McLupo released an updated version of his German Hind addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Simple as it is...a community request was the initial impact to do this job.
    But the main reason was the historical meaning.
    After the reunion of Eastern- and Western - Germany the German Forces took charge of a few helicopters for testing (Hind-D) from the NVA.
    At last i wanted to see the Hind in ArmA.

    • Woodland version of the Mi-24P
    • Desert version of the Mi-24-V
    • Navy version of the Hind-D
    • Version of the NATO Reaction Forces of the Hind-D

German Hind v1.11

Patch 1.63
ArmA II 1.63 beta build 100697 or later

Written on 2015-08-14 by McLupo


Marseille77 released an updated version of his US Vehicles addons which are part of his Sahrani Rearmed project on the Armaholic Forums.

    Quote :
    This pack is a conversion of the US vehicles from Armed Assault for Arma 2.

    • Added: Hiddenselections to UH60

Written on 2015-08-14 by Marseille77

RonhillUltra released an updated version of his Esseker terrain on the website.

    Quote :
    Esseker region, named after it's largest city, was once a tourist paradise, rich in folklore and natural beauty and inhabited by simple people who's tradition and hospitality charmed people all over the world. It was a region in the rise, a beacon of hope to it's otherwise poor country. But when the virus broke loose , it stood almost completely defenseless. Flocking visitors brought the virus to every corner of Esseker before the symptoms even started showing. By the time medical teams from the neighboring countries landed in the hopes of combating what was then an unknown disease, the infection had already turned into a pandemic. Local military attempted to quarantine the region with the help of UN and US forces and USAMRIID established a temporary military camp with a bio-hazard laboratory but before they could grab a real foothold, the pandemic turned global. The military force, being spread thin across the globe was forced to abandon the region, leaving the civilian populace to fend for themselves. Now, in the aftermath of a global event that wiped away more then half of the world's population, Esseker is a home only to the brave and the insane.

    • unknown

Written on 2015-08-12 by RonhillUltra


KICKASS submitted his first addon, the Modular Rifle - Caseless (MR-C).

    Quote :
    This is my first time to make an addon so it may seem very simple and there's a lot of problems in it.
    The idea to do this are comes from Recon Advanced Warfighter Ghost 2.
    I hope you enjoy it and any suggestions and criticism are welcome.

    Is a mock-up of an assault rifle that was intended to be manufactured and sold to the United States military as a next-generation infantry weapon firing next-generation ammunition.

Written on 2015-08-12 by zyl1991725

Marseille77 released the first version of his Sahrani Rearmed A3 Characters addon on the Armaholic forums.
At the same time he has also released an updated version of the Sahrani Rearmed A3 - Weapons.

    Quote :
    • Sahrani Rearmed A3 - :
        This Pack contains all three parties of the Sahrani Conflict in A1. The SLA Officer is a dummy and not original yet. As a little surprise I have created for North and South a fictious soldier with US digital camos and A3 Equipment.
    • Sahrani Rearmed A3 - Weapons:
        Weapons of Armed Assault (2006). Vanilla weapons from first release.
        • some minor texture bugfixes
        • Laser pic path fixed

Written on 2015-08-12 by Marseille77

Beaar released his Round Glasses (A2 port) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here are the Round Glasses ported from Arma 2, available in not only silver but also black and gold variants.
    You can finally live out your hipster dreams, become a doctor, an old person, or even Harry Potter if that's you want.

Written on 2015-08-12 by beaar

Blackabbot released his Altis Map Locations template on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Using the marker option in the Arma3 editor I have put together a reasonably comprehensive map of Altis locations ie. Bases,Factories, Comms, Helipads, Towns etc.
    After download unpbo the file and open in the editor, click on Markers delete civilian player and merge with your own missions or just use it for planning purposes.

Written on 2015-08-11 by blackabbot

FoxFort has submitted a new version of this simple take and secure with version in Singleplayer and COOP.

  • Added: New script which places AI into buildings.
  • Added: Few markers.
  • Changed: Coop now supports 7 players.
  • Updated to work with the new SPU v1.30.

Written on 2015-08-11 by FoxFort

Legislator released an updated version of his GLT Mod on the Armaholic forums.
The GLT Mod is a compilation of missions and addons created and designed by the German Liberation Taskforce. The GLT itself is a fictional German Armed Forces bases faction of the 2030s which is taking part in the war for Stratis and Altis.

    Quote :
    GLT Mod has been updated to 1.27!
    This mod update is featuring the BFE+, a new german anti-terror unit.

    • changed: GLT Showcase: Nea Dimokratia (player units have been moved)
    • changed: author added to bandit clothes
    • changed: BW Mod backpacks have been added to BW arsenal template
    • changed: CfgAISkill in glt_core.pbo has been disabled
    • changed: cargo layout of GLT supply crate
    • changed: cargo layout of ChDkz weapon crates
    • fixed: slow turret movement because of bad aimingSpeed array in CfgAISkill
    • fixed: inventory texture path issue of civilian bandits
    • fixed: all vests config has been reworked
    • fixed: all hemlmets config has been reworked
    • fixed: display name of Middle East civilian 25
    • fixed: icon of Ion Inc. uniform could not be found
    • fixed: GLT Showcase: Ion Inc. (task 2 was completed too early)
    • fixed: priest clothes could not be loaded anymore
    • new: mod config has been created
    • new: inventory item Explosive Charge
    • new: assaultrifle G36C (port of Arma 2)
    • new: faction BFE+
    • updated: all backpacks mod config value has been applied
    • updated: all vehicles are now available in virtual garage

Written on 2015-08-10 by Legislator

Werthles submitted an updated version of his Werthles Headless Kit.

    Quote :
    Complete headless client setup kit. Up-to-date, configurable script, server config files, headless client setup all ready to go with only minor alterations required.

    • Waypoint duplication workaround no longer required. If a group is waiting for trigger activation while HC transfer occurs, the group will not ignore this trigger.

Written on 2015-08-10 by Werthles

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