Murciélago has submitted a mission engine, for Arma 3, created from scratch to bring the CTF missions to the next level.

    Quote Murciélago :
    Capture The Flag 2.0 system is based on backpakc-flag mechanics. I created the CTF 2.0 mission engine not only to be solid, light and network friendly, this new system also allows to introduce new features:

    Template... This is the icing of the cake! This CTF game engine is a template. With a few changes you can introduce all the Capture The Flag 2.0 features to your mission.

    Capture The Flag 2.0 is a multilingual (English, French, German and Spanish) mission engine.

Written on 2014-10-24 by murcielago


Super-truite released the first version of his ArmAGeddon gamemode and at the same time the ArmAGeddon addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmAGeddon is a Coop Multiplayer game mode.
    You have to flee Altis while the island is sinking!
    CSAT forces are fleeing as well and you have to try to steal a vehicle to escape. Tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor falls etc. will spice up your journey!

    Typical game:
    * you spawn with few ammos, even sometimes with no weapons, no map ect.
    * Find equipment left by retreating CSAT forces in the buildings or try to eleiminate the CSAT's which are left to get their gear.
    * Try to find a chopper quickly (remember the water level is rising). Either follow discretly CSAT's (they are likely to call for an extraction) or
    find a abandoned one (usually those have no fuel or need to be repaired (Repair tool kits and fuel canisters can be found in buildings if you are lucky)

    Try tweaking your graphical options to be able to have the particle effects at least in 'high'. You will have better tornadoes, meteors ect.
    Also, there are two new options for particle effects: "Ultra" and "Armageddon".

Written on 2014-10-24 by super-truite

ESPI has submitted a new version of this two missions, one for singleplayer and one for multiplayer, featuring his ESPI Car Tuning addon.

  • fixed bug
  • fixed - delete mission.sqf.
  • fixed- delete radio.create music
  • fixed fix action up in suv.
  • Fixed RESPAW vehicle and player.
  • clear dateold delete ,no found
  • change time.

Written on 2014-10-24 by ESPI


IndeedPete released in the BI forums a new version of this story-driven single-player campaign for Arma 3, introducing a private military contractor scenario.

  • FIXED: Badass One, Finally nailed down the crash bug (hopefully).
  • FIXED: Randomisation scripts affected Nikos in some cases.
  • FIXED: Transport heli was still full of free stuff.
  • FIXED: Shop System, glasses were not listed.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, Raif is now an engineer to be able to fix vehicles.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, autoheal after returning to hub.

Written on 2014-10-22 by IndeedPete

M4RT14L has submitted a new cooperative mission for up to 32 players featuring the ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment mod.

  • Now Task are chosen from a dialogue on the board map, this gives an improvement in mission performance
  • Changed and improved tasks:
      - Destroy Mortars.
      - Capture ISIS Officer.
      - Destroy Strategic Placement.
      - Rescue Hostage.
      - Kill Terrorist.
      - Destroy Convoy.

Written on 2014-10-22 by M4RT14L

[GF}Solozone has submitted a modified version of the original 404Games Wasteland mission.

    Quote [GF}Solozone :
    Remember when...Wasteland was a classic team survival game in A2, now its not fully supported by 404Games and all new versions have abandoned the basics. I was not ready to abandon the beginnings, so lets get back to fighting and letting the factions dominate the Island of Stratis.

Written on 2014-10-22 by jespejo

Rydygier has submitted a new version of this free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

  • added action to move the body from one vehicle to another (new vehicle must be player's current assigned, close to the present carrier of the body);
  • fixes in the artillery code;
  • now all team members have access to the all Alex' action menu features;
  • small corrections in diary instructions.

Written on 2014-10-20 by Rydygier

Kamaradski has submitted a teambased PvP (Player-versus-Player) Multiplayer mission for Arma 3

    Quote Kamaradski :
    Mission Goal:
    - Blue to transport the crates to a random selected destination
    - Red to steal the cargo and bring it to their own base

    Set in a post I&A Altis, the BLUFOR cleared the island and removed all prominent opposing forces. Now after the fierce battles are over, it is time for BLUFOR to resupply their strongholds around the island. However small pockets of OPFOR troops remain active and are still hidden around the island. Since the OPFOR is also in the need for resupply, these convoys are an ideal target to the rebels to attack ....

Written on 2014-10-20 by kamaradski

revide has submitted an Arma 3 Wasteland mission inspired by multiple others, concentrated on performance and tactical, but fair, gameplay.

    Quote revide :
    First things first, this Mission is dedicated to the community.
    I created this Mission without any commercial/financial aspects in mind. I want to create a mission for everybody to enjoy.
    This mission is an one-man-project with 12,615 (+5759 headers) lines of code. All graphics self-made or edited to avoid copyright infringements.
    The only thing not created by me is the soundtrack of the mission and the intro sound. These are made by my friend Sleet (Soundcloud).
    I'm competing in the MAKEARMANOTWAR Contest, as well. But still, this mission is for the community, not for making profit.

Written on 2014-10-20 by revide

Phantom Six released in the BI forums his latest cooperative mission. In this mission you must hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    ISIS forces have seize some tanks but lack oil to use them. They are heading for the oil field.
    Hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

Written on 2014-10-20 by Phantom Six

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