minuz released in the BI forums a mission where you must eliminate a druglord in Afghanistan.

    Quote minuz :
    2014 - With the war on terror came a unpleasent sideffect. With the decreasing influence of the taliban in Afghanistan, the opium poppy production skyrocketed throughout Afghanistan. It is an easy to maintain flower and for most of the farmers in Afghanistan the only way to feed their families.
    Afghan farmers are feeding the demand from the west and with the high amount of opium produced, heroin is as pure as never and as cheap as it's never been before. Recently our intel has found Hakan Pokhzar, one of the biggest druglords in Afghanistan. It is hard to make out an exact location of him, not least because he blends into other taliban forces. Your job is to sweep through the last known whereabouts of Hakan Pokhzar and eliminate him.
    If possible, try to destroy any opium poppy stocks if you can find them.

Written on 2014-04-22 by Armaholic


Signaller submitted his Survivable Helicopter Crash script.

    Quote :
    A simple script for simulating a Helo crash landing & if your quick enough it's possible to survive.

    • AI Activates crash script by flying over it (press 0,0 to access radio menu) or you can activate it with the radio at any time.
    • 3 included helicopters in script, Ghosthawk, Hellcat & Mohawk, others to follow if enough interest.
    • Helicopter doors open & close (except Hellcat) when above or below 10 metres
    • Helicopter will explode after the crash landing so make sure you get well clear!

Written on 2014-04-21 by Signaller

Kildar released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where you have to destroy an enemy shipment of UGVs.

  • Added enemies along coastal approach
  • Added enemies in buildings
  • Fixed campfire spawn heights

Written on 2014-04-21 by Kildar


djotacon released in our forums a new mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote djotacon :
    Year 2033 of the War oil. The NATO forces has launched a surprise attack against positions of the CSAT. Our first objective will be to take an airfield at night. Six operatives must take an airfield to establish a point of insertion of NATO forces.

Written on 2014-04-21 by djotacon

Jekko has submitted a cooperative mission where you start off with two teams in order to protect the sovereignty of the island Altis.

    Quote Jekko :
    Each soldier class should necessarily carry the specific weapons or equipment.
    You are spent with the helicopter to the first job. The helicopter starts, as soon as the complete group has got into the helicopter.
    Now it is your job to lead your troop and to fulfil the many-sided orders!
    A lot of luck and have fun in this mission!

Written on 2014-04-21 by Jekko

In this weeks wip report we feature 31 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 3 - "Tactical Trident" - StickSubA3

    Stick_Hogue started working on the StickSubA3 project and released a video showing his current work.

      Quote :
      This is a video introducing some scripts I'm working on to bring a modicum of life to the "submarine_01_f" static scenery object, if I can make it work reliably in MP (it's being a pain).
      StickSubA3 uses bangabob's Live Feed Control scripts and some others, along with the lower decks of the required Nimitz mod (used as a "theatrical set") to provide the illusion that you're riding on the submarine. This will allow divers to deploy all over the map, and frees up mission makers from having to force linear missions to keep divers near their AO. Presently it comes with a "mini-DDS" (best I could do with available objects) and one deployable/loadable SDV as well. I have "strap to" scripts allowing 4 additional divers to hang onto the SDV, giving it 8 diver transport capability. Sure, you can drop divers from helicopters, and I applaud such deployments (in contrast to forced linear missions), but it's not the same as having your own JSOC SSGN.

      The video description contains a link to a DefenseDaily story about the Tactical Trident SSGN program.

      Eventually these scripts will include missile launch capability and maybe some kind of useful periscope (maybe) as additional Arma 3 features become available. I'm having a blast with this thing so far, and I think you will, too, once it's been tested enough to be released.

    - Armaholic forums

Arma 3 - FUTARM

    BloodoftheScribe is working on a new version of his FUTARM Project.

      Quote :
      I have been working on the new HD textures of the FUTARM camo/units. I am very pleased with how everything is coming together and it looks 100% better than the v1.5 textures. I still have a bit of work to do but its going a lot smoother, so here's a few screenshots for you guys who have been waiting for an update showing the:
      • Basic NATO Rifleman Test
      • Rifleman Pre-NATO patch with Fast Helmet
      • Testing the Patrol Cap/Boonie Hat

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Lada's

    Barotall is porting the Arma 2 Lada to Arma 3.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Project ASTFOR - Astorian Armed Forces

    Yokhanan informed the community of a new project he started with a few other people from the communuty, the Astorian Armed Forces.

      Quote :
      Project ASTFOR is basically built around the premise of a fictional Scandinavian country of our creation which we've come to simply call "Astoria" or "Asteland" existing within the fictional alternate world, or "ArmAverse" located in/around the Norwegian Sea area. While currently housed in proximity at the moment to Norway, the Astelandic kingdom is an independant entity. Furthermore, Astoria is officially a Constitutional Monarchy and member of NATO.

      Since Astoria is Scandinavian, it obviously draws in influence from said countries. However, while the ASTFOR team is focused on keeping hold of some form of realism within this project, the team also does take some creative license here and there along the way. While much of the equipment deployed with the Astelandic forces are familiar to the Scandinavian world, we also have taken creative liberties in some of our choices of said equipment as well to keep some of that uniqueness we wanted with our project. That is why you will find some non-Scandinavian equipment such as choosing the use of the Galil and Negev LMG (thanks to some of the non-Scandinavian influences we've decided to keep) instead of the usual over-used and seen everywhere M4's or HK 416's and M249's.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Volha

    Keeway is porting the Volha to Arma 3 and released some early wip screens and a video.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - STI Addons

    Stiltman posted 2 screens showing what more is included in the Launcher pack.

    - BI forums

Click "read more.." to view this weeks entire Work In Progress report!!

Written on 2014-04-20 by Armaholic

Reynaert submitted his Simple Shelter script.

    Quote :
    Simple script(s) which give you the ability to place a tent and fireplace. You are able to rest in the tent and cook food or boil water on a fire. This can be very useful in survival missions or long co-op missions.

    • Tent:
        - Able to rest in a tent, with animations.
        - Able to place, and fold up your tent.
    • Fireplace:
        - Able to cook food.
        - Able to boil water.
        - Able to remove the fireplace.

Written on 2014-04-20 by Reynaert

B00tsy released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where as a local civilian you can't stand any longer being suppressed by the Iranians.

  • added more auto-save points
  • updated ammobox (1st objective)
  • 'friends' will become playable at the right time now
  • created a new video intro
  • optimized performance

Written on 2014-04-19 by b00tsy

winterplay has submitted a mission based on Ghost's supply interruption.

    Quote winterplay :
    Adjusted from MP bit better imho, now mission doesn't end if all players are dead at the same time, added new missions and MHQ

Written on 2014-04-19 by winterplay

ruebe released an updated version of his RUBE Weather Module on the BI forums.
The RUBE weather module is a pseudo-scientific weather machine consisting of three main components:
  • A season model that defines the clima,
  • A weather generator which creates a forecast for n days and
  • A weather engine that executes todays weather.
    Quote ruebe :
    The simulation of weather in this series has been lacking since forever. Actually I think the "weather engine" hasn't been touched since ofp 1.0 (ok, rainbows have been added at some point, but that's it).
    Sure, we have the most basic components of weather to play with, such as overcast, fog, wind and rain. But it has always been only that; some components of weather (with some very simply constraints), but no coherent system of weather (or even seasons). But weather should be more than the sum of it's parts. And that's where the RUBE weather module steps in and tries to fill the gap (or at least illuminate and explore it a little).

    Sure, there are already some weather modules/addons present. But they focus mostly on effects or worry about synchronisation in multiplayer games. None of them however solves the problem I was interested in to begin with: if weather shall be a crucial component in (strategical/tactical) decision making, then it needs to be forecastable. What weather can be expected for today and what for the next few days? Should we postpone that sniper-mission or rather strike now?

    • updated the RUBE library, which now shouldn't try to load the BIS function library a second time

Written on 2014-04-19 by Armaholic

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