RTEK submitted his Cloaking script.

    Quote :
    The idea comes from when I was searching for any cloaking scripts in Arma 3 or 2. The best I could find was from this youtube video. Sadly, the video was from July, 2014, and the maker hasn't yet posted up the script for it. So I set out to figure out how to recreate it, because it's just awesome.

Written on 2014-10-08 by RTEK


razzaman released in the BI forums his first public mission.

    Quote razzaman :
    The mission is infantry based in the heart of zargabad.
    Various objectives to complete keep you on your toes.
    The deeper you get, the harder it gets.
    Don't really want to give too much away lol
    No task markers, but there is intel, just bring up you map and read
    I created it to be pretty taxing and i would highly recommend using JSRS & BLASTCORE....

Written on 2014-10-07 by razzaman

Grumpy Rhino has submitted a singleplayer campaign for Arma 3.

    Quote Grumpy Rhino :
    April 28, 2018. On Altis a conflict between AAF and FIA is climbing towards a climax, as CSAT has begun supporting the FIA, while USA has pledged their support to AAF.

Written on 2014-10-07 by Grumpy Rhino


Oksman has submitted the second mission in the Operation Cold Rising series.

    Quote Oksman :
    Survive with your Squad leader, regroup to lead your own Squad and play through an epic cocktail of Action and Atmosphere. Episode 2 takes you through survival & defensive tasks against the FIA in the story-driven campaign of Operation Cold Rising.

    Some mods "might" interfere with mission. Bugs are usually random and does not occur with every launch. Happens very rarely. If errors do occur please do post a comment below with information regarding the bug.

    Episode 2 took quite a while to release as I dropped work because of other commitments, however since the great feedback and comments I felt motivated to restart the campaign and this is Episode 2 as promised! Future missions will be created however with smaller sizes as most of the issues arrives because of it's size.

Written on 2014-10-07 by Oksman

Grace has submitted his sway fix addon.

    Quote Grace :
    Here you have a very small temporary fix that lowers the amount of sway from 1 to 0.3, so you no longer have outrageous drunken sailor sway when trying to shoot. with 0.3 I have found it is a good inbetween setting, however feel free to experiment by changing the numbers in the config.cpp inside the pbo file.

Written on 2014-10-06 by Grace

Churrofighter has submitted a multiplayer campaign of three acts about the taking of a small island occupied by the People's Liberation Army in the East China Sea by a Marine expeditionary unit.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    On November 23, 2013, the PRC set up the 'East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone' which includes the Senkaku Islands.
    On December 6, 2014, the PLA invaded the island an set up an HQ-9A SAM battery, started to build a 3,000 ft runway and deployed an undisclosed number of Dong-Feng 21 (CSS-5) medium-range anti-ship ballistic missile.
    Since the islands are included within the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, meaning that a defense of the islands by Japan would require the United States to come to Japan's aid.

      Day 1: MARSOC Raid - Operation Hydrographic Overpicture
      Day 2: Amphibious Assault - Operation Aggregate Premise
      Day 3: Air Assault - Operation Tangency Locker

Written on 2014-10-06 by Churrofighter

CAPTNCAPS submitted an updated version of his Press Assets for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    As I am very new for modding, the textures etc. look bad, but I hope to improve that.
    This pack contains everything a real journalist needs.
    I could need your help though, so if someone would help me.

    • Added 2 new Microphone variants
    • Added Camera Texture
    • Added Camera Magazine (so it doesn't shoot NLAW anymore)
    • Added UI Pictures
    • merged into 1 PBO (delete the old PBOs!)
    • changed classnames

Written on 2014-10-03 by freakyone

EpicGoldenWarrior released in the BI forums this singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote EpicGoldenWarrior :
    3 Months Later...

    Business with Sofia is done and it is now under management by some of our other leaders.
    You've been in prison for a few weeks and it's time you get out.
    Pyrgos has a lot of work needed done.
    The guys have a meeting set up and you need to escape.
    Get geared up and start working on your assignments.
    A big city means big business.

Written on 2014-10-03 by Armaholic

EpicGoldenWarrior released in the BI forums a mission where the objective is to find ways to escape from enemy forces.

    Quote EpicGoldenWarrior :
    What is Escape?

    Escape is essentially escaping in multiple ways under your current situation. In other words, you have to escape using one of many methods to escape. The inspiration for this mission was Arma 3's default multiplayer missions - Escape Altis & Stratis. This is the first of my Escape series of missions I plan on doing. Each will have a unique theme.

    What's the situation in fallen angel?

    Your helicopter just got shot down, and you and 5 others are alive. Most of your equipment got left on the plane as many of you fell out as the helicopter was spinning. CSAT forces are headed to your location, the giant gust of smoke not helping to conceal anything. Armed with basic supplies you must escape using 1 of 6 methods.

Written on 2014-10-03 by Armaholic

Cycle6 from the China Virtual Military Engineers, released the first beta version of the VME Chinese PLA for Arma 3 on the Armaholic forums.
This first release contains only some weapons.

    Quote :
    We're currently working on a new Chinese PLA mod project for Arma 3, and we released our first Chinese weapon package on October 1st 2014.
    This weapon package is still under development. So you will see flaws in some of the models or textures. Also most of the weapon effects are not customized yet such as weapon sounds, animation, muzzle flash etc. We will fix/improve them in future releases.

    • Weapons:
        QBZ95-1 assault rifle
        QBZ95-1 assault rifle+ grenade launcher
        QBZ95B-1 carbine
        QJB95-1 squad machine gun
        QCW05 sub-machine gun
        QCW05 suppressor
        QBZ03 assault rifle
        CS/LR4 sniper rifle
        QJY88 machine gun
        PF89A rocket launcher
    • Scope:
        CS/LR4 sniper rifle scope

Written on 2014-10-02 by cycle6

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