Mathias_Eichinger informed us he released in the BI forums an updated version of this singleplayer mission inspired by random news posts on the Afghan MOI homepage.

  • shortened mission name to fit the overview
  • moved static dogs out of the way

Written on 2015-05-16 by mathias_eichinger


PnK2 has submitted a new version of his survival type sp mission with random events, random spawn player, loot, enemy, custom sounds and music and many more.

  • Added (full) healing option to MHQ
  • Added some new stuff to loot
  • Sound added to drinking
  • Music loop (every 10 minutes)
  • Fixed food & drink inventory (now working after save & load)

Written on 2015-05-16 by PnK2

aliascartoons released in our forums episode 11 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    CSAT nuke program in the area must be stopped before it starts.

Written on 2015-05-16 by aliascartoons


EricJ released an updated version of his Weapons Pack containing different weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote EricJ :
    This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.

    • Added M110C
    • Added M4A1 CQBR
    • Added M4A1 Masterkey.
    • Added Black Masada.
    • Tweaked the M249, and M240s for better AI use.
    • Fixed the PIF Heavy Gunner rucksack, no longer creates an error when spawned.
    • Fixed ammo Box some more.
    • Tweaked 12.7mm ballistics, updating and using custom ammo as opposed to BIS ammo for the M107s and M103.
    • Improved the 3D model of the KAC 600m rear sights across the board.
    • Tweaked AT4 and Guided AT4 settings.
    • Added Raven Warfare Group PMC units, check readme for classnames and descriptions.
    • Added Golden Eagle Mercenaries, basic mercs to use on the virtual battlefield and classnames and other information is listed in the readme.
    • Removed Map and Compass from PIF Zafir MG unit.
    • Added the "Titan-D", a disposable Titan luancher currently in BLUFOR Sand color.
    • Fixed Arsenal settings for the included MP mission, once the supply box hits the ground you can use Virtual Arsenal normally.
    • Added Crye Multicam uniform, based on some tweaks done for the Raven Warfare Group. Also the PIF uniforms are selectable as well, check the readme.
    • Added Collapsed Stock versions of the SCAR-H and SCAR-H-STD, weapons use the same respective inventory icons but have (CS) at the end to denote that modification. Inertia is also adjusted to reflect that the user doesn't have the benefit of the stock to mitigate movement.
    • Added ECH (Light, MTP) for generic and Raven Warfare Group (ECH, Raven MTP and Sand) use.
    • Fixed some errant mapping on the HK416,417, and IAR stocks.
    • Tweaked L115 ballistics.
    • Added 5.56mm Match Grade ammunition for the IARs, test ammo only, if worth it will add to other weapons as well.

Written on 2015-05-15 by Armaholic

ParadoxParadoxon released an updated version of the ArmA-Banlist on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA-Banlist is a community minded banlist which collects bans from registered and validated servers.
    Thereby is a difference between Hackers / Bugusers or regular bans.
    The bans caused by Hacking / Bugusing are avenged by a global ban in this list.
    This avoids the jumping between servers by hackers.
    The bans will be distributed to other connected servers within a few minutes.

    Little Bugfix and new plugin.

    • Fixed bug where the exceptions.txt was ignored

Written on 2015-05-15 by ParadoxParadoxon

Audiocustoms released an updated version of his TF47 Desert Vehicle Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is the first release of the TF47 DVP Desert Vehicle Pack. Basically it is just a retexture of known A3 Vanilla vehicles like the Hunter ect.
    The intention of doing this retexture was fitting vehicles in maps like Takistan and their surroundings.

    • Little Bird: Removed Vanilla Crosshairs
    • - Little Bird: Removed Explosion FX from 12.7mm Raufoss Mk 300 Mod 0

Written on 2015-05-15 by audiocustoms

RickB released the first version of his Arma3 Inventory Items addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This Mod adds several new and usable inventory items that can be used just as they are with your own scripts, but also come with scripting that lets you combine or put them to use. f.e. drink soda, make fire, chop trees, place camera and broadcast picture to your smartphone (early stage but functional), fill fuelcan, fuel vehicles, and so on...

    In addition to that this mod delivers 2 new Modules for use in the editor. Place a3Items_Module (found in menu "misc") and select from its menu whether you want survival simulation (hunger/thirst/sickness/simple Jump on custom key 2) for all playableunits in your mission (MP compatible).
    Place the optional Lootspawn_Module wherever you want loot to spawn within buildings.. customize it in the editor: spawn distance, kind of loot, probability of loot, and so on..

    List of Items:
    • Handycam (double click and activate while smartphone in your inventory by hitting custom key 3)
    • Smartphone (needed to receive cam broadcast)
    • MobilePhone (no function yet)
    • Canteen (double click to drink or refill with water at water sources and sea water)
    • PlasticBottle (same as above)
    • Waterpurificationtablets (double click to purify dirty water in canteen or plasticbottle)
    • Franta Soda (doubleclick to drink = results in empty can)
    • Spirit Soda (same as above)
    • RedGull energydrink(same as above -> reduces thirst and fatigue)
    • empty Can (double click while close to fire in order to boil dirty or salt water in plasticbottle or canteen)
    • Wrench (needed to be able to put tire on vehicle)
    • Tire (can be used to repair vehicle: double click)
    • Laptop (no function yet)
    • Knife (double click to gut goats, sheep, dogs -> raw meat)
    • Box of Rice, Tactical Bacon, Meat, Cereal (double click to eat -> reduce damage (slightly) -> reduce hunger)
    • Axe (double click to chop down tree -> makes pile of wood)
    • Pile of Wood (no function yet)
    • Saw (no function yet)
    • Matches (double click to create fireplace with wood)
    • Wooden Pallet (no function yet)
    • Hammer (no function yet)
    • FuelCan (refuel vehicle or refill from vehicle or fuelstation)
    • Bloodbag (double click to build first aid kit - needed: 1 Bloodbag, 2 Bandages)
    • Bandage (double click to build first aid kit - needed: 1 Bloodbag, 2 Bandages)
    • DuctTape (no function yet)
    • Antibiotics (heal sickness from dirty water or raw meat)
    • Meat (you can eat this, and this is the only model, besides the knife, that is not from Bohemia. It looks pretty shitty without textures - but hey, it clearly shows why I stick to scripting instead of modeling)

Written on 2015-05-15 by RickB

thhamm informed in the BI forums about the release of a new version of this CTI (crCTI).

Written on 2015-05-15 by Armaholic

Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of this PVP Combat mission in a sealed area.

  • added loot in buildings.
  • Only first person view.
  • You keep what you have when respawn.
  • change to ordinary ammo boxes.
  • Fixed some glitching Spots.
  • more templates added.
  • Change in skill levels.

Written on 2015-05-15 by Krigshjälte

Pfc.Christiansen and BACONMOP has submitted a perpetual mission designed with server fps in mind, giving the players varied tasking with challenging gameplay.

    Quote BACONMOP :
    This mission was designed for medium to larger groups of players. Gauntlet is a mission featuring many different missions over a variety of different locations on the map and is currently on the Altis, Chernarus, CLA Afghan, and Fallujah maps. Gauntlet also features an ambient AI system to make sure there is always a large force you and your men to fight.

Written on 2015-05-15 by BACONMOP

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