nettrucker has submitted this 16 custom songs soundtrack made for his Hammer of Thor campaign.

    Quote nettrucker :
    This soundtrack has been written for the campaign Hammer of Thor. My friends and me finally decided to release it to the public. This package contains 16 custom songs in mp3 and ogg as well.

Written on 2014-09-16 by Foxhound


Eggbeast released an updated version of his BAFX and Rangemaster mod packs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    BAF-X mod pack:
      To provide an expansion of Arma 2 OA BAF faction with previously released UK forces content, with enhanced coherence in faction, classname, weaponry, armour, speed, useractions and crews, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    Rangemaster mod pack:
      To provide a broad refresh of Arma 2 content, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    • L-159 ALCA x9 models:
        - added Su-25 faction models including new desert skins
        - added A-10 faction models including new desert skins
        - added A10 skins from Stiltman/Tobe
    • F-35/B:
        - added with VTOL and proper proxies in weapon bays, no wing pylons.
    • F-35/A and F-35/B:
        - both have animated weapon bays, when you launch a weapon for them they open and close.
        - improved shelldrop fx added to Mi24, ka52, AH64D, AH1Z, F35, AV8, Su25, AH6
        - added new side lights to AH1Z
        - fixed some missing rvmats
        - added slower engine init to all missiles so they drop off pylons before ignition
        - added animated tail flame to various missiles
        - added improved missile model for vikhr/ataka series
        - added improved AT2 missile and racks
        - added GUV gunpod
        - fixed vikhr speed
        - added GPS lock to KH-31
        - added moving searchlights to AH1Z/W, AH64D, Ka52
        - durandal anti-runway bombs - fixed bug
        - radio missing picture - fixed
        - EB_Air duplicated stuff set to scope 1 to reduce confusion
    • 3 Demo missions updated
    • Readmes updated

Written on 2014-09-10 by eggbeast

FoxFort has submitted this addon that changes CHDKZ infantry uniform textures into similar uniform textures of "Donbass People's Militia" in Eastern Ukraine crisis of 2014.

    Quote FoxFort :
    This addon will REPLACE your vanilla CHDKZ infantry textures.

    This addon changes CHDKZ infantry uniform textures into similar uniform textures of "Donbass People's Militia" in Eastern Ukraine crisis of 2014. I decided to name them "Zagoria People's Militia" (ZPM). I didn't made any changes to the ingame names in order to preserve compability with Singleplayer
    New uniforms are: Spectre-S, Flora, Gorka with Berezka, solo Berezka for medic and Izlom for commander.

    Since I've changed the name from "CHDKZ_camo" into "ZPM". This is now v1.0 of ZPM.

Written on 2014-09-06 by FoxFort


Franze released an updated version of the AH-64D Apache Longbow by him and Nodunit on the BI forums.
It now comes with an ArmA3 compatible controls file, this will enable usage of this chopper in Arma 3. See the downloadpage or the below quote for more information.

    Quote Franze :
    Version 1.32 has been released!

    After more than 3 years, we are finally ready to make the first release of our AH-64D to ArmA2! This addon represents a full circle for us: I had first started on an Apache Longbow for Operation Flashpoint 10 years ago; Nodunit and I made our first combined upgraded release 8 years ago. Now we've finally been able to come back and do what we could only dream of several years ago.

    • Modified data transfer mechanics.
    • Fixed bug with PNVS and FLIR lenses on the model.
    • Fixed multiplayer bugs with scripting not initializing.
    • Added CPG control options when AI is piloting.
    • Modified model UV coordinates.
    • Fixed bug with multiplayer missile avoidance.

Written on 2014-08-29 by NodUnit

Levrex informed us he released version RC3 of the Task Force Arrowhead Radio for ArmA 2: CO which he ported with permission from Arma 3 to Arma 2: OA.

    Quote :
    This is a port of Task Force Radio (ArmA-III) to ArmA-II: CO. It requires @CBA_CO addon.
    It runs on TeamSpeak 3.0.14 and older (till 3.0.11), and probably 3.0.15 too. It requires beta patch no less than 1.62.103718 to work properly, otherwise you sometimes won't hear players in vehicles and encounter other errors.
    Currently it requires plugin version no less than 0.9.0 to work. Plugins are 100% compatible with ArmA3 plugins.

    Having @ACE addon is very preferable, otherwise you will encounter different errors. You can play without it, though, but make sure to delete task_force_ace_radios.pbo and .bisign then.

    • Fixed an error with fn_getFactions.sqf, which popped up on mission start if certain ArmA-2 modules were included.
    • Fixed coop_channel. Now it works properly, and you can also write down the channel name and password in init.sqf to move different sides or even certain players in different channels.
    • Fixed "pictureStaticObject not found" issue when using A.C.E.-2 AN/PRC-117f radio interface.
    • AN/PRC-148: the volume is now changed by a black knob on top of the radio. Additional channel is now on MODE button. GR button does not do anything.
    • FADAK: numpad also works now. You can use it to switch channels. 9 sets additional channel as well as the top pin.
    • AN/PRC-152: the same as above.
    • New sounds for knobs.
    • Added a function to show the channel in which the marker would be placed. The channel is also logged now, as well as the player's side.
    • Fixed the error in function for getting radio settings when the player is a civilian.
    • Rotating volume knobs on R-55 and PD-785.
    • Fixed the wrong info in server config. If tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = 0, then players WOULD receive LR radios.
    • Changed encoding of documentation files to UTF-8 as to make them readable on all systems.
    • Added a .pbo which fixes several ACE function errors. File name is ace_163_fix.pbo. If you don't have ACE or CBA nor plan to install them, you should delete it as well as the task_force_ace_radios.pbo and corresponding .bisign files.

Written on 2014-08-27 by Foxhound

ESPI has submitted the first version of this addon that allows to tune up your car.

    Quote ESPI :
    • test only one player.
    • this edition only for the suv car.
    • masks for suv, bumpers and spoilers. color
    • masks stickers.
    • mission to test menu for multiple combinations.
    • switch garage with light and radio3d simulation.
    • Simulation suv radio3d.
    • new colors for suv
    • masks mod for the new spinnaker effect future dirt and mud..

Written on 2014-08-26 by ESPI

Foxtrop released an updated version of the Project 82 The Falklands/Malvinas War mod on the BI forums.

Quote Foxtrop :
    This contains the IA58 pucara (two rocket pods and 6 small bombs), the Skyhawk A4B and A4C, the Aermacchi m339 (armed with two 30mm defa canon, and two zuni rocket launches of 4 rockets each), the Mirage3EA, the Mirage Nesher/Dagger, the T34C turbomentor and the Pilots.

    • Update of all planes, includes now the Mirage3EA and the Mirage Nesher/Dagger and the T34C turbomentor.
    • The mirage 3EA comes in two configurations
      - armed with two R550 misiles and one fuel tank
      - armed with one R530 misile and 2 fuel tanks
      The mirage Nesher/dagger comes in three configurations
      - armed with 2 Shaffir misiles and one fuel tank
      - armed with 2 bombs and two fuel tanks
      - armed with 4 bombs and two fuel tanks
      The fuel tanks release simply cuts part of your fuel, I was trying to add an script to gain some speed when you release the bombs but I could not do it without causing stutering.
      The T34C turbomentor has one configuration
      - 2 defa 7.62 pods and 2 rocket pods
    • Changes in other planes:
    • A4 added thrust flame, add _AS map to the materials
      Pucara modified fire script to avoid stutering, remade bumpmap

Written on 2014-08-26 by Foxtrop

Sabre[Dust] released his Simple Retexture UN/Red Cross aircraft addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Adds a few simple retextured aircraft

    • UN:
        An2 (fictional, no idea if it was ever used this way)
    • Red Cross:
        An2 (fictional, no idea if it was ever used this way)
    • and maybe some more...

Written on 2014-08-12 by SabreD

CWR2 PR released version 1.0 of the Cold War Rearmed² beta on the Armaholic forums.
With this release they also released updated versions of the UK, NL, VMF and Terrain Expansions including the all new Poseidon version 1.0.

    Quote CWR2 PR :
    This Modification is the result of around 5 years of development and thousands of hours spent by countless people working on this Project in their spare free time. Without their dedication, and the generous model donations of many people this giant project could have never finished.

    Maybe a little disappointment for some but the pretty girls from the trailer are not included in this release yet. There are still some problems to take care of to make them real pretty. But we decided that the final release should not be delayed even more just because of such minor things. They will be released in a patch as soon as all issues are fixed and QA has nothing to complain anymore.

    Altough called finished, this is not the end yet. We still work on some more Expansions and are fixing smaller issues. And most probably there are bugs showing up after released, they always do! What we are able to fix, we will of course.

    With this version, we also release updated versions of the UK, NL, VMF and Terrain Expansions.
    We hope you will enjoy this work and have many hours of fun with it.

    Oh, there's one more thing.
    Around two years ago, W0lle had the crazy idea to port the terrain used in the "Poseidon Technology Demo" from 1997 to CWR². And a crazy idea it was indeed because to achieve this, Mikero had to update his Editing Tools so the ancient data format becomes readable. And then Jakerod spent more than a year on deciding how the terrain should look like, creating the textures and villages while trying to stay as close to the original as possible.
    The result is maybe one of the most beautiful and detailed terrains we ever created with a lot of interesting spots. We are sure this will give mission creators some inspiration and then even more fun for you.

    This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll.

Written on 2014-08-11 by CWR2 PR

Sgt_savage from The Unsung Team informed us about the newest release of their popular Vietnam mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead .

    Quote :
    It's finally here!

    We set out September 2013 to correct errors and bugs with our 2.5 release, and yet again it exploded to be our biggest release to date. With the help of new, keen and talented team members this time we are releasing something very special. The unsung Vietnam war mod has evolved and broken new ground in the Arma series. This time bringing you never seen before concepts pushing the engine to its maximum potential.

    Most of our place holder models have been updated with host of new Weapons, Planes, APC’s , Helicopter variants & New ground units to name a few. A complete faction overhaul , kitted out with new and improved weapons replacing our old and outdated ones carried in from previous releases. Version 2.6 hosts more new kit for you to explore along with some new and interesting things to find in game.

    Whilst our focus has been on intensity and atmosphere, this time it has been taken to the next level. This release will undoubtedly quench the thirst of community members whom want to play a mod that actually takes you deep into the combat where you will feel the sweat on your brow, as swarms of NVA and VC come at you screaming, as you empty you m16 in the thick dense jungles of South East Asia.

    2.6 Release Highlights:
    • A6 Intruder by Aplion
    • E2 Hawkeye reconfigured to “E2-B” model by HC Pookie
    • F105 D & F models by Pookie
    • A4 Skyhawk C & E models original model by project 82 mod , remodeled and re textured by Pookie and Brainbug
    • Mig 19 – By Pookie
    • AH-1G new chin turret with mini-gun and grenade launcher combo & new customized load-outs
    • 7 new sampan models
    • 2 New NVA fictitious PBR Patrol boats
    • New custom made ordinance Kab250, kab500, mk83, mk84, CBU24B Sadeye, BLU bomblet, AGM12C Bull pup, AGM45
    • Shrike,GBU8 HOBOS, Mk77 Napalm
    • New targeting interface and custom load out system for all planes
    • Added new animated barrels and reload animations to M2’s on PBR , m48a3 and Sheridan.
    • Main guns on Sheridan and M48 now have recoil effects animation.
    • Added Shell casings to minguns on the uh1 gunship , ah1 cobra and oh6 cayuse
    • 4 new uh1c variants , M21 , M6 , TOW, ARA
    • PBR upgrades new commanders position with working movable searchlight, other lights for driver and front gunner.
    • Added new PBR versions the MK19 Grednade Launcher and Zippo versions.
    • Added new uns_missile box
    • M105 an M114 howitzers added
    • Added new loadouts for all combat jets
    • Updated support module and radio interface
    • Now able to switch RTO radio sounds off and on in the field
    • Added NEW extraction module
    • Added 4 new military radio chatter files an extra 25 minutes more
    • New gun sounds to nearly all weapons in arsenal including authentic magazine reload sounds
    • Added new internal start up and shutdown sounds to the CH46 & CH53
    • Lightened texture on A7 navy version fuselage to match Navy F4E
    • M113 & M163 new texture colours
    • New GUI interface for radio support system , added PRC-25 and PRC-90
    • Massive unit and vehicle faction clean-up and restructure
    • Major weapon model upgrade
    • New SNR75 Fan Song Radar array
    • 2 new Mig21 variants based of Aplions original F version
    • New silencer / Knife scripting certain weapons
    • Dustoff / Evac module
    • New M113 variants , M2, M60, Zippo, M106 mortar carrier, M1919, ACAV versions with side m60 gunners
    • 3 new Type 55 APC variants
    • Water Buffalo
    • New CH34 M60 version for usmc and ARVN sides
    • New ARVN rangers faction
    • 2 new Islands Phu Bai and Meekong Delta
    • 2 new mobile arty guns m107 and m110
    • USMC Amtrac
    • Ch-54 Tarhe heavy lift chopper
    • New M-151 willy jeep models
    • Folding wings on all navy planes -Auto initialised when on carrier deck
    • New animated flight surfaces on planes
    • New randomised nose and tail art for uh1 gunships
    • New random numbering/Pics and clutter items on m113 fleet
    • New Custom hand animations for unsung rifles and SMG’s
    • New Tunnel complex

Written on 2014-08-11 by sgt_savage

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