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Screen of the week

Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission where your objective is to escape from a military tomb.

  • Player gets a teleport flag when a point has been reached
  • Fixed Wall Glitching i hope it works.
  • The ending is now working when it should.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Krigshjälte


Slatts released an updated version of his US Navy Seabee addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Slatts :
    This was another texture sitting in the shadows of Arma WIPs for several months, with some redoing, that can now see the light of day. It's adds a retextured marine to represent a Seabee wearing AOR/NWU type 3.

    • SWCC style unit added

Written on 2014-01-16 by Slatts

JaWattDiX has submitted a mission where you must destroy seven transformers of energy before extraction.

    Quote JaWattDiX :
    • French version
    • Ammobox VAS
    • Revive script ADO
    • Pole Flag script Para-jump
    • Pole Flag recruiting IA (for singleplayer)
    • Script IA spawn patrol

Written on 2014-01-16 by JaWattDiX

Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of the remake for Altis Island of his original Ghost Commander cooperative mission.

  • Military dog friendly until a enemy is bitten.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Krigshjälte

82ndAB.Bravo17 submitted his subtracthours.dll.
Downloading and installing dll files can cause issues and is always done at own risk!

    Quote 82ndAB.Bravo17 :
    Subtracthours dll for Arma 3 (Compiled with Visual Studio 2013).
    Called with the number of hours x to subtract from the current time, returns the time that was x hours ago as an array.
    For example "call compile ("subtracthours" callExtension ["10"])" will give you what the time was 10 hours ago:
    • 1st value 0 if success, 1 if a error occurred then
    • Day of Month (1-31)
    • Month (1-12)
    • Year (4 digits)
    • Hour (0-23)
    • Minute (0-59)
    • Seconds (0-59)

Written on 2014-01-15 by Bravo17


Meatball has submitted a new version of this mission where a USMC Force Recon section spearheads an invasion to create chaos, confusion and destruction in western Altis.

  • No longer need to search through the huge task list to find task information when looking at your map. Simply click near the marker on your map and the task information will be displayed!
  • Tweaked VAS Box to limit available gear to Blufor equipment.
  • Added a Parameter to allow disabling of the VAS. Will limit roles to default loadouts.
  • Continued balancing of AI in an attempt to remove some of the AI load from the server.
  • Added in a few 'surprises' for players.
  • Tweaked the out of bounds triggers.
  • Few task and mission fixes.

Written on 2014-01-15 by MeatballCB

Marseille77 released updated versions of his US Troops and US Vehicles addons which are part of his Sahrani Rearmed project on the BI Forums.
Additionally Marseille77 updated the SRA UI addon which is required by all addons of the Sahrani Rearmed project.

Changelog US Vehicles:
  • M113 Ambulance, Stryker, UH60, Vulcan replacement added
  • infantry groups added
  • AH6/MH6 Little Bird added
  • Trucks added (MTVR dummys for Truck5t)

Changelog US Troops:
  • removable bags
  • boots rvmat corrected
  • ammo dumps

Changelog SRA UI:
  • fixed stringtable bug

Written on 2014-01-15 by Marseille77

Hotshotmike1001 released the SVU (Dragunov) and SVD (Dragunov) on the Armaholic forums.
The SVU (Dragunov) requires the SVD (Dragunov) addon!

    Quote hotshotmike1001 :
    SVD (Dragunov):
    This will add a HD textured model of the SVD (Dragunov) into Arma 3 using the standard PSO Style sniper optics plus Super HD Sounds.
    This weapon does not support any kind of optics or other attachments.

    The Dragunov was designed as a squad support weapon since, according to Soviet and Soviet-derived military doctrines, the long-range engagement ability was lost to ordinary troops when submachine guns and assault rifles (which are optimized for close-range and medium-range, rapid-fire combat) were adopted. For that reason, it was originally named "Self-Loading Rifle, System of Dragunov, Model of the Year 1963."

    SVU (Dragunov):
    Bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle. The SVU was developed to meet the needs of the security forces of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as OMON. The SVU was first seen in use in the First Chechen War. Originally, the plan was to just slightly modernize the aging SVD, but the designers eventually realised that the configuration of the weapon would have to be completely altered, leading to the creation of the SVU.

Written on 2014-01-15 by hotshotmike1001

Megahurt has submitted a cooperative mission featuring the Invasion 1944 - D-Day mod where WW2 I44 Paratroopers go after a well defended German HQ to steal valuable intel.

    Quote Megahurt :
    American forces are poised to push eastward deep into the German Reich. The 82nd Airborne is tasked to cross into harm's way once again to lead the way.

    Paratroopers will insert west of the river and make their way north with stealth to a weapons cache that has been hidden in a tunnel containing silent weapons and explosives needed to quietly secure and prepare a rail bridge for demolition. The bridge is a vital rail link for transporting German Armor to the western front. Cross the bridge and then destroy it. Use the blast to distract enemy forces away from the German HQ when you are in position to assault it. The 82nd will then storm the HQ, secure a briefcase known to have maps of enemy positions throughout the region, and return across the river with said intel to the rendezvous point. Good luck.

    Players can respawn as POWs and escape or be liberated to rejoin the group.

Written on 2014-01-14 by Megahurt

I34dKarma released an updated version of his Karma Modules addon on the BI forums.
This contains his Road Block Site Script in module form. This is the first edition of the module and more things will be added the mod pack.

  • Added City Garrison Module
  • Added Mod Logo
  • Minor Code Tweaks
  • Added Licence Agrement On BI forum thread. (Nothing Unreasonable In My Opinion)

Written on 2014-01-14 by I34dKarma

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