Etzuu released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where you have to steal Intel from an OPFOR Science Lab.

    Quote Etzuu :
    You've been inserted into Southern Altis with orders to steal Intel from an OPFOR Science Lab. The Intel contains information about a secret weapons program that will shift the balance for control of Altis.

Written on 2014-07-30 by Armaholic


Ixaak has submitted an operation that takes part on ground, air, and sea. this operation takes about 30 min. if you are pretty good.

    Quote Ixaak :
    This mission consists in 4 parts, get in the boat in front of you about 20 meters, then disenbark and assault, 3 third step is to clear enemy defences, and finally get ian a chopper and fly to 2 enemy bases.

Written on 2014-07-30 by Ixaak

Wodzu submitted the first version of his Altis Race Uniforms addon.

    Quote :
    As I recently had some time I decided to create a mod with clothes for people who like racing on the Altis.
    To use I give some clothes racing. Will be useful for people who do not have the DLC karts, because the texture I took the class "worker", it is very similar to the clothes racing.
    In addition, added eight hatchbacks and three heli television, if anyone would like to record the race of his friends from the air.

    • 15 retexture driver uniforms (taken from the class of "worker")
    • 3 helicopters "TV"
    • 8 cars "hatchback" for racing and 1 hatchback "Pacecar"

Written on 2014-07-30 by Wodzu


[KH]Jman submitted his Low Grass addon.

    Quote :
    A clientside addon which reduces the grass height and clutter height on Altis and Stratis by 45% which means you can now keep the terrain detail high and still see over the grass when in prone position.

Written on 2014-07-30 by [KH]Jman

JonBons released an updated version of the CAF Aggressors Audio Fix on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The CAF Aggressors people told me it is fine to post the pbo and I've re-done it as a config only patch as that will make some people happy.
    You can run this as an addon (which requires @CAF_AG) OR copy the files in @CAF_AG_AudioPatch/addons into your @CAF_AG/addons folder.

    • fixed the signatures for the CAF AG audio patch

Written on 2014-07-30 by JonBons

ludawan informed the community on the Armaholic forums he started working on a new terrain for Arma 3, Gorod Island.

    Quote :
    Gorod Island represents the Soviet city of the late 80's early 9o's.
    The project is currently in the process of development, the size of the maps, 10 km 10 km.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Gorod Island WIP topic.

Written on 2014-07-29 by ludawan

SickSith has submitted a mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes, where you, the SAS, will ship out with the 75th Rangers and assault the town of Zelenorgsk were Vostok has set up a FOB.

    Quote SickSith :
    After the Russian invasion of Chernarus, the ChzdK army has asked for the assistance from NATO to provide support and security. In response, NATO sent out a Ranger platoon and several British SAS, who has set up base the old airfield at Balota. After several operations command realized that the only way to get any headway in this conflict is to compromise the tactical ability of the enemy. Thus they planned Operation Jungle Phantom.

Written on 2014-07-29 by sicksith

Goodson released his A2 Island Lighting Fixes addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Currently A3MP uses Stratis lighting for all its maps. This gives all A2 maps a Mediterranean feel which some may not prefer. Therefore, I decided to create a mod that uses the original Arma 2 config/lighting values to give these maps back their classic look.

    Some people may prefer the Arma 2 style lighting, and others may not. This mod was made purely to suit some people's personal tastes - I hope you enjoy it.

    • All A3MP maps now use classic Arma 2 lighting values.
    • All A3MP maps now use the correct skybox and horizon textures (instead of the default Stratis textures).
    • Keys included.

    • Added Zargabad (was missing)
    • Added correct stars, sun, point, and moon object
    • Reduced file size

Written on 2014-07-29 by MisterGoodson

Robalo released the first version of his ASDG LightSwitch addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here's a simple addon which allows switching attachments with a press of a button between 2 states.
    By default the key combination is Shift+L and this can be configured in-game.

ASDG LightSwitch v20140728

ASDG Joint Rails
Community Base addons A3

Only required when you want to use the ASDG Attachments replacement config
ASDG Attachments

Written on 2014-07-29 by Robalo_AS

coldice4 has submitted a mission where your objective is to interrupt the propaganda broadcast

    Quote coldice4 :
    Enemy forces are broadcasting propaganda over the radio tower near Kavala. You lead a small unit equipped with silenced weapons and explosives. Your mission is to interrupt their broadcasts, no matter what.


Written on 2014-07-28 by coldice4

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