Trixie released an updated version of his Launcher Pack on the BI forums.
This pack introduces the A2 SMAW along with HEAA & HEDP rockets as well as the FGM-148 Javelin:
  • SMAW
  • FGM-148 Javelin
  • SMAW HEAA - High Explosive Anti Tank
  • SMAW HEDP - High Explosive Dual Purpose
  • Increased damage of Javelin missile.
  • Implemented MDH_TopDownAttack by Moerderhoschi with the help of Bravo93.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Trixie


Purple released an updated version of his Benelli M4 Super 90 Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm happy to release my first benelli pack. That's still a beta version so there may be some bugs and stuff that are not perfect, but I considered it already advanced enough for a release, so here it is.

    • more than 8 variants of the benelli M4 super 90 shotgun
    • collapsable stocks can actually be collapsed and extended at will
    • sounds made by Oliie
    • addon compatible with R3F and FHQ accessories
    • 2 ammo types included: buckshot and slug rounds

    • now compatible with 1.24

Written on 2014-07-27 by Purple

Purple released an updated beta version of his Famas pack on the BI forums.

    Quote Purple :
    This pack includes 4 versions of famas F1: all of them have deployable bipod (through action menu), and working APAV rifle grenade.
    I'm also sharing the source archive so all of you can reuse the contents (like grenade and bipod scripts) and/or tune the config to your tastes.
    So feel free to reuse any part of the archive and redistribute them (just please give me some credits if you do

    This is still alpha (im working on a Famas G2 that may be included later, and plan to include also famas felin as well as more camo), so there may be some bugs.

    • now compatible with 1.24

Written on 2014-07-27 by Purple


Conroy released his Execute scripts/code via chat commands script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A little mini-project I worked on, which allows you to intercept and use text, that was typed in the inGame chat-box.

    Any text, that starts with the special intercept character (by default "!"), will be passed on to a function and checked against all available chat-commands.
    If it matches one of the defined commands, the associated code for the command is executed. Any text after the initial command will be passed as an argument to the called function.

    Intercepted text is not sent to other clients and wont clutter up the chat history.

    The current version of the script does not have any extra functions included, apart from the example ones.
    It rather serves as a base to include your own functions and ideas, if you can come up with something interesting or practical.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Conroy

Ruthberg released in the BI forums a dynamic outdoor shooting range mission.

    Quote Ruthberg :
    This mission is intended to be used as a dynamic outdoor shooting range.
    You control the mission by using the action menu.
    Enable or disable bullet path tracing, spawn new targets or check your last bullet impact.
    Teleport to any location by left clicking on the map while holding ALT on your keyboard.
    Use LEA or RSLO to change your gear.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Ruthberg

JCae2798 released in the BI forums this singleplayer mission.

    Quote JCae2798 :
    What's up all. I'm a big SP fan and have been playing ALIVE versions of insurgency style missions for some time now. Lately I've been thinking of putting something together for the community. Mission is designed as follows:
      1. Freedom to roam towns and clear areas as see's fit.
      2. Use ALIVE features (Dynamic Combat, AI Transport and CAS requests)
      3. Few random tasks created by mission maker
      4. Random tasks created by ALIVE

Written on 2014-07-27 by gigas27

Rodeostar42 has submitted a script that limits the 3rd person view under certain conditions.

    Quote Rodeostar42 :
    Setup can infantry, landvehicles, aircraft ,seavehicles individually.

    limit at a moving speed seavehicles and landvehicles and infantry.

    Aircraft limits at an altitude from the sea level and the surface.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Rodeostar42

Sgt.Killz has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission where your objective is to take out the tanks stationed at Camp Maxwell.

  • Helicopter with a spotlight.
  • Removed the chopper due to bugging the mission.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Sgt.Killz

Sgt.Killo(Killz) has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission where your task is to provide close air support on the terrorist base stationed at Stratis island.

  • Callsigns.
  • An HD picture view when you load the mission in *scenarios*.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Sgt.Killz

rosentorf released a new version of this singleplayer mission in the BI forums. In this mission You must lead an assault squad into Neochori to destroy four big red containers in the harbor.

  • Reworked objectives: now you need to destroy ammo caches which will be randomly placed at the beginning of the mission.

Written on 2014-07-26 by Armaholic

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