Someone4 has submitted where your objective is to need to clear a base on Altis and secure the weapon containers.

    Quote Someone4 :
    Blufor intel has detected that a large shipment of mass destruction weapons has arrived to an Opfor base on Altis, known as "The Hexagon". Your need to clear the base and secure the weapon containers (in 1 verified location, and 3 other possible locations), in a NATO combined arms attack on the base. Your team needs to parachute to a rally point near "The Hexagon", ride in an aromored vehicle into the base, and assault the base while another team is being parachuted north of the base and joins the attack.

Written on 2014-09-18 by someone4


Angel released in the BI forums a massively expanded Great Altis Highway Race version, including up to 10 separate epic courses for you to race along as well as other improvements and additions.

    Quote Angel :
    Welcome to The Great Altis Race! Based on the original Great Altis Highway Race mission I released last year, this is a massively expanded version, including up to 10 separate epic courses for you to race along as well as other improvements and additions.

    This is a Multiplayer mission only! There are no AI to race against! Though you can run the race on your own where's the fun in that? So I advise you have at least one other person play with you. You can race with up to 13 other players plus 4 civilian observer slots for anyone wishing to document a race from above. There are no rules beyond getting to the end of the race, so its up to you to decide how you want to do it!

Written on 2014-09-17 by AngeI

RoyWheels released a new version of this escape mission for up to 10 people in the BI forums.

  • Fixed some more addon bugs.
  • Fixed weather parameter bugs.

Escape Roy Co-10 v4.34

Check the included txt files for optional addons and islands

Written on 2014-09-17 by Foxhound


Fiesel-Wiesel released in the BI forums a new version of this cooperative mission where your objective is to retake the control of the Abe Shur Dam!

  • fixed some bugs
  • fixed task descriptions
  • fixed the eos zones
  • fixed the loadout failure on the Medic
  • implemented the newest VCOM AI v 1.09
  • implemented the TAW - view distance tool
  • created a brand new task, with a nice little feature

Written on 2014-09-16 by Big

VanhA has submitted his seventh mission for Arma 3 where your objective is to sabotage the peace talks between AAF & CSAT.

    Quote VanhA :
    A group of resistance fighters have found out about peace talks between AAF and Iranians and plan to mess up the plan. You start close to an AAF outpost and will have to act fast to gain control of enemy static guns before the window of opportunity closes. What happpens next will be stored in tales and nightmares of later generations. Beware the mines.

Written on 2014-09-16 by VanhA

IndeedPete released in the BI forums a new version of this story-driven single-player campaign for Arma 3, introducing a private military contractor scenario.

  • FIXED: No-pants-bug leftovers.
  • FIXED: Checkpoint Charlie, FIA Car Pathfinding Bug.
  • FIXED: Buddy had wrong face.
  • FIXED: Some custom uniform textures were messed up after Arma 3 1.28.
  • CHANGED: Raised Shop prices drastically.
  • CHANGED: Switched form Campaign.PBO to Addon format.
  • ADDED: Advanced Shop System (Selling Items).
  • ADDED: Lots of minor textures, rank emblems, details, texts...
  • ADDED: Several hints to familiarise the player with M.E.R.C.S. specific systems.
  • ADDED: More ppEffects chaning based on current weather.
  • ADDED: TacPad button to turn ppEffects on/off permanently.
  • ADDED: Steam Workshop distribution!

Written on 2014-09-15 by IndeedPete

EMSI released in the BI forums a short and straight SP mission where you must defend your positions in air, on the ground and in the water.

    Quote EMSI :
    AFB Stratis and its external infrastructure on the island Stratis is an important point for indirect recon of the nearby demilitarized island Altis.
    But in past days there were observed an sporadic disruptions of airspace by the enemy aircrafts over the Altis and several small UAVs were also observed over the east coast of Stratis.
    The alarming is that these UAVs are designed only for a short range recon, so they can only be launched from the small boats or submarines.
    Currently we have no information about the direct activities of enemy troops on the island Stratis, but we can't exclude this possibility.
    Therefore, all units located on the AFB Stratis are in DEFCON 3 in past several days.

Written on 2014-09-15 by EMSI

Persian MO released in the BI forums two heavily modded cooperative and Advance and Secure (AAS) mission packs.

    Quote Persian MO :

    AAS FrontLine missionpack:
      NATO and CSAT forces fighting for sectors.Both sides start with full Army Land/Air/Sea and have to capture and secure sectors before opposite side.

    Coop FrontLine missionpack:
      Large scale battle coop, Objective is capturing and secure the specific area.Your side must defeat enemy forces inside the AO area.

Written on 2014-09-14 by Big

djotacon has submitted his latest cooperative missions where you fight against pirate lords and recover the assets of the population.

    Quote djotacon :
    Pirate lords are attacking the food supplies in all the area of N'Ziwasogo. Our mission is figth against them and recover the assets of the population.

    A pirate gang has taken the Moya island imprisioned the population and get the material grant by the ONU. Our first mission is make a recovery of this (food, briks,water) and secure all the area.

    You have two support modules assigned for this mission. One for transportation and another to give you supplies for the mission. If you are run out of ammo use the supply module to ask more.

Written on 2014-09-14 by djotacon

djotacon released in our forums an updated for the Sigma Quadrant Series.

  • Added task for dedicated servers
  • Test and fixes for dedicated servers
  • Tweaks
  • Added support to Arma 3 ver 1.28
  • Update VCOM to ver v1.09
  • Added [COOP06]SIGMA QUADRANT 8 mission to the full package

Written on 2014-09-14 by djotacon

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