Ruthberg released an updated version of his ATragMX - Handheld ballistics calculator on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces a new item to the game, which helps you to calculate firing solutions. It is meant to be used together with the following addons:
    • Added 5 ATragMX units to the NATO support box (Box_NATO_Support_F)

Written on 2014-09-02 by Ruthberg


Ruthberg released an updated version of his Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds a Kestrel 4500 to the game. Once finished it will be one of the tools needed for the Advanced Ballistics project.

    • Direction
    • Wind Speed
    • Crosswind
    • Headwind
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Altitude
    • User screen 1
    • User screen 2

    • Added 5 Kestrel4500 units to the NATO support box (Box_NATO_Support_F)[/page]

Written on 2014-09-02 by Ruthberg

JohnHansen released an updated version of the Brazilian Defence Forces mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Brazilian Army Infantry, Air force Infantry, Marines.
    UH60 Black Hawks (Army and Airforce), AH1 Sabre, A29, Super Lynx and Army Truck.

    • corrected Land Rover error

Written on 2014-09-02 by Foxhound


That1Drifter released his Fatigue Remover addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I got tired of removing fatigue from certain missions we wanted to run so I made this simple addon that removes fatigue and keeps it off after respawn etc.

Written on 2014-09-01 by That1Drifter

Ruthberg informed us he released an updated version of his Advanced Ballistics addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces advanced external and internal ballistics to the game. It is entirely client-side and only affects small arms fire from human players.

    • Drag resistance based on ambient air density (air pressure, temperature, humidity)
    • Wind drift (Wind speed varies with the height above ground and obstacles like buildings or certain terrain features can mitigate the wind)
    • Spin drift
    • Coriolis effect
    • Eötvös effect
    • Decreasing bullet stability through the transonic region (-> significant dispersion beyond supersonic flight)
    • Ammo temperature affects muzzle velocity
    • High power scopes get adjustable Mil/MOA Turrets
    • Wind info
    • Protractor
    • Temperature simulation
    • Humidity simulation
    • High caliber bullet trace effect
    • Mirage effect and parallax adjustment

    • Fixed muzzle velocities being read incorrectly from the configuration classes
    • Fixed muzzle velocity changes due to muzzle accessories being read incorrectly from the configuration classes
    • Fixed muzzle velocity shift due to ammo temperature changes not working at all

Written on 2014-09-01 by Ruthberg

Riouken submitted an updated version of his cTab - Commander's Tablet addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote Riouken :
    cTab, "The Commander's Tablet", is an Arma 3 add-on that provides players with quick access to command and control features including Blue-Force Tracker, UAV video and control interfaces and unit helmet camera access.
    The add-on includes a Rugged Tablet for command units, a field-portable Android Device for tactical units, in-vehicle map devices, and helmet mounted cameras for non-command units.

    • Commander's tablet
    • Working FBCB2 Blue Force Tracker system
    • User placed makers - place markers for enemy, medical and general purpose
    • Tracks all crewed Bluefor Military vehicles
    • Tracks any dismounted troops with the proper equipment
    • Android based Blue Force Tracker
    • Commanders Tablet can view live UAV streams
    • Commanders Tablet can view live Helmet Cam streams
    • Vehicle mounted FBCB2 interface, Blue Force Tracking
    • Tactical Awareness Display (TAD) for air vehicles, Blue Force Tracking
    • This system is available to only one side at a time, there is a mission configurable parameter to choose sides
    • None of the markers or icons show on maps, need one of the devices to view

    • Fixed "_chk_all_items" script error that could appear during Zeus (and probably other) missions

Written on 2014-09-01 by Riouken

BiggerDave released version 1 of his HSO ArmA 3 SLA pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's here folks! Thankfully Pre-1 didn't have any major bugs, so here's the promised Release 1.

    What's Included?
    • 6 new factions! An organized military force and a guerilla group for each side. (Plus two "subfactions" on the East side):
        - In the blue corner, we've got the Chernarus Defence Force and the Real Sahrani Republican Army (the guerillas from Queen's Gambit)
        - In the red corner, we've got the Sahrani Liberation Army (ground forces, marine forces and air forces) and the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star
        - And in the green corner, we've got the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani and the Chernarussian Nationalist Party
    • Several different kinds of troops for each faction
        - Reservists using kit from the 70s
        - Regular Infantry
        - Elite Guard
        - Special Forces
        - Militia
        - Renegades
    • More weapons than I care to try and count (some of which are "real world" weapons, some are fictious, but heavily based on real world weapons. Nothing is included that could not plausibly exist in real life)

    • Most weapons and items have correct inventory images
    • Fixed the textures for RACS BDUs
    • Improved textures for AR-15 derivatives.
    • Includes bisign and bikey files

Written on 2014-09-01 by Foxhound

EvroMalarkey released the first version of the Army of the Czech Republic A3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I would like to introduce our long going czech community project, it was annouced a year ago on armaholic, but since then there wasn't much progress. Few months back we re-annouced it here on BI forums and since then we made huge progress and few czech communities were testing the mod privately, but today we would like to release it for everyone!

    This mod containts various infantry units, weapons and equipment. Weapons are ports from Arma 2 with improved textures and they're using animations from @hlcmods_core, but there still needs to be some work done. For now the main focus was on units and weapons. Later, we may bring some of the vehicles from A2. Until then you can use some replacement configs, for example Mi24 (@kae_sz) and Mi17(@cha_mi8) helicopters which are included in opt folder. Below is a list of assets currently available in the mod.

Written on 2014-09-01 by EvroMalarkey

Speedygonzales released the first version of his Jagdkommando Austria addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The first release contains various types of gear including uniforms, helmets, berets, caps, boonie hats, vests, goggles, rucksacks and insignias.
    Currently, I am too exhausted to include a full list auf classnames. Thus, to acquire classnames use the VR Arsenal.

    Future plans include ports and retextures of the following vehicles: Backhawk (A2), Armed Land Rover (A2) and AH6 (A3). Furthermore, additional gear will be added.

    This project is meant as a big “thank you” to the Arma community and BIS in general. Playing around with the content created by the community has brought me numerous hours of joy and of course frustration.

Written on 2014-09-01 by Foxhound

Deanosbeano released his Pretty Shitty Bang Bang addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I have stopped my messing with Arma games now and im cleaning my HD out ,along the way I found this project that I had made to learn about diff aspects of A3 .
    I thought rather than delete I would offer here to anyone who wants to learn or make it properly , it does work as is but needs Physx tweaking , there is lots more info than when I started with it so the sliding and suspension should be an easy fix for the new makers of all things A3.

    Here you have the models and configs in mlod format for you to alter:
    - Pretty Shitty Bang Bang Source

Written on 2014-08-31 by deanosbeano

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