McRuppert submitted a new video of the Jurassic Arma project for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Hey guys, heres a little update on the Trex Model and Animation...enjoy

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Jurassic Arma WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-25 by Ruppertle


ZiR released the first beta version of his ZiR - Headpack#1 (Africa) addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I was a little disappointed with the limited choice of non-european heads/faces. While BLUFOR has enough faces to simulate diversity, the CSAT looks like the bloody clone army from "StarWars: the bad sequels".

    This pack offers you 16 new faces for african characters.
    I have tried my best to cover more than just one area/nation. You will find that some faces look more central/west african while others slightly more east-african. I have attached a reference picture to the screenshots for your convinience.

    While I'm not quite satisfied with the quality of the textures, I will continue to update this pack every now and then. In addition, there are two more packs in the works. A far-east-asian and a middle-east. Both will be released in a month or two ( if work doesn't come in my way )

    As always I'll be very happy about feedback.

Written on 2014-11-25 by Armaholic

Maxjoiner released a new video of the upcoming beta version of his L.A.P.D. Mod Project on the Armaholic forums.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the L.A.P.D. Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-11-25 by maxjoiner


GigaS released in the BI forums a new version of the first mission in this series of cooperative missions.

  • Fixed bug for missing ATM Airdrop scripts
  • Fixed a bug in respawn scripts of UPSMON

Written on 2014-11-25 by gigas27

Capttyco released an updated version of his USMC Reskins on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a simple reskin package I have made up for use over on the SimHQ server and I just thought I would share it over here. The pack includes reskins in both desert and woodland marpat as well as a reskin for the Marshall, which I have renamed the MPC-25 Havoc. I have included default loadouts balanced for a good mix of realism and gameplay. Time permitting I will be updating this pack with new classes and units.

    • small texture update
    • config updates

Written on 2014-11-24 by capttyco

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of his Gulf Of Aqaba Map on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This project refers to a landscape east of the Sinai Peninsula.
    It is a so-called quadrilateral region (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) with a real-Terrain on the Gulf of Aqaba with the cities of Aqaba (jord.)​​, Eilat, Eilot (isra.) and Taba (egyp.).

    The Real-terrain is 20.48 x 20.48 km = ~ 420 km2.
    A huge satellite image (pixels nearly 500 million) I used as a template where what belongs to roads, buildings, etc..
    Thanks to ArcGIS and USGS (NASA Earth Data).

    The map is still expandable. In the North Eastern mountain roads and camps can be expanded. This will happen in a later update.

    In 2020 Egyptian and Palestinian radical Islamic terrorist organizations have toppled the Egyptian government and occupy large parts of Jordan and also operate in Israel. Israel and Jordan fight (as it was in 1970) side by side against terrorism.

    The story leans heavily on the historical background from 1970, with the terrorist PLO and its offshoot, the Jordanian government ousted in part, threatened and terrorized. Without the flow of arms from the U.S. and the military support of Israel, Jordan probably would lost the war against the PLO and Syria.
    source: Black September.

    • fixed Savegame-Continuation-Error
    • fixed sporadic errors without effect
    • fixed Land Contact Swimmingpool in Eilot
    • fixed Land Contact four Villas in Eilat
    • fixed opxbuildings\little mosque.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • fixed opxbuildings\hut3_b_2.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • fixed opxbuildings\tower3.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • added "Ayla-Oasis-Resort and golf course" in Aqaba
    • added Saraya-Resort in Aqaba
    • added transparent sandways for Wadis (Nahal) in Israel
    • added new bridge for peoples
    • added new suspension bridge for ruins und canyons
    • added new gateway models
    • more geographical labeling

Gulf Of Aqaba Map v0.3

Arma 2
All other required addons are included in the archive[/center

Written on 2014-11-24 by S@ndBob

Cool=Azroul13 sent us the updated version (yes, same versionnumber as before) of the Urban Patrol Scriptwhich he also released on the BI forums.
The UPSMON script was originally created by Monsada for Arma 2, improved by Rafalsky, Nordin and Shay_Gman and ported to Arma 3 by Ollem. Cool=Azroul13 is now working on further improving its usage in Arma 3.

    Quote Cool=Azroul13 :
    This is a personal project to enhance IA in combat and making easier mission edition. I have used the version 2.0.3 of Urban Patrol Script de Kronzky. I have to congratulate Kromzky for his script UPS.sqf that has inspired me for doing UPSMON.

    • Corrected: Error in the Respawn module

Written on 2014-11-24 by Cool=Azroul13

Cunico released an updated beta version of his Spec 4 Vests addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We reached 50 Supporters in 24hrs for MakeArmaNotWar!! Awesome! Well here is my gift to you.
    Don't expect a lot of stuff with the pack but just some good quality vests and random items. I made this in about a month on and off because of work. I plan on making more vests when I have time, but for now this pack consists of:
    • LBT6094A in AOR 1,2, Coyote, and OD
    • PVS 14's,GPNVG 18, and I have the models done just needs texturing
    • Possible Beards
    • Backpacks, assault packs etc.
    • Variety of Vest, with different gear on each
    • Custom items, glasses, cigs, hand wamers lol etc.
    • Modern Radios

    • Fixed - Vest not acting as Armor, now takes 3-4 shots before dying.
    • Fixed - No shadows, vest now casts shadows
    • Added - New items to the vest
    • Added - AOR1 and AOR 2 camo. variants

Written on 2014-11-24 by Armaholic

Aliascartoons informed the community on the Armaholic forums about the current status of the Community Upgrade Project.

    Quote :
    Hello everyone I am happy to tell you that we are just a few days away from the first release of Community Upgrade Project,
    a project that got me thrilled from the start and I couldn't believe that is actually happening due the amount of work involved.

    Fortunately with a highly motivated team and a lot of help from contributors CUP is about to see the light of the day.
    Check out the video and the details and let us know what you think, if you want to join CUP team or contribute.

    Content of the CUP weapon pack release:
    • 3 Shotguns
    • 3 Grenade launchers
    • 7 SMG's
    • 22 Pistols
    • 11 Accessories
    • 14 Launchers
    • 19 Machine guns
    • 42 Optics
    • 39 Sniper rifles
    • 142 Assault rifles

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Community Upgrade Project WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-24 by aliascartoons

ToxicSludge has submitted his Altis mission template.

    Quote ToxicSludge :
    This mission template features a revive script, a vehicle repair script, Zeus with full editing permissions, and respawn points.

    Everything is easily customizable, and I hope it saves you time when creating your mission in the editor.

Written on 2014-11-24 by ToxicSludge

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