Igi_PL released an updated version of his IgiLoad script on the BI forums.

    Quote Igi_PL :
    Igiload v0.9.10_RC_e (fast fix related with Arma 3 v1.32 problems) is available for download.

    The main task for IgiLoad script is to allow delivery of supplies to units away from base. In short, transport boxes with ammunition, weapons, or anything else (what you put in the box) using vehicles. The script does not support modded vehicles and does not intervene in the content of crates. IgiLoad allows you to transport ATV's using larger vehicles.

    • Fix: "assignedVehicleRole" do not work with "Cargo" - change to "cargo".
    • Fix: "animate" do not work with CH-49 Mohawk - change to "animatedoor".

Written on 2014-10-16 by Igi_PL


Quiksilver released an updated version of his customized version of the famous =BTC= Revive script by Giallustio on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I have not seen an official BTC Revive update in some time so the intention of this is respectful and just to address some issues many people have had with it in the past few months.

    This is an edited version of =BTC= Revive, most or all bugs should be resolved.
    Some things have been disabled:
    • 'Advanced' system.

    This is a simplified version of BTC Revive that focuses on the stuff that needs to work.

    If you'd like Mobile Respawn/TvT working or whatever, let me know. I disabled it many months ago but isn't too hard to restore functionality (I dont think!).

    As an extra bonus, the Medical Trucks now function as heal stations.
    All players (not just medics) can revive others when within 5m of the Medical trucks, as long as the--or the wounded--have a First Aid Kit.
    This can be toggled on and off at the bottom of BTC config options, as well as designating the 'medical vehicles'.

    BTC Revive Marker has also been disabled in config in this version, to not conflict with icons.sqf map tracker.

    • Fixed choppy in response to the controls that manipulate the view

Written on 2014-10-16 by Quiksilver

Flipper has submitted a small addon allows to add the SHAPE PATCH for the units in-game during SHAPE sessions and campaigns.

Written on 2014-10-16 by Nemesi


Silola informed us he released two new videos in which he shows the X-Cam prototype map.

    Quote :
    I have done a little scouting trip on the X-Cam prototype map, and saved this journey in a two-part video
    Please note that all what you see is still WIP.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the X-Cam prototype map WIP topic.

Written on 2014-10-15 by Foxhound

shay_gman submitted an updated version of the Mission Control Center Sandbox 4 for Arma 3 which he released on the BI forums.

Quote shay_gman :
        - Added: "MCC_allowSquadDialogCamera" set to false in the mission init to disable live feed in the squad dialog
        - Added: more then 40 custom voices to IED, suicide bombers, armed civlians and more many thanks to Zafjr for making this AAA quality voice acting.
        - Added: Admin commands kick and ban from MCC to admins only.
        - Changed: All CP functions renamed as MCC functions so if you are calling for example: CP_fnc_buildSpawnPoint you should now call MCC_fnc_buildSpawnPoint
        - Changed: VAS updated to version 2.6 thanks to MikeMatrix (he also made a lot of code cleaning - so thanks Mike).
        - Fixed: Missing groups in MCC such as the one from FSF - now for real
        - Fixed: Respawn points for east and resistance.
        - Fixed: IED disarm didn't work on MP.
        - Fixed: Spawning IED for civlians or resistance side gave errors.
        - Fixed: Primary spawn point aka HQ can't be destoyed anymore.
        - Fixed: Armed Civilian behavior: the suspect will join players after disarming him.
        - Fixed: BIS Arsenal doesn't show on objects.
        - Fixed: Start location didn't work for resistance and east.
      Mission Wizard:
        - Added: Complete voice narration for the Mission Wizard operation's names and briefings thanks to Zafjr.
        - Added: New weather mods: Blizzard and Sandstorm.
        - Fixed: MW stuck on "Building Mission".
        - Fixed: MW dosen't recognize user's zones when building a mission to zone.
        - Fixed: Mission Wizard will use players' custom groups.
        - Fixed: Mission Wizard dialog disappear after changing faction for the first time.
      Interaction key:
        - Added: Interaction key - see below.
        - Added: Neutralize civilians or enemies by shouting at them (SWAT 4 style) will effect AI only and the chance for them to surrender is calculated by the unit rank, type and other units
        In its group. Neutralized units can be added to the player group (max of 2 units per player's group).
        - Changed: Moved the actions: disable IED/armed civilian, Supply truck dialog and aircrafts ILS to the interaction key (default Shift + c)
        - Added: Can now move AC-130 around.
        - Added: AC-130 timeout after number of seconds defined in "MCC_ConsoleACTime".
        - Added: Mission maker can disable AC-130 after it spawned by pressing the AC-130 button again.
        - Fixed: Black screen on AC-130.
        - Added: Warzone brush - Will destory buildings and objects in the area, generate some vehicles wreck, random fire and smoke and ash and dust partical effects.
        - Added: Blizzard brush - Will generate blizzard weather, strong winds, snow, fog and high waves.
        - Added: Sandstorm brush - Will generate sandstorm weather, strong winds, dust and debris.
        - Added: Heatwave brush - Will generate heatwave weather.

Written on 2014-10-15 by shay_gman

Ussrlongbow released his Laser designation script for vehicles on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I would like to share some scripts I developed.
    The subject script allows helicopter pilots to view friendly laser targets while he flies the helicopter (actually you may change the requirements).

    In this script the laser target display requires following:
    • pilot is wearing a heli pilot helmet of his faction ( works for BLUEFOR and OPFOR, INDEP is WIP )
    • laser target illuminated by friendly forces
    • laser target is closer than 1000 meters
    • laser target is visually visible ( no objects are hiding it from your sight
    • laser target is in front of vehicle ( 120 degrees FOV )

Written on 2014-10-15 by ussrlongbow

ESUSSanchez released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where your objective is to protect Shapur complex.

    Quote ESUSSanchez :
    PG services has been contracted to protect Shapur complex, but it has been taken by members of al Qaeda to protest for actions of the Universal Petroleum Company. PG Services must save the complex, but a sandstorm is affecting the area of operations at this time.

    You will be inserted by MH9 to airfield. Defend it of incoming attack and wait for new orders from company office.

Written on 2014-10-15 by ESUSSanchez

MajorExperiMental released in the BI forums a new mission under the 'Frontline Commander Strategy Playground'-mission concept.

    Quote MajorExperiMental :
    This mission starts with an emergency alarm and intel says there are indications that Opfor has started an invasion campaign of Altis: The information is indefinite but hints that one ore more huge tank clusters probably has being landed somewhere on the island and steaming fast against the airport meaning recon from air is central. Protect the airport and the civilians there. Find and stop those Opfor units! NOTE: There is a risk Opfor has forced civilian cars to follow their tanks as human shield: If that's the case - AVOID HITING THOSE CIVILIANS!
    Note: Great concern are given to save civilian lives. If a certain amount of civilians dies the mission will be classified as failure meaning the round will aborted.

Written on 2014-10-15 by MajorExperiMental

Meatball has submitted an update for this 3 mission campaign. This mission pack has gone 'gold' and reached v1.0. Additionally, they've submitted the mission pack to the "Make Arma, Not War" contest, you can support them at the contest entry page!

  • All 3 Episodes: Tweaked AI spawn rates/numbers a bit.
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "Deliver Supplies - Poliakko"
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "Disrupt Fueling Operations - Agios Dionysios"
  • Episode 2/Force Recon: Fixed bug in task "UAV Recon - Panochori"

Written on 2014-10-14 by MeatballCB

piluspalus has submitted a new version of this adversarial gamemode where BLUFOR and OPFOR fight on three fronts against each other.

  • Weapon Shop
  • new Polls: send APC/Sniper Team
  • the test server is now a dedicated 24/7 test server

Written on 2014-10-14 by piluspalus

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