us he released an updated version of his =VQI= SpookWarCom mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SpookWarCom is an ArmA III Module System that is designed to add numerous elements of Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops, and other darker immersion and gameplay options for the player who wants that ominous 'deep behind enemy lines' feel conducting secret operations in the most dangerous countries in the world.

    Just place any of the Modules you want to use on the Map, and set your options. Works great with ALiVE, AGM, RHS, TPW, CSE, AB, and any other Mods you want to run with SpookWarCom. Use as many or as few modules as you prefer. Very user friendly. Designed mostly for Spec-Ops, but standard infantry and all other gameplay styles, are of course, possible.

    Under the command of JSOC and overseen by the CIA and MI6, you will be conducting clandestine operations around the globe in both an official and unofficial capacity. The most secretive Special Forces consisting of the best operatives throughout the entire combined Spec-Ops community.

    • CORE:
        Added: A.I. Support
        Fixed: Double Menu on Naval Laptop
    • DIVER:
        Added: A.I. Support
    • D.A.R.K:
        Added: RHS Russian Federation
    • HALO:
        Added: New JumpSuit w/ Gloves
        Added: Thermal Balaclava in Crate

Written on 2015-12-01 by Von Quest

EricJ released an updated version of his Weapons Pack containing different weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote EricJ :
    This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.

    • Guided AT4 now has an IR pointer slot active
    • Tweaked ACOG-Ibex models, as they're showing progress and liking where they're at.
    • Re-added C8 SFW.
    • Guided AT4 has appropriate inventory images.

Written on 2015-12-01 by Armaholic


andehess released in the BI forums the first part of his Wavering Hold series.

    Quote andehess :
    Wavering Hold is a short campaign about a Scottish regiment's involvement in a futile operation to take back the Altian coast from FIA insurgents.

Written on 2015-12-01 by Lolguythehero

EMSI released in the BI forums an updated for the sequel to Finding Pandora. It is a SP multi-mission with selectable launch - different playable groups/different gameplay.

  • Small changes in few scripts (mainly for group ARES)
  • Various small tweaks in few common scripts

Written on 2015-12-01 by EMSI

Zbug released in the BI forums a new version of this CTI mission focused on cooperative gameplay.

    Quote Zbug :
    • Implemented the first part of the new secondary objectives system. There's a new resource named Intel, the prisoners you capture will yield intel, and there's a chance you may find documents in hostile military bases that will yield intel too. Currently you can't do anything with it, but that will change in the coming weeks. For the time being, each time you earn intel, it will also reveal the usual hostile FOB.
    • New vehicle service system that should work when the vanilla mechanics don't,
    • AI units inside fobs are now saved and will still be there after server restarts,
    • The spawning of enemy units should now work correctly on maps that aren't surrounded with water (however I didn't test it),
      Various tweaks to CSAT behaviour that should reduce their tendancy to spam vehicles (when testing we got a lot more infantry firefights which is always nice),
    • Tweaks to the blufor AI defenders reducing the "sector under attack" / "sector no longer under threat" notifications spam,
    • Tweaks to the surrender behaviour, making it less predictable.

Written on 2015-12-01 by Zbug

Avery Broere has submitted a unique gamemode based off DAP's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod.

    Quote Avery Broere :
    This is essentially me taking someone’s finished project and just trying to polish it. Originally this was a brilliantly complex mod for ArmA 2 that could have easily been a DayZ Killer (it came out first I believe) if it had taken off at all. I’ve ported it over to OA, extended it to be a proper multiplayer gamemode for up to 64 players, and refined what I thought was annoying about it, as well as documenting some things in-game. I wouldn't expect any updates as I just wrapped up what I had going along.

    Hopefully this can be successful, as this mod certainly deserves it, and all I tried to do was slightly improve it. Enjoy!

Written on 2015-12-01 by ZeroIP

McLupo released an updated version of his Marks, Labels & Insignia - Soldiers addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    As long as I played ArmA I always missed a means of seeing what faction is shooting at me. I never saw marks, labels, or insignia.
    So I did what must be done. I created an addon for providing the missing decals, because I never want to hear: "Hold fire! Blue on Blue".
    This expansion will complement the MLI – Camo (redifined vehicles).

    • Fixed: AAF-Groups - Wrong camo of the AAF-Infantry Squad (Woodland) - desert to Woodland

Written on 2015-11-30 by McLupo

IvosH_cz released in the BI forums an updated version of this mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

  • Added voice acting

Written on 2015-11-30 by Armaholic

phronk informed us EricJ released an updated version of his Taliban Fighters on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A simple set of fighters that represent closely what is in real life, using ported from A2 models and textures (Takistan civilians).

    It should be noted that other than a couple RGOs, they're unarmed and decided to keep it relatively simple given player preference on weapon mods and the like, so you'll have to gear them up in the Editor or Virtual Arsenal, etc.

    • - Removed A2 legacy proxies

Written on 2015-11-29 by Armaholic

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