GutsFactory Team has submitted a team versus AI sandbox survival experience built off of the 404 Wasteland framework.

    Quote GutsFactory Team :
    The Jericho mission is a team versus AI sandbox survival experience built off of the 404 Wasteland framework. The objective of this mission is to rally your faction(s), find/deactivate the nuke, scavenge supplies, weapons, and vehicles, and destroy the other factions. It is survival at its best!

Written on 2014-12-21 by jespejo


Dragon Zen has submitted the multiplayer version of his Advanced Fierce Combat System mission.

    Quote Dragon Zen :
    Here is the MP version of AFCS (previously named BlackHole and AdvancingPower in Arma2), now you can enjoy the crazy close combat with your friends, PVP or Fight against AI. With AI system, you can still run the game alone and wait for other players

Written on 2014-12-21 by Dragon Zen

TSAndrey released in the BI forums a 2-4 player COOP mission where teamwork is the key.

    Quote TSAndrey :
    A specialized unit is sent to Stratis to find intel and locate a mysterious artifact. OPFOR is also searching for the artifact and occupied the island. There's no time for caution. Use mechs to break into OPFORs HQ, steal their intel and find the artifact!

Written on 2014-12-20 by Armaholic


Soldier Hartinger has submitted a rifle range for medium to far distance.

Written on 2014-12-20 by PaulH.

Krigshjälte has submitted this action/adventure/puzzle singleplayer mission.

    Quote Krigshjälte :
    This is the new TOMB: Golden Cobra.
    You can find secrets just like in the other Tomb missions. The secrets of this missions will be a little more advanced.
    I trying to avoid glitches more this time so I use a little god stuff of what others have modded.
    For you to get to the next area, you must find and collect artifacts that will be hard to find.
    It will be more adventures instead of shooting enemies in this Tomb, but it will contain action in this mission as well.
    You should both be alert to enemies and also traps this time.
    There will be some puzzles to solv and some things to be found.

Written on 2014-12-20 by Krigshjälte

=A3SM= Petar submitted the Serbia mod MRAP Hunters addon.

    Quote :
    Three MRAP Hunter light armored vehicles from the game with Serbian Army camo patern for the ArmA3 Serbia mod.
    If you like it enjoj it.

Written on 2014-12-19 by PnK2

Henrik Hansen released his Zeus ObjectEditor on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I decided to release my Zues object editor script to save creations made in zues, the script also lets you easily create the objects in mission without Zeus being enabled.
    The objects mappings are precise as the script uses VectorDir and VectorUp ect.

    Script created to have easy save functions for obects in Zeus - and being able to easily create those saved objects in missions without Zeus.

Written on 2014-12-19 by Armaholic

SpartanSix released his 82nd Airborne Division OCP addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a re-texture of the independent uniforms in arma3, bring a 82nd Airborne Division OCP uniform ranging from the ranks of PFC to MAJ and all everything in-between (regarding a standard US Army Company, meaning no specialty ranks such as warrant officers or master sergeants). I have created these OCP re-textures to be as close as possible with the RHS OCP so that they go neatly together.

    This addon does require RHS: Escalation addon in-order to use the place-able personnel in the editor.

Written on 2014-12-19 by Armaholic

Animander submitted an updated version of his Helvantis terrain.

    Quote :
    Helvantis is a fictional Germanic Eastern-European nation in a winter climate, designed to add a little more variety in terrain types and climates currently available for Arma 3.

    • Roughly 100 km^2
    • Heightmap resolution of 5m/p
    • A variety of locations from thick forests and open fields, to heavy condensed urban areas.
    • Several large towns, including one large sprawling city several kilometers in size, and one city of ruins.
    • Large variety in elevation from valleys to mountains

    • added server key
    • fixed waterline bug in one specific location
    • fixed miscellaneous little issues

Written on 2014-12-18 by Animander

Massi released his NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Vehicles addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This new pack contains a set of vehicles to equip my units pack.
    The vehicles are avaible also for standard BI faction anyway.
    This addon is meant to equip my US, UK and Italian NATO SF, African and GRU Spetsnaz units with realistic vehicles in use.

Written on 2014-12-18 by massi

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