Goliath86 released an updated version of his CorePatch, a config patch for Arma 2 OA, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a simple config/script patch for Arma 2 OA. My objective is to correct all the errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63) show with the launch command line -showScriptErrors.

    Upon rollout of 1.63 patch, Bohemia included a new script interpreter that show all the undefined variable present inside scripts. There are a lot of them and maybe they cause script to not run properly.

    Because of ArmA 3, BI programmer have not much time to spend try correcting errors of an old product, as a programmer I understand this, so I decided to use my skills to try to fix these errors as best as I can.

    If anyone know about some of these errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63), with no mods, show in-game with the launch command line -showScriptErrors, inform me in this thread and I will try to fix them.

    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Trial By Fire"
    • Fixed BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye"
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70342
    • Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68220

Written on 2014-12-19 by Goliath


Hcpookie released the first version of his HEMTT Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) Vehicles.

    • HEMTT Vehicles - models include flatbed, rearm, refuel, repair, and... gun truck!

Written on 2014-12-19 by hcpookie

Hcpookie released the first version of his Pook SAM Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Modern SAM Systems including 9K33x, 9K37, 9K317, and 96K6 platforms. Their original Russian designations are used. Missile performance and behavior based on real-world data and video footage. The 9K33x, 9K37, and 9K317 are normally radar guided, and they can also be optically guided in an ECM-heavy environment. Therefore, I added manual control to these missiles. This is subject to removal in future releases based on feedback.

    All BIS factions represented, since it stands to reason that the CDF and Takistani Army would have acquired these in their inventories.

    • 9K331/9K332 Tor (SA-15)
    • 9K37 / 9K317 Buk (SA-11)
    • 96K6 Pantsir (SA-22)
    • NASAMS (AIM-120)
    • C-RAM ADS

    The pook_SA11 pack requires the Rangemaster mod for the SA-11 texture (part of FRL_Missilebox).
    The baseline pook_SAM, pook_SA22 and pook_SA15 do not have any other dependencies.

    • Fix reported errors
    • updating small issues
    • Add NASAMS and C-RAM systems

Written on 2014-12-18 by hcpookie


Eggbeast released an updated version of his BAFX and Rangemaster mod packs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    BAF-X mod pack:
      To provide an expansion of Arma 2 OA BAF faction with previously released UK forces content, with enhanced coherence in faction, classname, weaponry, armour, speed, useractions and crews, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    Rangemaster mod pack:
      To provide a broad refresh of Arma 2 content, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    • New L39 ZA and L59 variants added, with 2 seats
    • L-39ZA opfor with 10 loadouts, 2 seats, WSO camera, shell drop, GPS targeting, wheel brake, new weapons from PRACS project
    • L-59 blufor with 10 loadouts, 2 seats, shell drop, engine flame, WSO camera, GPS targeting, wheel brake
    • L-159 blufor with 10 loadouts, shell drop, engine flame and afterburner, GPS targeting, wheel brake
    • Evromalarkey ACR for A3 project skins in use
    • tons of new Mig29 / Mig35 variants added

Written on 2014-12-06 by eggbeast

The DAFmod Team released a new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic fourums.

    Quote DAFmod Team :
    This modpack adds the Dutch armies and other Dutch content to ArmA2: Combined Operations. The compilation has been constructed with many different addons contributed by members of the BohemiaInteractive (ArmA2) community. The mod is not finished and should be considered a work in progress so use it at your own risk!

    • added: NLD Lifegard RHIB + Zodiac & crew (Reddingsbrigade)
    • added: Pilot in overalls + new MQ9 Reaper texture
    • added: M107 (Desert camo) & M107 ghilli snipers
    • added: Tent (white), 2 custom ammoboxes
    • added: sign (NL, 21INFCOY), Notice Board (The Netherlands)
    • added: fueltanks & barrel, toilet
    • added: Containers medic + plain
    • added: Power Generators & UAV Terminal (camo)
    • added: 40foot containers Army, P&O, Nedlloyd, Helder, KLM
    • added: Railroad: NS, PTT Wagon ( & Shell tanker
    • added: Wolf GD240 textures (green, desert)
    • updated: all ammoboxes now vehicle crates + airdrop_crate added
    • updated: C130 & PC3 Orion can now drop ammocrate
    • updated: SOCR cfg, MQ9 Reaper in multiloadout by eggbeast
    • updated: added missing L115 to sniperbox
    • updated: AH64 smdi

Written on 2014-12-04 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

QL released an updated version of his S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod - QL Edit on the BI forums.
Only change in this version is that he has added the bikey and bisgn files.

    Quote :
    Here is the first release of the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod - QL Edit, based on the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod by DAP, which in turn is based on the game from the GSC - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

    • Random player spawn place.
    • Randomized loot.
    • Randomized traders' assortment.
    • Traders' supplies are not infinite now. For example, he can have only 4 Ak74 mags for sale. You would have to wait when his assortment refreshes(1.5 hours by default) or travel to another trader if you want buy more.
    • Vehicles. (civil cars only)
    • New damage system involving bleedout.
    • Slightly changed vehicle damage system. Anomaly damage depends on speed.
    • 3 new items: bandage, jerrycan, toolbox. Toolbox is for repairing vehicles.
    • More loot places, more stalker camps, more monster spawns.
    • Shitload of bugs.

    • signed addons and included bikey

Written on 2014-11-26 by Armaholic

S@ndBob informed us he released an updated version of his Gulf Of Aqaba Map on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This project refers to a landscape east of the Sinai Peninsula.
    It is a so-called quadrilateral region (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) with a real-Terrain on the Gulf of Aqaba with the cities of Aqaba (jord.)​​, Eilat, Eilot (isra.) and Taba (egyp.).

    The Real-terrain is 20.48 x 20.48 km = ~ 420 km2.
    A huge satellite image (pixels nearly 500 million) I used as a template where what belongs to roads, buildings, etc..
    Thanks to ArcGIS and USGS (NASA Earth Data).

    The map is still expandable. In the North Eastern mountain roads and camps can be expanded. This will happen in a later update.

    In 2020 Egyptian and Palestinian radical Islamic terrorist organizations have toppled the Egyptian government and occupy large parts of Jordan and also operate in Israel. Israel and Jordan fight (as it was in 1970) side by side against terrorism.

    The story leans heavily on the historical background from 1970, with the terrorist PLO and its offshoot, the Jordanian government ousted in part, threatened and terrorized. Without the flow of arms from the U.S. and the military support of Israel, Jordan probably would lost the war against the PLO and Syria.
    source: Black September.

    • fixed Savegame-Continuation-Error
    • fixed sporadic errors without effect
    • fixed Land Contact Swimmingpool in Eilot
    • fixed Land Contact four Villas in Eilat
    • fixed opxbuildings\little mosque.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • fixed opxbuildings\hut3_b_2.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • fixed opxbuildings\tower3.p3d: house, config class missing [RPT-Logfile]
    • added "Ayla-Oasis-Resort and golf course" in Aqaba
    • added Saraya-Resort in Aqaba
    • added transparent sandways for Wadis (Nahal) in Israel
    • added new bridge for peoples
    • added new suspension bridge for ruins und canyons
    • added new gateway models
    • more geographical labeling

Gulf Of Aqaba Map v0.3

Arma 2
All other required addons are included in the archive[/center

Written on 2014-11-24 by S@ndBob

Delta Hawk released his 6 pounder cannon addon on the BI forums.

Written on 2014-11-02 by Delta Hawk

Colonel stagler released an updated version of his 2014 Units Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This pack includes ARMA 2 assets, updated with OA functionality, and some extras. I was inspired by recent current events (Ukraine Crisis) to create this pack.

    • ChDKZ troops with backpack proxies and improved textures, and extra classes (Asst. MG, Asst. AT, Engineer).
    • CDF troops with backpack proxies and improved textures, and extra classes (Asst. MG, Asst. AT, Engineer).
    • Russian Federation troops with backpack proxies, modern gear, improved textures, extra classes (Asst. MG, Asst. AT, Engineer), and added extra and updated vehicles (BMP-2 RU, T-72B3 T-90 w/ Thermal Optics).
    • Backpacks for all above factions.

    • Fixed problems with skin textures on the hands of various units.
    • Added ribbons of Saint George to all ChDKZ units.
    • Added hidden selection textures on CDF units

Written on 2014-11-01 by stagler

QuickDagger released an updated version of his Dagger Ballistics mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote QuickDagger :
    Here´s a new mod. It adds many new ammo types and magazines to the game featuring real life ballistics data.
    Inside you will find a very detailed manual explaining all the new ammo types, their ballistic charts, dispersion and effective range, how they behave in different rifles, how they should be employed, how to make some ballistics calculations as well as calculating bullet penetration and hit values. And much more.

    My intention was to bring a wider variety of ammo with special ammos to special soldiers. Among the bullets you will find SLAP, tear gas, explosive, frangible, duplex, hollow point, and more.

    There is also a LEA config to speed up all your tests with the new stuff included in the mod.

    • Reduced visibleFireTime to 0.75 seconds in order to improve FPS on servers, over ACE defaults.
    • Fixed a problem with silenced ammo causing deafness, all thanks to TechnoPanda´s feedbacks.
    • Fixed the M1022 BC, added the .50 A-Max, added the .50 M20, added the .338 SD, added the 12.7x107 caliber.
    • Now, all vehicles use Dagger ammo.

Written on 2014-10-31 by QuickDagger

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