Churrofighter has submitted a Vietnam version of =[A*C]= code34's original War in Takistan (WIT) : Operation Iron rains Co-40 (@) cooperative mission.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    "War in Vietnam (WIT): Operations Iron Rain" is a cooperative mission that takes place in Vietnam. U.S. forces are trying to establish a semblance of peace by blocking the vietcong who roam the jungle. The North Vietnamese army supports the vietcongs that will combat ARVN forces in the south.

Written on 2014-08-16 by Churrofighter


[TAA] Jérôme submitted an updated version of his Realistic Repair script.

    Quote :
    This script add time for repairing all landvehicles depending on how the parts of these vehicles are damaged.
    You have to check the vehicle to see if a part is damaged. Then if there is some casualties you will be able to repair.While you are repairing you are able to stop and resume the repairation at will and you can also cancel the repairation if you need to.

    • Adding time to repair
    • All part stats of the vehicle
    • Stop and resume the repair as wanted
    • Cancel repair
    • Every class you want can repair
    • Can modify the time for repairing
    • Can Refuel Vehicle and Aircraft with Canister
    • Can Repair Aircraft
    • Can Change the stats of the part to see State Instead of Percent of Damage

    • Fixed some bugs and issues
    • Added TAA Fuel System
    • TAA Realistic Repair Works with Aircraft
    • Repair's animation changed
    • User can set to see the State instead of the Percent of Damages

Written on 2014-08-16 by [TAA] Jérôme

Phantom Six released in the BI forums three new cooperative mission featuring the Cold War Rearmed² mod.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    Burn the Monarch:
      Duke Gannon has been implementing taxes too much and your town has enough. The church isn't helping either since they're corrupt.
      It is time to fight back against these tax collectors, corrupted church, and assassinate Duke Gannon.

    Shepard Dog:
      Russian at Montignac has violated a peace treaty according to Colonel Shepard. They have bombarded food supply convoy and other humanitarian aid. Colonel Shepard has sent us to liberate Montignac.

    Rolling Over Xmas:
      Colonel Shepard gave his black ops men new improved armor Abram tanks.
      Use the tanks and create carnage on Russian forces, Americans who survived Shepard's onslaught, and locals.

Written on 2014-08-16 by Phantom Six


Grumpy Rhino released in the BI forums a mission where you must destroy the enemy artillery, before it can fire.

    Quote Grumpy Rhino :
    In this mission you must destroy the enemy artillery, before it can fire.

    To do this you will need to retrieve the radio frequency of the artillery from an AAF base, that has just been overrun by the FIA. Next you will have to use two FIA radio towers to get the location of the artillery.

    When you have found the artillery, you must decide how to take it out. You can call in a devastating Harpoon-strike, which will definitely destroy the artillery, but also kill any civilians nearby. Or you can destroy the artillery by hand(Titan AT or satchel charge).

    Lastly you can choose between two extraction sites to extract from.

    The artillery and radio towers are placed randomly on some preset locations. The enemy patrols are also randomized, so you can not always predict where the enemy will be. This should make it a little different each time you play the mission.

    Remember to choose your equipment in the inventory screen in the briefing, before you head out.

Written on 2014-08-16 by Grumpy Rhino

vincentz released in our forums a new version of this gamemode mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations. If you try this mission leave your feedback in the forum thread.

    Quote vincentz :
    FMA or Full Metal Arma is a lot of stuff. It is a gamemode and a mission. It is "Kill the VIP", "Capture the Island", "Warfare", "Hold the Base", "Seek and Destroy", "Air Combat simulator" and general patrolling on the beautiful island of Lingor all at once. For now it is only singleplayer, but for players to be able to respawn, as well as adjust through MP Game Parameters (see picture) it have to be run through Multiplayer.

    All in all I'd like to call it "A random battlefield generator", because everything is randomized, which makes it optimal for replayability.
    F.ex. the enemy squads amount are randomized, their placement is randomized, the number of soldiers in the squad is randomized, each squads soldiers class is randomized, each soldiers skills are randomized, the squads waypoints are randomized, the squads role is randomized. And that is just for the infantry Add planes, helicopters, spec ops, tanks, static defenses, light vehicles, factories and lots more, and you have Full Metal Arma.

Written on 2014-08-15 by vincentz

ckolonko released his first public mission in the BI forums.

    Quote ckolonko :

    This is the first mission I have posted online.

    The mission sees you leading a BAF infantry section through a patrol of the Zargabad countryside in search of the Takiban. You will have to keep an eye out for ambushes as well as Takiban patrols and read the situation on the ground.

    I have tried to add a lot of variety to the mission and it should play out differently each time you play it. On average the mission should take around 30-40 minutes to complete and is aimed at those who like a bit of realism.

    The mission is based on a number of books I have read about the British Army in Afghanistan and is meant to represent a counter insurgency patrol against the Taliban.

    I used Drapers Air Support 1.3 and the amazing UPSMON script in this mission.

Written on 2014-08-15 by Armaholic

Quiksilver has submitted an edited version of the original AW Invade & Annex created by Rarek [AW].

    Quote Quiksilver :
    A large persistent join-in-progress co-op mission with a 'war' feel. The mission features a challenging attrition-focused primary objective that takes the players all over Altis, and a series of smaller objective-focused secondary missions gives players a taste of the variety ArmA 3 offers, tailored for small-team tactics. Layered onto that is admin-controlled Zeus, which provides the server staff the ability to greatly enhance the enjoyment of players by adding a 'human touch' to the mission and doing what no amount of mission scripting can do.

    The mission in its current state represents over 1+ million playtime hours by tens of thousands of players on servers the world over.

    I&A for ArmA 3 was created by Ahoy Worlds Rarek in early 2013 with the help of Jester [AW] and Razgriz33 [AW]. It was further developed since Nov 2013 by myself with help from allFPS, a large Australian ArmA 3 community.

Written on 2014-08-15 by Quiksilver

skiline5 released in the BI forums his Zeus Sandbox mission.

    Quote skiline5 :
    I was looking for some good Zeus Sandbox but couln'd find any, so I decided to create my own.

    I am relatively new to scripting and so on, so don't expect miracles.

    But it does have some nice features like:
      2 Curators
      Changing sides (In mission dynamicaly so you can play as an CSAT soldier, NATO crew, AAF pilot or whatever you want)
      Changing allies (You can set if Independet will be allied with CSAT, NATO or will be on their own)
      Base Respawn
      Menu Inventory (You have to set it up first through Zeus)
      Farooq's Revive script

Written on 2014-08-15 by skiline5

B00M has submitted an alpha version of his first mission at

    Quote B00M :
    You're the leader of a 9 men team whose main objective is to destroy an AA station to clear the way for the medical assistance aircraft to civilian towns, with a few side missions.

Written on 2014-08-15 by B00M

W0lle has submitted this 6 mission coop campaign originally created by Blake for Operation Flashpoint around 2002.

    Quote W0lle :
    Some months ago, Variable asked me if I would port this awesome 6 Mission COOP Campaign from the old days to CWR².
    Since this was a well known and popular creation, and because it perfectly fits to recently released CWR² VMF Expansion, I decided to port it.

    I actually had started working on 2 of the missions so it was a rather quick job and by now it has been played on the CiA server.

    Since Variable hasn't complained anymore, I presume now it's the time to share it with the rest. :-)

Written on 2014-08-15 by W0lle

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