Dr_Eyeball submitted an updated version of the Tactical Battlefield addon, a PvP Modification, which was released on the forums.
The changelog is very long and can be found on our downloadpage.

    Tactical Battlefield (TacBF) is in continual development for improvements, along with regular mod and mission updates.
    Visit forums for more information and to join the discussion.

    TacBF revision 3.21.0 has been released.
    Good news. A v3.21.0 update has been completed. It is now available for download by the usual methods. Note: that servers may still need to be updated first.

    This update has a set of bug fixes, some rule changes, but mainly code optimisation improvements.
    TacBF Team.

Written on 2016-05-12 by Dr_Eyeball


Aliascartoons released his Ambient Battle Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Script showcase on ALTIS: create a battle atmosphere without using units or modules.
    You can generate: AAA artillery, Ground artillery, Tracers and Missiles.
    Un-pbo the mission and read the comments or watch the video tutorial for more information.
    You can use, adapt and/or modify the script as you see fit.
    If you find nice ways to modify the script for better effects let me know.
    Tested on dedicated but not in MP, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and have fun!

Written on 2016-05-12 by aliascartoons

EricJ released an updated version of his Helo Skins addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Adds different Helo Skins.

    • Added three new skins for the AH-99, Black, US Army, and USMC.

Written on 2016-05-12 by EricJ


The ALiVE Team announced the ALiVE.OS - Open Source on the BI forums.
The link to the ALiVE.OS - Open Source is available from our main downloadpage!

    Quote :
    We kept ALiVE closed during dev to facilitate source management, version control and support for what we knew was going to be quite a complex beast. However, we always intended to open up the source code once we had achieved a stable, feature complete release. We are now largely content that we have achieved that, notwithstanding the bugs that we are still working on and new features that we would like to include.

    So as of today we have changed the licence from a restricted Creative Commons to an open GPL v2 for all builds after (the latest official release) and put ALiVE in a public git repo for everyone to fork as you wish. There are some caveats and everything is explained in the licence file but in short:

    1. ALiVE is free software and may not be monetized in any way (that includes servers that try to get around it with "donations for perks")
    2. You may release forks of ALiVE but please make it clear that it's not an official version to avoid confusing everyone.
    3. We strongly encourage everyone to help develop the official Master version using git Branches and Pull Requests. Full details are on our Github wiki.

    Not So Frequently Asked Questions.
    Why GPL v2?
      It's an older licence but many of the other big mods like ACE use it, so it'll facilitate code sharing.
    What about ALiVE Plugin?
      The War Room and its API Plugin (ALiVEPlugIn.dll and remain on the closed Creative Commons licence for now. There's a lot of propriety stuff in there and licensing is a headache but there's nothing to stop a clever person getting funky with sys_data and exploring local DB options.
      used for map indexing and some future advanced features is also closed source. However, if you wish to contribute to either of these plugins please contact us and we can arrange access to the repo.
    Mikero's Tools?
      They're needed for building and indexing maps but the ones we include are an older freeware version. We strongly encourage everyone to buy the latest from Mikero's site. Without his genius, ArmA modding would not be possible.

Written on 2016-05-12 by friznit

Icebreakr released an updated version of his Isla Abramia on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Inspirations for island were Scotland, Bosnia and Norway. I've wanted to give players of Armaverse something new to toy with and mix of green and snowy mountains always attracted me. Hopefully you'll like it as same I do.

    Story behind Abramia?
    Few months ago an Ex-Abramian military chief General Dragan aka The Fox performed a coup d'etat on Isla Abramia and took control of the country. Overthrown president has been murdered in main square and all of his staff has been put to prison. Gen. Dragan set a curfew, requiring everyone to be indoors during night time. Massacres are on his daily schedule of all the people that oppose him and even innocent villagers are not safe anymore.
    UN and NATO have decided it is time to step in and remove Dragan with a small unconventional taskforce - an international group of professionals. Capturing elusive Gen. Dragan is your main priority. Stop actions of his Cecanian Army and assist Abramian Rebel Alliance in order to succeed in this operation. What is even more alarming is that Dragan's brother Vatroslav is a chemical weapons expert and we have just recieved intel that he's managed to sneak couple of 1 KT nuclear warheads from an attack on a secret storage facility in Northern Sahrani.

    • beach and terrain improvements
    • clutter is now working and is compatible with all other islands
    • added snowman on Mt. Rooker ;)
    • added snow clutter (small bumps and snow covered rocks)
    • improved distance middle texture
    • improved satellite image of Isla Blanco
    • runway in Yolandi is now properly lit during night-time
    • removed snow spots in wierd places
    • various smaller fixes

Written on 2016-05-12 by IceBreakr

Tyrghen released the Kerama Islands on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Kerama archipelago is a group of islands at the south-west of Japan, part of the Ryūkyū archipelago in the China Seas.
    It is composed of 5 inhabiteds islands, of which only 3 have been taken into the map along with some of the lesser islands.

    The map is fictionnal and contain elements which aren't part of the real islands.
    The main objective being to offer a varied playground for our Team.

    While the island has already reached a very high level of achievment and is completly playable, we are still working on adding more elements to it.

    • 5 islands
    • Around 22km²
    • 2 large towns
    • A large airport
    • A smaller airfield
    • Many small villages and compounds
    • One zone for PvP only (underground submarine base)
    • Varied terrain types and landscapes
    • Many small clearings to make mission editing easier

Written on 2016-05-11 by Armaholic

Aeroson released an updated version of his Repetitive Cleanup script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Can delete everything that is not really needed like dead bodies, dropped items, smokes, chemlights, explosives, empty groups.

    • Almost complete rewrite of the script. Uses different method to iterate over all mission objects. Probably performs better. Can now specify time and which classes to delete in this time.

Written on 2016-05-11 by aeroson

JohnnyBoy released an updated version of his JBOY Burning/Exploding Barrel script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here's a demo mission featuring my burning exploding barrel scripts.
    I have tested it on a dedicated server, so I believe it is MP compatible.

    This script is featured in my Leper Island Coop mission which I hope you will try. Please post some feedback on the Leper Island mission if you can.

    Patch 1.56 broke this script by stopping physics on barrel objects when their damage =1. This resulted in burning barrels frozen in air.
    The workaround was to create a screwdriver object and attach the barrel to it, then launch the screwdriver with setvelocity. The effect is now fixed.

Written on 2016-05-11 by johnnyboy

Tjockjocke released an updated version of his Bo-105 helicopter on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Bo-105 helicopter addon has finally been updated, while I did some fixes and tweaks I would like to point to tinter and say, great thanks!
    He and some unknown (to me) friends fixed some bugs but also added new versions with HOT-1 launcher in German paint as the main one but also versions with gunpods and rockets.

    The helicopter now have better support for Arsenal, you can change textures and add weapons and such.

Written on 2016-05-11 by Armaholic

TacBacon released an updated version of his Royal Thai Armed Foces - Unit on the BI forums.

    • version 0.4:
        - Add RTAF Rifleman (Army) (Tee) - RTAF_Soldier_a_tee_f
        - Add RTAF Combat Fatigues (Army) (Tee) - RTAF_CombatUniform_tshirt_a
    • version 0.3:
        - Fix mission hydration pack texture on RTAF Carrier Rig (Army)
        - Add RTAF GA Carrier Lite (Army / Air Force) - RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_a / RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_af
        - Add RTAF Kit Bag (Army/Air Force) - RTAF_KitBag_a / RTAF_KitBag_af
        - Add RTAF Carryall Backpack (Army/Air Force) - RTAF_Carryall_a / RTAF_Carryall_af

Written on 2016-05-10 by Armaholic

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