SPhoenix released in the BI forums a simple mission for fireteam-sized close combat!

    Quote SPhoenix :
    After attempting to sabotage the Southern capital's anti-air defense system, forces are getting ready to fight from each side of the border. There is no doubt a conflict will break out.
    But CSAT isn't ready to face the power of its enemy yet. Beforehand, they need to take away the AAF's long-distance advantage: its US-made MLRS, currently out in the field for trials.

    AAF engineers have set up a staging area in the fortified base of Pesto.
    It is a true fort; but it is only guarded by a handful of men. Furthermore, the weather puts the attackers at a great advantage.

    You are tasked with destroying the MLRS, killing its three engineers, and either killing or routing all the soldiers in the staging area before exfiltrating to our camp.

Written on 2015-06-29 by SPhoenix


Jeza released in our forums a new mission where your objectives are to take out two artillery guns and a CO, then get to the extraction.

    Quote Jeza :
    The Russians have two artillery guns firing on southern Thirsk causing damage to our operations and the civilian population. After the long treck north you have camped near the DZ, and are to push on with the mission. Expect many russian camps and roaming patrols and sat tells us there maybe some IFV guarding the roads. Check your weather tab.

Written on 2015-06-29 by Jeza

AUTigerGrad released in the BI forums a dynamic mission using the ALiVE insurgency module.

    Quote AUTigerGrad :
    Isla Duala is in turmoil. The long standing hostility between Afrene and Molatia has erupted into full scale war as the United Nations has come to Afrenian aid. Meanwhile a Molatian supported terrorist organization named "The Deadly Shadows" has begun terrorizing the Afrenian population with suicide bombings, Hit and Run attacks on cities and military bases, and IED placement throughout the region. With a conventional war raging at the border, you are tasked with stopping the terrorists and stabilizing the internal parts of Afrene so that Afrenian and UN forces can be focused on the oncoming Molatian attacks.

Written on 2015-06-29 by Armaholic


M4RT14L & Master-Antonio have submitted a new version of this cooperative mission for up to 32 players featuring the ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment mod.

  • Added Fast Rope From Helicopter.
  • Deleted LIMIT of 6 groups for every faction that spawn every time. In TEST . Server requires more resources.
  • Improved AI of Enemy.
  • Optimized mission ( Server do from 25 to 48 fps ) .
  • Added Arsenal and Vehicle / Helicopter Generator in Gamsara Spawn.
  • Added Sound when you detect mine.
  • Updated to Alive .
  • Fixed Operation Task .
  • Added Vehicle and Helicopter Generator .
  • Added more POPULATION in Server ( Request more resources ) .
  • Added help from Americans .
  • Added new Faction ( ISIS ) over Afghan Militia .
  • Added Suiciders Bomber ( only in ZONE OCCUPIED ) .
  • Added IED Casual ( only in ZONE OCCUPIED ) .
  • Added Skills for every Faction.
  • Added Script for Repair Vehicles.
  • Added Air Drop .
  • Added Helicopter Insertion .
  • Removed Virtual Ammobox.

Written on 2015-06-29 by M4RT14L

X39 released in the BI forums a hotfix for the latest update of his version of the Insurgency mission for Arma 3.

  • Fixed Intel spawning inside of buildings was not working (thx TDC-Insane
  • Fixed ALTIS: Enemy friendly with Bluefor (
  • Fixed ALTIS: Vehicle position in base (
  • Fixed Save Inventory & auto-load inventory after death
  • Fixed AmmoCaches cant be destroyed (THANKS ARMA ... rename some more classnames please!), also made it possible that they are being destroyed now with normal explosive charges
  • Fixed Script issue when all AmmoBoxes got destroyed
  • Added Multiple options to change the behaviour of the mission to missions parameters
  • Added non-optional GarbageCollector

Written on 2015-06-29 by X39

Kolmain has submitted an update for his remake of the classic ArmA mission by Kiljoy.

  • [NEW] AO's completed from past session get BLUFOR marker.
  • [BUGFIX] Mission no longer gets stuck in error loop.
  • [CHANGE] Removed OPFOR snipers until I find alternative to broken BIS_fnc_Overwatch.
  • [CHANGE] Added OPFOR CAS to INIT arrays for customization/mod usage.

Written on 2015-06-29 by Kolmain

Methking has submitted an updated version of this mission.

    Quote Methking :
    This mission was created especially for Teams and Clans not for Public Server. Stratis airfield with full armory and various areas for training. Enemy areas spread over Stratis which are activated when entering.

Written on 2015-06-29 by Methking

Whiplash has submitted a mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes focused on Russian Spetsnaz behind enemy lines on a search and destroy mission

    Quote Whiplash :
    Russian Spetsnaz forces have been deployed behind enemy lines and are currently preparing for a Search And Destroy mission which will devastate the enemy in this area. The Spetsnaz team have made a camp on the woods and have weapons and ammo stashed there , everything they need . They are surrounded by enemy forces , patrols , Quick Reaction Forces groups waiting in case of an attack .

Written on 2015-06-28 by PSK_Whiplash

aliascartoons released in our forums episode 14 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    ABDALLAH started his own Night of the Generals operation.
    Your job is to buy us time to evacuate all NATO personel and CSAT HVTs and their families. You have to attack and stop the enemy convoy by any means.

Written on 2015-06-27 by aliascartoons

Dave Jones has submitted his mission playable in singleplayer and coop modes where your objective is to destroy the AA & force the enemy off the island.

    Quote Dave Jones :
    A full Mission with voice actors, custom soundtrack, virtual Ammobox and multiple objectives including one optional objective, your task is to eliminate AA defenses protecting a radio tower that you need to bring down with satchel charges. You then need to stage a full on assault on an enemy base by calling in helicopter CAS, fixed wing bombing CAS (Don't forget your laser designator) artillery and even radio in alpha squad to charge forward and help you in capturing the island. This mission is very action packed, lots of explosions and multiple play styles to win. You can either go in quietly and take out the enemy using stealth, or go in loud and use launchers & Satchels. there are 2 mission files included, you can go in alone in single player, or join up with a friend and play it as a coop

Written on 2015-06-27 by Archamedes

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