galzohar informed us he released a new version of this Team Death Match mission in the BI forums.

  • Remove workaround for no-longer-existing Task Force Radio bug which broken the mission with new Task Force Radio mission.
  • Change Zafir magazine class name for latest Arma 3 1.42 patch.

Written on 2015-05-03 by galzohar


Boris Vacula has submitted an altis version of his Stress Fortress mission.

    Quote Boris Vacula :
    Select your favorite base on Altis and fight against AI in a "horde mode" style base defense mission.

    • Designed for quick and short cooperative action with 1-6 players (with or without friendly AI).
    • Join In Progress is supported.
    • Respawn times are short
    • Players with Marksmen DLC can use their exclusive weapons.
    • Currently you can choose from 3 locations with various day-times.
    • More options will be added in future updates.

Written on 2015-05-03 by Boriz

Fr33d0m has submitted a multiplayer mode designed to simulate working as a Private Military Contractor in a conflict zone. You take the role of an Independent Contract Operator brokered by Orion Private Security Group.

    Quote Fr33d0m :
    Formerly, I had entered a mode in the MP category of the MANW competition. While I didn't win by a longshot, I was very well supported and received great encouragement and selfless donations of time by various groups of fine people. I ended up #17 in the lineup, but the support from the community was far better than any monetary prize. For this reason, I have delved back in, and it is my pleasure to offer you the next evolution of the mission formerly known as the OPSG PMC Sandbox.

Written on 2015-05-03 by fr33d0m


aliascartoons released in our forums episode 8 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    Few weeks after operation Bright Shadow...
    After a long and difficult rescue mission you have to make the last part of the trip on foot protecting the partisans with all costs.

Written on 2015-05-01 by aliascartoons

Spazz1219 has submitted a mission where as part of a CSAT Squad you have to ambush NATO forces and eliminated them from the Airfield

    Quote Spazz1219 :
    NATO Forces have been holding a make-shift base at the northern end of the Airstrip. Intel states there are at least 20-30 men, HEMTT supply trucks, 2 patrol groups, and an Anti-Air Tank that has been immobilized.

    We need your group to wipe out the entire operation, inside and out. With something this heavily guarded we don't expect 5 men to do this alone, which is why you will have a mortar team on standby with limited rounds. Now, there have been some 'rumors' of a 'CSAT' force in a southern Military Office, intel also suggests NATO is putting together 2 squads to investigate, supposedly 2 MRAPs. Those could prove to be very useful in an invasion like this. However, we cannot provide Air Support because of the Anti-Air 'emplacement' we also need that taken out as well. Good luck soldiers!

Written on 2015-04-30 by Spazz1219

Jigsor released in the BI forums an update for his custom version of the traditional Insurgency mission.

  • Fixed: Takistan version missing digital heading script update.
  • Fixed: Possibility for mission stuck on black screen.
  • Added: Mobile civilians will no longer spawn on Blufor base.

Written on 2015-04-30 by Jigsor

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission pack with cooperative missions.

  • New Mission: Co-5 Sweep
  • Vendetta
      Improved: Prevented HVT from running away
      Improved: HVT's helicopter now has a crew
      Improved: HVT helicopter starts its engines 1-2 minutes before it leaves
      Improved: Mission only fails if the helicopter can fly away
      Improved: Some Opfor patrols have AA weapons
      Tweaked: Task description text

Written on 2015-04-30 by Zenophon

Dragon Zen has submitted a new version of this dynamic close combat singleplayer mission (formerly known as BlackHole) for Arma 3.

  • Fix bug that player cannot respawn

Written on 2015-04-28 by Dragon Zen

grazyboy released in the BI forums a rescue style mission for Arma 3.

    Quote grazyboy :
    Half an hour ago our Ghost Hawk had technical issues and had to perform an emergency landing near Kamar. Two teams are being send in to investigate the crash site and search for the pilots.

Written on 2015-04-27 by grazyboy

grazyboy released in the BI forums a new version of his first mission for ArmA 3.

  • Small bug fixes (a pop up error)

Written on 2015-04-27 by grazyboy

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