Hcpookie released the first version of his hcpookie on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I built a house for mission makers!
    The idea is that you can have a mission where you teleport from a "secret entrance" to the building, which is somewhere in a remote part of the map... for example the mine entrance just North of Feruz Abad on Takistan. Then fight your way down to the silo to place your demolition charge. Mission makers can add a trigger to blow up an object, steal the docs, all enemy dead, etc. inside the house, which will provide the mission success.

Written on 2015-01-12 by hcpookie


Ted_hou released his Zeus Editor, Streamlined script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Zeus Editor, Streamlined (ZES) is a short script that allows you to place/adjust objects in the Zeus editor, and then selectively export objects to SQF code by hitting [Ctrl+C].

    I built this thing to help myself build forts/bunkers/camps in-game and quickly export them to clipboard. I never intended to use it to build full missions - some things are just easier via scripting. I thought this might be helpful to other mission builders and so decided to share it. If people actually do find this useful I might consider including more functions. If you are having issues getting it to work I'll be more than happy to help out.

    What ZES does:
    Export objects selected in the Zeus interface to SQF code.
    Offers streamlined key-binds within the Zeus interface.
    [Ctrl+C] Export objects selected in the Zeus interface (either by clicking on an object or dragging the mouse cursor to select multiple objects).
    [Ctrl+A] Export all Zeus-editable objects to clipboard.
    [Ctrl+Shift+E] Make nearby objects editable by Zeus.
    [Ctrl+S]/[Ctrl+Shift+S] Toggle simulation ON/OFF for selected objects.

    Currently only supports object/unit classnames, position, direction (vectorDirAndUp), and enableSimulation true/false.

Written on 2015-01-11 by ted_hou

Wolfgarth released his IAF - Israel Air Forces (retexture) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Development project of the Israeli air force for Arma 3.

Written on 2015-01-11 by wolfgarth


=A3SM= Petar a.k.a PnK2 has submitted this Police vs Rebels mission with different ways of defeating the other team.

    Quote =A3SM= Petar a.k.a PnK2 :
    Enjoy in this team versus team mission, it was interesting for me and my friends to play this TvT mission over and over again because it has to many ways to do the job and to have fun doing it. Mission contains fully scripted police vehicle with sound and visual rotation and civilian life around the players so Police must check civilians to prevent rebels to disguise as civilians. Rebels and Police officers have on the beginning equal weapons, ammo etc. and after that it all depends on them. Default mission time is 8pm bcs its much more interesting but you can change that parameter. Enjoy.

Written on 2015-01-11 by PnK2

JacobC679 submitted his Nato Map Template on the X-Cam prototype map.

    Quote :
    This is Nato Map Template by JacobC679 version 1.0.
    Any other suggestions on other updates will be accepted. So like what to add next and what to take out ect.
    A Opfor and Independent Map templates will be available soon. All Versions Will be on the map X-Cam prototype, listed in the mods requirements.

Written on 2015-01-10 by JacobC679

Karneck released an updated version of the Zodiac CRRC - Assault Boat for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    With the release of FFV, I finally am ready to release a small project I've been working on the last 2 months.

    If anyone doesn't care for the current Assault Boat for the following reasons:
    - Noise and overall Sound is terrible or far too loud to attempt to talk over.
    - Top Speed is too slow for you.
    - The "FFV" is extremely limited.
    - The handling/turn radius is extremely sluggish.
    - The reverse speed is too fast.

    Then let me introduce you to the Zodiac CRRC.
    It expands the "FFV" to allow you to shoot in a *180 (Looks slightly funky, but better then only looking in one direction.)
    It features sounds from the ARMA 2 Zodiac CRRC.
    Come's with a built-in pack and unpacking script so you can carry your boat anywhere.
    And has a custom gearbox designed to help with speeds between Q, W and E. Also for when going in reverse. Meaning that if you use mods like AGM or CSE, you won't rocket forward and hit something and knock yourself out.

    The handling has been modified so that the boat is maneuverable at slow speeds, although when traveling at top speed (50 km/h) it will turn on a dime, sadly you cannot configure turn radius depending on what speed you are at. (Again, can look alittle funky.)

    • Hotfix to fix sound pathing for working sounds.

Written on 2015-01-10 by Karneck

Soronelite released an updated version of his =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods - USN Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The "=ARC= NATO Offensive" (ARC:NO) mod aims to add content to the blufor side of Arma 3. More exactly, the mod add new units and vehicles from differents NATO countries.
    From a technical view, this units and vehicles use the 3D models of the vanilla game with new HD textures.
    You have to keep in mind that this is only re-texturation, so some units will use clothes and gear which are not used IRL.
    The mod is splitted in "packs". (So people can take only units they wants etc.)

    Formely "-E3- Units" mod, so you'll be able to find the units and vehicles from the E3's Mods

    • Two new officer uniforms
    • Two new USN Working Uniforms
    • Few fix (textures & code)

Written on 2015-01-10 by soronelite

Soronelite released an updated version of his =ARC= Patches / Insignia addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The mod aims to add patches and insignias. (thanks to the Bootcamp update)
    You'll find insigna from real units, usefull patches (as medic patches) or moral patches.

    Feel free to give me as many feedback as you can, and also tell me which patches or insignias you'd like to see!

    • Special Law enforcement
      • Global:
          - Police
      • FR:
          - BRI
          - RAID
          - GIGN
          - Deuil
      • US:
          - SWAT
          - FBI
          - DEA
      • Brazil:
          - BOPE
      • CallSigns:
          - Je suis Charlie

Written on 2015-01-10 by soronelite

Skalpel submitted his Romanian Armed Forces Tricolour Armpatch addon.

    Quote :
    Well ... there is no romanian content for ArmA 3 ... so I threw something together really fast.

Written on 2015-01-10 by Skalpel

[MSK]Delta8 submitted an updated version of his HeliDoor Script.

    Quote :
    Hello pilots, co-pilots, gunners and passengers, this is my helicopter-door-opening script. At least a beta-version of it.
    It adds actions to open/close every door of every (supported) helicopter in your mission.
    Script is MP-compatible.
    Currently I've uploaded a english and german version only (translators are welcome).

    • Added: Italian translation

Written on 2015-01-10 by [MSK]Delta8

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