jonpas informed us the ACRE Team released an updated version of the ACRE2 for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ACRE2 is a full fledged communications suite for Arma, allowing realistic radio and voice communications through Teamspeak 3. The original ACRE released in the Summer of 2010 set the bar for communications in the Arma series and allowed what was once the tedious and long task of organizing Teamspeak or Ventrilo channels, with multiple whisper lists and no direct communications between groups, to be reduced to a natural implementation in a single Teamspeak channel. All players are able to speak with each other directly or use in game configurable radios to communicate at longer distances providing unparalleled immersion in the Arma series.

    ACRE2 takes what ACRE1 pioneered to a whole new level. With increased performance and stability ACRE2 provides and even more immersive communications experience for the Arma user. Direct voice communications has had a complete overhaul and introduced new features such as occlusion from the environment, including vehicles and buildings, as well as multi-channel audio, allowing voices to be heard from multiple sources. A new virtual language feature in the Babel System allows mission makers to designate "languages" to certain players, making those that do not speak the same language indecipherable. This presents a multitude of gaming scenarios including player translators (Babel allows multiple languages per-person) and enemy communications that are unable to be understood.

    The core feature of ACRE has always been radios though, and that has undergone major improvements in ACRE2 as well. A new, extremely powerful and modular distributed data system allows for a whole manner of new features to be simulated in a robust and reliable way, and powers the most realistic real time radio simulation released in either the civilian or military market. The new data system is designed to support large numbers of radios, in a JIP compatible and persistent world setup, as well as allowing for the future implementation of highly advanced features such as data event logging and radio replay ability. While the public beta only implements two functional radios at the moment the robust and well documented framework allows for rapid prototyping and easy implementation of new radio systems by ACRE as well as the community at large. The entire system is implemented in a way to maximize commonality with current Arma modding practices, going so far to even allow individual sounds of the radios to be modded by the community or any other feature.

    What Has Changed Since 2.1
    It has been over a year since the last release of ACRE2 and we are excited to release a new stable version of ACRE2. In that time we have made some significant improvements to various aspects of ACRE2. Here are some of the highlights of the new version:
    • Improved Graphics:
        The radio displays for the AN/PRC-343, AN/PRC-148 and the AN/PRC-77 have been upgraded with artwork from models made by Hatchet. The direct speech volume slider visuals have been improved by dslyecxi.
    • Improved Radio Signal Simulation:
        The radio signal simulation model has been completely rewritten as an extension. The model is more advanced now and provides a greater degree of simulation. It now evaluates many possible radio signal pathways as well as directional antenna patterns. We have also added an option for the simulation to ignore directional antenna patterns. The previous difficulty settings and API calls for the simulation model all still work.

Written on 2016-08-28 by Armaholic


Rabid Squirrel released an updated version of his RS - Rain Textures on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    About Rain Textures:
    These are textures for your gear and weapons, that will turn on while it is raining, which should add to the immersion and experience of fighting while it is raining in Arma 3. The changes are subtle and it shouldn't distract you in combat, but they are exagerated under direct light, which makes it fanstastic to look at at night with street lights hitting the water drops.

    How does this Mod work?
    When the "rain value" in game is above 50%, doesn't matter whether it is in the Editor, or the Singleplayer Campaign, the textures will apply to the gear. If at any point the rain calms down, or stops, the textures will be removed from the weapon. This was designed with seamless integration in mind, it should be fully compatible with any missions or campaigns that contain Vanilla Arma 3 Content.

    • Compatibility: Minor Changes to the Way the Functions work, should fix "Enhanced Movement Modification" Compatibility Error.
    • Added: Chestrig Rain Textures
    • Added: Tactical Vest Rain Textures
    • Added: Goggles Rain Textures (For Some Glasses and Goggles).
    • Changed: Reworked the Normal, Colour, and Specular Maps for the Grenadier Plate Carrier.

Written on 2016-08-28 by Rabid Squirell

Tpw released a new version of his TPW MODS on the BI forums.
TPW MODS consists of a number of independently configurable mods.

    Quote tpw :
    In the months since Arma 3 alpha was released I wrote a number of mods which did different things, but all of which had a common goal of increasing the immersion and realism of the single player experience in Arma 3. As the number of mods and their complexity increased, I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of feedback on multiple threads and maintain them all separately, so I took the decision to bundle them all into one addon, imaginatively titled TPW MODS.

    • [HPP update required]
    • [CARS 1.48] forcefollowroad deactivated for the time being.
    • [FALL 1.52] Damage threshold for ragdoll falls may now be user specified using the tpw_fall_bullet variable.
    • [FOG 1.43] Rain dependent fog working again. Decreased mist sensitivity to wind. Mist activated by default.
    • [SKIRMISH 1.31] Randomised skill levels for spawned infantry.

Written on 2016-08-28 by tpw


[Dust]Sabre released the Farman IV 1911 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a port of Helijah's Farman IV.

Written on 2016-08-28 by SabreD

[Dust]Sabre released his RAF S.E.5a on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a port of Helijah's FlightGear S.E.5a

Written on 2016-08-28 by SabreD

DonbassCZ submitted an updated version of his Shapur bases template.

    Quote :
    I want to expand base in Shapur and airfield.

    After three years spent in the Zargabad the local commander of takistan units asked us if we could help with the construction of fortifications at the oil fields near Shapur. This area is quite often under attacks by local militias and we hope that we will not undertaken any attack

    • Added FOB Shapur
    • Fixed some places
    • Deleted JBAD

Written on 2016-08-27 by Donbass

DonbassCZ submitted his Reshmaan Edition Pack.

    Quote :
    The aim of this project was build imitation of 3 real bases in Afghanistan. This project is about Kandahar Airbase, Kabul International Airport and Bagram Airfield. Bases I've tried to do with high FPS. I must say that all is running over 30 FPS. Regarding Bagram that runs around 20 to 30 FPS. I hope you will enjoy this project. Best regards DonbassCZ

    • Kabul International Airport
    • Kandahar Airbase
    • Bagram Airfield

    • added signs
    • improved some places

Written on 2016-08-27 by Donbass

Yakavetta released an updated version of his own version of Sushi's Breaching Script on the Armaholic forums.
This script owes it's roots to Sushi's breaching script.
This is based off V. 1.3 of sushi's script, which had a lot of good fixes and code. I helped with some of the code in the past, but the reality is 99% of this work is Sushi's.

    Quote :
    Script for locking and breaching doors. Players can use shotguns, expplosives or simply pick a lock. Working on A3 buildings, JBAD and most of AiA TP doors (Thanks to Yakavetta[31stMEU].
    From v1.2 it also supports more community made maps, but proper configuration is needed, more in "Instalation" section).

    • version 1.2:
        - Fixed the issue where closefix = 1 and closefrontdoorsonly = 1 would cause doors to fail to lock
    • version 1.1:
        - Added more doors
        - Fixed a bug with CUP Middle Eastern Buildings, should be compatible with all CUP ME buildings now

Written on 2016-08-27 by Yakavetta

ArmanIII submitted an updated version of his Chernobyl Zone addon.

    Quote :
    Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is an area with controlled possibility of entry and residence on grounds of radioactive contamination caused by the Chernobyl accident in 1986. It is located on the territory of Kiev and Zhitomir regions of Ukraine and on its northern border with Polesie state radioecological reserve in Belarus.

    • Added new warehouses to greenhouses
    • Added ladders in swimming pool "Azure"
    • Added shadows in buildings (only Arma 3)
    • Added new underground to Deli store and "Univermag" store
    • Added new category to Eden editor with objects from Zone
    • Replaced building/warehouse in Oil storage facility
    • Fixed strange Sidorovichs bunker destroy behavior
    • Fixed Consumer Center Yubileyny ceiling fire geometry
    • Fixed Cement factory collision and ladders
    • Fixed damaging of fences, light poles, signs and other small objects
    • Fixed bad alpha textures on many buildings in Pripyat
    • Fixed alpha channel in textures: mtl_rja_02_holes, mtl_rja_holes, prop_grate_01, mtl_batarea_p
    • Fixed chz_okoli_bouda_2 collision of door
    • Fixed collision of object chz_zastavka
    • Fixed RoadWay on chz_vesnice_vodojem
    • Fixed collision of all vehicles/wrecks
    • Fixed ladder on light poles in Yanov
    • Fixed cellar in Music school
    • Fixed collision of object chz_autobusova_zastavka
    • Fixed volume of thunder sounds
    • Fixed Yanov underground
    • Fixed some textures in Yanov
    • Fixed Cement factory underground and some textures

Written on 2016-08-27 by ArmanIII

ViruzDeath released an updated version of the BSOC Brasil on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    New map created by ViruzDeath and support of the entire BSOC community members UNSUNG and 1st SQUADRON Brazilian as beta testers. Thanks for the help of all and we can finally release a public version but also for testing, so this version is not final and may be changed: vegetation, relief or objects villages sometime during this testing period.

    Size: 10KM - 10KM
    Vegetation level: very dense
    Village's: 5
    Military Base: 1
    Airfield: 1
    River's: Yes, several branches.

    • Fixed: Objects that were flying around the map.
    • Fixed: Command in config.cpp
    • Fixed: Positioning of trees
    • Fixed: Road Positioning along the map.
    • Added: "Tent hangar" in Juruna Airbase
    • Added: New commands in config.cpp
    • Removed: useless commands in config.cpp

Written on 2016-08-27 by ViruzDeath

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