Heeeere's johnny! informed us he released an updated version of his Trigger List Changed script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script is about handling units which enter or leave a trigger's list. This is different from handling "thisList" or "all units inside/outside the trigger".
    It's easy to handle units in the trigger's "thisList", but handling only those which just entered or just left is a different story.

    Such distinction might be important for instance if a certain value/operation should be added/reduced/applied/executed only on such units or when a unit enters in the very same 0.5 seconds as another unit leaves, which would let the number of units in thisList remain unchanged while one unit is actually different.

    • added "isCall" parameter -> if true, trigger statements will be called, else they will be spawned
    • hardcoded the generated functions into the trigger statements (no setVariable/getVariable anymore)

Written on 2015-10-02 by Heeeeres Johnny


Mynock released in the BI forums a new cooperative mission playable also in singleplayer mode.

    Quote Mynock :
    A forward observation unit has been reporting mortar fire near their position that has been increasing in accuracy. Your squad is being sent in to locate and eliminate the mortar position(s).

Written on 2015-10-01 by Mynock

Chairborne informed us he released a new version of his Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Chairborne :
    Finally the British Harrier GR.7/9 is finished!
    I made some small modifications to the already existing model to give it a closer resemblance to the british counterparts of the US Marines jet.
    They feature a redesigned shorter nose and two additional pylons.
    They come in two variants, GR.7 with Mavericks and Mk-82 bombs, and GR.9 with GBU-12 guided bombs only.
    On top of that, the USMC Harriers have new textures too (except for the multirole one).
    Many thanks to Kazimierz who made this contribution!
    There are also some other changes, the pilot now sits higher, the jet has more realistic dampers and materials were improved.
    Finally, I changed the editor menu arrangement, they now appear under dedicated factions.

    • Fixed TGP issues
    • Added service/rearm menu

Written on 2015-10-01 by Chairborne


M.Owen has submitted a night mission in stealth mode for five elements of special forces.

    Quote M.Owen :
    A Russian official has betrayed his nation, with the help of band of renegade soldiers stole a fighter jet with the intention of selling it to a group of terrorists.
    The officer traitor contacted a small terrorist cell and will sell the fighter jet for two million dollars, the meeting is expected in the island of Altis at the airfield of Molos. The goal of the mission for a select group of Navy Seals, is to eliminate the Russian officer when he will meet with the leader of the terrorists. Only then, will ensure the destruction of the stolen fighter jet making detonated with explosives.

Written on 2015-10-01 by M.Owen

Maxjoiner released an updated version of his Max Light Assault Vehicles addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds 7 new Vehicles with 4 men Turrets.

    • Fixed all the bugs

Written on 2015-09-30 by maxjoiner

Scream submitted an updated version of his Arma 3 Guide For New Players.

    Quote Scream :
    This ‘short’ guide covers the core features of the Arma III game and present an overview of its content; it is intended for players who are new to the game and the ARMA universe. All you find in this pages is written by a player for other players. After reading this any new player should be able to perform all the basic action allowed in Arma virtual battlefield and have a basic knowledge of the game’s elements.

    • added Fatigue Management, Weapon Stabilization and DLCs section
    • Grammar check

Written on 2015-09-29 by Scream

Gfresco informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission that aimed to provide an expansive experience as an insurgent and not a high-tech/well equipped modern soldier.

  • Fixed addon requirements
  • Added more military objectives
  • General bugfixing.

Written on 2015-09-29 by Gfresco

Whiplash has submitted an Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) version of his Creeping Death mission.

    Quote Whiplash :
    2 NATO/OTAN Soldiers we're tasked for a dangerous mission on enemy ground , these men were tasked to Identify the AAF Officer Kill him and head to Extraction where a Recon team will be waiting for them , as a secondary mission do not get detected by enemy forces.

Written on 2015-09-29 by PSK_Whiplash

Pisces72 has submitted the first chapter of a possible fictional campaign that deals with a conflict between the Laretian Republic and the United States over the territory of the small treaty state of Nogova.

    Quote Pisces72 :
    The purpose of this upload is to provide interesting and realistic (more or less) missions for ArmA fans. The events, countries, characters, the way they are depicted and everything else is entirely fictional and subjected to the author’s artistic freedom.

Written on 2015-09-29 by Pisces72

NeoArmageddon informed us he released an updated version of his Map Builder Tool, an in-game 3D-Editor for terrain creation, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Map Builder is an ingame 3D editor for the game ArmA3 from Bohemia Interactive. Map Builders aim is to assist in the creation of object compositions for terrain creation (export to Terrain Builder), but it can be used for the creation of mission templates (SQM) and object compositions in the form of executable SQF-scripts. Map Builder is not a mission editor. It's sole purpose is the placement and manipulation of static objects. Map Builder is in Alpha state. That means it is not feature complete and definitly not bug free. But I try to polish every release, so Map Builder can be used in a productive environment.

    Map Builder 0.9 released.
    You can find the full changelog between 0.8 and 0.9 here:

    I will now start working on the version 1.0 branch. I have some really fancy ideas for the next version and I also want to incorporate some engine features/changes the recent release of the EDEN Editor introduced into to ArmA3.

    Also keep the feedback coming! And maybe someone wants to share some compositions and brushes with us.

Written on 2015-09-28 by NeoArmageddon

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