Blazenchamber released an updated version of his Specialist Military Arms (SMA) addons on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    SMA (Specialist Military Arms) is an ongoing project\Addon for ARMA 3 to create and replicate some unique and rare
    new age weapons from all over the world. We are interested in High quality authenticity and attention to detail.
    I started this project Late 2013 and set out to make all the weapons and attachments I wanted to use in ARMA 3. We now have V1 and I am eager to get V2 and V3 done asap.
    So I hope people enjoy these as much as I do.

    Hey guys, here is version 1.5, been working on this since first release.
    Thanks to everyone for their support, kind words and feedback, please enjoy!

    • added EGLM scars
    • redone supressor values
    • fixed reload anims
    • fixed weapon weight for all guns
    • fixed some shadow issues
    • hopefully fixed keys
    • added flares to GL's

Written on 2014-09-12 by blazenchamber

LAxemann released an updated version of his Enhanced Soundscape addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ES currently as has three main features:
      • ES plays reverb sounds in the firing direction based on terrain (Distance to the next mountain etc.)
      • When shooting in the direction of a mountain/raised terrain in general there is a chance that the gun sound gets reflected back to the shooter
      • When firing in an urban area, the gun sounds get reflected from nearby buildings

    All this is based on (simple) speed of sound calculations, meaning e.g. that it will take longer for you to hear the gun's echo (popp) when shooting in the direction of a very far away mountain.

    • New weapon-specific soundsets: Zafir & 155mm howitzer, significant performance improvements

Written on 2014-09-12 by LAxemann


Zeealex released an updated version of her FEMAL3 addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This release is just a patch of sorts for now, to remove those niggly problems and get the TI maps working as they are a concern in multiplayer. I've also Implemented Tyler just to replace the old mason head, so old mason no longer exists (sorry!) I may re-implement the model at a later date.

    Good news, the new body model is actually behaving for once, the shoulders, while still looking a little too broad, don't look as bad, no degenerate faces, and the legs, well, I'm getting there... slowly, just underweighted thighs and a few rough edges to combat. just please be aware I am a novice with body models, head models I can do in my sleep

    • TI map error is fixed now
    • Implementation of Tyler to replace the old mason head
    • Class errors on startup should no longer be an issue.
    • Could not find /path/path/texture.paa shouldn't be as prominent*
    • Implementation of test camo face and test scars face.
    • RVMATs configured to use skin shaders and steps are configured based on vanilla Arma 3 examples
    • Darkened Mason's skin slightly
    • Mod is now packed with Arma 3 version of PboProject, so that should ensure the Bisign works.
    • Other changes I may have forgotten about.

Written on 2014-09-12 by Zeealex

RoyWheels released a new version of this escape mission for up to 10 people in the BI forums.

  • Fallujah added.
  • Mechs and rds civs now automatically detected.
  • New parameter for more vulnerable rescue choppers.
  • Extraction choppers now return to the edge of the map where they were spawned.
  • You can now swap into uniforms or clothing found on corpses. This won't stop the enemy shooting at you.
  • Pure mode fixed.
  • New extraction events.
  • Chopper extraction now triggers alt extraction if one rescue chopper is down and there are more than 8 players.
  • Possibly fixed the hijack action not always working. Needs testing.

Escape Roy Co-10 v4.32

Check the included txt files for optional addons and islands

Written on 2014-09-12 by Foxhound

Sgt. Fuusuke has submitted this singleplayer mission where a GIGN team has to kill the leader of a terrorist organization.

    Quote Sgt. Fuusuke :
    A terrorist organization is planning an attack on Stratis.
    Take your GIGN team and head to the north of Agia Marina to kill their leader.

Written on 2014-09-12 by Sgt. Fuusuke

2fast released an updated version of the The Super Soldier Mode, an Ultimate Cheat Module for Single Player, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod is not packed into PBO nor signed. There are 2 reasons. Firstly this is sole designed for SP experience. All code are not optimized for multiplayer. Secondly, as the development is ongoing, I am able to edit scripts on the fly without even exiting the game.

    This mod was developed for Arma 2 as a custom mission, then expanded as addon for Arma 3. I have worked on this project on and off for probably 2 years.

    I have been playing Arma since the OFP days and I was never really good at it, probably due to lack of commitment and multiplayer experience. I really liked the realistic aspect of Arma, compare to other mainstream games like COD and BF. But at the same time, sometimes the realism leaves me frustrated. Things like fatigue, injury. Most of you probably think that the realism is part of the fun, but for me, I am just looking for a quick 1 hour fun mission most of the times without feeling the need to restart every time I am shot in the leg and unable to run and hence failing the mission. Therefore, I decided to get into scripting to enable certain cheats for myself that makes the game easier for me (arcade-ish you may argue), yet retain other aspects of Arma that I really enjoy.

    • added: ability to target self or own veh
    • added: unstuck animation using target menu and get up
    • added: revive self after time delay
    • added: add rating manipulation to prevent being renegade
    • added: new inteligence system
    • added: UAV surveilance system
    • fix: rework intel and proximity sensor
    • added: revive teammate in target menu
    • modified: auto unpack container
    • added: death marker of reinforcement group member for better location after death for revive
    • added: revive action on group members
    • fix: addweapon works only when load is less than 1
    • added: add 3d icon to spotted enemy

Written on 2014-09-11 by Foxhound

(CSA38)PetrTlach released a new wip update on the Armaholic forums about the latest work of the Czechoslovak Army 1938 for Arma 3.
When you click "read more.." you will find two more wip videos showing Marenice.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Czechoslovak army 1938 (CSA38) WIP topic.


Written on 2014-09-11 by (CSA38)PetrTlach

Adam7 has submitted a singleplayer mission where your objective is to whose mission is to assault a hotel compound.

    Quote Adam7 :
    You're the leader of Alpha team, whose mission is to assault a hotel compound, team up with Bravo squad after their helo lands, and then clear the rest of the compound.
    In this mission you won't have any connection to headquarters to avoid detection.

Written on 2014-09-11 by Adam7

iNTERBRED released an updated version of his Tactical Beard addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The perfect edition for when your out on an err.. a holiday.
    This beard comes with multiple features including an automatic retraction system for when you go near water, this is to avoid the water disappearing in fear. Side effects may include, loss in enemy moral, inability to shave, removes the need for a weapon. So the question is: do you even operate?

    • changed style completely
    • added 3 new beards: Big and Black, Big and ginger, small and sweet

Written on 2014-09-11 by iNTERBRED

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