Zabb released an updated version of his Enforce Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Im making Enforcer mod. Its like a "police television dramas".

    • Added:
        - Female combat uniform (ACU/Gray, Black)
        - Shirt with sleeve clothes(Male and Female)
        - Female Glass
        - Female Cap and Pakol
    • Fixed:
        - overlap point data for Female Uniforms
        - Female Head position and Hair model for use vanilla glass and helmet
    • Deleted:
        - Female Head 4,6
        - Punk hair1
        - Female helmet

Written on 2016-07-20 by Armaholic


RobertHammer released an updated version of his RH Acc pack on the BI forums.
This RH Acc (Accessories) pack for Arma 3 contains various accessories and scopes for different weapons.

  • hotfix Apex
  • added new PEQ15 by Odec3D

Written on 2016-07-20 by RobertHammer

JackFrench showed the community some new content we can expect to be in his Mod JackFrench on the Armaholic forums.

You can find more screens, videos and information in the Mod JackFrench topic.

Written on 2016-07-20 by Armaholic


Jw informed us he released an updated version of his Dutch MARSOF Units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote jw :
    Netherlands Special Operations Forces for ARMA 3
    Air, Land and Sea vehicles, Characters, Weapons and Equipment.

    This ads the Dutch MARSOF units modification to your Arma 3 installation.
    This package contains MARSOF units in neopren coveralls, also in M81 and DCU clothing.
    Also weapons, equipment, land, sea and air vehicles are included in this modification.

    All .pbo's can be used seperate from eachother.
    If u want to run it on a server for example u can load only "MARSOF_NL.pbo" for the vehicles and ammo boxes
    You can choose wich units u want to use! Any of the included rar files can be used standalone. Or simply use all files.

    • Added : Zues Compatibility,
    • Added : Editor Previews,
    • Added : Suitpacks in correct camo (Dropped clothes),
    • Fixed : Remaining Suitpacks,
    • Fixed : F-37 (Thunder) renamed F-35C (CAS).

Written on 2016-07-20 by jw

Pinaz93 released his E-130J Guardian AEW&C on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a fictional plane that was in my thoughts for a while: a AEW&C plane based on the C-130.
    I see it as a lower cost AEW&C plane based on a very common cargo plane.

    In real life one C-130 AEW&C really existed, from wikipedia:
    "EC-130V Airborne early warning and control variant used by USCG for counter-narcotics missions in 1991. It was used by the U.S. Navy 1992-1994 and then by the USAF as NC-130H."

    The model is based on the C-130J from [Dust]Sabre, the radar and the search script are from the open source A-50 (I will probably do some work on this too in the future) released by Hcpookie some time ago.

    Textures Included:
    • USAF
    • US Coast Guard
    • Nogova
    • CSAT
    • AAF

Written on 2016-07-20 by Pinaz93

Fer informed us he released an updated version of his F3 Mission Development Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote Fer :
    The F3 Mission Development Framework (F3) is the successor to the popular F2 and BAS f mission development frameworks for Arma 2 and Arma. The new framework contains many of the features you know from F2, updated to work with Arma 3 and with new components that take advantage of the new game's special features.

    The F3 team is pleased to announce the release of v3-4-1 of its mission development framework, which now supports APEX. As ever, optional support for Zeus and popular mods ACRE2 and TFR is included.

    The producers of this release were Wolfenswan and Fer. We would also like to thank the following communities for their assistance: Folk ARPS | Team One Tactical

    If your community uses F3 (or uses it as part of your own mission framework), we'd really love to hear from you. Perhaps there are things you've created that could feature in a future release of F3 itself? Let us know who you are with a comment or post.

    • Added F3 Gendarmerie component, with support for this added to:
        - Briefing Template component.
        - F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component.
        - F3 Folk ARPS Group Markers component.
        - F3 Folk ARPS Group IDs component.
    • Updated F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component:
        - Various minor fixes.
    • Updated F3 Folk ARPS Platoons component:
        - Fixed issues with order of Syndikat slots.
    • Updated Insignia component:
        - Automatically supports mission-maker placed Pacific units (NATO and CSAT).
    • Updated Mission Header component documentation.

Written on 2016-07-19 by fer

The ALiVE Team released an updated version of the ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment on the BI forums.
The Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) is an easy to use modular mission framework that provides everything players and mission makers need to quickly set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario.

    Quote :
    APEX Fixes and Enhancements!
    This is minor release to fix a number of issues identified in 1.1. Key amongst them are refinements to the new slingloading feature - you can choose how many boxes spawn (including none) and selecting objects for hook up is much more intuitive. Variables for slingloading have been added for manually placed transport helis (see Combat Support wiki for details).

    Civilians have migrated to the new land known as Tanoa and will now show their faces when asked. Spyderblack's mini-mod that splits up the factions lumped into CIV_F is included in this release, so you can specify which civ faction you want to spawn.

    We have also added support for mission specific compositions. Note that if they are named the same, mission defined comps will take precedence so you can effectively replace any standard ALiVE comp with your own at the mission level.

    Release Highlights:
    • Added example APEX Getting Started mission
    • Fixes & Enhancements to Sling Loading
    • Fixed civ spawns on Tanoa (and other maps)
    • Added support for mission specific compositions
    • Gendarmarie faction mapped so it works with ALiVE
    • Aircraft will no longer spawn inside control towers or terminal buildings on Tanoa

Written on 2016-07-19 by friznit

Dascleverle released an updated version of his EasyTrack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ‚ÄčEasyTrack is a mod for Arma 3 that enables you to use a BFT (Blue Force Tracking) and a RFT (Red Force Tracking) system.

    The BFT is used to track position, type and size of allies.
    The RFT is used to track position, type and size of enemies.

    • Changed:
        - Interaction (moving, creating, favorites, changing direction or ellipse) with RFT-Markers now with - ALT- instead of CTRL-Key
        - Move Actions-Button slightly left
    • Fixed:
        - 'author/' is not a value

Written on 2016-07-19 by DasCleverle

Lexx released the TOH - Static Civilian Ships on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds various cargo ship variants (ported over from Take on Helicopters) to the game. They are *static* and *only* useful as background decoration. You *can not* walk on them, and the ships should never be placed in front of a players face, as they are lacking details and look plain ugly in a close-up.

    • Fixed: Objects didn't show up for Zeus.

Written on 2016-07-19 by Armaholic

Tpw released a new version of his TPW MODS on the BI forums.
TPW MODS consists of a number of independently configurable mods.

    Quote tpw :
    In the months since Arma 3 alpha was released I wrote a number of mods which did different things, but all of which had a common goal of increasing the immersion and realism of the single player experience in Arma 3. As the number of mods and their complexity increased, I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of feedback on multiple threads and maintain them all separately, so I took the decision to bundle them all into one addon, imaginatively titled TPW MODS.

    • [CIVS 1.47] Hardcoded limit of 100 civs.
    • [FALL 1.48] Fixed bug causing player to react to bullet hits regardless of settings.
    • [FOG 1.40] Proper cleanup up of mist logics.
    • [SKIRMISH 1.29] Can now use BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDFOR units and vehicles. All sides can now call in support (only NATO has it enabled by default). Multiple vehicles for close air, heli and UAV support can be specifed. Huge thanks to dakaodo for retooling TPW SKIRMISH to enable these features.
    • Please update your TPW_MODS.hpp

Written on 2016-07-19 by tpw

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