GWAR3 Team released in the BI forums a CTI/Warfare based gamemode, which basically is a hybrid of RTS and FPS.

    Quote GWAR3 Team :
    Players are split into two teams, which vote one player as a commander. The commander is responsible for building base structures, which provide the team with the ability to purchase equipment, vehicles and AI units. The map is layed out into zones, which each have a number of camps. Zones are responsible for the primary source of income for each team. The more zones your team owns, the more income you'll get. There are currently three ways to achieve victory. The first, is destruction of the other team's primary structures and mobile HQ (Light Factories, Heavy Factories and Aircraft Factories). The second, is complete ownership of every zone on the map. The third, is ticket depletion. Each team will begin with a default of 750 tickets (configurable via mission parameter). When a player dies, a ticket is subtracted from their team. When your team has more zones owned than the enemy team, they will suffer a ticket bleed. The ticket bleed amount increases as the match goes on and your team owns more and more zones. Team work is essential, there are no AI commanders or AI squad leaders. It is up to you and your friendly players to achieve victory.

Written on 2015-01-18 by GossamerSolid


Chief Wiggum informed us he released an updated version of his Actionmenu addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's a simple actionmenu that allows scripters to add entrys with assigned actions to it.
    If you have your own medic-system for example, and you don't want to create a whole new GUI for it, you can simply add an entry call "MEDIC SYSTEM" to the menu.
    As you can see in the picture above, the menu consists of 2 listboxes. The right listbox won't be displayed until a main entry of the left listbox has been clicked.
    But not just scripters can use it. It's also a cool tool for mission-builders.They can add entrys like "Ensure Data From Laptop".

    I would really appreciate it, if you post some feedback and it would also be cool to see some future projects supporting this.
    And please remember: This is still WIP, so there might be a few bugs.
    Please give me feedback concerning the dialog, because a friend had problems with shifted elements in my last GUI.

    • added: condition for main entry
    • added: "delete main entry"-function

Written on 2015-01-17 by Chief Wiggum

The past few weeeks -=XTRA=-Larsiano posted some new updates about the upcoming version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Version: 0.960 (xx-01-2015)
    • added: Patriot missile defence systems
    • added: DAF Trucks (6x) as test object!
    • added: BO105 (Army, KLM & ANWB / ADAC)
    • added: City Bus (Connexxion lijn 300)
    • added: M-113 Ambulance & (Tiger Camo) + BattleBox FOB (Tiger Camo)
    • added: naval mines, barricades, kayak & M109 ammo Palets
    • added: 30 ghillie colors & changer script
    • added: RNLAF F-35 Pilot & ANWB Crew
    • added: camp castor sign & Notice Board (360deg Taliban)
    • updated: replaced medic sign on various vehicles
    • updated: fox medic texture fix & missing Fremm texture
    • updated: rg31 MK19 ammo types & zeroing, daf_missilebox scripts updated
    • updated: removed some duplicate files, small name changes

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Dutch Armed Forces wip topic.

Written on 2015-01-17 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano


Hcpookie released an updated version of his Pook SAM Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Modern SAM Systems including 9K33x, 9K37, 9K317, and 96K6 platforms. Their original Russian designations are used. Missile performance and behavior based on real-world data and video footage. The 9K33x, 9K37, and 9K317 are normally radar guided, and they can also be optically guided in an ECM-heavy environment. Therefore, I added manual control to these missiles. This is subject to removal in future releases based on feedback.

    All BIS factions represented, since it stands to reason that the CDF and Takistani Army would have acquired these in their inventories.

    • 9K331/9K332 Tor (SA-15)
    • 9K37 / 9K317 Buk (SA-11)
    • 96K6 Pantsir (SA-22)
    • NASAMS (AIM-120)
    • C-RAM ADS
    • MIM-104 Patriot System (and support vehicles)
    • SA3 static and mobile launcher vehicles

    The pook_SA11 pack requires the Rangemaster mod for the SA-11 texture (part of FRL_Missilebox).
    The baseline pook_SAM, pook_SA22 and pook_SA15 do not have any other dependencies.

    • Fixed: Missing CDF Independent units.
    • Fixed: Wrong texture on desert OE349 antenna units.
    • Fixed: MIM-104 erratic movement on sloped surfaces.
    • Fixed: SA3 static and MIM104 popup errors discovered in MP testing.
    • New: MIM104 sites now spawn a radar and antenna nearby

Written on 2015-01-17 by hcpookie

Karlos_Z released an updated version of his Novorossiya and Ukraine mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Two symmetrical factions. Factions called "Nоvоrоssiyа" and "Ukraine".
    More than 170 variety of units. Much exotic gear for the city, forest and desert. Cars, tanks, aircraft and more (retexture vehicles ARMA 2035).
    Optional (it is not mandatory, according to your desire) a possibility to add to factions vehicles from yours favorite add-ons:
    • East vs West
    • RDS Tank Pack
    • RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation
    • Up Armored HMMWV Modification
    • and other…

    Change, replenished vehicles only factions «Novorossiya» and «Ukraine», nothing else changes.
    For the full list and more information read the ReamMe.txt!

    • Add: Units for divers, mortar, HMG, GMG teams
    • Add: Uniform, helmets, backpacks, hats, bandannas
    • Add: Classname-Lists in folder “For Developers”
    • Add: Many groups in categories Armored, Infantry, UInfantry, Mechanized, Motorized, SpecOps, Support
    • Improved: The structure of groups is compatible with standard АРМА 3
    • Improved: Compatible with ALiVE Unit Mod Config Standardisation
    • Improved: Compatible with ZEUS
    • Improved: Upgraded equipment Recon
    • Improved: Greatly improved derivative “East vs West”->to-> “Novorossiya and Ukraine” created groups containing EVW-vehicles, retexture and labelling cloned vehicles
    • Improved: Derivative “RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation”->to-> “Novorossiya and Ukraine” created groups containing RHS-vehicles, labelling majority cloned vehicles
    • Fixed: Many minor fixes

Written on 2015-01-17 by Karlos_Z

PiZZADOX released Arma 2 Weapon Weight addon on the Armaholic forums.
This addon is a port of LAxemann's fantastic L_armFatigue addon.

    Quote :
    This addon is designed to discourage the use of machine guns as assault weapons in ACE 2.

    • Added Ace Safety Implementation and Weaponresting exceptions

Written on 2015-01-17 by PiZZADOX

Cleggy released his British Ridgback PPV addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Ridgback is a British modification of an American built 4 x 4 MRAP.
    Desert camo variant armed with a turret mounted HMG and 1 x FFV position.

Written on 2015-01-17 by cleggy

Eggbeast released an updated version of his BAFX and Rangemaster mod packs on the BI forums.
The changelog is massive so when you want to know whats new, added and fixed in this release please check the downloadpage.

    Quote :
    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    BAF-X mod pack:
      To provide an expansion of Arma 2 OA BAF faction with previously released UK forces content, with enhanced coherence in faction, classname, weaponry, armour, speed, useractions and crews, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    Rangemaster mod pack:
      To provide a broad refresh of Arma 2 content, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    • SAM system critical popup - will be improved in later release - patriot currently disabled
    • Mig29/35 causing huge lag and blowing up on the runway due to old scripts
    • Mig29/35 opaque HUD
    • T55 turnout issues
    • T55, T34 and ZSU duplication with stock classes
    • Su25 wheel sensitivity
    • M8 SAW popups
    • CH47 weapon popups

Written on 2015-01-17 by eggbeast

FrozMnd released in our forums this mission where you have to extract VIP to safety from city hall of Chalkeia massively attacked by insurgents.

    Quote FrozMnd :
    Player is one of 10 NATO operators stationed in Southern NATO HQ and has access to various means for this operation. Chalkeia is around 4-5 km away from base. Ambushes are to be expected. Be advised on civilian activity on your way - the closer to target the lesser it is. As you being the mission there is still NATO resistance around the city hall. It is not advised to bomb Chalkeia to ashes, because civilians, NATO survivors and VIP himself might get hurt. Time is not crucial for mission success, however the more you wait, the better positions enemy has. They are expected to secure city hall and area around it. NATO has limited resources in this area, thus your main and only task is to secure the VIP. Retaking Chalkeia is not the objective. NATO's mobilized infantry convoy patrolling area around Chalkeia (south) is not responding. The closest unit to Chalkeia is AH-99 attack helicopter and is approaching the town from east. Team commander can also call for airlift via radio. Do not underestimate the enemy. Insurgents have high anti-air and anti-tank capabilities. At least 3 hostile infantry teams have been reported entering Chalkeia supported by APC (MSE-3 Marid) from east. More than 1 km north is hostile convoy heading to Chalkeia. Convoy consists of 4 units: 1 Ifrit armored vehicle and 3 Tempest Transport trucks. It is possible to strike it with A-164 Wipeout before the convoy reaches Chalkeia, however there are hostile MANPADs present in the town vicinity.

Written on 2015-01-17 by FrozMnd

Genesis92x released an updated version of his VCOM AI Driving Mod, which is now also available as script version, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I made some driving improvements in my VCOM AI mod - however I thought (and others) that it would be nice to just have the AI driving enhancements without any other strings attached.

    This mod simply executes an FSM on all AI and checks if they are drivers or not. If they are actively driving a vehicle they will check for objects/buildings that may get in their way while driving.
    I could type a lot more. But I thought I'd let the video speak for the mod instead.

    • Fixed Aircraft from executing the barrier checks
    • Made the barrier check calculation more precise - they should crash even less now.
    • Removed undefined variable errors (fingers crossed)
    • Optimized barrier check: 0.00698853 seconds to run down to 0.0019989 seconds. (Thanks Wolfenswan)

Written on 2015-01-16 by Genesis92x

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