Defk0n_NL has submitted an updated version of his A3 FreeAim Fix addon.

    Quote Defk0n_NL :
    It sharpens and removes the stiffness in the default aiming and aiming deadzone setting. also has a neat side effect. Its basically 1:1 Sensitivity
    The effects are really subtle and you might not notice it unless you have been playing with the deadzone and aiming for a while.

    • reimplements command that was removed in 0.1, less drag/lag, more smooth

Written on 2013-12-01 by defk0n_NL


Hotshotmike1001 released his Ares Shrike 5.56 weapon addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote hotshotmike1001 :
    The Ares Defense Shrike 5.56 is an air-cooled, dual-feed weapon that fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. The Shrike 5.56 can be supplied as a complete weapon, or as an upper receiver “performance upgrade kit” to existing M16-type service rifles and carbines.

    This weapon supports the RH weapons optics and other attachments aswell as FHQ attachments.

Written on 2013-12-01 by hotshotmike1001

austin(medic) submitted an updated version of his Sidemission Script Package.
This is an easy to use set of scripts which will add sidemissions to a mission.

    Quote austin(medic) :
    So, its been a while since I updated this. But I basically scrapped the old one and started fresh as the old set of scripts was a bit of a mess. I'm also hoping this version might be MP compatible as this time around i made sure to make all the variables global.....
    Test it and post back the results.

    I created this set of sidemission scripts because it seemed like other sidemission scripts in missions were just way more complex than they had to be. This set of scripts should work with almost any mission you create (as long as the variables aren't overwriting each other).

    • Added Retrieve intel mission.
    • Added a few functions.
    • Added my own patrol function upon realizing that the BIS patrol function made all my groups go around the same paths in big clusters.

Written on 2013-12-01 by austin(medic)


DirectorsCut released in the BI forums a mission playable in singleplayer and coop for up to 6 players, where you must capture 6 key zones on the map to win.

    Quote DirectorsCut :
    The mission was design for me and my friends as a MP Coop fun/action type gameplay supproting 1-6 players
    I decided to make it public for others to download.

    Mission task is simple and straight forward, capture 6 key zones on the map to win!
    Mission uses DAC (Dinamic AI Creator) so the enemy will respawn at certain areas and give you hard time
    There will be Armor, from t72, t55, bmp to AA_shilka (Also respawning after being destroyed)
    Expect some enemy Air support as well!
    Use terrain to your advantage, ammo crates can be found on many locations, bunkers, buildings ect.
    Some Ammo crates contain surprise

    There are 6 marked zones on the map (look for the enemy FLAG),
    your goal is to size those zones (Enemy flag changes to USA flag)
    You can always respawn at the last Captured zone!!! (respawns are unlimited)

Written on 2013-12-01 by DirectorsCut

Surfer released in the BI forums his latest singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote Surfer :
    You are shot down right on top of a fierce tank battle. Your mission is simple: Make it back to friendly lines in one piece!
    This one allows different approaches and has a few sidemissions.

Written on 2013-12-01 by Surfer

Marseille77 released his German Rebel Troops addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Marseille77 :
    This addon presents fictious soldiers of the former Wehrmacht in the 1950's. They fill the gap as rebels for BW and NVA 1950's pack in a utopic World War III.
    They will be found under Guerilla faction.

    • Soldier (MP 44/Garand/ Enfield/PPsh)
    • Machine Gunner (MG-42)
    • Medic
    • Engineer
    • Officer
    • Panzerschreck soldier
    • Female spy
    • Traitor spy (Walther M9)
    • Elite soldier in black suit

Written on 2013-11-30 by Marseille77

Marseille77 released an updated version of his second German WWII Weapon Pack on the BI forums.
This is an additional pack of German weapons which you can use together with his other German Weapons Pack.

    Quote Marseille77 :
    Required addon for some of my addon packs with rare German weapons and it contains different German Weapons from 1920 - 1956.

    • Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 added (also known as Panzerschreck)

Written on 2013-11-30 by Marseille77

Abs informed us he released an updated beta of his Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack on the BI forums.
To stay up to date with all the latest news and get early access to beta releases make sure to follow Abs on the Star Trek: Road to the Stars Facebook.

    Quote Abs :
    Red Alert! Klingons sighted in the sector!
    An away team had been sent out to investigate the planet Altis when all communication with them had been lost. Starfleet intelligence then intercepted a message destined for the Klingon homeworld, shown below.
    Admiral Kurt has informed us that in order to defend against this Klingon threat, all Operations staff now be equipped with Type 3 Phaser rifles.
    I hope you remember all your training from the Academy, cadet. We are facing the possibility that the Organian Treaty will soon be violated, and we must stand ready to protect the Federation!

    • Andorians!
    • Klingons! (Klingon sounds an awful lot like Farsi.)
    • Type 3 Phaser
    • New Type 2 Phaser model
    • Hyposprays
    • Improved lighting effects/muzzleflashes
    • Two types of away teams for the Federation
    • New gear graphics

Written on 2013-11-30 by Foxhound

Jeza informed us JonieTurnock released an updated version of the Group Manager, Loadout and Paper Doll addon on the BI forums.
This addon, which contains Dslyecxi's "Paper Doll" Gear Menu and aeroson's fantastic Loadout management system to work together with his own written group management system, allows you to easily recruit new units and perform additional actions with them.

    Quote JonieTurnock :
    I have made a few scripts for my use that I use for the singleplayer campaign. I was missing some of my favourite features like my armory and being able to manage groups a bit.
    I have 3 Parts to my scripts:
      1- Dslyecxi's 'paper doll Gear menu is now available at all ammoboxes as standard. Big Kudos to him for this.
      2- aeroson's fantastic Loadout management system is available at all ammoboxes. Also Big Kudos to Aeroson for a fantastic utility.
      This allows you to save your loadout in a persistant location allowing jumping from mission to mission and loading persistant gear. Also you can order your team to the box and it will change their gear.
      There is also a wardrobe that you can spawn by using Radio Juliet (0-0-0) where the Loadout interface is available. (give it a min for the actions to appear)
      3- A group management system. This uses Arrays from the mouse target mainly and is written by me.

    This Group Manager, Loadout and Paper Doll addon allows you to
      1- Recruit the cursor target to your group.
      2- add the cursor target to a global array
      3- create new groups (normal and highcommand) from this array
      4- grab someones ass and drag him out of that cammo netting
      5- reset someones animation state so you can recruit a decorative dude.

    I also have been butchering BIS Camp Maxwell and this kind of depends on my main pbo so both are available to use as you gents see fit or not at all.

    • Added a reset under Radio 0. (0-0-0) When activated this will reset the monitoring for all Key Commands That this mod uses and therefore support saved and reloaded games.
    • Edited the Interface Common Settings to point to the correct loaction for "\ca\ui_f\data\ui_scrollbar_thumb_ca.paa" and other PAA files relating to the scrollbar.

Written on 2013-11-29 by Foxhound

VKing informed us he released an updated version of his Improved group map markers addon for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote VKing :
    This is a re-release of my APP-6A markers that I originally made for Arma 2.
    I've changed the style to match the A3 markers and made some other graphical improvements. I've also added neutral markers (square green ones) that can be used for the independent side.
    The syntax hasn't changed, so it's possible to copy/paste code from old missions with no problems.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause rpt spam when deleting or hiding markers.

Written on 2013-11-29 by Foxhound

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