Max Delaney has submitted an "addon-free" version of his Takistan Insurgency mission.

    Quote Max Delaney :
    This is my insurgency i created for ArmA 3 its on the ArmA 2 map of Takistan and has a feel of the good arma 2 days.
    Also message me or tell me some other maps i could port over. One thing to note is that no ammo cashes are on the map as of yet ill think about adding some ammo cashes at a later date.

Written on 2014-07-24 by NPMproductions13


RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a vanilla sandbox cooperative mission.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a MP mission with which you have a plain map, zwo Zeus and several slots.
    It's a complete vanilla sandbox, so hop on with your friends and let them do whatever you want.

    The Zeus are in godmode and have universal power.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix

RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a Team Death Match gamemode mission for two team of six players each.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a 12 player mission where 2 teams with each 6 players fight against in an urban-like environment. Each time the map becomes loaded the layout changes, so you have everytime a new experience. 2 Loadouts are preset. You MUST play it on a server with other player. This is not a SP mission.

    Open a new server in the multiplayer tab and invite your friends!

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix


Defk0n_NL released his DFK Action Camera addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This infantry modification binds the third person camera exactly on top of the head memory point.
    What this allows is both third person and first person having the exact same perspective of the battlefield only third person is slightly zoomed out.
    What this means is that third person users have less advantage over first person users without nerfing third person awareness.

Written on 2014-07-24 by defk0n_NL

RG Beats submitted his United We Stand single player campaign.

    Quote :
    United We Stand is a Single player Campaign trying to bridge the valley between cinematic and realistic gamers.
    This set of missions is meant to be difficult yet fun, with a flow similar to the Bohemia Campaign.

    United We Stand:
    You play are Sergeant Archer an experienced Demolitions Expert and Engineer who is deployed to Fort Ethos in Zargabad.
    Zargabad is currently under civil unrest as the Vice President of Afghanistan Saaed Akram continues to fund his luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the local population.

    Taliban forces are using this as excuse to recruit and cause harm to the locals.
    Parts of the city are now heavily influenced by the Taliban and its NATO'S task to suppress and extinguish any power the Taliban have over Zargabad.

    • Voice Acting
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Automated level progression
    • Working mission select and overview screen.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RGBeats

Fred41 released an updated version of his Arma Server Monitor tool on the BI forums.

    Quote Fred41 :
    ASM is a little program, for monitoring some interesting values from multiple server (or HC) instances.
    Different performance related values are displayed, simultaneously for multiple (up to 4) server instances, in a window.
    The idea behind it, is to provide a fast and easy "state of health" overview at one go.

    • changed library name for callextension commands, in fn_ASM.fsm, to lowercase

Written on 2014-07-23 by Fred41

Raz0rLëgend released his G36 Pack Audio Fix on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a fix for the G36 Pack 2.0 - many Variants/AG36 - Optional JSRS and ASDG Compatible
    I've updated the configs to the new audio system introduced in Arma3 v1.24.

    • All silencer sounds fixed.
    • fixed Sounds Since 1.24 Update

Written on 2014-07-23 by Armaholic

FoxFort submitted an updated version of his CHDKZ New camouflage addon.

    Quote :
    This is my first ever addon for Arma 2: CO.
    This addon changes Chdkz infantry texures to look more like pro-russian militia in Eastern Ukraine crisis of 2014. So far this only replaces BIS Chdkz soldiers uniforms with new better uniforms used by Russian Army. New uniforms are: Spectre-S, Flora, Gorka-D, VSR and Izlom for commander.

    • Added VSR camo for medic;
    • Gorka-D is now in combination with VSR camo.
    • AA, Sapper and Saboteur now have VSR camo jacket instead of flora camo jacket.

Written on 2014-07-23 by FoxFort

Mathias_Eichinger informed us he released in the BI forums an update of this singleplayer mission where your squad of guerillas has just received a shipment of new uniforms and weapons and is about to wreak havoc on the enemy.

  • Scope added in the gear crates
  • Toned down enemy numbers (still very hard difficulty)
  • Added 3 squads available to control with Ctrl+Shift

Written on 2014-07-22 by mathias_eichinger

Sudden released an updated version of his Russians addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote sudden :
    These are some fictional "Russians" with weapons.
    "Russian" soldiers equipped with AK-74M, AK-105, AK-107, RPK, Pecheneg, SVU, SVDS, KSVK, VAL and VSS.
    Badguys with AKM, SVD, RPG-7.
    Items: suppressors TGP-A, TGP-B, 1p29, Krechet and Cobra collimators, PSO1 and PSO4 Optics.
    Vehicles: BTR100, Retextured KA-60, Mi-48, Kamaz trucks, T100, BTR-K

    • New bikey, all pbos repacked and resigned
    • BTR-100 now can swim

Written on 2014-07-21 by sudden

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