Hcpookie released an updated version of his Pook SAM Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Modern SAM Systems including 9K33x, 9K37, 9K317, and 96K6 platforms. Their original Russian designations are used. Missile performance and behavior based on real-world data and video footage. The 9K33x, 9K37, and 9K317 are normally radar guided, and they can also be optically guided in an ECM-heavy environment. Therefore, I added manual control to these missiles. This is subject to removal in future releases based on feedback.

    All BIS factions represented, since it stands to reason that the CDF and Takistani Army would have acquired these in their inventories.

    • Fixed: C-RAM shadow bug.
    • New: RWR Incoming Missile alerts for some planes. This feature is WIP and only applies to some planes at present. Scripting instructions added for addon/mission makers to add this new alert feature to any plane in-game.

Written on 2015-10-08 by hcpookie


Clayman has submitted a new version of this combat search and rescue mission.

    Quote Clayman :
    Combat Search and Rescue.
    Two of our men have been captured on a secret mission far behind enemy lines. Tomorrow morning they will be publicly executed. Of course we cannot accept this. It is your mission to rescue our comrades and return them home safely...

Written on 2015-10-04 by Clayman

SlovakianLynx released in our forums an unofficial sequel to EMSI’s campaing 89’

    Quote SlovakianLynx :
    You play as deep recon team Cicindela (the same one as in my SP mission Autumn Leaves) and as infantry squad leader Bohumil Vymlátil.

    One of the goals was to create a more historically accurate environment, therefore:
      - None too modern vehicles ware used (the most common civilian car is Lada Zhiguli).
      - FIA snipers use Mosin-Nagant 91/30 PU instead of ČZ 550 rifles.
      - You don’t fight AFMC, but US Army.

Written on 2015-09-30 by SlovakianLynx


Pisces72 has submitted the first chapter of a possible fictional campaign that deals with a conflict between the Laretian Republic and the United States over the territory of the small treaty state of Nogova.

    Quote Pisces72 :
    The purpose of this upload is to provide interesting and realistic (more or less) missions for ArmA fans. The events, countries, characters, the way they are depicted and everything else is entirely fictional and subjected to the author’s artistic freedom.

Written on 2015-09-29 by Pisces72

S@ndBob informed us he released a new version of his Northrop B2 "Spirit" on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds the Northrop B2 "Spirit" to your Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    • Length = 21.03 m
    • Wing Span = 52.40 m
    • Height = 5.18 m
    • Crew : 2: pilot and co-pilot
    • Armament : 216 GBU-39 (small diameter bomb)

    • fixed glass texture
    • improved shadow
    • removed CBA
    • added Israel model
    • fixed gear hatch bug

Written on 2015-09-20 by S@ndBob

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of his [MIS] F-16C Falcon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    F-16C with two variants F-16_AGM for ground targets and F16_AIM for Air targets.
    In each case, both variants are for Israel, Jordan and Egypt.
    No frills - just Afterburner and Vapour Script inclusive.

    • fixed wreck landcontact

Written on 2015-09-20 by S@ndBob

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of the C-17 Globemaster lll on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This is in Alpha stage and still needs lots of work!
    I will begin by saying this. I did not make this mod. All credits go to the original author mukcep.
    This project has gone from person to person but was never completed. I was able to get the mod through a friend who told me that no one is willing to complete at this point so it will most likely stay the way it is now. If I had known how to make mods, I would have done it myself, but I don't know a thing about coding to begin with, so I'm asking the entire ArmA Modding Community to help finish it and hopefully release it to the public in a Beta or even a complete form and to continue working on it from there.

    This adds different versions of the C-17 Globemaster lll.

    • new Geometry-LOD (fixed "bad lock radius"-error / the model can not be longer than 34 m. The tail has been cut away.)
    • new Shadow-LOD (fixed flaps shadows)
    • reduced reflector-light
    • fixed green light at right wing
    • added more flares
    • adaptet config.cpp
    • bisign file and serverkey for wob_gui
    • CBA removed

Written on 2015-09-19 by samrmur

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of his [MIS]Tow Tractor on the BI forums.
This tractor is used to pull aircraft.

  • fixed: "Hitpoint HitLF2Wheel not found", "Hitpoint HitRF2Wheel not found"

Written on 2015-09-19 by S@ndBob

Eggbeast released an updated version of his Rangemaster mod pack on the BI forums.
There is a patch available on the downloadpage so you do not have to download the whole full archive again if you do not wish to do so. The patch can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    • Improved Eurofighter Typhoon by hcpookie:
        - fixed 1 missing magazine
        - fixed broken rangemaster bomblauncher inheritance that affected all aircraft
        - added GPS/INS targeting by Myke
        - added CBU eventhandling by wld427/eggbeast
        - added ARM targeting scripts by pook
        - added RAF radio chatter from BigPickle
        - added AGM and CAS versions (with rockets)
        - added desert UK versions
        - improved realistic engine sounds from crash
        - improved envelope - less likely to stall in combat turns
        - improved afterburner
        - improved magazines so they show up as single number in hud
    • Updated missilebox by eggbeast and hcpookie - various tweaks:
        - BL755 and RBK500SBDE CBUs function
        - Storm Shadow missile skin
        - AGM84H SLAM-ER model

Written on 2015-09-18 by eggbeast

player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Added option to have purchased units delivered to West base by air, or have them spawn at West base
  • Fixes

Written on 2015-09-17 by player_1k

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