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Worthy Platoon
Hello soldiers! I am posting on behalf of Worthy Platoon. We are a recent Arma commun ... Read all..
160th SOR Australian Arma Community
One of the only Australian communities running as US army and USMC, with a vast range ... Read all..
Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
=SO= Strategic Outcomes is a tactical Realism clan.

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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
[URL= ... Read all..
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
The 31st MEU is a ArmA 2 CO realism unit. Our Main focus being the Mod: ACE.
We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
The German Coop Community invites all German speaking Community members to take part ... Read all..
Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
What is Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA)?

Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
Hello, let me start out by introducing myself, in-game people know me as Giorox and i ... Read all..
Buffalos Tactical Squad
Buffalos Tactical Squad is a squad of special forces anti-terror for the UN. It has s ... Read all..
1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Screen of the week

fr33d0m has submitted a new version of this mission where you must battle your way through a short story line and various unscripted objectives as you progress towards your goal: The liberation of Stratis Island.

  • Updated mission to work flawlessly with Arma 3 Beta Version 0.76
  • Removed Ridiculous anti-troll walls now that battleye is here. Improved BASE FPS dramatically.
  • Added BI Studios Team-Killer punishment module.
  • Added to Colonel Salazar's route. More variation, more hiding.
  • Relocated Ground Savage and added a new fast travel to get to it.
  • New graphics and objects since 0.76 update added. Looks better in mission overall.

Written on 2013-08-18 by fr33d0m


sproyd released this sniper mission in the BI forums.

  • Fixed: Now BETA compatible, again (following changes to classnames and IDs by BIS)

Written on 2013-08-18 by sproyd

Damian Teo has sent us his latest mission, a Vietnam War mission using the Unsung mod.

    Quote Damian Teo :
    You play as Lieutenant Ben McShane, One Zero (Team Leader) of Recon Team (RT) Habu, a team with Command and Control North (CCN), Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV SOG). Your team has been tasked with a Road Watch Operation in target area Delta Mike 10 (DM 10), located in the De-Militarized Zone between North and South Vietnam. This scenario attempts to realistically recreate one of the missions conducted by SOG recon teams during the Vietnam War. Once again, the units used (Unsung US Army Special Forces) do not properly portray MACV SOG recon men, so you need some imagination to see them in sterile combat fatigues.

Written on 2013-08-18 by Big

Viktor Reznov released two cooperative missions in the BI forums.

    Quote Viktor Reznov :
    Off the teat:
      A resistance fire-team lays the foundation for a future rebellion.

    Wilted flower:
      Your fire-team is tasked with searching a village for intel and eliminating HVT's.

Written on 2013-08-18 by Masharra

Coding has submitted this script which heals all units over time within a radius around a defined object.

Written on 2013-08-18 by Coding


Zoda has submitted his latest mission for Arma 3.

Written on 2013-08-17 by Xotodazo

Zoda/Xotodazo has submitted an updated version of his cooperative mission for Arma 3.

  • Strategic Map
  • APCs
  • Updated VAS
  • Now through Steam workshop.

Written on 2013-08-17 by Xotodazo

twisted released this dynamic singleplayer mission in the BI forums.

    Quote twisted :
    Your team was on a sabotage mission, but your helicopters were shot down. Now gather what's left of team 1 and try and find team 2's helicopter and any survivors. HQ has marked know helicopter locations that you can steal to exfiltrate Stratis.

Written on 2013-08-17 by Big

Harry Ludlow has submitted, using our Public FTP, a new version of this mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

  • MP gains UAV Operator with AR-2 Drones (for making Co-op easier).
  • GHD becomes DEV-only, so no stable builds.
  • 3rd vehicle in convoy (AMV-7 Marshall) is now another Panther.
  • Gameplay generally sorted out a bit to better overcome ArmA limitations.
  • Load/overview screens fixed.
  • Fixed issue about missing LoadScreen_ca.paa/LoadScreen.paa.

Written on 2013-08-17 by Comp_uter15776

Dale has submitted an updated version of his latest singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

  • Your team now gets out of the chopper on their own accord, the lasy so and so's...

Written on 2013-08-17 by dale0404

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