ESPI submitted a new version of his ESPI Car Tuning addon.

  • fixed bug
  • fixed- (requiredAddons "cadata").
  • fixed- sticker "espi and star".

Written on 2014-10-24 by ESPI


LAxemann released an updated version of his Enhanced Soundscape addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ES currently as has three main features:
      • ES plays reverb sounds in the firing direction based on terrain (Distance to the next mountain etc.)
      • When shooting in the direction of a mountain/raised terrain in general there is a chance that the gun sound gets reflected back to the shooter
      • When firing in an urban area, the gun sounds get reflected from nearby buildings

    All this is based on (simple) speed of sound calculations, meaning e.g. that it will take longer for you to hear the gun's echo (popp) when shooting in the direction of a very far away mountain.

    • Improved the urban scripts

Written on 2014-10-23 by LAxemann

X39 informed us he released an updated version version of the XMedSys addon, an improved medical system for Arma 3, on the BI forums.

    Quote X39 :
    The XMedSys was designed to fill the giant blank ACE left after ArmA 3 came out but ACE did not. Controling everything works in the same way like in ACE to make a move over as simple as possible (may change in the future) so that everyone who knows ACE should be able to use XMedSys!

    • Fixed no putInVehicle/removeFromVehicle action available
    • Fixed "RevivalMeasures" option is showed everywhere

Written on 2014-10-23 by X39


EricJ released an updated version of his Weapons Pack containing different weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote EricJ :
    This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.

    • Added "SCAR-H LSW" with a 50-round drum magazine. Weapon can still accept and use 20-round magazines.
    • Fixed SCAR-H Mid-Length Barrel shadow LODS.
    • Fixed inventory image path for M3LR scope.
    • Adjusted M107 SLAP Magazines with BIS values
    • Added Barret XM109, available with HE, and APDS ammunition.
    • Updated Ammo Boxes accordingly
    • Added ability for M249 to hard rest with the Optional TMR Bipod PBO.
    • Updated some things with the Optional TMR Bipod PBO.
    • Added new HK416 sounds courtesy of taumargin

Written on 2014-10-23 by Foxhound

Glowbal submitted version 0.9.0 Alpha of the Combat Space Enhancement.

    Quote :
    This update introduces new options for some modules. An updated server config example file will come shortly. Using the old config file will still work, however any missing settings will use the default values. The same goes for documentation on the new settings and possiblities (such as medical vehicles). There will most likely be a small patch this weekend as well.

    • Added: UAV Support with CC.
    • Added: Vehicle Displays for CC.
    • Added: Various configuration options for Name Tags.
    • Added: Shared equipment for medical. Includes option in configuration settings.
    • Added: Medical Vehicles.
    • Added: Options for name tag module to define distance for direct and indirect tags.
    • Added: When CMS is enabled, CMS can be turned on/off for specific units.
    • Fixed: Backwards compatibility for older TFAR versions.
    • Fixed: IR Strobe flashing would stay when detached.
    • Fixed: Issues with addOpenWounds function.
    • Changed: Action Menu won't open while remote controlling units.
    • Improved: Performance for cse_sys_tags and cse_sys_medical.
    • Improved: BFT Code has been updated.
    • Improved: Advanced Interaction 'ask about enemy' option now has better results.

Written on 2014-10-23 by Glowbal

Sk3y released the Camofaces addon by him and Feldhobel on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon will add a camoface for each default face. You don´t need any other Mod to use this one.
    Only the optional PBO´s need other mods to work (Authentic Gameplay Mod, Community Base addons A3, etc).

Camofaces v1.00

Only required if you want to use camofaces_agm.pbo
Authentic Gameplay Modification
Community Base addons A3

Written on 2014-10-23 by Foxhound

AusSnipe73 submitted an updated version of his USS Iowa BB-61 addon.

    Quote :
    This is my MANW entry the mighty USS Iowa BB-61. The USS Iowa was a US Navy battleship which saw service during WW2, Korea and the Gulf war. This addon features the ship as it was after its 1984 refit and recommissioning. At 270 metres long and weighing 45,000 tons the Iowa is one of the largest moving objects to be seen in Arma 3.

    • Fully drivable with PhysX simulation
    • 3x Working main turrets each armed with three 16 inch guns
    • 6x Working secondary turrets each armed with two 5 inch guns
    • 4x Working Phalanx CIWS turrets for protection from the air
    • Can be used for artillery support
    • Highly detailed bridge interior with working gauges
    • Animated Propellers, Rudder and Radar
    • Lights and Collision lights
    • Custom Particle FX for main guns
    • Detailed modelling throughout
    • Listed under NATO > > Ships > > USS Iowa

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

    • fixed more texture errors

Written on 2014-10-23 by AusSnipe73

TheCourierVX submitted an updated version of his CSF Pack which contains Canadian Based Troops Units.
These units are based on actual equipment used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • 2 Backpacks(arid And TW)
  • 2 Boonnie Hats
  • JTF2 Vest Coyote (Heavy and light)
  • JTF2 Vest MTP (Heavy and light)
  • New JTF2 Texture (Please give feedback)
  • Added 2 New TW PLate Carrier
  • Added 12RBC Uniform Arid and TW Variant

Written on 2014-10-23 by TheCourierVX

geraldbolso189 informed us he released an updated version of his A-164 Wipeout HUD Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Continuing with my strive to upgrade vanilla content here's a Wipeout HUD Mod.

    What it does?
    It changes the absolutely useless and cluttery HUD from the Vanilla Wipeout to a more easy-to-read HUD, removing all those hideous bars and tapes. I based it off the DCS: A-10c HUD.
    HUD includes everything noted on reference pictures.
    I also changed the field of view of the pilot so instruments are more readable.

    • Fixed TrackIr issues.
    • Added Neophron HMD.
    • Added Multiple Countermeasure release programs, carefully explained in the reference manual.
    • Added Flare Mode and Flare counter display.

Written on 2014-10-23 by geraldbolso1899

EvroMalarkey released an updated version of his ASCZ A2 Map Fixes addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    These custom configs will add satellite photo in the editor menu and loading screens for each map. Further more there are configs for A3 Clouds and Menu Intros for each map. If you want to use any of these configs with any of supported map, you will need to have A3MP or AIA.

    Current number of all maps: 35 (including AIA TP).

    • fixed error on Caribou
    • deleted enviroment sounds on Fata, replaced with A3 ones
    • replaced rain sound on Namalsk with A3 one
    • 1 new config added - Everon, Malden, Kolgujev, Nogova

Written on 2014-10-22 by EvroMalarkey

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