Nikander has submitted a new version of this mission where your objective is to search the grids marked red on the map and destroy one main objective in each of them.

  • Fixed: supply drop cargo resetting on JIP connect
  • Fixed: ammo cache chance inside house logic fault
  • Fixed: multiple AI vehicles spawning to same spot
  • Fixed: supply drop crate not on garbage collector
  • Fixed: disconnected player corpse was not removed
  • Added: CUP mod vehicles, weapons and units support
  • Added: keep the base clean - dropped items removed
  • Added: main houses in base camp are indestructible
  • Added: expansion time setting affects enemy skill
  • Added: lobby parameter options for ACE3 medical
  • Added: ACE3 team management disabled by default
  • Added: black ghosthawk equipped with ACE3 FRIES
  • Added: fly-by jet or helo chance every 15 minutes
  • Tweak: map icons display also abandoned vehicles
  • Tweak: re-positioned and added support containers
  • Tweak: enemy patrol radius at objective increased
  • Tweak: maximum 5 enemy vehicles set to objective
  • Tweak: transport chopper has 10 sec unlock delay

Written on 2016-05-02 by Nik4nder

Unluckymonster has submitted a mission inspired by same name using Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Special Ops mission.

    Quote Unluckymonster :
    Collect samples of a deadly nerve agent in a Juggernaut suit through Berezino.

Written on 2016-05-02 by Unluckymonster


Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of the fifth mission in his Tomb series.

  • removed demons and some devildogs. Too much for tomb to have demons in it
  • Fixed boss1 trigger waypoint
  • Zombies didnt spawn. now they do.
  • balanced the enemies for numbers of players.
  • added a what to do bughint in the begining.
  • ]

Written on 2016-05-02 by Krigshjälte

Dragon Zen has submitted a new version of this dynamic close combat singleplayer mission (formerly known as BlackHole) for Arma 3.

  • Add Preset Mode of Armored Battle.
  • Delete RushMode, and make limitation of range effective for the other modes.
  • Add preset faction of GLT mod, adjust preset faction of VDV mod.
  • Adjust AI strategy
  • Other adjustments.

Written on 2016-05-02 by Dragon Zen

Panicsferd has submitted his missions Conquer, Control, Collapse all remastered and all in one single campaign file.

    Quote Panicsferd :
    Three Part Campaign: Includes Conquer,Control,Collapse all Remastered. Summary: There has been a collision between the USMC/NATO/UN and CSAT forces which led to the Conquering of Chernarus, to the Control of Takistan, and ultimately the Collapse of the CSAT regime. This takes place a 5 years after the East Wind campaign.

Written on 2016-05-02 by Panicsferd

Wiki released in the BI forums the fifth mission of his campaign "Twilight of the gods".

    Quote Wiki :
    Colonel Akhanteros, along with the CSAT, has decided to frame the FIA. Viper Black, a CSAT SpecOps team, is inbound the southern coast of Altis...

Written on 2016-04-24 by Wiki

OMAC released in the BI forums a new version for this mission where you must lead your sniper team to assist U.S.-based NATO infantry in defending a Forward Operating Base from a CSAT assault.

  • updated for ArmA III 1.58.
  • Binarized mission file.

Written on 2016-04-24 by OMAC

Mynock released in the BI forums a new Mynock Mini Mission, or [MMM], designed for simple, quick, single player gameplay.

    Quote Mynock :
    Forty five minutes ago, Papa 2-2, a Hunter unit transporting top secret NATO weapons information, decided it would be a bright idea to take a shortcut through unknown territory. Shortly thereafter, HQ received a call for help from Papa 2-2 before communications were lost. Your team must locate Papa 2-2 and recover the top secret weapons data that is stored inside a locked, metal suitcase.

Written on 2016-04-24 by Mynock

riten informed us he released in the BI forums an update for his random Air missions generator.

  • Added G Frorces effects.

Written on 2016-04-24 by riten

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