Kash697 submitted the first version of his IAF Indian Air Force texture replacement pack.

    Quote :
    This addon represents Indian Air Force. Currently it only has C130j textures but in the coming days i'll add textures for more IAF warplanes Which are available on Armaholic website. You can also go through the website and do requests for me here, after which i'll ask the original modder for permissions and then make texture pack for the mod.

Written on 2015-07-29 by kash697


Hcpookie released an updated version of his Pook SAM Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Modern SAM Systems including 9K33x, 9K37, 9K317, and 96K6 platforms. Their original Russian designations are used. Missile performance and behavior based on real-world data and video footage. The 9K33x, 9K37, and 9K317 are normally radar guided, and they can also be optically guided in an ECM-heavy environment. Therefore, I added manual control to these missiles. This is subject to removal in future releases based on feedback.

    All BIS factions represented, since it stands to reason that the CDF and Takistani Army would have acquired these in their inventories.

    • Fixed: “KILLED” cleanup script was not removing gunner units for USMC, US factions.
    • Fixed: Site radars’ “KILLED” scripts not resetting to allow additional site spawns.
    • Fixed: PENDING: Some ARM missiles’ flight models are being researched for more realistic performance.
    • Improved: ARM missile script detection will now automatically fire the currently selected weapon is an AR missile. This change was implemented to avoid loss of target at longer distances due to game engine view distance limitations.
    • Improved: ARM missile scripts will create a target marker at the SAM/AAA site.
    • Improved: SON-50 / S60 AAA site employs new height tracking; experimental
    • New: ALARM loiter mode. Uses the “ARM-Indirect Fire Mode” action to fire loiter mode.

Written on 2015-07-26 by hcpookie

Eggbeast released an updated version of his Rangemaster mod pack on the BI forums.

    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    • added f111 sounds to tornado - much better
    • fixed tornado handling, proxy order and wings parts not folding
    • fixed F35 brimstone racks - check out BAFX AGM version!
    • fixed f111 afterburner position
    • fixed ARM scripts in russian planes - Kh31 / KH25 ARM's now work properly targeting Blufor radars from 10km
    • fixed 2-seater planes ARM and GPS targeting added for WSO as well as pilot
    • fixed GBU38 and GBU54 locking
    • fixed CRAM (temp fix til new sam pack)
    • fixed ship weapons and scripts in MP
    • added 3 more roles to multi role rearming - SEAD, LGB and BMB classes

Written on 2015-07-25 by eggbeast


The ArmSTALKER team released a first version of their ArmStalker Online addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    We are the ArmSTALKER team and we make a modification for Arma 3 in the STALKER universe.

    Half of year ago we were developing mod for Arma 2 and we have a lot of units created by us.
    Each of them has bumps, all selections are made right. No squares.

    Available soldiers:
    • All newbie
    • All bandits
    • All an experienced stalker; (dolg,freedom,monolith,army,mercenaries)
    • All exoskeletons; (dolg,freedom,monolith,army,mercenaries)

    We are sharing those units for you, maybe some of you guys would be inspired and will make good missions for Arma 2.

Written on 2015-07-17 by Romzet

The DAFmod Team released a new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic fourums.
When you have already downloaded and installed Dutch Armed Forces mod you can use the small patch to update your install. Otherwise download the full version cause we have updated that with the patch.

    Quote DAFmod Team :
    This modpack adds the Dutch armies and other Dutch content to ArmA2: Combined Operations. The compilation has been constructed with many different addons contributed by members of the BohemiaInteractive (ArmA2) community. The mod is not finished and should be considered a work in progress so use it at your own risk!

    This is the first DAFmod Patch that requires you to have the DAFmod v0975 installed prior to adding this to the modfolder.
    Not a big update but due to some changes to my system i could not do much more this month. This caused a CTD that i think i have solved now (Asus Essence One DAC cannot play games at 24/192 bit/KHz). Still working on the dubbing file and some new missions for the future release. And then perhaps i will move on to new projects while finalizing the DAFmod for Arma2:CO in the background.

    • added: Mercedes Wolf G250 M2 in 2 camos
    • added: Insurgency ACE SOLTG vs. [MIS] ISIS Terrorists for Takistan & Dingor
    • updated: Insurgency mission & params: 200/600% AI option
    • updated: F-35 light skin markings
    • updated: missing pilot icons & config entries
    • updated: Scorpion flipped patches, nohq & smdi
    • updated: Patriot Missile system to v2.3

Written on 2015-07-15 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

Quarz submitted his Franken map.

    Quote :
    The Map is 10x10km big and located in Franconia, Southern Germany. The map features several bigger cities, two airports and about 20 smaller villages. Furthermore there are a lot of industrial compounds, communication-stations and other things to explore. There are big fields for agriculture as well as forests.

    As this is the first version of the map, there may be some little bugs.

Written on 2015-07-12 by Quarz

TigerForce released a new version of the Operation Frenchpoint mod on the Armaholic forums.

    The OFrP Team is glad to give you our latest release for Arma 2: Combined Operations, correcting Warfare Building. It's better later than never.
    The next release will be for Arma 3, we promise!
    You will find a MEGA download mirror in which there is the mod in one zip, in different zip (for low connexion) and the CBA version required.

    We hope you will still enjoy our mod.
    Kind Regards!

Written on 2015-07-10 by TigerForce

The CWR² Team released an updated version of the Soviet Airborne Infantry Expansion for the Cold War Rearmed² mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This Expansion for Cold War Rearmed² adds Soviet Airborne Infantry and some armored vehicles.

    • Added: Static weapons
    • Fixed: BMD rear lights were permanently on
    • Fixed: Smaller, invisible changes and fixes

Written on 2015-07-09 by CWR2 PR

The CWR² Team released an updated version of the British Armed Forces expansions for the Cold War Rearmed² mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This Expansion for Cold War Rearmed² adds British Armed Forces with a huge variety of Vehicles and Weapons.

    • Changed: Landrover map icons
    • Fixed: FV101 commander ‘get in’ point was missing
    • Fixed: SAS Operatives no longer ‘Speak American’
    • Fixed: FV432 rpt warning
    • Fixed: Lynx wreck rpt warning
    • Fixed: FV510 rpt warning
    • Fixed: Landrover (MG) has working ammo belt
    • Fixed: Landrover label was mirrored

Written on 2015-07-09 by CWR2 PR

The CWR² Team released an updated version of the Cold War Rearmed² - West German Army expansion on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Thanks to the kind donations of Marseille77 and vilas, we're happy to present you another small Expansion for CWR².

    • Added: Milan Tripod now can be disassembled
    • Added: Team Leaders
    • Added: VW 181 by cubus/Marseille77
    • Changed: Added custom commandbar icons for SL, TL, Officer and Medic
    • Changed: MAN 630 rear cargo positions adjusted
    • Fixed: Clan logo was always visible on Marder
    • Fixed: M113 Ambulance rpt warnings

Written on 2015-07-09 by CWR2 PR

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