Drifter released an updated version of his 1st Ranger Battalion - Re-textured addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is my second addon release. My first being my Kryptek units, and upcoming my new Work in Progress USMC units. This addon was suppose to be strictly 1stRB members only, but due to corrupt downloads and what not I am publicly releasing this addon. Hopefully soon to be released on PlayWithSix and ArmAholic for public use and for easy installation for the unit.

    • New additions:
        - New camo - DCU.
        - New Medic uniforms, vests, helmets and backpacks included for all camo.
        - New uniform styles for all camo types.
        - Black top
        - Gray top
        - OD top
        - New helmet for ACU, M81, OCP, Full white and full tan. Helmet mesh net.
        - New backpacks OD, Coyote and for those old school ArmA 2 ACE veterans, I think you know what I added icon_e_wink.gif
    • Fixes:
        - Fixed vest capacities and armor values.
    • Tweaks:
        - Tweaked OD and Coyote backpack textures to a more HD and accurate color scheme.
        - Changed the name of ACU objects to UCP.
        - Changed a few things.
        - Config clean up.
        - More clean up.
        - More cleaning and troubleshooting.

Written on 2015-11-14 by Drifter22


MSGvassiLi released his FR US NAVY Insigns addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The mod propose a variety of insignas concerning French Navy (Aeronavale), Medics, and in gift some US Navy's Lincoln squadrons insignas.

Written on 2015-11-14 by MSGvassiLi

Mre released an updated version of his Supremacy Framework - Multiplayer framework addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I wanted to learn more about how ARMA 3 modding worked, and there is really no better way than "code to learn". Everything is coded from the ground up, except for the below mentioned 3rd part scripts.

    I don't know much about "best practises" in this language yet, or how I should or shouldn't code things, so feedback is absolutely more than welcome!

    • Features/Changes:
        Added item spawn in buildings (careful, can take a long time to init server if you increase % too much).
        Added comments to each value in the config.
        Added more configurable options, like sell percentage, to the config.
        Added skill and experience system.
        Added names to the loot markers which are visible in debug mode.
        Added progress bars.
        Added revival and healing system.
        Added vehicle repair
        Added many other passive abilities and functions as part of the skill/experience system.
        Added ammo to price list.
        Added ability to synchronise animations.
        Network optimisations when selling items and vehicles.
        Network optimisations to saving player data.
        Updated ExtDB2 to the latest (66) version.
        Selling vehicles now confirmes server side like equipment (so money saves).
    • Bugfixes:
        Fixed some minor issues where final compiled scripts where defined twice, server side.
        Fixed an issue where the handgun items would not load from the databse.
        Fixed an issue where the hangun would not equip if you didn't have a primary weapon.
        Fixed a bug while loading the players money from the database.
        Fixed an issue where pricing where not checked client side (protentially saving a large number of requests).
        Fixed an issue in the extdb-conf.ini file not loading the correct database details.
        Fixed an issue where you would not respawn propperly if deconnecting and rejoining the server.
        Fixed sell prices for vehicles and items being calculated wrong.
        Fixed the purchase price not being calculated correctly.
        Fixed the issue with vehicle sales not being done properly and validated.
        Fixed an issue where vehicle loot and supply crate loot tables where switched.

Written on 2015-11-14 by Armaholic


Mattaust released his ArmA 3 Custom Buildings addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here is my whole compilation of Custom 3D Structures/Buildings for ArmA 3.

    I have decided to release them properly to the public independently and hope users find them useful in expanding their gameplay. This compilation contains thousands of hours worth of work (with learning). So, yes I'm basically happy for all map makers, and mission designers to use these buildings as they wish. This is now an independent mod.

    • Added MM_Showroom. This is a Car Showroom that I developed a couple of months ago, this will be a beta test. (Should work fine tho).

Written on 2015-11-13 by mattaust

LAxemann released his DynaSound soundmod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    LAxemann proudly presents DynaSound (DS), a new soundmod for ArmA 3 (Released) + public soundmod framework (Coming very soon).

    I'm a semi-professional audio designer and DynaSound is my SoundMod for ArmA 3. It currently changes the sound of all weapons and enhances it's sound features with things many other modern games have been doing for a while, e.g. different sounds for different distances, distant explosion sounds, debris sounds inside buildings etc. DynaSound is somewhat special since it emphasizes the so called "Dynamic Range" in audio. Simple put, the Dynamic Range is the difference between the loud and the quiet parts of a sound or a whole mix. Please watch this video if you intend to use DynaSound since it will show you why the Dynamic Range has such an impact on the overall audio feel.

    • Multiplayer compatibility
    • Client-side
    • All weapons have new sounds (Except for the DLC DMRs)
    • All weapons have separate sounds for different distances
    • Almost all sounds were professionally produced using high-quality libraries and actual audio-knowledge
    • Distant explosions sounds
    • Rocket exhaust sounds that originate from the actual rocket

Written on 2015-11-13 by LAxemann

EMSI released in the BI forums an update for this short and straight SP mission where you must defend your positions in air, on the ground and in the water.

  • small tweaks in scripts
  • added icons for all hints
  • polished all hints
  • removed dog from the second part of mission (not working correctly as BIS did some changes in behaviour of animals/dogs (?))
  • added teamswitch feature for the second part of mission

Written on 2015-11-13 by EMSI

MisterCat released his Super Tactical JPC addon for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ever wanted to be an elite operator? Me neither, here is a JPC.
    It's just a old vest I made that I never decided to release, it's pretty shit, but I saw there weren't any released, so I thought I might as well just release mine.

Written on 2015-11-13 by MisterCat

EricJ released an updated version of his Thompson Mini Pack on the BI forums.
This adds different versions of the Thompson to your Arma 3 game.

  • Adjusted recoil
  • Fixed mapping issues

Written on 2015-11-13 by Armaholic

Raptoer released the Pooter's enhanced ASR AI on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI takes the base ASR AI (currently version 0.9.27) and modifies the behavior of AIs who encounter danger.

    Specifically it causes AI to get into cover behind specific objects (any object that is tall enough is eligible).
    It also causes AI to counter attack if they have detected danger and then were left alone for long enough. If the AI are continuously detecting danger then they will not counter attack until the danger has ended.
    AI in buildings will also attempt to either lower their stance or move to another position in order to get out of fire.

    The mod is compatible with both single and multiplayer, however I have never tested the campaign with it.

    There are expanded settings in the userconfig for various delays as well as the maximum distance at which the AI will attempt a counter attack.

    There are two downsides to using this mod:
    • Slight performance decrease per instance of AI detecting danger (mainly the first time each group detects danger).
    • AIs can be a little cowardly, especially at long ranges. The AI will go into cover, then may decide that it really likes the cover and sit there.

    While I know of no open issues, I have done few large scale tests (other than pitting 40 AI vs 40 AI and loving their actually taking cover).

Written on 2015-11-12 by Armaholic

Aylas has submitted a cooperative mission where Elite Special Forces are sent to Imrali Island to destroy the political prison used for torture.

    Quote :
    Elite Special Forces are sent to Imrali Island to destroy the political prison used for torture

    • Hardcore Mission (No respawn)
    • Lot of enemies
    • CQB battle

Written on 2015-11-11 by Aylas

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