Rydygier has submitted a new version of this free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

  • added action to move the body from one vehicle to another (new vehicle must be player's current assigned, close to the present carrier of the body);
  • fixes in the artillery code;
  • now all team members have access to the all Alex' action menu features;
  • small corrections in diary instructions.

Written on 2014-10-20 by Rydygier


Kamaradski has submitted a teambased PvP (Player-versus-Player) Multiplayer mission for Arma 3

    Quote Kamaradski :
    Mission Goal:
    - Blue to transport the crates to a random selected destination
    - Red to steal the cargo and bring it to their own base

    Set in a post I&A Altis, the BLUFOR cleared the island and removed all prominent opposing forces. Now after the fierce battles are over, it is time for BLUFOR to resupply their strongholds around the island. However small pockets of OPFOR troops remain active and are still hidden around the island. Since the OPFOR is also in the need for resupply, these convoys are an ideal target to the rebels to attack ....

Written on 2014-10-20 by kamaradski

revide has submitted an Arma 3 Wasteland mission inspired by multiple others, concentrated on performance and tactical, but fair, gameplay.

    Quote revide :
    First things first, this Mission is dedicated to the community.
    I created this Mission without any commercial/financial aspects in mind. I want to create a mission for everybody to enjoy.
    This mission is an one-man-project with 12,615 (+5759 headers) lines of code. All graphics self-made or edited to avoid copyright infringements.
    The only thing not created by me is the soundtrack of the mission and the intro sound. These are made by my friend Sleet (Soundcloud).
    I'm competing in the MAKEARMANOTWAR Contest, as well. But still, this mission is for the community, not for making profit.

Written on 2014-10-20 by revide


OPGamer & Kaasmandje have submitted this cooperative mission for Arma 3.

    Quote OPGamer & Kaasmandje :
    The mission is about an invasion of Russia and the rebels took a part of it and we are there to clean the mess
    with a squad. You are para-jumping out of a C130 and u have a hmmwv at your disposal and a crate full of weapons and ammo.

    Use everything to destroy their ammo boxes and their army.

    Good luck soldier

Written on 2014-10-20 by kaasmandje

Phantom Six released in the BI forums his latest cooperative mission. In this mission you must hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    ISIS forces have seize some tanks but lack oil to use them. They are heading for the oil field.
    Hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

Written on 2014-10-20 by Phantom Six

JohnnyBoy released in the BI forums a new version of his cooperative entry to the MANW contest. It is fast-paced, CQB mission with time pressure and lots of surprises.

  • Randomized 4 different paths for Protect Ship objective which changes game flow dynamically (more replayable).
  • Fixed MP Ending selection
  • Added crew to ship.
  • Added more clutter to camps for ambience.
  • More voice chatter.
  • Added more paths for suicide boats.

Written on 2014-10-20 by johnnyboy

Noam Aviad has submitted an Arma 3 singleplayer survival mission.

    Quote Noam Aviad :
    NATO forces withdrew from Altis as CSAT forces launch a full scale attack on the island.
    The AAF took an almost fatal hit in the firt wave of the attack, it broke down into a few groups of guerillas that have to use improvised equipment and weapons to fight CSAT and survive.
    Durring CSAT invasion the majority of the civilians have been evicted from Altis and Iranian civilians started occupying the island. but some places on Altis are still populated with Altian civilians, some of those civilians are willing to cooporate with the AAF, they might loan you vehicles, store your weapns and give AAF soldiers a place to hide at the time of need.
    Use whatever you can to put together the remains of the AAF force, survive, recover and fight the CSAT forces on Altis.

Written on 2014-10-20 by someone4

Jigsor released in the BI forums an update for his custom version of the traditional Insurgency mission.

  • Added Fallujah mod variants
  • Added: Opfor players can deploy MHQ truck which will set CSAT ammo, weapons and support boxes at OpforMHQ location.
  • Added new Convoy mission.
  • Summary: Blufor must destroy all 4 support vehicles and their crew.
  • Added modified BIS_fnc_taskPatrol "Veh_taskPatrol_mod" function code by Demonized to fix some vehicle bugs not moving when speed or beheaviour was not defined for each waypoint.
  • Added based protection to Blufor bases. Opfor players have 10 seconds to leave the zone or will be killed.
  • Added loby parameter to dissable environmental effects (ambient life + sound) for minor performance increase.
  • Added function to set array of markers to alpha 0 for those created/moved by opposing side.
  • Fixed: Respawn and spectate button moved down away from screen edge. Should resolve issue for laptop users who can't see the buttons.
  • Fixed: Starting time parameter now working with both weather scripts.
  • Fixed: Buttons and dialog text on Halo interface
  • Change: Merged all OpenMe.sqf variant scripts from EOS to one file in effort to reduce mission and add easier modding flexibility.
  • Change: Faster scripts handling factions and classes
  • Change: Suicide bomber target tracking to realtime tracking.
  • Change: Doubled number of maximum foot civilians spawned. Previous max number equivilant can be achieved by setting foot civilian probability lobby parameter to 50%.
  • Change: Streamlined Opfor player default loadout script.
  • Change: TK punishment time increased to 60 seconds. Added sound fx.(needs testing)
  • Change: minor script optimization in handling of moded/unmoded factions and classnames.
  • Improved: Less intel and ammo cache stuck in floors and walls of buildings.
  • Fixed: intel and ammo cache stuck in floors and walls of buildings
  • Added remove_charge function code by Iceman77. Removes mine base from Ammo cache object.
  • Added ammo cache Bo_Air_LGB explosion effect from original Insurgency by Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN.
  • Changed: spectate camera stutter removed

Written on 2014-10-19 by Jigsor

Ruthberg released in the BI forums an update of the Arma 3 version of his dynamic outdoor shooting range mission.

  • CBA no longer required
  • Steel Plate target added
  • Steel target generation performance improved

Written on 2014-10-18 by Ruthberg

M4RT14L has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission for up to 32 players featuring the ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment mod.

  • Updated to 0.7.1 CSE Versión.
  • Removed Weapons addon requirement.

Written on 2014-10-18 by M4RT14L

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