Fuiba has submitted a new version of this mission pack containing 8 cooperative missions for 2-10 players.

  • Minor fixes
  • proof reading and balance tweaks for most of the missions.
  • tried out the updated massi's weapon pack but the problem with the ARCO scope persisted so I replaced all of them with different ones.

Written on 2014-12-20 by Fuiba


Soldier Hartinger has submitted a rifle range for medium to far distance.

Written on 2014-12-20 by PaulH.

Krigshjälte has submitted this action/adventure/puzzle singleplayer mission.

    Quote Krigshjälte :
    This is the new TOMB: Golden Cobra.
    You can find secrets just like in the other Tomb missions. The secrets of this missions will be a little more advanced.
    I trying to avoid glitches more this time so I use a little god stuff of what others have modded.
    For you to get to the next area, you must find and collect artifacts that will be hard to find.
    It will be more adventures instead of shooting enemies in this Tomb, but it will contain action in this mission as well.
    You should both be alert to enemies and also traps this time.
    There will be some puzzles to solv and some things to be found.

Written on 2014-12-20 by Krigshjälte


[CCG]Cyborg has submitted a new version of this coop challenge for up to 28 players.

  • updated: CSE Modules 0.10.1a
  • updated: CSE now working with AI
  • updated: NATO SF and RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ WEAPONS 1.5 ready.
  • added: Rallypoint System (cse version).
  • added: 3D Text at HQ.
  • changed: boxes changed (cse logistic).
  • fixed: some small fixes.

Written on 2014-12-20 by CHIMERA_Cyborg

Code34 has submitted this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

  • Add redeployement lobby parameter
  • Add skill module - balance AI skill about different situations

Written on 2014-12-20 by code34

Ghostjaeger07 released the first version of his Afghan National Army Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod will allow players to work with the Afghan National Army, as well as have OPFOR ANA (that look exactly like BLUFOR ANA) to keep missions exciting and personnel on their toes.

    This mod is a work in progress, with only three units available currently, but work is continuing on expanding units and vehicles.

Written on 2014-12-20 by Armaholic

Goliath86 released an updated version of his CorePatch, a config patch for Arma 2 OA, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a simple config/script patch for Arma 2 OA. My objective is to correct all the errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63) show with the launch command line -showScriptErrors.

    Upon rollout of 1.63 patch, Bohemia included a new script interpreter that show all the undefined variable present inside scripts. There are a lot of them and maybe they cause script to not run properly.

    Because of ArmA 3, BI programmer have not much time to spend try correcting errors of an old product, as a programmer I understand this, so I decided to use my skills to try to fix these errors as best as I can.

    If anyone know about some of these errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63), with no mods, show in-game with the launch command line -showScriptErrors, inform me in this thread and I will try to fix them.

    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Trial By Fire"
    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye"
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70342
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68220

Written on 2014-12-19 by Goliath

=A3SM= Petar submitted the Serbia mod MRAP Hunters addon.

    Quote :
    Three MRAP Hunter light armored vehicles from the game with Serbian Army camo patern for the ArmA3 Serbia mod.
    If you like it enjoj it.

Written on 2014-12-19 by PnK2

Hcpookie released the first version of his HEMTT Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) Vehicles.

    • HEMTT Vehicles - models include flatbed, rearm, refuel, repair, and... gun truck!

Written on 2014-12-19 by hcpookie

Craig released an updated version of his U.S Pack on the Armaholic forums.
The changelog is massive so if you want to know whats new and what has changed with this release please check the downloadpage.

    Quote craig :
    The U.S Pack contains 41 U.S camouflage Uniforms and 3 standard black, green, tan, using the independent side uniform, some have more than one, I also included A test mission with all the gear in an ammobox and aslo paper doll gear menu for you to view all the stuff. Class names are in the missions folder.

U.S Pack v2.2

SP Pack
Arma3 Dev Build

Written on 2014-12-19 by craig

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