Aplion informed us he released his HAFM Navy on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is my first release of the HAFM NAVY mod. This mod has nothing to do with my basic one for Hellenic (Greek) Armed Forces mod and I'm releasing it as an individual part.
    The mod is consisted by 5 ships for the moment (2 Frigates, 1 Corvette, 1 Missile Boat and 1 Patrol Boat), which are fully functional. Also all ships have similar weapons capabilities and they are using PhysX engine.

    There are no other mods/addons dependencies and don't blame me in case of any conficts with other mods (tested using vanilla settings).

    Please keep in mind that this mod is still on beta version as ArmA 3 engine produces many issues on naval addons/mods.

Written on 2017-01-17 by Armaholic


granQ released an updated version of the Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote GranQ :
    The Swedish Forces Pack is an addon/modification for the Bohemia Interactive series of ArmA. Established in 2002 and still active today.

    • Fixed issue with Norrköping patrol boat blowing up when firing missiles.
    • Mission: Air station Mike updated and fixed.
    • Mission: Green hill, replaced helicopter.
    • Added meta file for better steam integration.
    • Fixes to the Strv 122 turn out

Written on 2017-01-17 by Armaholic

Duda released an updated version of his Advanced AI Command on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for high command.

    This is an Alpha release. When this addon is enabled, you will be given control of all groups on your side when looking at the map. Future release will give finer grained control to limit commanders/groups. If you try this in multiplayer, all players will be commanders.

    • Control AI groups via the map. Provides intuitive interface for commanders.
    • Supports multiple commanders in multiplayer. All commanders can see in real-time as waypoints are moved.
    • Assign/unassign vehicles to an AI group using the map.
    • Waypoints can be moved around via dragging. They can be deleted using the delete key.
    • Supports remote controlling of AI group leaders (for groups without vehicles). Press delete to exit remote control.

    • Updated remote view camera logic to smooth out the camera movement.
    • Extended max remote view camera distance to 60m.
    • Added support for using the map while in remote view.

Written on 2017-01-16 by Armaholic


The Red Hammer Studios released updated versions of the RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, RHSGREF mods and also released the all new RHSSAF on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It has been almost six months since our last update and we know you have all been eagerly awaiting our next patch. This has been an unusually long development stretch without a release for us, but we wanted to bring a bit more to the table than previously. This update will not only bring an array of new vehicles, weapons, items and features but also delivers a whole new faction/mod.

    Some of you have already noticed Serbian servicemen in some of our teasers, but we have never formally announced their official inclusion into RHS. Today however we would like to change that. In the past, “The Serbian Armed Forces Mod” team has successfully collaborated with RHS on the creation of GREF. This collaboration has resulted in a very strong bond and the eventual merger of their talented members into our team. We are very proud to introduce RHS: Serbian Armed Forces as a new mod in the family. It has been able to completely leverage the assets of other RHS packages all while delivering a very varied and unique base of it’s own content. We are very excited to have them within our team and believe you all will be too. RHS: SAF like RHS: GREF, requires AFRF and USAF to play.

    The full list of new and fixed things can, as always, be found in the changelogs that are located in the downloaded mod folders.

    Alongside this patch comes our transition towards the Steam Workshop, where this and all future updates will be primarily located. This means that the updaters that you guys so loved/hated will no longer be supported . We will be thinking of re-implementing some sort of a solution for server deployment for those of you that run on Linux systems, but that will come later. Our site will also receive a facelift at some point to reflect the transition to SW and could right now contain outdated information.

Written on 2017-01-16 by Armaholic

DerZade released an updated version of his BackpackOnChest Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    BackpackOnChest is a mod, which adds the functionality of carrying an extra backpack on your chest.

    • + Added ^ Improved @ Fixed
    • Added: Japanese translation
    • Added: French translation
    • Added: TFAR radio-settings are now handled when backpack radio is put on chest and back
    • Added: removeMagFromChestpack function
    • Improved: Modules 'Add Chestpack' and 'Backpack on Chest' can now be activated by triggers
    • Improved: ACE-Actions are now avaliable in vehicles and hidden when map is open
    • Improved: Backpacks can now be stored in your chestpack
    • Fixed: German translation typo 'Rucksack auf den Bauck'
    • Fixed: Script error when putting a backpack, which stores a weapon with no magazine loaded, onto chest
    • Fixed: Handle weapon attachments / loaded magazines when swapping rucksacks

Written on 2017-01-16 by Armaholic

Makad submitted an updated version of the Brazilian Armed Forces mod.

    Quote :
    This mod is based on the Brazilian armed forces, are working to final completion, enjoy our work.

    • New infantry models
    • Clanf (vehicle) updated
    • Added dependencies "Mod CUP"
    • Vehicles removed for re-work

Written on 2017-01-16 by Armaholic

Kiory released The Bushlurker Monument on the BI forums.
This release is dedicated to Paul "Bushlurker" Pelosi who sadly passed away 7th January 2017.

    Quote :
    "I felt that just saying Rest in Peace wasn't good enough.

    Paul "Bushlurker" Pelosi, recently passed away. It's been and will be a huge detriment to the modding community for years to come, he was absolutely the go to guy for terrain modding. Chances are that if you've worked on any sort of terrain, then Bushlurker has helped you, he certainly helped me and many others I know. So with that said, this is for you buddy, I didn't know you too well, but you certainly deserve this tribute, I hope you're happy in your bushes somewhere, rest in peace mate."

    The idea behind this piece was that Bushlurker is building the world beneath himself, with hammer in hand, the legs represent the elemental aspect of terrain building, rocks, trees etc.

    I don't really have much else to say, it's a sad time, but lets celebrate this wonderful man for all the good he did.

Written on 2017-01-16 by Armaholic

Jarrad96 released his Israeli Shayetet 13 [SFF] on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Special Forces Faction [SFF] that adds the Israeli Navy's Special Forces unit, the Shayetet 13 (שייטת; Flotilla-13) and is based on sources from 2015 through to January 2017.

    The Faction:
    S-13 is a naval, ground and air-based Special Forces unit. The soldiers carry the compact X95 (MTAR) rifle as standard, with the full length TAR-21 and M4A1 being used by some forces. The standard machinegun is the Negev NG7 'Commando' pattern LMG. The S-13 are organised into team of 'raid' elements which are fireteam to squad sized, and can be supported by divers, air support and APC's. S-13 wear flat OD uniforms and gear, with Opscore helmets and are based on 2015-2017 photographs and videos.

Written on 2017-01-15 by Armaholic

Goticwar released an updated version of his Japan units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The "Japan Units" mod ( by Goticwar) aims to add japan contents on BLUFOR side of Arma 3. More precisely, the mod add new units and vehicles.
    From a technical standpoint, units and vehicles that use 3D models of the game Vanilla with new HD textures.
    You must keep in mind that it is only re- texturing , so that some units will use clothes and gear that are not used IRL.

    • New global bug fix of mods. The Mod does not crash the game ARMA III
    • New Correction of Armor Values
    • New Correction of HK-416 M320 bug sounds
    • New bug fix with mod massi's weapons

Written on 2017-01-15 by Armaholic

Special Ed submitted his four player co-op mission Operation Rising Tide.
For the requirements please read the downloadpage.

    Quote :
    A rogue hostile force has taken over the island of Utes. The threat of invasion by this renegade force looms over the nearby country of Chenarus.. A small team of US Special Forces is secretly deployed to the island. Their main objective : to infiltrate the island unseen and cripple the enemies capabilities. With the team vastly outnumbered, the success of the mission hangs in the balance.. and the outcome will affect the safety of the entire region.

Written on 2017-01-14 by Armaholic

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