GigaS informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of the cooperative version of this mission.

  • Updated mission timer to end within ~30 min max.
  • Removed an AI assets that was left from SP version
  • Raised percentage of probability of presence to make mission harder for COOP version.

Written on 2014-12-18 by gigas27


WastedMike has submitted an update for this cooperative mission where the main objective is to take back Stratis from CSAT forces.

  • Added Civilians
  • Added IEDs
  • Added Suicide Bombers
  • Edited tasks.

Written on 2014-12-17 by WastedMike

Macusercom has submitted his first Arma 3 mission where you have to recapture Mike-26 and help other units in your area!

    Quote Macusercom :
    This is my first ArmA 3 mission so don't hate me. However, I have a lot of skills in ArmA 2 so it's not a complete noobie mission.

    You are US Army soldiers fighting in Stratis to provide safety and freedom. Enemy CSAT units have capture Mike-26 in the west of the island. Recapture it and help your own units to eliminate all hostiles.

Written on 2014-12-17 by Macusercom


Rhinocrunch released in the BI forums this cooperative mission where you must escape from the island.

    Quote Rhinocrunch :
    This is a 5 player co-op escape mission. It has a revive system, random spawn and random AI patrols to maximize replayability. If you live to land on the island, find a map and investigate the island for a means to Escape!

Written on 2014-12-17 by rhinoCRUNCH

aliascartoons released in ourforums the second episode, first episode here Foothold, in this series.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    You are a member of a partisans group, you have to find and destroy CSAT special artillery equipment. More details in Briefing.

Written on 2014-12-17 by aliascartoons

1nfr4r3d has submitted a new version of this generic King Of The Hill Mp Game mode, that includes a template.

Changes in this version:
  • added parameter to choose the amount of ai soldiers players can recruit. 2,3 or 4.
  • added you can remove a unit in your group by selecting it and then actions, dismiss
  • changed the hour, weather and time duration parameter to a function in the param.hpp instead of the #include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramCountdown.hpp"... as it would report a missing the file in the server side...

Written on 2014-12-17 by 1nfr4r3d

Code34 has submitted this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

    Quote Code34 :
    “Combat Assault” is a cooperative game for ARMA3 that was build for the Make Arma Not War contest. Goal was to create an other way to play ARMA3 in a coding sprint of 2 months.

    Here we are ! Combat assault is a new kind of game between standard FPS and traditional simulator like ARMA3. More realistic than FPS game, more intense, and violent than ARMA3, Combat Assault is for players that are looking for a different feeling with ARMA3.

    Combat assault takes place on the Altis island. The island is under the assault of hostile forces who will try to takeover it. Players are organized to deal with the threat, and gradually regain territory. There is no choice: you have to defeat the enemies in the worst situation you can think.

    The mission doesn't require any addons and can be played by everyone in team or not.

Written on 2014-12-16 by code34

Varanon and Alwarren released in the BI forums the second mission pack with COOP/SP missions for Arma 3.

    Quote Varanon and Alwarren :
    We're happy to announce our second coop mission pack for Arma 3. To this pack we will add all missions that require addons. All missions can usually be played in single player as well, although they are designed for cooperative multiplayer. All missions usually have been thoroughly tested and are compatible with dedicated servers.

    As usual, the easiest way to download them is via the workshop, but we will occasionally upload the pack to Armaholic for easier access by server admins.

Written on 2014-12-16 by Varanon

Meatball has submitted an update for this 3 mission campaign. This mission pack has gone 'gold' and reached v1.0. Additionally, they've submitted the mission pack to the "Make Arma, Not War" contest, you can support them at the contest entry page!


Written on 2014-12-16 by MeatballCB

1stLt.J.Aero Aka AeroDuhMedic has submitted a n update for the Arma3 version of his U.N. Trouble? cooperative mission, originally made for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

  • Fixed a 4th Unit being Unplayable
  • Added more Hostiles & Friendlies
  • Added Marine Outpost

Written on 2014-12-13 by 1stLt.J.Aero

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