SolLrMartyn released his Simple Mysql Rank script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script will set the ranks of the players ingame. If you have a mysql database you can set the ranks for you clan mates automatically. This is very nice in combination with AddOns like Authentic Gameplay Modification or Simple Rank Patches.

    I updated the script to version 20140923.
    I fixed the compatibility with Authentic Gameplay Modification and native ArmA 3. Also it will work with Simple Rank Patches in Single and Multiplayer. Tested with a dedicated server!
    Also I renamed the script and changed it into two scripts (created a subfolder) to get it work for AGM and native ArmA 3 in Multiplayer. The script before will work for Simple Rank Patches only.

Written on 2014-09-24 by SolLrMartyn


Aplion informed us he released an updated version of the Hellenic Armed Forces Mod Units addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Aplion :
    As I've never said that I'll stop supporting my mod (I just took some time off) ... here is an update for the weapons part of it.
    In this update I've the "no sounds" issue (since last BIS patch) fixed, plus I've been separate the configs to another pbo just to make more easy any future updates.

    Note that this "configs splitting" will not have any affect to so far missions have been made using the previous version, so don't be afraid to download and replace any previous files into your mod-folder.

Written on 2014-09-24 by Aplion

Mantup has submitted this small scale TvT Attack & Defend mission based on the TV series Breaking Bad.

    Quote Mantup :
    A small scale TvT Attack & Defend mission based on the TV series Breaking Bad. Heisenberg and Jesse attempt to defend their cook house while the police try to raid it.

Written on 2014-09-24 by Mantup


Deanosbeano released his dbo_chairforce addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    To celeberate firing from vehicles I thought I would raise the bar for BIS and remind them not to rest yet, this was the most subtle way I could think of.
    This addon allows you to attack your enemy from your comfortable chair.

Written on 2014-09-23 by deanosbeano

Scorch052 released his Stalker Shoulder Patches addon on the BI forums.
These are shoulder patches from the popular videogame series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which he has put into the Arma 3 game.

Written on 2014-09-23 by Scorch052

Shoter released his IED/Bomb disarming script on the Armaholic forums.
Its an IED/Bomb disarming script of which the gameplay is the same as the popular and cool minesweeper most of you will know from those boring work/school hours.

    Quote :
    My script provide unique functionality on disarming bombs in ArmA. It's not random number generator which decided whether to blow up bombs in front of you or rescue you for god's sake. Now everything depends on your skills!
    To disarm bomb you need to complete minesweeper game. It has the same rules as normal minesweeper with little exceptions:
    • Firstly, it always have 9x9 grid. There can be 8, 10 or 12 bombs. It depends on difficulty.
    • Secondly, if you are Explosive Specialist you are able to determine difficulty of the bomb before disarming (green - easiest, red - hardest) and you have some fields revealed from the start!

Written on 2014-09-23 by shoter

ThatGuyHats released the Modded BIS RPG7 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Originally created within an up and coming community and not published, a member by the name of akp produced several ports of Arma 2 CO content, one of which, was this RPG7. With his permission, I am now publishing some of these ports.

    • Working iron sights
    • Front loading reload animation
    • Ranging
    • Warhead drop
    • 6 types of rounds (specified below)
    • 3 variations of special AIrounds (specified below)
    • 4 optics that can be attached to the RPG
    • Sounds from JSRS 1.5

Written on 2014-09-23 by thatguyhats

Iceman77 released his Digital Altimeter script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I made this toggleable altimeter out of boredom for someone else.
    This script adds a toggleable Altimeter - Action condition based on unit's height.

Written on 2014-09-23 by Iceman77

MrEwok released an updated version of his Openable doors for A3 vehicles on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Little mod Based on the "Open doors" Mission by Panda which comes with English and French language support.

    • Changed DisplayNames to be shorter
    • Added : Bisign file

Written on 2014-09-23 by MrEwok

shape1996 has submitted his firts mission made by him and his team where FIA militia and NATO spec ops try to destroy CSAT tanks at night.

    Quote shape1996 :
    The story happens during the time line of the East Wind campaign when the NATO survivors try to return to Stratis.
    CSAT park a few tanks in a factory which FIA and NATO both want it to be destroyed.
    However, Miller leaves four spec ops on Altis to assist the FIA. They can choose to attack enemy factory directly or steal some artilleries in the CSAT base on mountain Magos and strike the factory with deadly bombard. However destroying those tanks are our final target after all.

Written on 2014-09-23 by shape1996

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