Eggbeast released an updated version of his Rangemaster mod pack on the BI forums.
There is a patch available on the downloadpage so you do not have to download the whole full archive again if you do not wish to do so. The newest patch, as well as older ones, can be found at the bottom of the Rangemaster mod downloadpage.

    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    • Added extra ARM missiles to pook_sam radar hunting function
    • Fixed Mica-RF naming
    • Modified MQ9 Predator camouflage values
    • Added Predator module backpack and terminal system tutorial here

Written on 2015-11-28 by eggbeast


player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Resistance units come out at night
  • Added time acceleration
  • Added soldier check-in areas
  • Fixes
  • KORD units have less armor

Written on 2015-11-25 by player_1k

Armitxes released an updated version of his Visual Studio Code - SQF Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor. For those who don't know VS Code, it's pretty much like Sublime Text.
    Today I wrote a SQF Plugin for VS Code, there isn't any documentation about Plugins released yet as VS Code is in a preview state - means you can expect much more features to come but may also encounter some bugs (haven't found any).
    Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.

    Version 0.3 is now released together with a windows installer.

    • Fixed escapes in string
    • Fixed a weird issue where code snippets weren't suggested
    • Added this project to the marketplace and the VS gallery

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armitxes


S@ndBob submitted the first version of his [MIS] Peshmerga Women addon for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote :
    Peshmerga are the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Peshmerga forces are responsible for defending the land, people and institutions of the Kurdistan Region. Following an unexpected large-scale ISIS offensive against Iraqi Kurdistan in August 2014, peshmerga and other Kurdish forces from neighboring countries have been waging an all-out-war against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. Among other things, the peshmerga weapons got from Germany (of Ursula "Flinten-Uschi" von der Leyen).

Written on 2015-11-15 by S@ndBob

Eaglke released an updated early alpha version of the Over The top mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Over The Top is a total conversion for Arma 2 CO, it turns Arma 2 from its modern setting to a world war one setting immersing players in the mud filled trench's of 1914 to 1918. With access to tanks, planes, armoured cars and many other objects players are sure to enjoy the mods first release.

    This is the new version of the mod for arma 2. The whole team were go to arma3, and I continue the mod for arma 2 alone. It's take a long time, but I will continue in freelance.
    This version have a lot of bug, and model can look unifished but guys who want try and play with for fun are welcome.

    • New Models:
        - Early french troop added (1914 -15 style)
        - Italian Unit added
        - Carcano rifle
        - Chauchat lmg
        - 45mm hotckiss naval gun
        - Fiat rivelli HMG
        - 65 mm french moutain gun
        - 15cm Mod 1893 Howitzer
        - Mercedes GP 1914 race car
        - Renault Taxi
        - SE5a
        - Nieuport 11 (French and italian)
        - Stokes mortar
    • Reworked Model:
        - Lebel Rifle
        - Fokker E3
        - Caudron G3
    • Map:
        - Gallipoli (early WIP)
        - Trench map with new items (windmill, bunker, barbed wire...

Written on 2015-11-10 by TankGun

foxdie has submitted a new version of the original co30 Domination 2 West AI OA by Xeno with a save feature.

    Quote foxdie :
    • Mission parameters dialog (select main targets, side missions, artillery max dist., ranked, ...)
    • Unlimited saves
    • Switch team unit

Written on 2015-11-06 by foxdie

DrSova submitted his TOS-1 "Buratino" addon.

    Quote :
    This adds a Sovjet 220mm 30-Barrel multiple rocket launcher mounted on a T-72 Armor chassis.
    The TOS-1 was designed for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications, in open country, and in lightly armoured vehicles and transport. First combat tests took place in 1988–1989 in the Panjshir Valley during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
    More info

Written on 2015-11-05 by DrSova

Hcpookie released an updated version of his Anzac Frigate on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The main purpose of this release is to provide a sea-based SAM solution for the pook_SAM pack. But instead of just making a static platform for the launchers, I decided to fill in all bits on it for a full-featured release.

    It WILL require my pook_SAM pack to run correctly! The idea is that CDF and TAK forces have "localized" these frigates, so the VLS missile launchers use SA-11 missiles, which according to information I can find are designated as SA-N-7 for the naval variant. I may modify this some in the future.

    From what I've read the CIWS was planned, but NOT adopted for use. I can't find information to support the addition of the CIWS turret... still looking however. I might just add it because "CIWS turret".

    • Walkable deck area. Disembark from crew puts you on the rear deck. I chose not to make every ladder, etc. workable since there really is no reason to walk up to the front.
    • Rear deck fall-off. Fixed with an attached deck object. The deck object stays in place so you don't walk off the rear due to large object limitations.
    • Walkable interior... rear deck area, you can walk on the main deck area only. A3 version may include additional walkable areas.
    • Improved RHIB boat scripts. Now properly spawns the armed boats, not the "standard" RHIB boats.
    • Fixed RHIB docking scripts. You now correctly get moved into cargo when docking the RHIB boats.

Written on 2015-11-04 by hcpookie

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of his Gulf Of Aqaba Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This project refers to a landscape east of the Sinai Peninsula.
    It is a so-called quadrilateral region (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) with a real-Terrain on the Gulf of Aqaba with the cities of Aqaba (jord.)​​, Eilat, Eilot (isra.) and Taba (egyp.).

    The Real-terrain is 20.48 x 20.48 km = ~ 420 km2.
    A huge satellite image 20480 x 20480 I used as a template where what belongs to roads, buildings, etc..
    Thanks to ArcGIS and USGS (NASA Earth Data).

    • fixed [OPX_Misc] classname-conflicts:
        - (OPX_misc => "Land_sign2" is now "OPX_sign2")
        - (OPX_misc => "Land_sign3" is now "OPX_sign3")
        - (OPX_misc => "Land_sign" is now "OPX_sign")
        - (OPX_misc => "Land_Antenna" is now "OPX_antenna")
    • fixed height adjustment on the bridge parts
    • added Ruins and Wracks
    • added illuminated Billboards, Aqaba Harbor Tower, Petrol stations ....a.o.
    • added City-Districts for Aqaba
    • added parameters for "Ambient Civilian (Expansion)"- module
    • added MP Missions by Mangoo
    • reduced sunlight
    • added other cluttergrass
    • added modified Arma1 Buildings
    • modified JOF_Objects
    • updated animated and higher Airport tower
    • new mountain military camp and village southern of the Aqaba port
    • fixed house markerlights problem
    • filler cap and ladder for 60m chemical tanks
    • added new runwaylights (white and blue)
    • added new road barrier
    • removed many beton areas
    • included Addons "MIS_Arab civilians", "MIS_Isis Terrorists", "MIS_Jordanian Royal Army", "MIS_F16", "MIS_TowTractor"...etc.

Gulf Of Aqaba Mod v1.1

Arma 2
All other required addons are included in the archive[/center

Written on 2015-11-01 by S@ndBob

Officer D released in our forums his latest mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Officer D :
    1. Disembark at the shore close to Ykspihlaja and secure the area.
    2. Take out the army base south located by Tuulensuia. Try and find some armor to continue the mission.
    3. Go to the Thirsk Airbase and hijack the radio transmitter located there.
    4. Find the hidden suitcase in Thirsk. Search in the green barracks buildings.
    5. Make your way to the south lighthouse and wait for extraction.

Written on 2015-10-27 by Officer D

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