pastor399 (aKa P1nGa) submitted an update about the ADF UNCUT addon pack informing the community they are working on the new Australian Multicam Pattern (AMP) Uniforms which will replace the existing modified Crye Multicam.

    Quote pastor399 :
    We are currently working on new Australian Multicam Pattern (AMP) Uniforms to replace the existing modified Crye Multicam. AMP was designed by Crye specifically for the Australian defense force and is manufactured locally, using the few sources available a pattern was designed from ground up by our team to recreate as accurately as possible the real world pattern, and includes distinctive shapes from the DPCU uniform iconic to Australian armed forces.

    We plan to replace the Placeholder ACOG TA648 with the completed model which is available in Black or Tan with our without a Red Dot Sight for CQB, It is a 6x Marksman Optic that can be adjusted for range to 1000m (The model was made by Toonie and modified by P1nGa). The ACOG TA31 which is a 4x Combat Optic is also finished and is available in Tan or Black and can be used in CQB or medium range engagements with zeroing to 600m.

For more info you can visit the ADF Uncut release topic.

Written on 2014-03-20 by pastor399


Melbo released in the BI forums this game mode very similar to the old AS mode for Counter-Strike.

    Quote Melbo :
    The main objective for BluFor is to safely escort the VIP to one of two extraction zones. OpFor must prevent them from doing so by assassinating them. The secondary objective, which also secures a victory for either team, is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. If the round time expires, OpFor win by default.

    The VIP has very limited amounts of ammunition and is only able use his pistol. The VIP is unable to pickup and use other weapons although he can rearm from fallen friend and foe. The VIP should not expect to escape without the team's assistance. VIP will get an action for "Extract" in his scroll menu when close to one of the vehicles.

    Has changeable time of day and time limit in server parameters. Default is 1800 hours and 10 minutes.

Written on 2014-03-19 by Melbo

Comm_Yuri released an updated version of his Georgian RRF-NATO addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Comm_Yuri :
    In 2013 Georgia decided to commit elements of it's military into the NATO Rapid Response Force. Signing the agreement in 2015 it became very active in peacekeeping operations around the globe as military and humanitarian crisis continued spreading inexorably in the following years. Involvment in direct military confrontations is reported yet officialy denied. During the Iranian expansion covering all of Turkey and numerous border wars with all three South Caucasian states the Iranian forces have ceased hostile activities in that region as they didn't achieve any success. The frontline being stable, Georgia sends bitterly needed reinforcements into Altis to relief the battle weary NATO troops. The small yet highly experienced and professional force consists of primary cadre reconnaissance and special ops teams, some hastily airborned Rangers and a batallion of peacekeepers who have the task to protect strategic objectives. Due to the still strained situation at home at the borders, the supplies and reinforcements are naturaly very limited.

    This adds Georgian component of the NATO Rapid Response Forces active since 2015. Includes special forces as well as peacekeeping detachments.

    • added 2014 units with corresponding equipment ( M4 carbines ):
        - added peacekeepers/light infantry 2014
        - added special operations forces 2014
    • changed euqipment of 2025 units
    • added vehicles:
        - added Slammer ( Merkava IV-E )
        - added Marid ( Nurol Ejder 2D )

Written on 2014-03-18 by CommanderYuri


][Niipaa released in the BI forums a King of the Hill style gameplay cooperative mission.

    Quote ][Niipaa :
    Howdy again forum goers. Been awhile, and I've been busy, though not so much with ArmA. I think however, that this mission I've been sitting on for almost 6 months now is about ready for a release. I will preface this release with this disclaimer:

    Support given for this mission (Bug fixes, FAQs, content addition) will be extremely limited.

    Not because I don't want to help, but I sadly do not have the time anymore to dedicate to ArmA as I'd like.

Written on 2014-03-18 by ][Niipaa

ADOGMC released an updated version of the ADO Boussole Silva compass on the BI forums.
This small addon adds the Boussole Silva compass to your Arma 3 game.

Written on 2014-03-17 by Foxhound

DegmanCRO submitted an updated version of the Croatian Armed Forces mod on the BI forums.

    Quote DegmanCRO :
    Croatian Armed Forces is an Arma 3 modification that contains real and futuristic Croatian Armed Forces elements, such as vehicles, weapons and equipment.

    • fixed bugs
    • new content
    • desert fraction
    • updates

Written on 2014-03-17 by DegmanCRO

JCae2798 aka GigaS released his latest singleplayer mission in the BI forums.

    Quote JCae2798 aka GigaS :
    You're returning to base. Your task for today will be to check out a nearby location. Intel shows we've been hearing some gunfire and unsure why.

Written on 2014-03-17 by gigas27

Masterevan27 has submitted this pack of missions featuring Tank battles.

    Quote Masterevan27 :
    Have you ever felt that ARMA 3 didn't have enough tanks?
    Or... that there must be some better way to travel 3 thousand meters than in a defenseless truck or on foot?
    Or... do you have a Tank vs Tank fetish?
    Well... Look No Further For I Offer A Solution To Your Wonders!
    Welcome To The World of Tanks in Arma 3!

Written on 2014-03-17 by masterevan27

Joshh (SPC Halvorson 101stAB) has submitted a new version of his No Idle Animations addon for Arma 3.

  • Removed armed prone idle animations, kept one in for a change, let me know if it bothers anyone
  • Removed standing and crouching animations with pistol out and lowered.
  • Fixed some problem with moving while your weapon is down. Should work without problems now.

Written on 2014-03-16 by joshh

Kumeda has submitted the first version of this Graphical user interface for easy implementation of applications.

    Quote Kumeda :
    This WarPad project tries to achieve the following three things:
    1. The next time you need a gadget you won’t have to spend much time on work of the outer shell and instead invest it in your awesome ideas
    2. Secondly, the “WarPad” shall allow running different scripts from different developers without much effort.
    3. And third, being able to run many different useful scripts without having a tons of added actions.

    Also not listed.. of course the WarPad shall look cool :) So the main point/function of the WarPad is that you can give it easily a function.

    The "WarPad" is still under development and therefore a WIP. Dependencies, function names, workflow might change. Still I suggest you to try it out and if you like it to even include it to your mods, scripts.

Written on 2014-03-16 by Kumeda

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