Ranwer informed us he released a Chernarus version of his Dynamic Survival Sandbox mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Ranwer :
    Today, I've just released my new mission "Dynamic Survival Sandbox", but on Chernarus.

    Dynamic Survival Sandbox is a Sandbox similar to Craig's Dynamic Zombie Sandbox, but without zombies.
    You will spawn on Chernarus' coastline, beware of players too!
    When you've spawned, you will be given 2 weapons, and very few ammo to use.
    So the aim of the Sandbox is simple: Scavenge, Survive, Win and don't die.

Written on 2014-02-03 by Ranwer


W0lle has submitted two missions featuring the Cold War Rearmed² mod and its British Armed Forces Expansion.

    Quote W0lle :
    Aye I'm back, somewhat at least. ;-)

    The first of two Missions good ol' Bremmer made for OFP, I ported it to CWR² and slightly improved it is:
      Seize Le Moule:
        Reinforcements have started to arrive on Everon and it's time to put the squeeze on Ivan. Join a combined infantry and armoured assault on the village of Le Moule.

    the second is:
      FO's Lament:
        After Le Moule has been seized, British forces supported by U.S. Army and Air Force units attack the Soviet base at Lamentin.

Written on 2014-02-03 by W0lle

In this weeks wip report we feature 29 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 2 - Dutch Armed Forces /Royal Netherlands Army

    -=XTRA=-Larsiano released a few new wip screens on the Armaholic forums showing the M113 as well as the F-35 kazimierz is working on.

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

Arma 2 - British Army - Land Rover ambulances

    Bravo93 is working on the Land Rover Ambulance which he is posrting from the Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC using the BI sample models.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Ivory Aircraft - Beechcraft T-6A Texan II

Arma 3 - Meatsheild Retextures

Arma 3 - Kryptek Camouflage Family

    519Sanel519 informed the community he started working on the Kryptek Camouflage Family

      Quote 519Sanel519 :
      My good friend and fellow member OutSyder made the first high quality Highlander Kryptek, following that quality, I have made the following.
      My overall goal is to insure that the Camo pattern is properly applied and not just blanketed across the uniform and gear crossing seams in an unrealistic way. Each camo has over 40-50 layers, like in real life, where each stitch is applied, I have started a new camo layer.
      This work is not yet complete and will include all items like, hats, helmets, and vests.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - EricJ Weapons Pack

Click "read more.." to view this weeks entire Work in Progress report!!

Written on 2014-02-02 by Armaholic


Csdf13 submitted the MultiDoge Pattern Uniform retexture by him and NocioSolo.

    Quote :
    Do not take this too seriously!
    This mod adds a retextured NATO uniform in imaginary MultiDoge Pattern (MDPAT), suitable for desertic/autumnal enviroments. Since this is our first addon, please note that there could be bugs/problems! If you happen to find one, please report it, thanks.

Written on 2014-02-02 by csdf13

VanZant released an updated version of his VanZant's SteadyShot addon on the BI forums.

    Quote VanZant :
    This addon allows to tweak the sway and recoil values in an easy way. It is also very flexible as it allows to balance different categories independently, stances, weapons, ... apart from the global multipliers that affect everything.

    • Changed. Updated to match the existent animations.

Written on 2014-02-02 by VanZant

Siege-A has released an updated version of his World Markers addon, which adds many new world flag markers to the editor, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Siege-A :
    • World Flag Markers:
        Currently contains a listing of 212 flags from around the globe.
    • World Markers Extra:
        This was just an extra addition to the World Flag Markers, which adds 251 new flags to the editor which represent various nations across the globe. The flags presented in this pack do not depict any actual country itself, but rather independent nations/city-states from various origins.
    • World Markers Factions:
        Another addition to the World Flag Markers, which adds 194 new flags to the editor which represent various factions/organizations across the globe. The flags presented in this pack do not depict any actual country itself, but rather independent factions/organizations from various origins.
    • World Markers Fictional:
        Yet another addition to the World Flag Markers, which adds 26 new flags/icons to the editor which represent various fictional factions/organizations. All items included in this pack are to be considered fictional, and have no relation to any real-world faction/organization.

Written on 2014-02-01 by Siege-A

Marseille77 released his German faction addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Marseille77 :
    The first GermA addon for ArmA3 is the German faction and flag UI. It is practical for addon makers who made germanic addons (german, austrian, swiss) to avoid endless factions in the editor.
    Addon pack for with germanic faction classes, markers and flags.

Written on 2014-02-01 by Marseille77

Jeza informed us granQ released his Stand alone hmmwv on the BI forums.

    Quote granQ :
    This adds the standalone hmmwv which I did this one as a stand alone for a mission at Anrop.
    So this one gets released "as is". Thought could be helpful for other people as well.

Written on 2014-02-01 by granQ

VanZant released an updated version of his Copy My Stance addon on the BI forums.
With this addon the AI units you are commanding will copy your stance. It works in a individual way, so you can make only 2 units follow your stance while the rest will remain in their own current active stance.

  • Removed: Dependency on CBA and BIS functions
  • Changed: Multiple code optimizations

Written on 2014-02-01 by VanZant

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