TigerForce submitted a new Work in Progress update of the Operation Frenchpoint for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Hello dear gamers, today OFrP Team starts to show its work in progress for Arma 3 as promised in our Roadmap!

    Let's begin with the wonderful work of IkåR, about the FAMAS in all its versions and accesories! The work on the textures is already well advanced, even if for instance they look too clean for the taste of the author, who wants to give them a more realistic aspect.

    Let's continue on the model of the Gazelle, in its Viviane version, made currently by one of our most recent member, Le Chacal. The render is amazing! Indeed, we are eager to offer you the download, due also by the obvious lack of anti-tank helicopters in the Arma 3!

    To conclude this first WIP, take a look to the base of the VBCI, realized by our friend Tiger (TigerForce) also our project lead. Il will therefore be divided in all its current and future versions (VCI-VPC-VTT).

    But where are the screens, you would say? They are here:

Written on 2014-06-15 by TigerForce


John681611 has submitted a new version of his FIA Offroad Augmentation script that provides a way to augment any Offroader or flatbed cive truck with the majority of static weapons found in vanilla A3.

  • Code rewrite
  • Fixed:Actions are not removed correctly in MP (does not effect functionality)
  • Fixed:Get out event not working In MP (player who mounts weapon can get out of weapon as intended, Others get out as standard and hover over vehicle)

Written on 2014-06-15 by john681611

Mr Burns released an updated version of his MRB - Kartinator addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This little addon adds an action menu entry for you to enter DLC Karts w/o having bought the DLC.
    Same as with noBAF, this wasnt made to piss people off, but because it´s an easy fix to a slightly un-easier problem.

    None of the "non-buyer-features" other than the get-in mechanic are being changed by this addon.
    All UI Alerts/Vignettes, Mission Cooldowns/Restrictions, or other features non-buyers might encounter are left intact.

    -It´s a silly restriction in a game with THAT many scripting commands and addon possibilities.
    -I don't want to be forced running a debug-console all the time just to be able to enter karts.

    • added unflip action
    • smarter scripting

Written on 2014-06-14 by Armaholic


AngelwingGamingJacob submitted a hotfix of the N-B U.S.M.C Project which he has been working on together with Atinakiri.

    Quote :
    The Nunez-Burgess Unites States Marine Corps Mod.

    - U.S.M.C
    - United Nations
    - USAF Basic units

    Campaign Backstory In a nutshell:
    1st of 3 Altisian Civil wars, AAF forces have started killing UN investigators to cover their violent acts, but as they kill 130+ people in the Kavala Massacare The UN calls upon NATO for assistance, the USS Bonhomme Richard carrying the 31st MEU arrives at altis, and the campaign begins

    • HH60 bugs fixed

Written on 2014-06-14 by AtinAkiri

Synystr has submitted this cooperative mission for up to eighteen players.

    Quote Synystr :
    NATO forces are preparing for the final push against CSAT forces on Altis. However, intel suggests that CSAT is using the Sofia power plant as a forward position. They are in an excellent position to flank the main NATO force when it pushes toward Sofia. Defected AAF pilots with the FIA requested to be in the fight and CROSSROADS has obliged. They are standing by on his orders for use against any air threats.

    Your mission is to attack the CSAT held power plant, destroy any stored weapons they brought with them, and extract to the NATO held town of Delfinaki.

Written on 2014-06-14 by Synystr

LeRoyOFinnegan released the first part of the Project ARES [ARmy ESsentials] Future US Army Project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    In cooperation with some friends, I've started up a project to create a US Army Faction that might exist around 2030. Since I'm new to modding ArmA III we will be releasing in parts. The first part I shall bestow upon the community is the GEAR portion. This consists of uniforms, vests, backpacks, and ported gear.

    This is an ongoing project, therefore we will be releasing a new update with some better ported gear such as HELMETS and other GEAR from A2 optimized for ArmA III, within the next week.
    The second portion would be Vehicles and weapons, and lastly a custom map (Based on some islands near Okinawa) where the US Army trains their pacific forces (Based on a posible connected campaign).

    This mod is ment to be tested and voted on by the community, So any comments are needed!, any suggestions are welcome.

Written on 2014-06-14 by Armaholic

minuz released in the BI forums his new mission where you are a small convoy consisting out of 2 supporting HUMVEEs and a fuel truck, and you need to get through the valleys of Clafghan.

    Quote minuz :
    Hi there, I'm here to release my new mission. It is a concept I had in mind for quite some time now.
    You have to lead a convoy through a rather narrow area and avoid it to be destroyed :-).
    This time I teamed up with Fiesel-Wiesel to create this mission

Written on 2014-06-14 by Armaholic

whiztler released in our forums a new version of his mission to benchmark dedicated server performance (Server FPS).

  • Added: Headless Client (autodetect)
  • Updated: Slots, 49 Client slots + 1 HC slot

Written on 2014-06-14 by whiztler

Lyotchik informed the community about his work on the model of the PAK-FA (T-50) for Arma 3 on the
Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Curretly, I'm working on model of PAK-FA for ArmA 3.
    Realistic 3d model of this plane. Model was created using the recommendations of aviation specialists.
    High detailed model of cocpit based on trainer cocpit photos.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the PAK-FA (T-50) wip topic.

Written on 2014-06-13 by Lyotchik

Xendance released his Arma CCIP on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma-ccip is a CCIP (continously computed impact point) solver for aircrafts in ArmA 3. It is a client side script that only runs on clients.
    The script calculates the approximate impact point of the currently selected weapon in the aircraft.
    It is an approximation, so there will be a small degree of error between the calculated impact point and the real impact point.

    The script only calculates the impact point. There is just a crude cross on the HUD along with distance text to indicate the computed impact point.
    HUD development was never a focus of this project but that might change.

    The following ammo types are supported more or less:
    • MissileCore and its sub-types
    • BulletCore and its sub-types
    • BombCore and its sub-types

Written on 2014-06-13 by Armaholic

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