Elly has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission for up to ten players.

  • Script error modified.
  • More difficult.
  • Mission story modified.

Written on 2014-01-04 by whrmswh


Jeza informed us Lao Fei Mao released an addon on the BI forums which improves the 3rd person view of all vehicles and has some other features as well.

    Quote Lao Fei Mao :
    I by myself don't like the default 3rd person view of infantry, cars, tank, jets and helos. For example, I wish I could see my whole body as an infantry, to see bigger size of gunship while flying it....
    So I made some configs for my personal use and like to share them to those who have the same appetite:
    • Mao_Sights_Air.pbo
        get a closer 3rd view of all BIS's jets and helicopters,and keep the in-cockpit FOV the same as you out of it, disable the zoom-in when click the right mouse button.
    • Mao_Sights_Boats.pbo
        get a better 3rd view of all BIS's boats,and keep the in-cockpit FOV the same as you out of it, disable the zoom-in when click the right mouse button.
    • Mao_Sights_Man.pbo
        whole body 3rd person view.
    • Mao_Sights_Static.pbo
        get a closer 3rd view of all BIS's static weapons,and keep the in-cockpit FOV the same as you out of it, disable the zoom-in when click the right mouse button.
    • Mao_Sights_Tracked.pbo
        get a better 3rd view of all BIS's boats,and keep the in-cockpit FOV the same as you out of it, disable the zoom-in when click the right mouse button.
    • Mao_Sights_Weapons.pbo
        a slightly auto zoom in while aiming if you use the ironsight,reddot, holosight.
    • Mao_Sights_Wheeled.pbo
        get a better 3rd view of all BIS's boats,and keep the in-cockpit FOV the same as you out of it, disable the zoom-in when click the right mouse button.
    • Mao_Anims_Fix.pbo
        increase the stability while aiming, especially when you are in prone.
    • Mao_blood_mist_a3.pbo
        you could see the blood mist when a bullet hit the body, this is an updated version from my last one, if you got the old one, delete it.
    • Mao_Bullet_Hits_Value.pbo
        increase bullet hit value, so that you could take a enemy down by 1 or 2 rounds, I really hate in current 1.08version, you have to strafe a bunch of ammo to waste a bad guy.
    • Mao_Muzzle_Smoke.pbo
        decrased the muzzle smoke density so that the FPS won't drop drastically while you auto fire a rifle or machinegun with a high zoom rate optic.
    • Mao_Tracer.pbo
        make each fire has its tracer no matter you have a tracer mag or not, may not be realistic but could increase the atmosphere while fighting.

Written on 2014-01-03 by Lao Fei Mao

Hotshotmike1001 released a first beta of the De Havilland Hornet Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote hotshotmike1001 :
    The de Havilland DH.103 Hornet was a piston engine fighter that further exploited the wooden construction techniques pioneered by de Havilland's classic Mosquito. Entering service at the end of the Second World War, the Hornet equipped postwar RAF Fighter Command day fighter units in the UK and was later used successfully as a strike fighter in Malaya. The Sea Hornet was a carrier-capable version.

    This pack comes with the follow aircrafts:
    • DH F.Mk.1 (development aircraft)
    • DH F.Mk.20 Sea Hornet
    • DH NF.Mk.21 Night fighter Sea Hornet
    The MK 21 Does have a Rear Seat for Passangers/Radar Operator the Rear seat is just for fun!
    This aircraft is a highspeed fighter, so watch out!

Written on 2014-01-03 by hotshotmike1001


TheGatorFan has submitted a singleplayer assassination mission for Arma 3.

    Quote TheGatorFan :
    Situation: NATO Forces have finally located the general that has been torturing the Altis people for decades. Now is your time to shine and kill the general on sight at all cost.

    Mission: Fly to LZ where a transport with a driver will be waiting to take you to your destination. Proceed to Galati and take out the General, then take the road East of Galati and head for extraction.

Written on 2014-01-03 by TheGatorFan

Kutze has submitted a cooperative mission created with the Arma 2 Free demo where Russian Marines seize to retake Berezino.

    Quote Kutze :
    The Chernarussian Defence Forces Militia and Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Insurgents have engaged in a battle of supremacy over the districts of Berezino. While the Chernarussian Defence Forces currently hold the city, the Guard Motor Rifle will be tasked to launch a Boots On The Ground Operation to seize key targets in Berezino from the Chernarussian Defence Forces.

Written on 2014-01-03 by Kutze

zedhunter has submitted this Team Death Match gamemode mission for Arma 2.

    Quote zedhunter :
    Finally after months of testing and development i bring to the arma community a one of a kind map that does not require any mods of any kind, the map features: an intro, 2 large trenches, 2 mortar pits, a medical tent on each trench, a minefield that looks a lot better and lags less with mortar shells and an ammo crate with enough gear to play all day long.

    This map was made to give a feel of high intensity combat and fear that has been missing from most arma maps for a long time, although this map was originally made to influence strategic planning and combat tactics as well as team building. This map also tests quick thinking and marksmanship as well as precision as within a second u could end up with a bullet in your head if your the unlucky guy who had made the decision to run across the field with an m4 and a few mags or not keep low in the trenches.

    The map has been made to handle 40 players so that practically anyone could host the map with 40 people.

Written on 2014-01-02 by zed hunter

TankbusterSPAFF informed the community on the Armaholic forums KDK11 released an updated version of his CTRG Vehicles and Aircraft retexture addon.

    Quote :
    An unofficial addon for the PC game "Arma 3" by Bohemia Interactive containing 27 vehicles and aircraft reskinned (and some re-sided) with CTRG Camo.
    Contained in a new British faction on Blufor.
    Custom handmade camo texture inspired by BI CTRG camo.
    Supplied with v2 bisigns and a server key.

    • Added 55 Hellcat, both armed and unarmed version

Written on 2014-01-02 by KDK11

S@ndBob released his MIS Buildings 2 on the MIS forums.
This contains 1 hangar and 3 different fountains to further enhance your terrians.

    Quote S@ndBob :
    This contains 1 hangar and 3 different fountains to further enhance your terrians.
    You can use these objects on your new terrain but also you have access to these objects in the mission editor.

    On the left side of the hangar there is a switch which can be used to open/close the hangar doors.
    The fountains have animated water textures and have their own sounds.

Written on 2014-01-02 by S@ndBob

Persian MO released in the BI forums a close combat cooperative mission with sector capturing and side missions.

    Quote Persian MO :
    West task force camped north side the Fallujah City. The city is on the fire via takistan militia and insurgence and most Army checkpoints and police stations has been lost. Task force should break the riot in the town.

Written on 2014-01-02 by Big

c-l-f_d31m0 released in our forums a mission where you have to move into Zargabad and eliminate 3 officers and destroy two Helicopters before extraction.

    Quote c-l-f_d31m0 :
    Our intel services are sure that today the 3 highest officers are in Zargabad. This is our best chance to get all with one assault.

Written on 2014-01-02 by c-l-f_d31m0

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