Chairborne released an updated version of the PKM and Pecheneg, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Another small update, I fixed the recoil. This time it shouldn't do any weird snaps because of Arma 2 black magic as it's using the M200 recoil straight from A3.
    As always, if you find any problems feel free to contact me.

    • Tweaked recoil

Written on 2014-08-13 by Chairborne


Chairborne released an updated version of his Russian Naval Infantry on the Armaholic forums.
This is a retexture of some Arma 3 assets to make them look like contemporary Russian Naval Infantry.

    Quote Chairborne :
    This is just a quick hotfix that should make the mod compatible for good with ALIVE.

    • Minor tweaks for ALIVE compatibility

Written on 2014-08-13 by Chairborne

Chairborne released an updated version of his Arma 2 Mi-8/Mi-17 Port on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This update should fix some of the most relevant problems.
    Dead animations should work correctly now.
    I found - and solved - a bug that prevented the pilot of the Mi-8MT to being shot and killed.
    Armor value was raised within acceptable levels, i feel it's adequate to a helicopter of this kind.
    Mirrors finally have PictureInPicture functionality.
    Hitpoints SHOULD be fixed, i didn't spend too much time hangin' around and seeing how resistent they are (they all get damaged and destroyed though), they use standard BIS values so they should be in line with everything else.
    I'm open to feedbacks and suggestions though.
    I didn't really have time to go into detail with some of the minor features i was asked but i've added them to my list.

    • Fixed dead state animations
    • Mi-8MT pilot not invulnerable to bullets anymore
    • Increased armor values
    • Added PIP mirrors to all variants
    • Hitpoints now working correctly

Written on 2014-08-13 by Chairborne


Code34 released his Object Oriented Hashmap script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    OO HASHMAP is a class (object oriented) that permits to replace arma array with an hashmap object.

    • Implementing the java hashmap interface - see

Written on 2014-08-13 by code34

Belbo submitted an updated version of his ADV Zeus Script.
This is a small script for adding editor placed objects or units to the zeus interface.

    Quote :
    When playing as Zeus you might notice that you can't interact with editor placed objects/units or with units spawned during the mission or even with respawned players. That's why I wrote this very small script to counteract that.

    This script adds (almost) all editor placed objects to the zeus interface, so you can edit them as Zeus. Additionally it checks every five seconds if units have been spawned and makes them editable as well. That way you always have a way to see or interact with your players or units spawned by scripts like UPSMON.

    • small change to the while-loop

Written on 2014-08-13 by Belbo

Sabre[Dust] released his Simple Retexture UN/Red Cross aircraft addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Adds a few simple retextured aircraft

    • UN:
        An2 (fictional, no idea if it was ever used this way)
    • Red Cross:
        An2 (fictional, no idea if it was ever used this way)
    • and maybe some more...

Written on 2014-08-12 by SabreD

Beerkan informed us BangaBob released his Survivable Helicopter Crash script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Use this script for to simulate a survivable helicopter crash. In addition this script improves player immersion by dynamically playing sound effects during helicopter deterioration and adding frantic screen shake. Works in both MP and SP missions.

Written on 2014-08-12 by bangabob

Soronelite released an updated version of his =ARC= Patches / Insignia addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The mod aims to add patches and insignias. (thanks to the Bootcamp update)
    You'll find insigna from real units, usefull patches (as medic patches) or moral patches.

    This is an early release (for test etc.), there is some insignias and patches so you can have a first look at it. (some need more work)
    If you use our mod =ARC= NATO Offensive, be advised that our units aren't compatible yet. An update will be released soon.
    Feel free to give me as many feedback as you can, and also tell me which patches or insignias you'd like to see!
    I'll not be able to make all requests, so focus on famous units or patches etc.

      - Common:
      • UN
      • FR:
          - Opex : Epervier / Sangaris / Serval
      • GER:
          - Flag
          - KSK
      • US:
          - USMC
          - 502nd Airborn
          - 503d Infantry
          - 555th Engineer Brigade
          - 926th Engineer Brigade
      - Moral:
      • BSG 75
      • FoxHound
      • MSF

Written on 2014-08-12 by soronelite

Kiory released his True Ultra Shadow settings mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So, for the longest time I was sick of the shadow resolution in Arma, I know I'm not the only one.
    I came across some juicy info whilst searching through some configs and discovered that the settings are on a config level, seriously 3 minutes of work and I was done with minimal performance impact!
    This adds Ultra Shadow settings to your game.

Written on 2014-08-12 by Kiory

POLPOX released an updated version of his Additional Truck Colors addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds 8 colors for civilian truck.
    Colors are:
      White(by BI)
      Red(by BI)
      Light Blue
      Light Green
      Light Yellow

    • Fix:Some textures (by Brainbug)

Written on 2014-08-12 by Foxhound

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