Noven released in the BI forums a new alpha version of his mission that takes inspiration from Civ Life Mod for ARMA, Payday: The Heist and a few things from Grand Theft Auto among other games.

  • Combat Life Saver - Can recover dead bodies for a small bonus
  • Mastermind - Has 15% bonus on selling things (electronics, gold, drugs). Can buy thug for 1,500, bribe cost reduced to 3,000.
  • Technician - Received Vehicle Smoke Screen (formerly Ghost). Can also buy UAV from Item shop for 500.
  • Ghost - Can buy EMP mines and flash bangs. Gets new skill: Police scanner. Gets police dispatch information.
  • EMP grenade reworked to be command detonated mine (aka claymore)
  • added bag (backpack) shop to four stores. Replaces banker.
  • Class persistence
  • safe money scales based on connected police (10% per)
  • changing class costs a percent of net worth instead of a flat cost

Written on 2015-01-30 by Armaholic


mons00n released in the BI forums a new coop/tvt mission where you must blow the caches before the opposing team. Each team will have a Mole working for the opposite team, whose job will be to slow their team down in whatever way possible to allow the opposite team to win.

    Quote mons00n :
    Today I bring to you, the Mole mission. This is a concept that I've been working on for over a year now and am finally able to bring it to fruition. The basis of this mission is exactly the same as Cachino Royale: a number of random weapon caches have been placed throughout the town of Zargabad, your team must blow the majority of them before the opposing team. However, this mission differs in one key aspect - the MOLE! (this mission is heavily inspired by the BSG board game)

    Each team will have one randomly chosen MOLE, this person will be working for the opposite team. Their job will be to slow their team down in whatever way possible to allow the opposite team to win. BUT, each team has the ability to accuse one mole at a time - this strips that person of all weaponry and tethers them to their accuser. The job of the accused then becomes convincing your team that you are not the mole and they should release you. The point is, if you are the mole DO NOT GET CAUGHT. Your main goal is to covertly sabotage and subvert; you want the opposite team to win. Patience and timing will be your greatest ally.

Written on 2015-01-29 by Armaholic

mons00n released in the BI forums an update for this Team versus Team gamemode mission playable also in cooperative and singleplayer modes.

  • Switched from ASOR to Virtual Arsenal
  • Removed DAC markers
  • Random reinforcements when a cache is blown

Written on 2015-01-29 by Armaholic


Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of his open-ended cooperative mission featuring random objectives surrounded by enemy patrol.

  • Fixed: Possible issue with code execution from an eventhandler
  • Improved: Logic to not place insertion or objectives on any small island or at the edge of the map
  • Improved: Various improvements and fixes included in my latest framework

Written on 2015-01-29 by Zenophon

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this medium-length co-op mission focusing on small-scale infantry tactics, with heavy randomization for maximum replayability.

  • Fixed: Possible issue with code execution from an eventhandler
  • Added: Starting position and resupply point map markers
  • Improved: Logic to not place the starting position on any small island
  • Improved: Next random supply point is now calculated from average player position
  • Improved: Various improvements and fixes included in my latest framework

Written on 2015-01-29 by Zenophon

Soldat Ryan released in the BI forums a pack of 10 maps (5 day / 5 night) for TDM fight in PvP.

    Quote Soldat Ryan :
    Freely inspired by "Wrecked - Skirmish Pack".

    • Scored with ticket system. First team with 0 ticket lose the round.
    • Ticket number = 50 (feel free to change it in initserver.sqf)
    • Arsenal with weapons limitation by side (CSAT /NATO)
    • Nigh and day versions

Written on 2015-01-29 by SoldatRyan

released in our forums the sequel to his Operation Trident Fury mission.

    Quote :
    After the SEALS did a good job on Operation Trident Fury 2 days ago, the AAF took a major beating and are still wandering what hit them. Now is the time to use the momentum and cause the AAF more damage.

    We are executing a combined raid with the objective to seize the AAC Airfield. After we take over the airfield, we will make it our FOB for further operations on Altis.

    You will lead a two men recon mission to initiate a joint operation. Your objective is to insert behind enemy lines, get to the designated observation point undetected and observe enemy movement.

    Once you are dug in and ready, you will initiate our full scale attack at the airfield.

    Semper fi!

Written on 2015-01-29 by Tombabr

krigshjälte has submitted a new version of his latest cooperative mission where you have to escape from jail and eliminate the dictator.

  • rewritten unitspawn to avoid lagg.
  • Added ammoboxes with explosives in prison.
  • No silent kill to buggy. Find wepons in armory store.

Written on 2015-01-28 by Krigshjälte

TandelK has submitted a PvP CTI map for Air Combat between NATO and OPFOR.

    Quote TandelK :
    Starting with Jets and Attack Helicopters making the mission more engaging from capturing the island and holding 75% of the island will start draining enemy tickets and the mission time is 1 Hour.

    Also vehicles are locked to specific slots.

Written on 2015-01-28 by TandelK

Fuiba has submitted a new version of this mission pack containing 8 cooperative missions for 2-10 players.

  • Total objective trigger overhaul: loosened trigger conditions.
  • Total ending trigger overhaul: switched to Arma3 end function.
  • Total loadout overhaul, eveything set up again from scratch.
  • Mission pack is now dedicated server compatible (thanks Alwarren and Varanon!)
  • Balance tweaks for most of the missions based on feedback (thanks everyone!)
  • Lots of minor and a couple of major bug fixes throughout.

Written on 2015-01-28 by Fuiba

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