GranQ from the Swedish Forces Mod Team released an updated version of the SFP: Islands addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Swedish Forces Pack will no longer come with islands, we will release them separably due mostly to big file size and not as often updated as the rest of the pack.

    For now we are working on three islands, Sturkö, Rosö and Wamako.

    Wamako was if not the first at least one of the first islands for ArmA3. It was originally meant only for internally figure out how to work with arma3. It will come with some updates in the future.

    Rosö will be our main island, we will make new objects, buildings and features. The island have been designed "from scratch" based on different areas in Sweden its not an accurate copy of any place but instead features both military bases, airport, military runways, harbours, a good road network. What we have in mind is making an island that offer many mission possibilities. Also includes a minor island in one corner in order to have a base to "launch that invasion" from. I really enjoyed that part on Everon.

    Sturkö, this is an island known for some since we had it in ArmA2. Its based on real world data.
    Mostly known for the events in which a Soviet submarine was discovered to have run aground, just a few miles outside a Swedish naval base.

    • Wamako is "restored", we had some problems with the new tools but now we back at business. I will soon start making new areas and making the desert more "desert"ish.
    • Sturkö, the Swedish islands have been updated to a more summerish feeling.

Written on 2014-11-17 by granQ


Roh_Z the Lord_Booka submitted an updated version of his WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force addon.

    Quote :
    WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Forces ([WFT]EX-TAF) is aimed at adding the Thai Armed Forces to Arma 3.
    It includes Thai Armed Forces (Modern), Thai Armed Forces (CSAT-2035), Free Thai Movement (2035), Takistan Kingdom Army, Takistani Insurgents, Chernarus Defense Force, Chernarus Insurgents, and some minor factions.

    • Fixed Video Camcorder held animation.
    • Fixed TI texture for a LandRover Defender.
    • Removed LandRover Defender (MAG-58) variants.
    • Fixed static weapons cannot be dissasembled.
    • Fixed static Video Camcorder.
    • Fixed D-30 Turret.
    • Fixed M2s not ecjected a dead gunner.
    • Reduced static M2's magazine capacity from 500 to 100.
    • Added static DShK-M.
    • Added fictional PPK-74U SMG (a 7.62x25mm conversion of AKS-74U).
    • Added Instant Noodle for Food.
    • Fixed stacked goggles for TK Insurgents.
    • Improved 7.62x25mm penetration.
    • Changed weapon and item rvmats.
    • Fixed some minor issues.

Written on 2014-11-17 by lordbooka

J.Shock submitted an updated version of his Simple Mortar Script.

    Quote :
    This script allows for a marker to be placed on the map based on a defined radius bombard an area with HE or Smoke mortar rounds. This is perfect for those bombardment situations without the need to deal with those pesky AI mortar gunners.

    • Fixed small error causing script to not work
    • Added Example Mission

Written on 2014-11-17 by JShock


A few days ago AWC_Chief_Wiggum released an early wip version of his Advanced Civilian Interaction Menu script on the BI forums.
Today he informed us he would also like to see you informed about the addon version which he made of the exact same script. The addon version requires CBA.

    Quote :
    Recently a friend of mine asked me to create a simple civilian-interaction script.
    He only wanted the basic functions like telling civs to stop,go,....
    But (un)fortunately it all degenerated a bit, and i came up with a not so basic Script, which i would like to share with you guys.
    Note: This is still wip!

Written on 2014-11-17 by Chief Wiggum

Tonic released an updated version of his TAW View Distance Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This script can be easily implemented into your mission to give your player base the ability to adjust view distances for:
    • While on foot
    • While in a car / boat
    • While in Aircraft
    And also gives them the ability to disable grass for those that have performance issues!

    Figured I'd just post this because it was already done over a month ago and it is just sitting on my computer. The addon version probably will not be updated due to lack of interest.

    • Added: Ability to sync object rendering distance with view distance

Written on 2014-11-17 by Tonic

mons00n released in the BI forums this Team versus Team gamemode mission playable also in cooperative and singleplayer modes.

    Quote mons00n :
    On mission start a number of weapon caches will be placed throughout random positions in Chalkeia. Your mission is simple: destroy the majority of them with satchel charges before your opponent. To make things more interesting, optional Hostile AI are defending their position within the town.

Written on 2014-11-17 by Armaholic

Mathias_Eichinger released in the BI forums a new mission following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative. This mission is inspired by a Selous Scout operation during the Rhodesian Bush War.

    Quote Mathias Eichinger :
    Inspired by: A Selous Scout operation during the Rhodesian Bush War.

    Overview: In their very brief history of just seven years, the Selous Scouts won a fearsome reputation as the best and most effective bush soldiers in Africa.
    The regiment acted as a combat reconnaissance force and accounted for 68% of all terrorists killed in the Rhodesian War - whereas the Scouts only suffered 36 own casualties.

Written on 2014-11-17 by mathias_eichinger

Pierre MGI has submitted this singleplayer mission where your objective is to try to medevac Miller while enemy waves attempt to sweep your camp.

    Quote Pierre MGI :
    Surf waves of enemies while trying to save capt. Miller.

    This mission is also a DEMO for MGI_TG_V2 , which is a tactical glasses add-on. You don't need to download it, just wear on glasses when you want to test it!
    Concerning add-on, I've just improved some functions. For instance, captured units let down weapons and actual remaining ammos. GPS auto-zoom is also modified for current task distance.

Written on 2014-11-17 by Pierre MGI

Leet, from the VTN Team, released an updated demo version of the VeteranMod on the BI forums .

    Quote :
    This version is designed primarily to demonstrate new and reviewed features of the game, as well as the general direction of our work.
    In the demo version includes:
    • system for equiping units, which includes body armor, universal transport vests, helmets, hats and much more
    • extended injuries system and first aid
    • infantry units for the BLUE4 and RED4 - U.S. Marine Corps and Russian Army Mechanized Infantry (RF MI), appropriate firearms both sides
    • RF MI Reconnaissance units
    • Irregular units, militias
    • varied firearms
    • reworked sounds for small arms
    • advanced simulation of fragments for hand grenades, RPGs and HE rounds
    • backblast simulation for RPGs, MANPADS and handheld ATGMs
    • resting of weapons with bipods
    • enhanced sights
    • a new types of weapon crates
    • new animations
    • reworked visual FX

    New release is available now. There is no changelog as I've mentioned before, to many bugs to list them all.
    This version should be quite stable. No vehicles, planes or helicopters are included!
    List of weapons classes will be posted here tommorrow.

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-11-16 by Dead Kennedy

TheCourierVX submitted an updated version of his Canadian Based Units (previously known as CSF Pack) which contains Canadian based troops units.
These units are based on actual equipment used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • Custom Insigna(Lot of variants)
  • Changed JTF2 Model et texture
  • MTP helmet
  • MTP SF Suit

Written on 2014-11-16 by TheCourierVX

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