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Screen of the week

RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a vanilla sandbox cooperative mission.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a MP mission with which you have a plain map, zwo Zeus and several slots.
    It's a complete vanilla sandbox, so hop on with your friends and let them do whatever you want.

    The Zeus are in godmode and have universal power.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix


RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a Team Death Match gamemode mission for two team of six players each.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a 12 player mission where 2 teams with each 6 players fight against in an urban-like environment. Each time the map becomes loaded the layout changes, so you have everytime a new experience. 2 Loadouts are preset. You MUST play it on a server with other player. This is not a SP mission.

    Open a new server in the multiplayer tab and invite your friends!

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix

vinceXD released a new version of this mission where you have multiple tasks that can be completed in any order in the BI forums.

  • You can now choose enemies faction ! ( this change added many scripts/trigger modification so every spawned unit is in the right faction )
  • You can now choose your side , 10 players + 2 zeus per side !
  • Added fastroping script
  • Fixed artillery support on stratis
  • Tweaked AI skill
  • Fixed borken destroy task on chernarus

Multi Tasks Insurgency Co-12 v07-23-2014

ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP (Optional: for Chernarus version)
Community Base addons A3 (Optional: for Chernarus version)

Written on 2014-07-24 by vinceXD

RG Beats submitted his United We Stand single player campaign.

    Quote :
    United We Stand is a Single player Campaign trying to bridge the valley between cinematic and realistic gamers.
    This set of missions is meant to be difficult yet fun, with a flow similar to the Bohemia Campaign.

    United We Stand:
    You play are Sergeant Archer an experienced Demolitions Expert and Engineer who is deployed to Fort Ethos in Zargabad.
    Zargabad is currently under civil unrest as the Vice President of Afghanistan Saaed Akram continues to fund his luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the local population.

    Taliban forces are using this as excuse to recruit and cause harm to the locals.
    Parts of the city are now heavily influenced by the Taliban and its NATO'S task to suppress and extinguish any power the Taliban have over Zargabad.

    • Voice Acting
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Automated level progression
    • Working mission select and overview screen.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RGBeats

Mathias_Eichinger informed us he released in the BI forums a new beta version of the first Arma 3 mission following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative. This mission is inspired by the Delta Force operations in Nicaragua during the 1980s Central American Crisis

  • Classnames changed to be compatible with the latest SP pack addon release
  • Audio Fix for Massi's weapons required to have sound

Written on 2014-07-23 by mathias_eichinger


Sgt.Killz has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission where your objective is to take out the tanks stationed at Camp Maxwell.

  • Fixed text.
  • Changed the tags.
  • Made the insertion with a helicopter.
  • Better ending.
  • Made you're charecter as Jackson.
  • Better briefing, debriefing and markers.

Written on 2014-07-23 by Sgt.Killz

Mathias_Eichinger informed us he released in the BI forums an update of this singleplayer mission where your squad of guerillas has just received a shipment of new uniforms and weapons and is about to wreak havoc on the enemy.

  • Scope added in the gear crates
  • Toned down enemy numbers (still very hard difficulty)
  • Added 3 squads available to control with Ctrl+Shift

Written on 2014-07-22 by mathias_eichinger

TankiSD released in our forums his latest singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote TankiSD :
    The tenth of August, when the forces of NATO almost won the conflict over AFF, power CSAT struck unexpectedly in all directions. At the same time began powerful tremors unnatural origin. The relationship with our units was lost.
    The command decided to attract the group "Delta" to perform reconnaissance mission.

Written on 2014-07-21 by TankiSD

Sgt.Killo(Killz) has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission where your task is to provide close air support on the terrorist base stationed at Stratis island.

  • Added a game save
  • .
  • Fixed a waypoint.
  • Removed alot of *DESTROY* waypoints on the enemies.
  • Fixed some text.

Written on 2014-07-21 by Sgt.Killz

Noven released in the BI forums a new alpha version of his mission that takes inspiration from Civ Life Mod for ARMA, Payday: The Heist and a few things from Grand Theft Auto among other games.

  • Hideout gear save/load added
  • Visual indicator when safes are being drilled
  • Clothes randomized on start
  • Some civilian skins changed (to prepare for drug missions)
  • Reduced Mastermind bribe cost to 5k (from 20k)
  • Many actions re-written to be compatable for players joining after the mission spawned. (NOTE: why does bis_fnc_mp no longer do this?)
  • 1 less job will spawn to increase server performance
  • Vehicles lock/unlock will be persistent. You can now lock/unlock your car after dead / disconnected

Written on 2014-07-20 by Big

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