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160th SOR Australian Arma Community
One of the only Australian communities running as US army and USMC, with a vast range ... Read all..
Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
=SO= Strategic Outcomes is a tactical Realism clan.

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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
[URL= ... Read all..
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
The 31st MEU is a ArmA 2 CO realism unit. Our Main focus being the Mod: ACE.
We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
The German Coop Community invites all German speaking Community members to take part ... Read all..
Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
What is Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA)?

Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
Hello, let me start out by introducing myself, in-game people know me as Giorox and i ... Read all..
Buffalos Tactical Squad
Buffalos Tactical Squad is a squad of special forces anti-terror for the UN. It has s ... Read all..
1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Black Eagles Team Arma 3
BlackEagle's looking great soldiers to give everything on the clan to fight against o ... Read all..

Screen of the week

Reynaert submitted his Simple Shelter script.

    Quote :
    Simple script(s) which give you the ability to place a tent and fireplace. You are able to rest in the tent and cook food or boil water on a fire. This can be very useful in survival missions or long co-op missions.

    • Tent:
        - Able to rest in a tent, with animations.
        - Able to place, and fold up your tent.
    • Fireplace:
        - Able to cook food.
        - Able to boil water.
        - Able to remove the fireplace.

Written on 2014-04-20 by Reynaert


Drongo69 released a new version of his Random Displacements script on the BI forums.

  • Fixed a bug with RD\Objectives\Check.sqf that was preventing anything but the first check of enemy/friendly presence
  • Altered RD\Objectives\Check.sqf to prevent air units from capping objectives

Written on 2014-04-20 by Foxhound

11Hz released an updated version of the Republic of Korea Army addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Republic of Korea Army Unit addon add two diffrent camouflage based units. First one is Frog camouflage. It used between 1980s ~ 2013. Second one is Digital camouflage. This is now being used in ROK Army, ROK Airforce, Rok Navy. ROK Army factions are in Blufor and Independent. Each of faction has a Frog, Digital camouflage units. I use Arma3 unit templets to retexture uniform, helmet, vest.

    • digital camouflage texture remake
    • change default weapon to mx_black
    • nv goggle change to nv goggle independent
    • add mod.cpp
    • add Republic of Korea Flag in digital camo
    • add airborn mark in digital camo
    • add roka_d_weapon.pbo
    • add attachment
    • 18 types of units are added

Written on 2014-04-20 by 11Hz

N_Icomach informed us he released an updated version of his Enhanced User Suppression System on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    EUSS enhances ArmA 3 with suppression and other effects that work against the player to provide a more immersive and tense atmosphere.

    • Decreased camera shake sensitivity on vehicles weapons
    • Fixed tanks and aircraft being effected by camera shake
    • Increased chance of suppression effects

Written on 2014-04-20 by N_Icomach

Keewa informed us an updated version of the CJTF101 Editor addon by him and Titibond has been released on the BI forums.
With this addon you can acces a lot of additional objects like houses, misc items, ruins, Ghost hotel, HMS Proteus, etc!

  • was missing some little stuff like the Proteus and some other new stuff from the previous update (with ghost hotel etc...)

Written on 2014-04-20 by titibond


Major_Shepard submitted an updated version of the ArmA3Sync - launcher and addons synchronization software which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA3Sync is both a launcher and addons synchronization software for ArmA 3. It is intend to be used by players, server administrators and ArmA 3 teams. ArmA3Sync development has been inspired from ArmA 2 Game Launcher (SpiritedMachine) and AddonSync 2009 (Yoma).

    • Game configuration and launch with addons.
    • Server configuration and launch with addons for both Windows see et Linux see platforms.
    • Build and management of custom addon repositories FTP or HTTP (Web) servers.
    • Reliable and easily configurable addon synchronization with checking integrity of files (SHA1).
    • Minimization of the amount of downloaded data. Web hosted addon repositories will thus benefit from differential updates.
    • Events broadcast system which can help organizing multiplayer games along with addons see.
    • Brings native supports for @AllInArmA, @ACRE, @TFAR.

    • Added: user can now set a default event/sub repository modset to a favorite server.
    • Added: Web hosted repository: support for repository with hidden indexes.
    • Added: Additional run paratemers: -malloc automatically set at first place of ArmA 3 startup parameters.

Written on 2014-04-20 by Major_Shepard

Tpw released an updated version of his TPW MODS on the BI forums.
With this update it is important that you update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp!

    Quote tpw :
    In the months since Arma 3 alpha was released I wrote a number of mods which did different things, but all of which had a common goal of increasing the immersion and realism of the single player experience in Arma 3. As the number of mods and their complexity increased, I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of feedback on multiple threads and maintain them all separately, so I took the decision to bundle them all into one addon, imaginatively titled TPW MODS.

    TPW MODS consists of a number of independently configurable mods.

    • [HUD 1.14] Detects manned air/land vehicles and manned static weapons.

Written on 2014-04-20 by tpw

B00tsy released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where as a local civilian you can't stand any longer being suppressed by the Iranians.

  • added more auto-save points
  • updated ammobox (1st objective)
  • 'friends' will become playable at the right time now
  • created a new video intro
  • optimized performance

Written on 2014-04-19 by b00tsy

Nimrod released a new version of his first mission for Arma 3 in the BI forums.

    Quote Nimrod :
    NMD Sandbox is a multiplayer mission focused on allowing players to use all the different assets the game has such as gear and vehicles.
    I have designed and created a set of dialogs to help players experience ArmA 3 and it's content with ease, such as a vehicle spawner, a map with teleport functionality and a vehicle service dialog to allow players to refuel, repair or rearm their vehicles on the go.
    Administrators also have access to a special administration dialog.

    Along with my own dialogs I have also included the Virtual Ammobox System script, so credits to Tonic for that part.

Written on 2014-04-19 by Nimrod UK has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission for Arma 3.

  • mission should now work with latest TAC_OPS Mod 1.1
  • A-164 Wipeout added to SM_Bonus_vehicle_array
  • TO-199 Neophron added to spawning CSAT air units
  • air taxi and air transport chopper now new TAC_OPS Griffin navy blue unarmed
  • new TAC_OPS Griffin armed chopper and new TAC_OPS Pegasus "Little Bird" added to TAC_OPS base
  • new TAC_OPS soldiers added to playable TAC_OPS units
  • new TAC_OPS trucks added to TAC_OPS base

Written on 2014-04-19 by

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