Oi8124u submitted a new version of his Rifle Platoon Resource.
This contains three units organized into basic USMC Rifle Platoons.

  • Edited: Marked all personnel in main platoon as playable.
  • Edited: Small changes to Mission.sqm files.

Written on 2014-03-02 by oi8124u


Another123 has sent us a new version of this pack containing 4 missions playable singleplayer and coop modes.

  • Works now with CAF Agressors 1.5.
  • Removed R3F_Armes dependencies (R3F Armes is not requied mod anymore).
  • Relocated units on some of the missions.

Written on 2014-03-02 by Big

Ozzie has submitted a mission where due to CSAT Forces advancing NATO plans to destroy a CSAT supply base.

    Quote Ozzie :
    Welcome To Operation: Stallion. The First Of Many Operations That Shall Be Released By Me.

    Situation Briefing:
      The Recent String CSAT Attacks Have Forced The Remaining NATO Forces On Stratis To Retreat To The Last Defendable Location On The Island, Which Is Stratis Air-Base.
      With Their Backs Against The Wall, The NATO Commanders Have Decided To Try And Slow The Supplies That The CSAT Forces Have By Attacking Their Vehicle/Supply Base At The Old Kamino Firing Range.

      An Element Consisting Of Foxtrot And Omega Are In Position, Awaiting Orders To Proceed With The Operation.

Written on 2014-03-02 by Ozzie


SAN informed us he released a new cooperative mission in the BI forums.

    Quote SAN :
    Europe 1945. In Horgau, a municipality with 600 inhabitants 17 km west of Augsburg, locals do not even know what's going on in the forest. At the station appear more frequently gray cars all with an "OT" on the license plate. "OT" stands for Organisation Todt - the building team which is assumed to the Minister of Armaments and built the Atlantic Wall in Normandy and in Peenemunde the launchers for the V2 rocket. The order in Horgau is secret and people ask: "What is out there in the woods?

    Your order is to scour the target area and clear it.

Written on 2014-03-02 by SAN

Dwringer submitted his ASINC scriot.
This is a simple, RPG-like interactive text conversation system for NPC's (single player).

    Quote dwringer :
    This is a simple console-RPG style conversation system (similar to dialogue seen in games like Final Fantasy VI or Knights of the Old Republic).

    I have been putting this together over the last few days, and have gotten to a point where my desire to add features outweighs my desire to debug/troubleshoot. So, I am releasing what I have as of now in case others may be interested in using it to make missions, or even just to play around with how to make custom dialogs and onscreen resources. I am a complete novice when it comes to those topics, so it is likely some may find serious inadequacies in my code. Nevertheless, it seems to work pretty smoothly now, and I think I've worked out the major performance/initialization hiccups.

    • This is a purely text-based interactive conversation system, completely independent of the system built into the game.
    • In interactive mode, the player can be presented with up to three responses, each of which can lead to a new conversation state for the unit (or unit class, represented by a Game Logic).
    • The responses can also have associated actions, which are just chunks of code that will be compiled and executed at the time of selection (thus, forks in the mission flow can be set up, tasks can be given, etc.).
    • The system can also work passively, where NPC's provide non-interactive dialog for a specified number of seconds before the frame disappears. This is mainly for visual consistency, as the game currently allows this type of scripting without any real complications anyway.
    • I have included a demo mission, which for simplicity's sake doesn't quite illustrate the full potential of the system. However, it is a bare minimum display of all the different functions involved.

Written on 2014-03-01 by dwringer

Austin(medic) submitted his Animations script .

    Quote austin(medic) :
    This script was mainly created to try and make it easier to use animations that BIS_fnc_AmbientAnim did not cover. It contains all of the animations that I could get to work on both the player and the AI.

Written on 2014-03-01 by austin(medic)

Cobra4v320 released an updated version of his Defuse the Bomb script, which is an updated version of the defuse the bomb script from Arma 2 by Igneous01 on the BI forums.

    Quote cobra4v320 :
    This is an updated version of the defuse the bomb script from ARMA 2 by Igneous01.
    Code is a randomly generated array of numbers, has a custom gui for the keypad, # is to enter the code, and * is to clear the display.

    • Updated GUI for cutting wires.
    • You can now cut a wire to defuse the bomb.
    • Added clipping sound effect for wires.

Written on 2014-03-01 by cobra4v320

Jeza informed us Soldia released his "The Phone" addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Soldia :
    I want to present an idea (and obviously its realisation) which came across my mind a while ago. It was born out of the strict rule we got in our community not to use the chat.
    But somehow a text written message may contain more information than a radio call via ACRE or TFAR. So I sat down and started to build my first addon (quite a noob to scripting).

    So what is this?
    Basically it is a texting tool for player to player communication. You can send messages to multiple contacts, share contacts, review received messages...

    What can't you do with The Phone?
    In a nutshell: No calls, no pictures, no internet.

    This won't compete with ACRE/TFAR, but it will somehow expand the possibilities you got in terms of immersion and mission design. E.g. not every guerilla group got state-of-the-art radios in their pocket and now they can communicate via the phone.

Written on 2014-03-01 by Soldia

Pixel Art Studio has submitted a new version of the Partisan singleplayer campaign in Chernarus.

  • added final cutscene in the end of campaign
  • added professional dubbing by Perla Group Dabing
  • improved missions and fixed some bugs

Written on 2014-03-01 by tslava

Hertizch has submitted his first ever mission and he is looking for feedback.

    Quote Hertizch :
    You will insert on Altis alone and make your way to several objectives on the Island.
    This includes killing important CSAT units and destroying several targets.

Written on 2014-02-28 by Hertizch

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