-=XTRA=-Larsiano informed the community about the upcoming new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    These are some of the changes to be made with the upcoming version 0.66 (01-02-2014):
    • attempt: implement NEO_'s TireChange script
    • added: Navy ship and crew package!
    • added: CH-47D D-662 "Lady Libery"
    • added: SP mission: Dutch Assault by Rick de Jong
    • added: Scania R500 military firetruck
    • added: MQ9 Predator UAV and F16A/M Nato Tigermeat 2012
    • added: 2 M270 MLRS and SUV
    • added: 1 radio backpack plus Camo backback
    • added: 2 female, 1 male AH64 pilot and reworked the old onces
    • updated: lots of new groups in editor
    • updated: Land Rover texture and the Special now has MG
    • updated: Skoda config, A320 Hostage config
    • updated: firetruck emergencylights and sound plus config
    • updated: PFZ3 Ammocrate NLD labels
    • updated: demography of Dutch units
    • updated: auto throw of smokegranade of marine pilot fix
    • updated: Leopard 2A6 desert, BIS plus female pilot textures
    • updated: submarine texture plus added Dive and ships horn
    • removed: broadcast reloading addon
    • removed: TGW weapon Zeroing and ANZINS Weapon mods

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Dutch Armed Forces wip topic.

Written on 2014-01-18 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano


ProfCupcake released an updated beta version of his Cupcake's Medical System script on the BI forums.

    Quote ProfCupcake :
    So I've decided to release the current version of this project I'm working on: a somewhat simple, but more complex than default, medical system script. Currently, this version of it is just barely functional, with (most of) the core systems in place and nothing else. It's in an okay state to be used in missions at the moment, but be aware that there are still a few core systems that have yet to be implemented.

    This is an attempt to provide a middle ground between A3's default medical system and the rather complex systems featured in such things as ACE. Since I couldn't find that sort of thing already made, I decided to make it myself.

    To try and keep things going as they should, I set out a few design philosophy points to follow. These are the following:
    • In reality, humans are easy to injure, but surprisingly hard to kill. The system should emulate this.
    • It should be simple on the frontend without compromising depth or gameplay.
    • Each part of it must have a good reason for being there. No guff.
    • Abstractions can, and inevitably will, be made for the sake of gameplay.
    • Make sure that the Medikit is useful to the common soldier, but there are still worthy bonuses to being a proper medic.
    • Medics can now check the vitals of themselves or any target. If they have a Medikit, the raw numbers will be displayed. If not, it will be displayed as slightly ambiguous descriptions.
    • The debug hint is now off by default.

Written on 2014-01-18 by ProfCupcake

Zeotrope submitted an updated version of his Tac-Ops Vehicle and Uniform modification.

    Quote Zeotrope :
    Welcome to the Tactical Operations (Tac-Ops) Official Addon for ARMA 3 [Version 1.1]
    When it comes to attention to detail, ArmA 3 really delivers a punch with it's open-ended play style and unique theartre of operations.
    But what it does sometimes lack is that certain attitude; a human connection between the player and his/her gear and or vehicle.

    This graphic based modification for existing ArmA 3 assets delivers a contemporary look to a full fleet of hand picked vehicles along with specialized and personalized uniforms and equipment pieces. The Tac-Ops addon aims to provide ArmA 3 owners the attention to detail that often gets overlooked when designers are forced to focus on the bigger picture.

    We hope you enjoy exploring and discovering the many subtle and dramatic design choices. From sweeping graphic decals that flank the majestic transport helicopters to the fine embroidery located on the strapping of an engineers backpack.

    If you want to enhance your already amazing ArmA 3 experience, take the time out to downdload and install our modification:
  • Re-textures:
      No less than 77 modified ArmA 3 vehicles and items including backpacks, helmets, vests and much much more. Most assets are provided adorned in our custom 'Frost Green' comouflage that closely matches the varied and dynamic geography / lighting / weather conditions of the depicted mediteranean region.
  • Support Vehicles:
      Support repair vehicle: Use our 'Rhino' dozer tank to repair damaged and otherwise unusable assets.
      Support refuel vehicle: The 'Regurgitaor" tanker can keep your fleet fueled and ready to roll.
  • Full Screen Night Vision:
      Use our custom full-screen NV goggles and illiminate that unrealistic 'oval' overlay.
  • Fleet Showcase:
      A Fleet Showcase mission file has been included so that you may easily view all the vehicles (Air - Sea - Land) of this mod via the ArmA 3 built in editor.
      Simply place the folder 'Tac_Ops_1_POINT_1_Showcase.Altis' within your 'missions' folder in your ArmA 3 root directory.

  • reworked all configs not showing icons in inventory slots
  • finished final tweaks to icon configuration. Caps now show in both VAS & Inv slots
  • added re-skined bandana chill
  • added re-skined bandana tac
  • tacops Rhino converted to Support vehicle - repair
  • update classnames list for all entities
  • tac-ops rhino now appears correctly under 'support' in editor
  • added re-skined Regurgitator - Support Refueler
  • forced tacops_truck_refueler_D to blufor for editor usage
  • testing custom soldier loadouts for mission editing usage
  • all tacops units carry: Map, GPS, Watch, Radio, Compass, Firstaidkit etc.
  • changed unit names to reflect class
  • added medikit and toolkit for medic and engineer packs
  • provides unit classes with specific icons - shows ingame and editor
  • unit types appear correctly in 'team switch' interface "u"
  • added new co-pilot class
  • added re-skined co-pilot helmet
  • added re-skined mecenary class
  • forced all non-blufor vehicles to blufor
  • added re-skined bandana dan
  • added re-skined sniper / recon class
  • fixed unit class issues for all spawns being medic
  • added re-skined rescue boat
  • converted tacops_truck1 to prime mover
  • added re-skined Jet Pilot
  • air vehicles (all) have tac-ops crew
  • fixed texture duplication for Raven One
  • added re-skinned Little Bird Pegasus
  • added re-skinned Little Bird Darkhorse
  • testing functionality of door script - interior remains inaccessable
  • revamped (test) lionheart config to attempt to force faction
  • fixed issue with tacops_NVGoggles not appearing full-screen. BRF_NVG no longer required.
  • added re-skinned helmet Grunt_1
  • added re-skinned helmet Grunt_2
  • added re-skinned helmet Grunt_3
  • altered Little Bird Dragon co.paa
  • fixed issue in multiple configs - throw / put

Written on 2014-01-18 by Zeotrope


JasonB released in our forums an alpha version of this Massive cooperative multiplayer Military Zombie map

    Quote JasonB :
    It differs to maps and mods like Day Z because this time round your the military and your exterminating the Zombie Threat on Altis.

    Player Roles & Selection:
    This mission is designed for human players to take the role of the Blufor ZORT team. All other roles are intended to be left to the AI but... still can be played by Humans perfectly fine for the most part.
    If you are the first player, when creating a game, scroll down the Blufor playable character list and select “Player One Playable Slot: Must be First Player!” This is the squad leader of the ZORT team who will command his AI/Player squad and it is a required role for a Human to fill for the map to function as intended.
    If you are joining an internet game in progress, scroll down the Blufor playable character list and select any Playable Blufor slot. There are 8 playable slots. These are squad members of the ZORT team. Only the ZORT team and its members can trigger storyline objectives.
    WARNING: Do not play as any other role unless there is at least one human player on the Blufor Side as the ZORT squad leader. The map will be broken otherwise.

Written on 2014-01-18 by JasonB

Mav87th released his Danish Uniforms addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Mav87th :
    This mod adds a small faction "Denmark". The faction contains only a regular soldier in 4 different camuflage uniforms from the Danish Army. Each of the four uniforms comes in three versions (Reg., T-shirt and Rolled-up Sleeves) and with two different versions of the Fragvest.
    The uniforms are (oldest to newest):
    • M/84 Spotcamo from 1984
    • M/90 Spotcamo from 1990
    • M/01 Desertspotcamo from 2001
    • M/11 MTP from 2011 (taken in use about a year ago)

    It is the plan to slowly expand the mod to cover hats and rucksacks and hopefully also some specific equipment and specific soldiers.
    Credits go to Saul for making his PSD Arma 3 Character Templates. Without them I could never have done anything near the quality it is now with stiches etc.

Written on 2014-01-17 by Mav87th

CimaleX has submitted a singleplayer mission where Portuguese light infantry fights versus FRELIMO insurgents operation in Mozambique during 1972

    Quote CimaleX :
    DIH Guerra do Ultramar - Mocambique 1972 - A counter insurgency mission in Mozambique - mission by CimaleX Vers. 1.0
    The story: March 1972, northern Mozambique, the insurgency in the Niassa region is growing considerably, involving more units of the Portuguese armed forces defending the country.
    During January and February 1972 FRELIMO started raids against the north east Niassa region' farms starting from safe sanctuaries in south-east Tanzania, they crossed the Rovuma river using small boats or their own backpacks filled with rubber air chambers; during January they were spotted by air patrols, drove off and neutralised, but in a couple of occasions they crossed undisturbed the Rovuma, reached three plantation and a police office north to Malondovela, killing almost a dozen of civilians and four police officers, plus committing atrocities to the survivors. Due to this little but effective success, it's likely they will try again the raids.

Written on 2014-01-17 by cimaleXXI

(CSA38)PetrTlach released the beta version of the Czechoslovak Army 1938 - CSA38 mod on the Armaholic forums.

  • CS:
      - arttilery soldier
      - officers
      - SOS units
  • WH:
      • equipment
          - cs.binocular
          - wh.binocular
          - wh. smoke grenade
          - wh. dynamite explosives (small,medium,large)
      • models:
          - map stand
          - cover for MG barrel
          - cover for grenadelauncher
      • abilities:
          - wh. pioneer can disassemble anti infantry obstacle(static on the map)
          - Marenice now is completed (ver.1.0.0)
  • Fixed:
      - speed of all tanks is decreased (according to real speed of tanks)
      - cs. pistol sounds
      - better LODS
      - other bugs reported by players

Written on 2014-01-17 by (CSA38)PetrTlach

BlackDog has submitted a remake of the true battle that took place in Iraq February 26th, 1991. Desert Storm. The battle was between the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, and Iraqi republican guards.

    Quote BlackDog :
    The Battle of 73 Easting was a decisive tank battle fought on 26 February 1991, during the Gulf War, between American-British armored forces and those of the Iraqi Republican Guard. This mission is one of the last armored engagements America has fought. Battlefield 3's mission "Thunder Run" was based off this event.

Written on 2014-01-17 by Black-Dog

24292 has submitted heavily story driven singleplayer mission.

    Quote 24292 :
    NATO and CSAT forces have withdrawn from the island completely after a ceasefire that lasted nearly a year. To keep the situation on the islands of Altis and Stratis from degenerating into a bloody civil war between the locals a U.N. Peacekeeping operation has been activated by the U.N. Security Council, the United Nation Mission on Stratis and Altis (UNMISAA).

    U.N. troops were reinforced by the private security contractor ION which established a small HQ on Stratis.

    UNMISAA has been mostly effective so far in maintaining the fragile balance on both islands since their arrival three months ago, and has been able in fact to lay the foundation for a more stable peace. The future was looking better for the locals every day until the incident at ION HQ.

    An explosive loaded car was used to attack the ION HQ on Stratis, one ION employee and three U.N. soldiers were killed in the attack and several soldiers and bystanders were injured. This was a week ago and the attack was not claimed by any group.

    The U.N.S.C. decided to end the contract with ION and reinforced the mission with more U.N. troops.

    Even though there has not been more hostilities since everyone is still on edge.

Written on 2014-01-17 by DrSci

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