=SO= Tom has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission where the Gamemaster (Zeus slot) is able to generate mission and develop objectives freely around the map of Altis.

  • IgiLoad added to develop a large mission possibility
  • VAS added instead of previous ammobox type

Written on 2014-09-30 by SOTom


Surfer released in the BI forums a new version of this stealth mission which can be played as a 4 player coop or as singleplayer.

  • Added some time to bleeding before your teammates die.

Written on 2014-09-29 by Surfer

Surfer released in the BI forums the first open beta of this mission that starts as a sabotage mission and turns out to become kind of a postapocalyptic free roam adventure, playable as a 4 player coop or single player.

    Quote Surfer :
    The story unfolds with every location you explore, enemies you capture and allies you find. The atmosphere is inspired by STALKER or FALLOUT and features lots of custom sounds and music.

    Technical mastermind IndeedPete and me (Surfer) have modified mine detectors that show zones of dangerous radioactivity, biological and chemical threats. There's further anomalies you don't want to step into, some of them can be revealed by throwing chemlights into them. The beautiful Thirsk Winter map of 5 x 5 kms can be explored on foot until you manage to steal or repair vehicles. At the moment the mission runs with Farooq's Revive, you can switch between team-members but once you lose all four of them the game is over. Gametime is around 2 - 5 hours. There's no respawn. Since IndeedPete and I took weeks to create this mission it's only fair if you take some time to complete it ;-)

Written on 2014-09-28 by Surfer


Rytuklis released in the BI forums this mission that is part of his upcoming campaign that follows its own plot and timeline and disregards the main campaign events.

    Quote Rytuklis :
    CSAT Coalition have invaded their neighbouring Altian Island. Sergeant Eugene Kostas finds himself in the middle of the CSAT invasion.

Written on 2014-09-28 by Rytuklis

LUKI released in the BI forums this short cooperative mission for eight players.

    Quote LUKI :
    Thronos is the northern point of Altis and it is close to the sea. CSAT units landed in nearby bay (position 051226) on boats probably, and they want to start invasion on the Altis from that point. You must with your squad capture these ruins!

Written on 2014-09-28 by LUKI

RoyWheels released a new version of this escape mission for up to 10 people in the BI forums.

  • All units are frozen until a player leaves the prison
  • extraction choppers now fly off correctly
  • reduced player limit to 8 - Otherwise, with one chopper grounded, the game will not end. Moan at me if this is a problem.
  • Updated Tort weather script and removed ground fog

Escape Roy Co-10 v4.37

Check the included txt files for optional addons and islands

Written on 2014-09-28 by Foxhound

Firestorm_01 released in the BI forums an update for this adversarial gamemode for Arma 3.

  • Fixed broken eject from helicopters. One of Arma updates broke it;
  • Updated VAS;
  • Replaced refuel/rearm script by Xeno with Service Station by Blitz. Xeno strongly don't want that I use his script. Possibly he even may try to find my home and kill my pets if I continue to use his refuel script. But I have no pets. So to prevent huge dissapointment I replaced his script with similar.

Written on 2014-09-28 by Firestorm_01

Morten87 submitted his Operation Swordfish multiplayer/ singleplayer mission.

    Quote Morten87 :
    Your team are to seize the FOB, and to infiltrate the airfield, and destroy the secret weapon.

    You are sent behind enemy lines, to neutralize enemy objectives, and to destory as much equiment you can manage:
    • Task 1: Nautrulize the enemy resistance at the Forward operation base, resupply and take as much explosives you can before you destroy whats left. Look for intel at the FOB (inside the garrison)
    • Task 2: Main objective, destroy the secret weapon, that have been installed on an opfor tempest truck.
    • Task 3: Search the compound at the airfield, and look for computers, if you find anything, download it.
    • Task 4: Search the compound at the airfiield for Intelligence Items.
    • Task 5: Radio Alpha for extraction (0.0.1)
    • Optional Task 6: Destroy every helicopter stationed at the airfield.
    • Optional Task 7: Destroy all supplytrucks stationed at the airfield.
    • Optional Task 8: Eliminate the Opfor commander, at the airfield.

Written on 2014-09-27 by Morten87

Daku Kishi released in the BI forums a singleplayer mission where you take the role of a soldier of the British Army trying to capture an outpost, north of Altis.

    Quote Daku Kishi :
    You are Sgt. Simon Tanny, a soldier of the British Army in a specialist group attached to the 5th Battalion. Since the war on Altis we thought everything was back to normal until we got word that Altis has been taken over by a rogue general of the AAF, with the help of his allies from CSAT. We do not yet know the reason behind this uprising, but with CSAT being involved, it can not be good news.

    Not all is lost, a deserter of the AAF has given us a window of opportunity to establish a foothold on the island. He has set up a small EMP charge in the islands main radar systems array. With it temporarily down, we will be able to get a team on the ground.

    Your mission will be to capture the outpost, north of Altis' main airport. We can not fail this mission, that outpost must be secured for us to be able to push deeper into the island.

Written on 2014-09-26 by Big

-=dMw=-Sparko has submitted this cooperative mission where you will use Camp Pegasus as your main hub and complete as many tasks as you can.

    Quote -=dMw=-Sparko :
    Its the start of the war on Altis. Camp Pegasus has been established as the first command post. While re-enforcements are being trained you are to take as much of the island as you can, completing as many missions as you can. Use Camp Pegasus as your hub and re-grouping point. Be careful, civilians still occupy the island, remember they are not our enemy. Use the limited resources at Camp Pegasus and salvage any further support units you can whilst completing the missions. Good luck and God Speed!!

Written on 2014-09-25 by Sparko

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