LowFlyZone submitted released his Copy All Unit Gear to Clipboard script.

    Quote LowFlyZone :
    This script will allow you to copy to clipboard the current gear of any unit, allowing you to paste it in the init box of another unit in the editor, or use it in another script to equip a unit.

    It is mainly for customizing your gear using ammo crates or VAS and then being able to use the custom loadout easily in a mission on any unit. All gear and attachments will be in the correct slots!

Written on 2014-02-21 by FungusFunk


TheMightyFoxtrot has submitted his first public work, a singleplayer mission wich is the first one of a campaign in the making.

    Quote TheMightyFoxtrot :
    You play as Lt. Dan 'Buzz' Albin a FA18 Navy pilot who has been posted to Stratis to help with the situation there.

    Features Of this mission: :
      - ORBAT Group
      - Cutscences
      - FA18

Written on 2014-02-21 by TheMightyFoxtrot

JCae2798 aka GigaS released two singleplayer missions in the BI forums.

    Quote JCae2798 aka GigaS :
    The Hurt Locker:
      Mission is based around being assigned tasks to assist by disarming bombs/IEDs. This is not a battlefield mission however you need to be aware of your environment. Check out the briefing notes for more info. Have fun.

    Taliban Strike:
      Objective is to clear multiple small towns of Taliban treats. This is done on the ported Takistan map!

Written on 2014-02-21 by gigas27


ithedog released in the BI forums a simple UN mission where you are supposed to attack a small camps of CSAT.

    Quote ithedog :
    These are dark times... all of altis republic has gone to shit and we, the UN, are the only people to stop it. We only have limited supplies and even fewer en route so make sure every bullet counts. Also, some recons have seen civilian suicide bomber roaming around. Just.. Be careful out there...

Written on 2014-02-21 by Big

Grimes [3rd ID] informed us he released a new mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Grimes [3rd ID] :
    Welcome to Helicopter Patrol! This is a mission that allows you to not only practice flying various attack helicopters, but also practice identifying waypoints and effectively attacking both soft and armoured targets.

Written on 2014-02-21 by Grimes [3rd ID]

Grimes [3rd ID] informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission that allows you to not only practice flying various helicopters, but also practice identifying waypoints and landing at/taking off from unique, pre-selected Landing Zones.

  • Fixed: Made smoke more effective at a range
  • Fixed: Bug that caused the repair system to execute if the player had invulnerability enabled
  • Added: Green smoke grenades are now popped by squads on the ground to better indicate the LZ when the player is in range
  • Fixed: Removed ability to go to Air Base, obtain the action, then call it whenever and wherever

Written on 2014-02-21 by Grimes [3rd ID]

AiZnhorn released in the BI forums a new mission where you must destroy the guerrilla's weapon caches.

    Quote AiZnhorn :
    Altis 2035, June 24. Your squad was sent to Altis's east part to search caches with weapons of guerrillas. Your missions is search and destroy caches with weapons. This map is more or less hardcore

    Описание (РУССКИЙ/Russian):
    Альтис 2035, 24 июня. Ваш отряд отправили в восточную часть Альтиса на поиски тайников с оружием партизан. Ваш миссия заключается в поиске и уничтожении тайников с оружием.

Written on 2014-02-21 by Jayer

Piluspalus submitted an updated version of his Jukebox script.

    Quote piluspalus :
    This is for everyone who wants to improve his mission with a little bonification: a jukebox!
    It adds some radio stations to your mission and declare some objects as jukeboxes!
    In multiplayer you can listen to the same music at same time.

    • every object can be a jukebox
    • switch on/off and change channels
    • use your custom music
    • sound follows moving vehicles declared as jukeboxes
    • now also multiplayer-synchro for dedicated servers ! (coop not tested)

    • all-in-one version, works in singleplayer, coop multiplayer and on dedicated servers

Written on 2014-02-20 by piluspalus

AiZnhorn informed in our forums he updated this cooperative mission in English and Russian.

  • Added new optics

Written on 2014-02-20 by Jayer

=AS=Salvo has submitted a cooperative mission for Arma 3.

    Quote =AS=Salvo :
    In this cooperative mission you must clear, with helicopters, 3 Cities of Altis (Agios Dionysios, Poliakko and Pyrgos) of enemy forces.

    There are 3 groups composed by 3 Pilots and 3 gunners defeat Csat force !!!

Written on 2014-02-20 by =AS=Salvo

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