Mynock released in the BI forums a new mission where you have to steal a weapons truck from the Katalaki peninsula military port.

    Quote Mynock :
    Our enemies have received a shipment of experimental weapons at a military port on the Katalaki peninsula. We are sending you in to locate and comandeer the truck the weapons were loaded onto and escape the peninsula.

Written on 2016-02-07 by Mynock


Mynock released in the BI forums a RHS version of this mission where you have to locate a missing helicopter and it's pilots.

  • Added CUP version

Written on 2016-02-07 by Mynock

barbolani has submitted a new version of this Dynamic Whole Map mission, for SP or MP Coop, focused on Resistance Infantry and Guerrilla Tactics.

  • Removed debug message on Arty module.
  • Removed bug which stopped small counterattacks.
  • Fixed QRF on Ammo Logistics missions.
  • On Logistic Supplies missions, AAF will be more attracted to go on investigate the supply truck same as civvies do.

Written on 2016-02-07 by BARBOLANI


eggbeast released in the BI forums an update for his Evolution mission in Vietnam settings.

  • fixed broken recon HQ respawn vehicle
  • fixed numerous error messages in T/U menu
  • fixed broken save/load gear actions
  • this is now parameter controlled (so on EW server we use value 1, public hosts use default value 0)
  • fixed broken HALO action
  • moved suppressors to MAJOR and above
  • fixed dynamic weather movement
  • added default BIS revive function (thanks kbbw)
  • fixed EWDB-related error messages (as we now use a parameter to activate our private server system)
  • fixed broken radio tower
  • you can now complete the mission right to the end
  • we did this last saturday
  • increased default artillery costs (to deter noobs spamming arty)
  • fixed logistics items so you can move and transport staticweapons
  • improved obstacle generation so you can fortify your position with sandbags
  • temporary
  • removed excessive truck spawning
  • fixed support menu ammo box and illumination
  • POWs need not be transported by default now (As they were not fully behaving correctly)
  • improved era/look of POW camp
  • fixed base raiders
  • improved base defences (more to come)

Written on 2016-02-07 by eggbeast

Genesi(s) has submitted a new version of this FULLY VANILLA survival sandbox aimed at replacing the deceased Dynamic Zombie Sandbox mod as the owner ceased working on it.

  • Added music back.
  • Added more available vehicles.
  • Added more items to the loot tables.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and glitches.

Written on 2016-02-07 by Genesi[s]

nanosphere released in our forums an atmospheric stealth mission with a tweaked detection system.

    Quote nanosphere :
    SP or Coop. This is a very atmospheric stealth mission with a tweaked detection system. It is possible to finish it without engaging the enemy, and without beeing detected.
    It is also possible to take out enemies without noticing the others, but since it's Arma; close-up-kills are out of the picture.
    If you are noticed or seen, the enemy will react thereafter and the mission will change and get a lot more difficult.
    The mission have some randomness, like the crashed UAV is on different locations, the enemy have random patrols, etc. etc., so each playthrough will be a bit different.
    The mission have NO respawn. Just to add some nerve. The nerve is important here.

    The AI is tweaked so they act like normal human beings, and not elite god-like soldiers that will pop you from 1 km away. Neither you or the AI have nightvision.
    The detection system in this mission can be developed even more, so leave me a message if someone have awesome ideas!

    Approximate time to finish the mission: 1 hour. (Depends on how sneaky you are)
    No mods required.

    Look at the screen shots below, play it and enjoy. I will be glad if you leave a comment.

Written on 2016-02-07 by nanosphere

Dragon Zen has submitted a new version of this dynamic close combat singleplayer mission (formerly known as BlackHole) for Arma 3.

  • Fix bug that normal mode cannot search out weapons in mods
  • Fix bug that West Plane spawn in east position
  • Off the preset Mortar in Infantry mode.
  • Update the script for reammo.

Written on 2016-02-07 by Dragon Zen

Genesi(s) has submitted an update for this template for making/playing your very own horror missions as Zeus or follow the Zeus's story as players.

  • Added more sound effects to the gangsters.
  • Replaced all gangster NPCs with gangster-looking clothing (The blue beggar clothing).
  • Added music in the Molos bar, so it's now more of a safezone/hangout place, with other places to follow soon.
  • Added more furniture to a lot of buildings.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs.
  • Added more music.
  • Replaced civilians in towns with civilians from the RDS Civilian Pack.
  • Reduced amount of civilians in town for increased performance.

Written on 2016-02-07 by Genesi[s]

Cross has submitted an update of his complete training facility, for ALL infantry training, along with RAF fixed and rotary wing training.

  • Error with script, would sometimes make mission crash to desktop.

Written on 2016-02-07 by Cdn_Limey

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