Kol9yN submitted a new update about his MOCAP project which adds Melee Closecombat Fight, Takedowns and Knife to Arma 3.

    Quote :
    MOCAP Melee allows you:
    • Strike your target with the weapon that is currently in your hands
    • Use your knife to perform a takedown on your target
    • Perform stealth melee take-downs in different situations, stances and poses
    • Melee fights by using hands and legs
    • Use target as 'Life Shield'
    • Cary/Drag and hide dead bodies
    • Correct AI behaviour and reaction, interaction

Follow the entry in the Make Arma not war contenst here: MOCAP: Melee Closecombat Fight, Takedowns & Knife.

Written on 2014-09-02 by Kol9yN


Ruthberg released an updated version of his ATragMX - Handheld ballistics calculator on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces a new item to the game, which helps you to calculate firing solutions. It is meant to be used together with the following addons:
    • Added 5 ATragMX units to the NATO support box (Box_NATO_Support_F)

Written on 2014-09-02 by Ruthberg

Ruthberg released an updated version of his Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds a Kestrel 4500 to the game. Once finished it will be one of the tools needed for the Advanced Ballistics project.

    • Direction
    • Wind Speed
    • Crosswind
    • Headwind
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Altitude
    • User screen 1
    • User screen 2

    • Added 5 Kestrel4500 units to the NATO support box (Box_NATO_Support_F)[/page]

Written on 2014-09-02 by Ruthberg


Torndeco released an updated version of his extDB on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    extDB is an extension for arma3server, compiles on windows + linux.
    Simply put this is basicly an extension for using a database with some extra features.

    • Multi-Part Messages (i.e if output > outputsize set by arma)
    • Multi-Threading Sync / ASync Commands
    • Supports Mysql / SQlite / ODBC (via Poco Library)
    • CRC32 / MD4 / MD5
    • RAW SQL Support
    • Procedure Support (i.e able to use Procedures + have raw sql disabled)

    • Added: Linux Static Build of extDB download
    • Fixed: Compress MySQL Option
    • Fixed: DB_CUSTOM_V2 template fix exists check
    • Fixed: extDB exception error on arma3server shutdown on linux
    • Updated: Windows Builds using Boost 1.56 + latest Intel tbb43_20140724oss_win
    • Misc: Logging Code Changed back to Boost Log (done for Linux Static builds)
    • Misc: Added Thread ID to logs info, makes it easier to debug log information involving multiple threads working at once.
    • Misc: Misc Fixes for DB_BASIC

Written on 2014-09-02 by Foxhound

JohnHansen released an updated version of the Brazilian Defence Forces mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Brazilian Army Infantry, Air force Infantry, Marines.
    UH60 Black Hawks (Army and Airforce), AH1 Sabre, A29, Super Lynx and Army Truck.

    • corrected Land Rover error

Written on 2014-09-02 by Foxhound

Silola informed us he released the third part of his X-Cam demonstration. You can view the other parts here:Additionally he released some more information about X-Cam and what it is exactly as well as a video showing the library.
    Quote :
    I think it's time to clarify some things about the X-Cam.

    The X-Cam is not any kind of a mission tool or editor. In theory, a 3D Missions editor would be possible, but that would take too much time, and I did not have this time.
    With the X-Cam you can on the one side observe your units in a mission or perform manipulations and influence the units and groups.
    This part of the X-Cam is still work in progress and I do not know exactly how much work I can and should invest there.

    Secondly, you can place with the X-Cam any available object on a map. There are different methods and functions to place and copy objects. Some of them I have already shown in the videos.

    The objects are stored in projects. These projects can always be reloaded to expand or simply change them. From each project you can generate a script file for use within a mission, for example.

    The other possibility is to generate an import file for the terrain builder.

    To achieve the maximum creativity when working with the X-Cam, I've first extracted most of the objects
    from the "AllInArmaTerrainPack" (many thx to .kju for this wonderful work). From this database, I've then generated a config file with round about 5.000 objects (Arma 1 + 2).
    With this large X-Cam object library you have maximum opportunities to combine objects and create unique object constellations for your mission or your terrain.

    The next step will be to create a kind of prototype map, where we can try out exactly these possibilities. This phase will also help me to find bugs in the X-Cam, to expand or optimize functions and to customize and clean up the X-Cam Object Library (for this I need some help maybe).

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project topic.

Written on 2014-09-02 by Foxhound

Tym32167 submitted his Arma 3 Battle Eye Tool.

    Quote :
    The main purpose of this software - manage players and bans by battle eye protocol.

      • Connect to several servers simultaneously
      • Get lists of players/bans/admins (and store this info in database)
      • Kick/ban/ban offline player/remove ban (and store this info in database)
      • Sync perm bans between opened servers
      • Send messages to global chat
      • Lock/Unlock/Restart/Shutdown
      • Get and store chatlog
      • Searh player by Name, one of last names, IP, Guid, Comment, Kick/Ban reason and other notes
      • If connection lost, tool tries to connect every 5 minutes
      • Player list updates if some player connected/disconnected
      • Bans updates if some player was kicked/baned
      • Admins updates if admin connected
      • Kick/Ban message templates
      • All time given in UTC

      Sources and latest release availible here

Written on 2014-09-02 by tym32167

krigshjälte has submitted a new version of the special edition of his TOMB 3 R.I.P mission with improvements extra challenges and more story in the gaming.

Changes since last version:
  • Change telepotation point to safe
  • change speed of some zombies. change ai skills
  • More zombies in an area. Added AA launchers
  • Deleted MK30 units in the heli run brige
  • change the fire loop script Small changes with items and units
  • Change preview picture and Change enemies in the Heli run brige
  • grims revive didnt work so I change back to btc revive.
  • Fixed fire effects.

Written on 2014-09-02 by Krigshjälte

Fiesel-Wiesel released in the BI forums this cooperative mission where your objective is to retake the control of the Abe Shur Dam!

    Quote Fiesel-Wiesel :
    Hey Guys, I'm here to release my first mission.
    As I´m playing a lot with my small coop group from Germany, we early decided to build our own missions.
    So far we have some pretty good ones made by "minuz" (look at his missions in the workshop!).
    As the burnout syndrome getting more and more a heavy widespread illnes on our missionsmakers, we decided that everyone of our team has to build some new missions, haha!

Written on 2014-09-02 by Big

nichevo informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission playable solo or with a small team cooperatively.

  • Fixed: Virtual Arsenal broke because of a bug in ArmA[] introduced by Bohemia Interactive during an update. I've worked around the bug and quick testing suggests that it is now working again in single- and multi-player

Written on 2014-09-02 by nichevo

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