Tonic released an updated version of his TAW View Distance Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This script can be easily implemented into your mission to give your player base the ability to adjust view distances for:
    • While on foot
    • While in a car / boat
    • While in Aircraft
    And also gives them the ability to disable grass for those that have performance issues!

    • Changed: Updated GUI Resources for new patch.

Written on 2014-01-24 by Tonic


Murcielago has submitted a pack of four high quality and high performance team vs team missions.

    Quote Murcielago :
    • Complex and balanced scenarios with lot of details! A short cool intro will show you an overview of the battlefield area and in addition it will show you where each team base is located to make it clear that this is a TEAMvsTEAM mission.
    • Tickets system with remaining tickets always visible.
    • Day/Night/Fog/Rain mission parameters. I even placed lights to allow to play the missions at night without night vision! You must see it!
    • Weapon3D menu to select and see your weapons and avatar! (It features all current weapons in Arma 3. There are 27 different options to filter the weapons you want to use) This system also manage side attachments and sights.
    • Smart tag system to know easily where your colleagues are! This feature is very handy to stop accidents... team kills... This feature can be disabled via parameter for hardcore players.
    • Smart marker system to allow you to see on the map not only your position and your colleagues position... you can also see all the markers for all the objects on the world! The smart adjective is because this system only works when you are looking the map! So it saves resources for what is important ;)
    • Automatic team killer system (With vote): I created this system in a way that the victim does not need to do anything to punish the team killer but the victim can also forgive his killer! Basically three mistakes and you are out!
    • Slow automatic healing system: This system will heal you slowly... if you make a mistake and you get hurt you will pay the consequences!
    • Knife kill system: You will be able to kill and receive points for killing using a knife featured by a action menu. The victim avatar will be locked but able to move the head and his vision will fade to black while a bleed out sound will be played! You can also finish off the victim to have a total of two points! This new version is more realistic! Only the killer will see the K.K. system icon when the killer will approach to his victim from behind!
    • Winner camera: The winner team players will be shown at the end of the match!
    • Amazing performance like you never see before in a Team vs Team mission! (You do not need a dedicated server to be able to create your own server with this TDM+ missions!)
    • The missions have been created without using triggers or public variables

Written on 2014-01-24 by murcielago

MaikokillerBR has submitted this Domination gamemode mission for Arma 3.

    Quote MaikokillerBR :
    In this mode you have several points to take and defend. Three heavily armed teams ready to get it on in a frantic and fun way with many vehicles.

    The goal is clear, who takes more positions wins the game.

Written on 2014-01-24 by MaikokillerBR


Tonic released an updated version of his Virtual Vehicle Spawner script on the Armaholic forums.
This script allows you to spawn in vehicles with a simple to use GUI menu.

    Quote Tonic :
    Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS) is what the title says. It is similar to Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) but this allows you to spawn in vehicles with a simple to use GUI menu. VVS is something that a lot of Armory missions could benefit from and possibly other missions. This was requested by quite a bit of people and after chucking what I did 3 weeks ago I did this in 4 hours.

    • Changed: Updated GUI resources for new patch.

Written on 2014-01-24 by Tonic

Kazimierz informed the community on Armaholic forums about his Texturing Project.

    Quote kazimierz :
    Via this thread I am seeking help from the community. Inspired by the work of Morris (BAF Systems RAF C-130J Reskin), I am taking a different step in my graphics design. Texture work for Arma 2. To date, I have seen that most of the reskins are in fact simple masking operations of original textures in Photoshop. I did differently, redrawing the original textures by BiS, allowing for MUCH more detail. In essence, I have recreated the work of Morris. That might be overdoing others work, but for me it is a test-case -in fact, the credits for the basework remain with morris.

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the Texturing Project wip topic.

Written on 2014-01-24 by kazimierz

Grimes [3rd ID] released his Grimes' Random Array Function on the BI forums.

    Quote Grimes [3rd ID] :
    This function allows the user to create an array of global variables that can be called upon at any point, including while in the original array, after randomly selecting some and removing them, or after selecting them.
    For instance, if you have a mission with multiple objectives to eventually be completed, you can use this function to create the array of objective names (say, to create tasks assigning the objective), then either A. Randomly select a variable in the array or B. Select and them remove that random variable from the array, ensuring no repeats in the selection (what differentiates this function from BIS_fnc_selectRandom). Check out the sample mission for hands-on clarification.

    Feel free to send your comments or questions my way. Enjoy!

Written on 2014-01-24 by Grimes [3rd ID]

Foxtrop released an updated version of the Project 82 The Falklands/Malvinas War mod on the BI forums.
The archive Armaholic is hosting contains all released addons packed in one archive, including the pilots which are required for use with the plane. So, if you install this package you should have no troubles.

Quote Foxtrop :
    This contains the IA58 pucara (two rocket pods and 6 small bombs), the Skyhawk A4B and A4C, the Aermacchi m339 (armed with two 30mm defa canon, and two zuni rocket launches of 4 rockets each) and the Pilots.

    • Updated Skyhawk:
        - Fixed geometry
        - Reduced variants
    • Updated Pucara:
        - Simpliefied to one configuration, two rocket pods and 6 small bombs.
    • Added aermacchi m339

Written on 2014-01-24 by Foxtrop

hary620 has submitted his Dynamic Zombie Sandbox with classic Vietnam weapons on a large jungle map with plenty of Zombies.

    Quote hary620 :
    This mod is a very early and not finished Vietnam version of dynamic zombie sandbox. It offers players the ability to kill zombies with over 30 new weapons. There's is everything from pistols to abandoned anti aircraft guns sat on top of mountains. This mod has a long way to come and it would be great to have some people test it and help with the development.

Written on 2014-01-24 by harry620

Jeza informed us kju released an updated version of the All in Arma (AiA) project on the BI forums.

  • Changed: Update AiA to 1.10
WIP changes: Notes:
  • CBA A3 beta 4 required (and no other CBA version).
  • Delete the former @AllInArma modfolder first.
  • The design of A3 vs A2/OA/TKOH infantry and hidden content has changed. Make sure to read the FAQ.
  • If you want to play A1 terrains without missing objects, you need to merge the misc.pbo and buildings.pbo from A1 and A2 yourself and put it into .\@A1A2ObjectMerge\addons. More details in the wiki.
  • If you want to play A1 missions, you need to load A2 and OA along as well. Queen's Gambit missions are not yet supported.
  • Please read the known-issues section, the FAQ and howTo-post-issues.
Read important notes in the update post. More information can be found in the release thread.

Written on 2014-01-23 by kju

RockZ released this Team Death Match mission in our forums.

    Quote RockZ :
    They prove I was in one of the best team vs. team mission in a closed-off battle zone they enter into 2 teams against each other during the fight up between the fractions in the middle of the airport by Stratis is afoot use them ammunition crates and weapons crates to their beneficial

Written on 2014-01-23 by RockZ

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