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Screen of the week

FoxFort submitted an updated version of his CHDKZ New camouflage addon.

    Quote :
    This is my first ever addon for Arma 2: CO.
    This addon changes Chdkz infantry texures to look more like pro-russian militia in Eastern Ukraine crisis of 2014. So far this only replaces BIS Chdkz soldiers uniforms with new better uniforms used by Russian Army. New uniforms are: Spectre-S, Flora, Gorka-D, VSR and Izlom for commander.

    • Added VSR camo for medic;
    • Gorka-D is now in combination with VSR camo.
    • AA, Sapper and Saboteur now have VSR camo jacket instead of flora camo jacket.

Written on 2014-07-23 by FoxFort


The DAFmod Team released a new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic fourums.

    Quote DAFmod Team :
    This modpack adds the Dutch armies and other Dutch content to ArmA2: Combined Operations. The compilation has been constructed with many different addons contributed by members of the BohemiaInteractive (ArmA2) community. The mod is not finished and should be considered a work in progress so use it at your own risk!

    • added: mission CombatAirAssault Celle day 1 & 2
    • added: 57 NLMARSOF & 27 AMB units + AMB vehicleclass
    • added: Rescue Raft (8 man)
    • added: Eggbeast's weapons module:
    • updated: vehicle weapons, tracers, damagehandeling & sounds
    • updated: zeroing added to MG and tank turrets
    • updated: added GPS, NV, TV to tanks, paladin & aircraft
    • updated: added wheelbrake & afterburner to aircraft
    • updated: different ammo typs per vehicle and caliber
    • updated: vehicle loadouts and gear
    • updated: Lynx errors fixes by eggbeast
    • updated: Lynx & NH-90 bumpmap
    • updated: most 'Updating base class' errors
    • updated: SUV, M113 & MLRS plates & rover ambu patch
    • updated: Amphibious assault & IB color
    • updated: RHIB's, SOC-R & paladin textures
    • updated: desert & female soldiers textures
    • updated: F35 SMDI, specularpower reduced
    • updated: F35 glas color + icon
    • updated: lots of vehicle & unit icons
    • updated: some editor unit groups
    • updated: missing SAR pilot icon
    • updated: A320 liferaft changed + P3C, C130 life raft added
    • removed: Air Manoeuvre Brigade (Test unit) daf_amb_1
    • removed: vin_xx AMB units (see xml for details)

Written on 2014-07-22 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

SneakyBeaver released his SUV skin which he ported from Take on Helicopters on the BI forums.

Written on 2014-07-18 by SneakyBeaver

Ruthberg submitted his ATragMX - Handheld ballistics calculator addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces a new item to the game, which helps you to calculate firing solutions.

    • Supports most rifle calibers used in ACE
    • Supports manual entry of gun data
    • Multiple Targets (up to four)
    • Rapid ranging with a Vectronix Pocket Laser Range Finder
    • Range Card Generator
    • FPS corrected wind drift
    • Target Range Estimator
    • Target Speed Estimator
    • Clicking Memory
    • Handles both English (Imperial) and Metric units of measure
    • Display in Mils, MOA, Clicks
    • Calculates bullet drop, wind drift, lead (moving targets), time of flight, remaining velocity, remaining energy

Written on 2014-07-09 by Ruthberg

W4lkn released version 4.1 of the MAFCExt on the BI forums.
If you already downloaded and installed version 4.0 you can get the patch release otherwise download the full version.

    Quote W4lkn :
    Following the very recent update of Operation Frenchpoint mod, we take the opportunity to update the MAFCExt mod. As you know, our mod depent OFrP, this release was essential, so that MAFCExt is fully accessible. No unit has been added, but the bugs in the previous version have been corrected (see changelog below). In addition, our vehicles have now flashing lights functional with sound.

    • Fixed : bugs related to the 3.2.2 version of the OFrP mod
    • Fixed : flashing lights and siren functional (Defender, Trafic, Boxer)
    • Fixed : textures of some lods C-130H Hercules
    • Fixed : P228's magazine "MAF_13Rnd_9x19_P228"
    • Fixed : Stringable of certain groups

    As OFrP, we put at your disposal two different versions of this release, one for those who do not have MAFCExt (full) and a Hotfix patch for those who already have version 4.0 of MAFCExt on their computer.

    The MAF studio team joins me to thank our colleagues from Operation Frenchpoint for these years of collaboration and mutual support, but also for their dedication to the ArmA community, with their magnificent work. Hats off gentlemen!

Written on 2014-07-03 by W4lkn


TigerForce informed the community on the Armaholic forums the OFrP Team released version 3.2c of the Operation Frenchpoint module on their website.

    Quote TigerForce:
    Today, it's the end of a terrible war between the old Operation Frenchpoint team (OFrP) and the modelling tools !
    In its last fight, the old OFrP team gave all its blood, its tears and its passion in order to provide you its last and final release for ArmA 2.

    Indeed, the French Army is back!
    We hope you will enjoy playing our French Army Mod as we enjoyed to make it.
    With this last release, we tried to correct all the bugs discovered before, and added a lot of improvements regarding the config.
    You won't see new units in this release but a very huge increase in quality in game, as well as a new sound for the FAMAS.

    Don't be disappointed, OFrP won't die, because the next generation is there, to continue a great history of modelling to Arma 3, and do not forget : Impossible is not French!

    Regarding this release, it's available in different versions.
    One available for those who don't have at all OFrP mod, one patch version for those who have already OFrP 3.2 on their computer and another one for those who do not have a powerful internet connection providing them as download pack as we have pbo files.

    In the zip file, you will find a Readme pdf file, giving you all information required to use and install our mod, and a Classname file, providing you all the classname of OFrP.

    As always, we please you to read and respect our licence (even if you disagree with), provided in our Readme file or on the website.

    To give your feedbacks, you will find use on the following website:
    To conclude this wonderful experience on ArmA 2, we wanted to thanks all the people who helped us, including beta-testers, addon-makers from different nationalities, mission-makers, BI developers, old OFrP members (we will never forget you) and of course the players...

    Wish you the best and see you soon on Arma 3!

Written on 2014-07-02 by Tom_48_97

Levrex informed us he released version RC2 of the Task Force Arrowhead Radio for ArmA 2: CO which he ported with permission from Arma 3 to Arma 2: OA.

    Quote :
    This is a port of Task Force Radio (ArmA-III) to ArmA-II: CO. It requires @CBA_CO addon.
    It runs on TeamSpeak 3.0.14 and older (till 3.0.11), and probably 3.0.15 too. It requires beta patch no less than 1.62.103718 to work properly, otherwise you sometimes won't hear players in vehicles and encounter other errors.
    Currently it requires plugin version no less than 0.9.0 to work. Plugins are 100% compatible with ArmA3 plugins.

    Having @ACE addon is very preferable, otherwise you will encounter different errors. You can play without it, though, but make sure to delete task_force_ace_radios.pbo and .bisign then.

Written on 2014-06-24 by Foxhound

S@ndBob released version 1.6 of the C-17 Globemaster lll on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This is in Alpha stage and still needs lots of work!
    I will begin by saying this. I did not make this mod. All credits go to the original author mukcep.
    This project has gone from person to person but was never completed. I was able to get the mod through a friend who told me that no one is willing to complete at this point so it will most likely stay the way it is now. If I had known how to make mods, I would have done it myself, but I don't know a thing about coding to begin with, so I'm asking the entire ArmA Modding Community to help finish it and hopefully release it to the public in a Beta or even a complete form and to continue working on it from there.

    This adds different versions of the C-17 Globemaster lll.

    • new ShadowLod
    • fixed Landcontact
    • fixed model.cfg
    • improve config.cpp

Written on 2014-06-21 by samrmur

[CZ75]-LuzifR has submitted this addon aimed to help movie-makers while recording videos since the chain in the center of the screen disturbs to much.

    Quote [CZ75]-LuzifR :
    This addon removes the red/yellow chain which appears on the screen when the connection quality is bad or the desync is high.

Written on 2014-06-10 by LuzifR

S@ndBob released an updated version of his Gulf Of Aqaba Map on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This project refers to a landscape east of the Sinai Peninsula.
    It is a so-called quadrilateral region (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) with a real-Terrain on the Gulf of Aqaba with the cities of Aqaba (jord.)​​, Eilat, Eilot (isra.) and Taba (egyp.).

    The Real-terrain is 20.48 x 20.48 km = ~ 420 km2.
    A huge satellite image (pixels nearly 500 million) I used as a template where what belongs to roads, buildings, etc..
    Thanks to ArcGIS and USGS (NASA Earth Data).

    The map is still expandable. In the North Eastern mountain roads and camps can be expanded. This will happen in a later update.

    In 2020 Egyptian and Palestinian radical Islamic terrorist organizations have toppled the Egyptian government and occupy large parts of Jordan and also operate in Israel. Israel and Jordan fight (as it was in 1970) side by side against terrorism.

    The story leans heavily on the historical background from 1970, with the terrorist PLO and its offshoot, the Jordanian government ousted in part, threatened and terrorized. Without the flow of arms from the U.S. and the military support of Israel, Jordan probably would lost the war against the PLO and Syria.
    source: Black September.

    • added mis_greenhouse distance-LODs
    • added mis_panelak2 distance-LODs
    • deleted Container on the hill (New Harbor Eilat)
    • soil adapted at corners of houses / Industry area 18160 x 11817
    • Heli-H is indestructible
    • densely packed plants halved in the plantations
    • changed all runwaylights
    • added Streetlamps on airports
    • deleted opx_building Block 6
    • deleted opx Villa 4
    • fixed and added 6 OPX Buildings
    • fixed and added OPX Policestation
    • Terrainbuilding / Wadi rocks, river valleys on Sinai

Gulf Of Aqaba Map v0.2

All required addons are included in the archive[/center

Written on 2014-05-30 by S@ndBob

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