B00M has submitted an alpha version of his first mission at

    Quote B00M :
    You're the leader of a 9 men team whose main objective is to destroy an AA station to clear the way for the medical assistance aircraft to civilian towns, with a few side missions.

Written on 2014-08-15 by B00M


W0lle has submitted this 6 mission coop campaign originally created by Blake for Operation Flashpoint around 2002.

    Quote W0lle :
    Some months ago, Variable asked me if I would port this awesome 6 Mission COOP Campaign from the old days to CWR².
    Since this was a well known and popular creation, and because it perfectly fits to recently released CWR² VMF Expansion, I decided to port it.

    I actually had started working on 2 of the missions so it was a rather quick job and by now it has been played on the CiA server.

    Since Variable hasn't complained anymore, I presume now it's the time to share it with the rest. :-)

Written on 2014-08-15 by W0lle

Lyotchik released a bunch of new early wip screens of the PAK-FA (T-50) which he is working on for Arma 3 on the
Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Curretly, I'm working on model of PAK-FA for ArmA 3.
    Realistic 3d model of this plane. Model was created using the recommendations of aviation specialists.
    High detailed model of cocpit based on trainer cocpit photos.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the PAK-FA (T-50) wip topic.

Written on 2014-08-15 by Lyotchik


RichardsD informed us he released an updated version of his MRAP MaxxPro Modification on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    After quite a bit of on and off work, and a ton of tweaking I am satisfied enough to push out the initial release of the long awaited MRAP MaxxPro addon for Arma 3. This is based upon Naman's old model for Arma 2, except there have been major changes. The hood is now the correct style from the Workstar series of vehicles as opposed to the Durastar series used previously. Many parts have been modeled from scratch including a brand new interior, and many new exterior components.

    Navistar, the military division of International currently produces the MRAP MaxxPro, a Category or Class One MRAP. Compared with eariler deployed vehicles such as the HMMWV, the massive ground clearance and V Shaped Hull on the MaxxPro provides undoubtedly superior protection against threats such as IEDs. The MRAP MaxxPro is one of the highest produced MRAPs in use by the US Armed Forces with almost 10,000 units currently produced and used in the harsh environments of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Features and Variants:
    Like any A3 modification, this vehicle features all standard features you would expect such as:
    • Proper Phys-x and suspension
    • PIP Mirrors
    • Kinetic driver animation
    • A3 Lighting
    This initial release includes four basic variants. In the future when time allows I plan to release an additional logistics centered variant with many other, very obscure variants:
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash (M2)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash (MK19)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash DXM (M2)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Plus (M2)

    • Tachometer Fixed
    • Weapon Zero Added
    • Deployment Variant added

Written on 2014-08-14 by RichardsD

NIN3 released the Islamic State & Guerrilla Unit Pack by him and Hulahuga on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    12 infantry units, fully functional in Zeus, MCC and the Editor.

    The unit pack consist of a troop of Guerrillas (Independent) as well as a troop of mujahideen of the Islamic State (OPFOR). The Guerrilla units are loosely based on what a more spec-ops version of the fighters in Ukraine could look like, with a special eye towards both the separatists and the Donbas Battalion (volunteer group fighting for Ukraine). The IS units on the other hand are based directly off of footage from VICE News.

    • HLC Core and AK pack added to replace most of the weapons in the pack (only previous ones left are the RPGs and the SVD). Thus removed STI as a requirement in the process. Sounds, visuals, gameplay and general immersion should now feel a lot better.
    • Recieved permission by Robalo to bundle ASDG Joint Rails (a req for HLC, although actually not for the weapons we are using from the pack...), so as to make it easier for the end users. /* Thank you! */ Completed a first take on the bundling, which is still looks a bit wonky though due to the one pbo nature of steam workshop.
    • Remade almost all of the loadouts to incorporate HLC. Most noteworthy from a gameplay POV is that the Guerrilla now use AKs and RPKs instead of the standard weapons and the STI Machineguns. The same goes for the AR of the IS.
    • Created a group for all the units in each faction. Should work with MCC and Alive. // Coding groups in ArmA is exceptionally weird

Written on 2014-08-14 by Hulahuga


Shockley released his Air Force Special Operations Command Units on the BI forums.
This is available in a standard and alternative version. The alternative version requires Task Force Arrowhead Radio.

    Quote :
    This contains different Air Force Special Operations Command Units.

    • Combat Controller (CCT)
    • Combat Rescue Officer (CRO)
    • Pararescue (PJ)
    • Special Tactics Officer (STO)
    • Special Operations Weather Technician (SOWT)
    • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)
    • OCP, DCU, ACU and M81 Woodland Camo

    • Added new class ACU (Based of research data when airmen were intergrated into US Special Forces Units in Afghanistan)
    • Added ACU Uniform, Helmets, Vests, and Combat Pack
    • Added TACP Vests in ACU/M81/OCP/OD/TAN/COYOTE
    • Changed Font for Nameplates
    • Added PARARESCUE Nametape to PJ
    • Rebalanced weight and armor protection values based of real world data
    • Updated Readme and PDF with new information

Written on 2014-08-14 by Shockley [USMC]

Zehn informed the community on the Armaholic forums about a new project he started which adds tools to the ArmA 3 map similar to what you might have on a modern GPS display

    Quote :
    I'm new here, but I've been working on a mod to add tools to the ArmA 3 map similar to what you might have on a modern GPS display:
    • The display shows the easting and northing coordinates of your cursor and also the distance of your cursor from you and its azimuth with relation to your position.
    • You can change from degrees to milliradians.
    • You can also enter coordinates and click a FIND button to center the map on that position (so when your buddy says he's down at 0174, 0569 you can drop those into your GPS console and find out exactly where he's at).
    • It replaces the coordinates that follow the cursor around with larger, easier to read coordinates that increase from 3-digit easting/northing (100 square meter box) to 5-digit easting/northing (1 square meter box) as you zoom in.
    • The GPS also allows you to draw a line on the map between any two points and measure the distance and azimuth of that line.
    • Lastly, the GPS connects to advanced laser designators and rangefinders to transmit the current observer position to them.
    The mod also includes four new laser designators and rangefinders:
    • Both now come in a FIRST FOCAL PLANE and a SECOND FOCAL PLANE version. Having a first focal plane is excellent because it allows spotters to give accurate feedback to their snipers (i.e. "1.5 mil left"). Trying to do this with BIS' second focal plane reticles demanded some tough calculation.
    • They can all change between degrees and milliradians.
    • They can also connect to the GPS unit to learn the observer's position. With this information and the distance and azimuth to the observed position, they can calculate and display the grid coordinates of the observed position (inspired by Arma 2 ACE).
    • Lastly, they can connect to the GPS unit and mark the observed position on your map.
    • The last fun addition is a modified LRPS with a Schmidt & Bender illuminated P4L fein reticle and a compass that displays direction in both degrees and milliradians. This is very helpful when working with a spotter, as your spotter can guide you to a very precise direction, even at long range.

      I made a video of the modified LRPS. More videos of the other components to come soon!

    You can find more information and leave your feedback in the GPS Map Console & Advanced Laserdesignator Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-08-13 by Zehn

Skippy released his Skippy Team Roster addon on the Armaholic forums.
This comes as an addon as well as a script version. Both are available in the archive.

    Quote :
    Displays team members (with the possibility to include/exclude IA and the possibility to rename groups) in the diary as well as rank and role of each soldier.

    I might also release a server side version of the addon.
    I would appreciate feedbacks and suggestions.

Written on 2014-08-13 by Skippy

Chairborne released an updated version of the PKM and Pecheneg, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Another small update, I fixed the recoil. This time it shouldn't do any weird snaps because of Arma 2 black magic as it's using the M200 recoil straight from A3.
    As always, if you find any problems feel free to contact me.

    • Tweaked recoil

Written on 2014-08-13 by Chairborne

Chairborne released an updated version of his Russian Naval Infantry on the Armaholic forums.
This is a retexture of some Arma 3 assets to make them look like contemporary Russian Naval Infantry.

    Quote Chairborne :
    This is just a quick hotfix that should make the mod compatible for good with ALIVE.

    • Minor tweaks for ALIVE compatibility

Written on 2014-08-13 by Chairborne

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