Smoerble released his first mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Smoerble :
    Beginner mission for 4 co-op players. Perfect for beginners, as the objectives start very easy but become stronger. Additionally players start with very limited resources but will get better weapons after a few minutes.

    This is NOT a stealth mission.

    I'd be glad to hear any any feedback, thank you.

Written on 2014-08-23 by Smoerble


zapat informed us he released in the BI forums an updated for this scenario focusing on tactical SP gameplay in an open world, spiced up with survival and RPG elements.

  • GTV HOTFIX for messed up unit cards
  • GTV FIX: many many bugfixes. Many.
  • GTV FIX: units now remember their pose and watch direction when going into topdown mode
  • GTV FIX: Fog-of-war is now on for unconscious units
  • GTV_FIX: dead bodies are not hidden by Fog-of-War
  • GTV FIX: sometimes not the selected grenade was thrown. Or any.
  • GTV FIX: switching from behind the sights won't activate 3rd person view
  • Add: unconscious units are now executed by a close red unit.
  • Fix: unconscious units die if they receive more damage

Written on 2014-08-23 by Big

somners released in the BI forums a new version of this adversarial mission where the goal is to get your team to 100 points first. You accrue points by having control of designated territories..

  • Adds dynamic system (more than one area on the map the game can happen now)
  • Adds custom radio channels for team leaders only (pushes for better coordination)
  • Removes Global and Side chat as a part of the above feature
  • Adds several options to the parameters menu from role selection screen
      - Select Game Region
      - Select Point Limit
  • Fixes some scripting errors on start-up

Written on 2014-08-22 by somners


zero-fill has submitted a singleplayer mission where you have to sabotage a power transformer then steal an enemy repair truck and use it to sneak into the enemy base to take out the Colonel.

    Quote zero-fill :
    The enemy army has taken control of the island you call home. They have set up a military base and taken control of the island's power grid, diverting power to their military operations. You have come up with a plan to ultimately kill the enemy Colonel . . . and to kill him in style.

    You will first steal some explosives from a weapons cache and use them to take out a power transformer that is providing power to important areas on the island. When a repairman comes out to see what is going on, kill him and steal the repair truck. Drive the repair truck to the enemy main base where they will likely wave you right inside and then run over the Colonel that is stationed there, before quickly making your escape.

Written on 2014-08-22 by zero-fill

Undeceived released in the BI forums a resistance campaign for Arma 3.

    Quote Undeceived :
    As a prequel to "The East Wind", "Dying Ember" tells the story of Pavlos, a former member of the AAF.
    In the year 2026, after the Kavala coup d'etat, he and his best friends oppose a totalitarian military regime in order to get back their and Altis' freedom.
    They experience the fall of the democratic government and start to resist oppression and non-existent freedom of opinion, even though they have only themselves and almost no equipment.

Written on 2014-08-21 by Undeceived

killjoy has submitted a new version of this mission where you are part of Security Patrol fighting against Soviet forces in Czechoslovakia.

  • Updated for use with EvW 0.7
  • NATO SF WEAPONS no longer needed.

Written on 2014-08-21 by killjoy

killjoy has submitted an updated for this singleplayer mission where as part of Team 1 of 4th Platoon "Nemesis" Troop you have to gather further intel on the Soviet blocking position in the town of Polna.

  • Updated for use with EvW 0.7
  • NATO SF WEAPONS no longer needed.

Written on 2014-08-21 by killjoy

killjoy released a new version of this mechanized assault with infantry, APC's and arty support mission in the BI forums.

  • Updated for use with EvW 0.7
  • NATO SF WEAPONS no longer needed.

Written on 2014-08-21 by killjoy

Jigsor released in the BI forums an update for his custom version of the traditional Insurgency mission.

  • Fixed error in air patrol functions change in v0_94 causing server crash.
  • Fixed bug -- it was occasionally possible for tasks not to start on mission start.
  • Added Anti Blufor base sabotage mines and explosive removal
  • Added Drag Body Script v1.2 by Bangabob added//needs testing and feed back
  • Added flashlights to Enemy AI weapons. They are more engaging at night now.
  • Added mines and explosives to Opfor players

Written on 2014-08-21 by Jigsor

Rydygier informed us he released in the BI forums an updated version of his very easy in use generator of dynamic, interesting battles conducted by HETMAN commanding AI.

  • expanded HAL config to make Leaders more aggressive (more groups to take objective, some idle groups will slowly push forward too) and interesting (air evac, dynamic formations);
  • Leaders should look for shelter if close to the buildings;
  • safer spawning positions;
  • fixed issue with always "busy" artillery - arty support is now performed;
  • battle conditions calibration (balanced attacker/defender groups amount ratio, forces a bit more spaced apart statistically, Leaders moved more at the rear...);
  • proper Leader units for custom factions (if provided any officers);
  • added chance for single cargo vehicles for foot infantry transportation;
  • markers for radio chatter and artillery fire missions;
  • re-randomize avatar option via 0-8;
  • all units switchable via Team Switch;
  • MARTA markers switch via 0-8;
  • some night combat equipment for FIA;
  • improved weather setting code;
  • added "NO CHANGE" weather setting meant for weather mods compatibility;
  • tweaked foot infantry movement speed and formations;
  • magazines used by infantry added to the ammo trucks cargo space;
  • added "campaign" layer - optionally results of previous battles will be remembered and shown on the map; size of controlled by both sides area will slightly affect morale and force strength;
  • added forces ratio GUI setting;
  • added map markers showing overall battle plan;
  • various code tweaks and changes.

Written on 2014-08-21 by Rydygier

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