SabreD released an early version of his C130 Variants addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a port and expansion of the C130 to Arma 3. This includes the base C130J as well as a Fat Albert, a Coast Guard and LC130 variant. Also included is a floatplane variation.

    • C130-J basic Port from A3
    • C130 Floatplane
    • C130 Coast Guard
    • LC130 with Jato
    • Fat Albert with Jato included
    • XFC-130H Credible Sport inspired variant
    • A3 exhausts
    • added A3 lights and position/collision lights
    • working door & ramp animations
    • copilot, flight engineer and load master
    • firing from vehicles
    • Jatos and Shrikes
    • 4 Blade Props (WIP)

Written on 2015-01-27 by SabreD


Drongo69 released an updated version of his Middle East Conflict mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds the following factions to Arma 3:
    Syrian Arab Army (OPFOR)
    Hezbollah (OPFOR)
    A Generic Middle Eastern army (OPFOR)
    Middle East Irregulars (al Qaida, etc) (BLUFOR/INDEP/OPFOR)
    Quds Force (OPFOR)
    Western Black Ops (BLUFOR)
    Hamas (OPFOR)
    Taliban (INDEP)
    Islamic State (INDEP)
    Boko Haram (INDEP)
    Generic African Military (OPFOR)
    Generic African Irregulars (INDEP)
    Generic South East Asian Irregulars (INDEP)
    Middle Eastern civilians

    It replaces (and renders obsolete) my previous mods Middle East Irregulars and Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.
    Features Reyhard's Static East Weapons, T-72, BMP-1 and BMP-2, T-55 and Shilka.

    • Many config and script tweaks
    • Fixed some missing textures for the dishdashas
    • Reduced the armor value of IS, Taliban and Boko Haram to alleviate the "bulletproof dishdasha" problem
    • Added a Generic South East Asian Irregulars (GSI) faction
    • Removed some unnecessary GL grenades from many classes
    • Added [MEC] tag to clothing and gear
    • Added optional support for Teriyaki's and NikolaiSergeyev's uniform packs
    • Added Chairborne's Hind to requiredAddons
    • Added an MEC mod logo
    • Readded uniform randomization for Western Black Ops, using a lot of Niko's and Teriyaki's uniforms

Written on 2015-01-27 by Armaholic

Siege-A released an updated version of his UnderSiege Patches and Insignias on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    905 New Patches & Insignias added. 1405 Total.
    This update has been a full overhaul of the entire package. The addon has been broken down into multiple addons, each fully standalone, in order to make the addon more modular. Due to this change, many of the previous patches have been relocated into different categories, as well as changes to their classnames. Furthermore, I will be going through all of the previous patches released and update their quality, mainly fixing ones which appear overly bright ingame. Main focus of this update has been additional US, Polish, Russian, and Italian patches, as well as a batch of new morale patches as usual. Although this contains a heap of new patches, I had planned to have many more with this release, especially for the Russian patches. But due to time constraints and a busy work schedule, I was unable to pack in as many as I had hoped. Needless to say, more to come.

    Quick overview of the new structure:
    UNS_Patches: This now contains all military related, non-country specific patches, such as morale, id, bloodtype, etc.
    UNS_Extra: This contains all non-military related patches, such as game, fictional, etc.
    UNS_World: This contains all additional country specific patches which don't have enough quantity to permit their own addon.

    The rest is pretty self-explanatory, once a specific country has acquired enough patches, it will branch into its own standalone addon, which will be abbrieviated by the country initials. All addons are standalone and require none of the rest to function.

    • Added: 905 New Patches & Insignias

Written on 2015-01-27 by Siege-A


Mattastic submitted an updated version of his Marine Expeditionary Force addon.

    Quote :
    The Marine Expeditionary Force modification is an addon pack. It was developed to offer a professional solution for those wanting to portray the United States Marine Corps in ArmA III. Enjoy HD textures along with real "clean" looking uniforms. This modification has a long development road map and will grow to eventually include more uniform variants, proxy gear, weapons, and even vehicles.

    • Added ALiVE Compatibility
    • Added Zeus Compatibility
    • Added Recon Units
    • Added 4 Recon Uniforms
    • Added Infantry Billet Class
    • Added Desert Groups
    • Added RH Infantry Billets Class
    • Added RH Group
    • Added 4 Helicopters
    • Updated Unit Config to include weapons with attachments
    • Updated UI for 5 Uniforms
    • Updated Overall Unit Loadout Uniformity
    • Fixed Muzzle Flashes for both M4's & the M16A4 w/o M203
    • Fixed Rate of Fire on M240B & M249 SAW

Written on 2015-01-27 by Mattastic

Chairborne informed us he released an updated version of the LAV-25, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Chairborne :
    I spared some time to work on this beast.
    The most relevant change was new woodland textures to replace the old standard BIS ones.
    They're not god-tier quality but i'm happy enough for now.
    Next, some complained about the high loss of details over distance, i tried to change that a bit but i'm afraid it's just how the engine works and there's no way to improve details from afar without sacrificing performance.
    If you notice any major performance issues please let me know.
    I also did some other minor changes here and there, added sling load capability (even though the game has no helicopter capable of lifting them).
    Finally, i changed how the editor menu displays them, AKA it's a copy of the old A2 style faction.
    You can read the rest in the changelog.

    • Detail improvements over distance
    • Driver now has the magic radar/compass again
    • Tweaked exhaust smoke
    • Commander M240 now has muzzle flash
    • Commander now sits at correct height
    • Commander M240 max zoom reduced
    • Commander M240 now has proper zeroing
    • Changed editor menu layout
    • Toned down hull reflections
    • New woodland textures
    • Added sling loading functionality

Written on 2015-01-27 by Chairborne

Froggyluv released his KyeCam-Sp addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Allows you to clearly see the guy who shot you dead as well as more cinematic death for player.
    Always hated running to AO for 10 minutes only to get shot dead by unknown. Simply restores old fashion way of showing enemy. Just made it for myself but figured someone else might enjoy it.

Written on 2015-01-27 by froggyluv

MyCatSaid submitted an updated version of his AAF Desert addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote MyCatSaid :
    The AAF Desert module is a complete retexture pack which adds a desert style variant to the standard green AAF uniforms, units, vehicles and weapons.

    • Folder order changed to match Play withSIX structure @AAF_Desert, @AAF_Desert_Replacement and @AAF_Desert_Extra
    • Added:
        - Updated base classes 02, 03, 04.
        - Special Forces class.
        - Static weapons.
        - Standard marksman unit.
        - Zeus support.
        - Squad XML support.
        - Weapons to vehicles.
    • Fixed:
        - Side Empty no longer restricts units to only AAF Desert variants.
        - OpFor no longer show as two AAF factions.
    • Known Bugs:
        - Dropped weapons ignore modified hiddentextureselection
        - Gorgon and Mora with incomplete hiddenselection

Written on 2015-01-26 by mycatsaid

Video of the script version!

Champ-1 released an updated version of his CH View Distance Addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I have finally overcome my fear of dialog controls and made this script (now in addon form). It's very similar to TAW View Distance Script by Tonic (that's what inspired me after all), but with a couple new features:
    • objects view distance and sync view distance options for every situation;
    • all settings are saved to profile;
    • ability to limit maximum view distance and objects view distance for the mission.

    • added: support of UAV and UGV units

Written on 2015-01-26 by Champ-1

KoffeinFlummi from the BWMod Team released an updated version of the Authentic Gameplay Modification on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The team that brought you the BWMod is now working on a modular, open-source realism/authenticism mod for Arma 3. This project originally started as a fork of TMR, but since evolved into something bigger, with only a few parts still taken from Taosensai's work.

    The AGM mod tries to achieve the maximum amount of authenticity possible in Arma 3 without sacrificing playability. The mod is modular, so you can disable features that you don't want or are incompatible with other mods. All the code is open-source, so everyone can contribute, or fork this repo and customize it to their own needs.

    You installed AGM, but you have no idea how it works, or where to start? Get started here.

    • Changed: Markers are now sent over network using the classname, not the index
    • Changed: SwitchUnits can now be dis-/enabled during the game
    • Changed: Tweaked G-force intensity
    • Fixed: "Hide AI" option in BFT module was inverted
    • Fixed: AGM keybinds would block the Ctrl key
    • Fixed: Player could use SwitchUnits while dead
    • Fixed: Slingload hitpoint couldn't be repaired
    • Fixed: The mount command didn't work after the AI healed someone

Written on 2015-01-26 by KoffeinFlummi

Coding informed us he released an updated version of his Codings Artillery Computer mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Codings Artillery Computer is a mod made to enhance a mission for artillerists.
    ArmA 3 gives you two possibillities to use artillery:
      - Artillerycomputer
      - Manual

    It might be realistic to use the Artillerycomputer but it is just boring in a 4h mission if you sit in the base and make a few mapclicks when needed.
    The manual firing mode with the artillery can be use when you have line of sight. But if you do not have line of sight It is nearly impossible to hit a target within a few shots because you have no rangetables (except for the mortar thanks to LAxeman).
    So you have to decide if you want to hit and bore to death or if you do not want to hit but have fun.

    With Codings Artillery Computer you have the option to use a different Artillerycomputer that hopefully makes you more fun.

    • added Module to configure the Mod
    • added option to set players position if he has a gps
    • added option to give access to gunner/driver/commander for the artillery computer
    • added a map
    • change color of angle to red if the weapon can not shoot in such an angle

Written on 2015-01-26 by Coding

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