Phronk submitted his Takistan Insurgency co-op mission for 27 players.

Written on 2016-12-05 by Armaholic


Engima submitted his Night In July 4 player co-op mission.

    Quote :
    CSAT has only recently taken the air base west of Agia Marina, and has not yet built up protection in the form of weapons systems and radar. For every day that passes their defence will be better. Intelligence sources have confirmed that a truck with classified equipment arrived at the base earlier in the evening.

    You will be inserted as a part of a larger NATO force north of the airbase. Disembark at the air base's northern cape. Search through the bildings for information about the truck and how to identify it. Destroy it and return to the awaiting NATO force.

    Works in SP, MP and Dedi.

Written on 2016-12-05 by Engima

AZCoder has submitted an updated version of his singleplayer campaign Shadow Fall.

    Quote AZCoder :
    Witness the key moments in the life of Pytor Tsarev as he becomes embroiled in the Chedaki war for independence in Chernarus. Key features include a reputation tracking system, over 22 voiced characters, missions to Porto and the Chernobyl Zone, radiation simulation, and feral dogs.

    • M04 has more custom scenery and clutter added
    • refactored initial script load to reduce overhead when campaign starts
    • added logging to assist in troubleshooting if anyone has a game freeze at the start of first mission
    • it was possible to kill Mr Safe and still talk to his corpse in M06
    • fixed Baranov not raising his hands in surrender
    • fixed Baranov not being killable
    • fixed _action when function re-initialized in AZC_fnc_AmbientCivilianManager
    • made dialog text slightly larger
    • fixed dialog cut-off when talking to doctor at the end of the scene in M01
    • increased volume on numerous lines of dialog in M01
    • removed all APEX objects from M01, including boat drivers that the engine automatically placed APEX units within
    • add missing rifle grenades to ammo crate in M02
    • was possible to kill Uday and still talk to his corpse
    • fixed problem with -1000 rating per empty vehicle destroyed in M02
    • can't fix floating logs north side Green Mountain as they are a CUP Terrain bug
    • added 2DP rifle flaghlights to some mission ammo crates
    • made it less likely that Kharkovich and Shevchenko will show respect toward the player
    • fixed bug with ambient sounds in M06 selecting empty groups

Written on 2016-12-01 by AZCoder


Vdauphin informed us he released a new version of the =BTC= Hearts and Minds cooperative mission which aims to recreate a post war environment on the BI forums .

  • Fix: Now H&M lift HUD is circle.
  • Fix: Sometimes when ACE3 FRIES is activate you can't lift with some helicopter.
  • Fix: Syntaxe error in typeof class name for a Syndikat vehicle.
  • Fix: Patrol and Traffic vehicle are now correctly deleted.
  • Fix: Now you are advise when the convoy left the starting point.
  • Fix: Arma 3 task system say that convoy side mission is attacking the city they are leaving, which is incorrect.
  • Fix: An unclear objective of side mission resupply.
  • Fix: Now you have back a hint advising you there are no FOB deployed.
  • Fix: Remove cargo in statics.
  • Fix: Sometimes IA are not show in debug mode.
  • Fix: Missing private variable.

Written on 2016-11-28 by Armaholic

nomisum released an updated version of his adversarial multiplayer gamemode Breaking Contact on the BI forums.

    Quote nomisum :
    Find here one evergreen of Gruppe Adlers TvT Missions: Breaking Contact. Well suited for groups from 20 but living to its full potential with much higher player counts. Supports up to 112 players and many maps (CUP TP and more). Very high replayability value - free spawn selection. Best played in a roughly 2:1 attacker defender ratio.

Written on 2016-11-21 by nomisum

Unluckymonster submitted the Super Hot A3 Full singleplayer missions.

    Quote :
    Super Hot game recreated in ArmA 3.
    Like in Super Hot game time moves slowly forward when player is still and faster when player moves and/or shoot.

    If you don't want to download/ use any mods you can still play my earlier released Super Hot A3 Demo mission here: Super Hot A3 Demo.

    • 26 different levels.
    • Time moves slower when player is still.
    • Time moves faster when player moves or shoot.
    • Red colored bullet-tracing when player and/ or enemy shoot with weapon.
    • Improved slow-motion recognize of player speed.
    • Player health is reset after each level.
    • Player gets always one more pistol magazine after each level.
    • Enemies with different type weaponnery and zombies.
    • Seperated to 2 Parts beacause 144 group limit.
    • Free to ArmA 3 owners when SUPER HOT game charges 23€ for 2 hours?

Written on 2016-11-18 by Unluckymonster

Smiff submitted an updated version of his co-op mission for 4 to 6 players Operation Tungsten.

    Quote :
    Despite best efforts collecting the intel surrounding Dr Franz Biedermann's nefarious experiments on the inhabitants of Wake Island, he still managed to escape, heading South-East in a helicopter, low and fast!

    Comms with RAVIN have been disrupted!

    And the dead have some how come alive!!

    Viper Squad, time to grab a teaspoon and some cement coz it is about to get REAL!

    Dr Franz Biedermann, a.k.a. The Professor, has turned the local population and his own men into The Living Dead!! Meanwhile RAVIN is doing her best to break through the interference and get Dragon 1-5, a CH-67 Huron, up and over to Wake Island to attempt an extract, other than that you are on your own!

    Work as a team, making your way around the island to the airfield. The medic revives three times faster (7 sec) than the rest of the team.

    • CH-67:
        - Fixed Callsign
        - Set Damage to false
        - fixed variable name
      Task 5:
        - Changed what triggers task 5 to smooth out mission flow
    • Fixed Patient Zero to stop him wandering off
    • Added Zombie feeding
    • Added heaps more zombies to better suit co-op 4 to 6
    • Added more ammo to match more zombies
    • Added some more aesthetics

Written on 2016-11-18 by Smiff

Maxine - Igor Nikolaev submitted his Dead by Armalight mission.

    Quote :
    Dead by Armalight - an ArmA III multiplayer mode, where 4 survivors try to escape from maniac, who wants to kill them. Survivors need to activate 4 generators by repairing them. They need to work in team to activate all of these. When generators are activated, access to the fuse boxes will be opened. Now begins the final part. They need to use these fuse boxes to open the gates and escape from maniac. If they can't, after short period of time access to the secret hatch will be opened, but, only for one player. If survivors can't escape from maniac, then he'll exterminate them. His aim is to restrict access to the gates.

    • High FPS
    • Immersive gameplay
    • Horror elements
    • Tactical gameplay
    • Up to 5 players multiplayer
    • Unique player classes
    • Terrifying atmosphere
    • Custom sounds

Written on 2016-11-12 by biogarbage

RPFramework team informed us they released in the BI forums a couple of updates of this modular roleplaying mission, server, and addon framework for Arma 3.

  • Core:
      - Way too many bug fixes to list
      - Fixed HUD to correctly show everything
      - New HUD icons by J. Schmidt
      - ATM removed from the core
      - Physical item trunks for vehicles that you can store physical items like fishing nets and meth labs in. The trunk size corresponds to the vehicle's inventory size in the vehicle's config.
      - Garage now saves vehicle damage and keeps cars better in the database
      - Going on duty for police and EMS (Police and EMS need to visit a station to go on duty and then be able to do their unusual actions)
      - Hitting a physical object while it's being carried will not kill you anymore
      - Money system has been updated to keep client and database in sync about money

Written on 2016-10-10 by Kerkkoh

Sidney submitted his 10 player co-op mission for Arma 3 Assault on Zargabad.

    Quote :
    Assault on Zargabad 3 is a remake of the missions in the same name by Dj Otacon. Assault on Zargabad 2 is a mission me and my friends had played for a long time, several times. It is, infact, perhaps our favourite mission for PvP. It has its ups and downs but it was fun never the less.

    This remake is supposed to bring back the action in Zargabad back, merging all the new systems of End-Game and the newer CUP mods.

    • The new respawn and revive system updated to the Apex' DLC standards (Apex is not required).
    • Respawning vehicles in main base and in several key locations around the map.
    • AI framework that uses VCOM AI (and Driving) and a revised version of EOS to spawn and manage AI behaviour.
    • Zones system that represents whether an area has hostiles on it or not, and notifies you once you've liberated an area.

Written on 2016-10-05 by Yuval

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