NZDF CRASH released an updated version of his Su-25 Frogfoot Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds different versions of the Su-25 Frogfoot to your arma 3.

    • Added New KM cockpit
    • Replaced FM
    • Toned down aircraft sounds
    • Optimizations
    • Added Russian T Model
    • Vikhr now correct amount
    • Fixed numerous bugs and problems
    • Fixed Polka dancing su25 issue

Written on 2015-05-29 by CRASHNZ


Sparfell informed us he released an updated version of his Missing Units addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    My addon adds various new units created with vanilla weapons, equipements and textures (no other addons required). New units and vehicles can be found in the editor as far as new groups corresponding to.

    The mod is traduced in english and french with English as default (original) language. If you want to propose another translation feel free to contact me and I'll intregate it in further updates.

    I'm open for any kind of suggestions so if you've got some ideas about units that could be added, feel free to make a proposal.

    • Fixed police officer headgear ramdomization.
    • Fixed a lot of small things in the config files.
    • Reworked all configs files.
    • Changed classnames for all weapons in config. It will break your scripts or missions if your were calling these classnames.
    • Added new pbo : MU_CORE. all other pbos require MU_CORE in order to work properly.
    • Added new pbo : MU_CIVILIAN. It add a civilian with randomized gear that does not look like a tourist.
    • Added new pbo : MU_ASSET. Include retextured assets : 5 uniforms, 5 vests, 5 headgear, 4 bags.
    • Added Bidpods to some units.
    • Added 6 New units : Russian marksman, CTRG MG, CTRG Asst MG, NATO SF Sniper, HPM MG (navid) and HPM Asst MG.
    • Replaced some marksman weapons by weapons from the DLC.
    • Removed the ISAS custom truck texture.
    • Removed RHS optionnal configs.
    • Updated ASRAI optionnal config.

Written on 2015-05-28 by Sparfell

KetsuCorp submitted new and updated versionS of the General Equipment Addon Releases Project.

    Quote :
    After much development restructuring, optimization and improvement we have re-released our packages with a series of changes aimed at implementing that which is sought after most by the community. Several of the changes include:
    • Capacity Adjustments
    • Restored Armor Parameters
    • Neopren parameter added to Scuba Kits
    • Diversified Suitpack for items dropped on floor
    • Added New Pro-Tec Helmets
    • Added MICH 2001 Helmets
    • Added Overall Helmet Variations incl. GoggleStraps
    • Optimized and reduced/removed erroneous data
    • Overall New Classnames (Check Documentation/Master_Classnames.txt)
    • Completed and Added support for GEARS_AOR

    There will be some time before the next update, please bare in mind that this project is nearing completion. Suggestions, commissions and customization in developing custom GEARS packages will be made available via the front page.
    The final USA Oriented Package to be released is a yet unnamed project, that of which intends to supply BDU, DCU & UCU as final patterns to the GEARS Kit.

    We're excited to say that your support has gotten us exceptionally far and in doing so our releases more elaborate. Please ensure that any feedback &/or concerns are placed here. We highly recommend you redownload the GEARS spectrum of downloads and refresh any extant data remaining prior to patch.

    We thank you for your patience in this matter, given our time schedules we'd like to apologize for the delay, we usually remain ontop of patching within an ongoing development window of roughly one month. We have exceeded that and would like to apologize for any inconveniences made due to this big delay.

    We're intent on looking for a mission maker who will make one single set mission for camera work to help in the development of a trailer. Couple this with presentation and screenshots, and we will demonstrate these for our nomination entry into Mod of the Year 2015 for Armed Assault 3 for MODDB.COM Credits will be made fully available for your creation of it. We hope to help a budding video trailer maker get his foothold online.

Written on 2015-05-28 by KetsuCorp


Leight released a new version of his OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote : This pack contains different OPFOR units.
    What armies are in addon:
    • Iraqi terrorists
    • ChDKZ militia
    • African militia
    • Afghan militia
    • Afghan National Army & Police
    • Ultranationalists Army
    • Chernarussian Defence Forces
    • Iraqi Army
    • African Civilians
    • Afghan Civilians
    • Ukrainian Separatists
    • RACS
    • SLA

    • update

Written on 2015-05-28 by Leight

Dimon released his Interaction with bodies addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The addon allows you to unload the bodies and drag.
    Dragging the body is done with a script Drag Dead Body Script.

Written on 2015-05-28 by Armaholic

ViperMaul informed the community about the release of a new version of the Community Base addons (CBA) on the BI forums.

    Quote ViperMaul :
    This release brings with it bug fixes and server improvements.
    We will also attempt to maintain simply named bikey with the intent to minimize server killing impact reported by this issue.

    • Changed: Make the CBA per-frame handlers work during mission briefing
    • Improved: Server performance
    • Improved: CBA_fnc_split fails on char count > 10000
    • Fixed: CBA is overwriting textures of the offroad vehicle
    • Fixed: Animals from the Misc-Animals module are invisible
    • Fixed: CBA uses old vehicle customization init event handlers
    • Fixed: CBA_fnc_addPlayerAction is broken in latest CBA DEV 150425
    • Fixed: Improper handling of key press timings
    • Fixed: Using R.Ctrl as a modifier while binding a key combination always ends up becoming R.Ctrl+Ctrl

Written on 2015-05-28 by ViperMaul

Eden of Sol-diers released an updated version of his EDN Fortification addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Eden of Sol-diers :
    This mods includes some interfaces to build ingame (for example sandbag fences, camonets, etc.), some materials and some modules to configure your mission.
    There is the fortification menu which can be opened by pressing ctrl+b (by default).
    There is also the construction menu which will be opened by the fortifictaion menu.
    Also there are 3 modules: One for allowing curator (Zeus) to edit construced Objects, one to add new blueprint and one to clear all blueprint from the construcion menu.

    • added clear blueprints module for editor
    • added game master module for editor which allows to edit constructed objects via Zeus
    • fixed object does not changing high anymore while looking around
    • fixed you can not build from other units inventory anymore
    • fixed crates will now be constructed without content

Written on 2015-05-27 by Sol.Eden

Ir0n1E released an updated version of the addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The addon adds additional skins and features for BWmod and AGM.

    This is the last release based on AGM!
    It's a fully functional development release -(to make a cut between AGM and ACE3)
    Next release will be based on ACE3

    • New modstructure
    • reduced g36 sound
    • added spraycan
    • added satcom/satbag
    • added boat functions
    • improved pio functions
    • added berets
    • added german flag
    • added radioman
    • improved glasses function
    • added Feldjäger
    • added Feldjäger vehicle
    • fixed AGM van_01_civil_transport_base_f error
    • improved lights function
    • removed NTA patches from vehicles
    • fixed segfault bug

Written on 2015-05-27 by Ir0n1E

STAF|Moony released an updated version of his ATLAS LHD Template on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a Simple Template for the ATLAS LHD Mod by J0nes.

    I know that Sup3r6F0ur already made a Template (Thanks for that) but I found out that some marker are not accurate enough to work with them. So I made my own markers and also provide some helper marker to show which hight each level of the has (approximately)

    In addition I provide a simple way (without much scripting or any mod) to allow player respawn on the LHD.
    Even though Vehicles (in the Hanger) Respawn fine, I couldn't find a way to enable Vehicle Respawn for Helicopter.

    • Added missing marker
    • Made it a singleplayer mission

Written on 2015-05-27 by Armaholic

MrHuachuca released his Mobile HQ script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a very basic script that allows you to teleport to a mobile HQ from your Base's HQ. The mobile HQ can be transported around and if you ever wanted to useful for an F.O.B building scenario as you can simpily add any SATCOM, R3F Factory, etc script to the Mobile HQ. The mobile HQ ( I ) reccommend to be set to a HEMMT but it can be set to any vehicle you want even an Jet! (though you wont be able to TPA to the jet unless it was empty).

    This script allows you to teleport to a mobile HQ from an HQ point (mostly which would be base). The script allows you to also access the creation factory which allows you to simpily create FOB's or Cop's.

Written on 2015-05-27 by Mr Huachuca

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