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Worthy Platoon
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160th SOR Australian Arma Community
One of the only Australian communities running as US army and USMC, with a vast range ... Read all..
Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
=SO= Strategic Outcomes is a tactical Realism clan.

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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
The 31st MEU is a ArmA 2 CO realism unit. Our Main focus being the Mod: ACE.
We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
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Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
What is Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA)?

Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
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Buffalos Tactical Squad
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1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Screen of the week

Chessmaster42 released an updated wip version of his Curator Presets Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is an addon for Arma 3 that provides script presets in Zeus (aka Curator) mode in the Modules screen.
    This mod is very simple but very useful now that Zeus has been released to Stable. I needed a way to run scripts on objects but not have to give debug console access both in the mission and to users in general. As a result I came up with this mod to help provide some extra utility to Zeus. It's still very basic and needs a ton of work but I wanted to throw it out here for you guys to consume and try out.

    • version 1.7.1:
        - Fixed some critical issues in the last update
    • version 1.7:
        - Added Spawn Garrison module

Written on 2014-04-24 by chessmaster42


Drongo69 released his Middle East Conflict mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds the following factions to Arma 3:
    • Syrian Arab Army (SAA)
    • Hezbollah
    • A Generic Middle Eastern army
    • Middle East Irregulars (al Qaida, etc)
    • Quds Force
    • Western Black Ops
    • Middle Eastern civilians

    It replaces (and renders obsolete) my previous mods Middle East Irregulars and Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.

    • Added enableSentences false and enableRadio false commands to the random gear scripts to cut down on (but not eliminate) "No ammo" spam
    • Added the hiddenSelectionsTextures line to the WBO base class to prevent invisible models from spawning
    • Renamed DR Irregulars to ME Irregulars

Written on 2014-04-23 by Foxhound

Tpw released an updated version of his TPW MODS on the BI forums.
With this update it is important that you update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp!

    Quote tpw :
    In the months since Arma 3 alpha was released I wrote a number of mods which did different things, but all of which had a common goal of increasing the immersion and realism of the single player experience in Arma 3. As the number of mods and their complexity increased, I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of feedback on multiple threads and maintain them all separately, so I took the decision to bundle them all into one addon, imaginatively titled TPW MODS.

    TPW MODS consists of a number of independently configurable mods.

    • [HUD 1.17] HUD will briefly glitch if player is hit. Additional code optimisations.

Written on 2014-04-23 by tpw

SuddenlyMoose submitted his Bratwurst Mark 1 AA config addon.

    Quote :
    Presenting the Bratwurst Mark 1, a mobile SAM system produced by the Erfurt based defense company Lederhosen undt Waffen GmbH. The Mark 1 was introduced in 2022.
    This is a config that uses the base game MBT_01_mlrs_base_F model as an AA unit. This is not an attempt to recreate an actual system, but to add an AA unit that can use relevant features available in the Arma 3 engine.

    The following (identical) classes are available:
    • Blufor variant.
    • Opfor variant.

    Each unit supports the following ammo:
    • Manual (control via mouse left/right and PgUp/PgDn)
    • Visual lock
    • IR lock
    • Laser lock (not tested)
    • Radar lock

    The ammo variants come from the mechanisms supported by the engine.
    No scripting is used.

Written on 2014-04-23 by SuddenlyMoose

Geloxo released an updated version of his GX Addons on the BI forums.

    Quote geloxo :
    The old GX Addons have been updated and ported to Arma3. This script pack was formerly created for Arma2 and should be compatible with it as well, provided that you adjust the config in the scripts to use Arma2 vehicles and markers classnames. The old Arma2 version won´t be updated or supported any more, sorry. The updating was made to be used on our UST101 server coops but I decided to share it after we have fully tested it on MP.

    This addon features scripts mainly intended to create air formations and allow real operations with AI. This
    release is an enhancement of the old Handy Tools already created by me in the past but improved to easy
    the configuration and usage. The scripts also include a set of common functions usable with general purpose
    on your missions. The addon is fully MP compatible and does not create conflicts with other addons. The
    addon is also compatible with land and sea units too.
    This addon is configured for Arma 3 by default but can be also used with other addons (override of default
    variables is needed then in the mission init.sqf, addon gx_fn_init.sqf or via any external script).

    • Main change deals with support configurable by sides
    • Other minor tweaks also added

Written on 2014-04-22 by geloxo


Shadow_MSOG released an updated version of his Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod is intended to bring some much needed enhanced gameplay and realism to the helicopters of Arma 3.

    • RAH-66 Comanche:
        - 20mm Cannon
        - DAGR (SALH), 12x HE, 12x HEAT
        - Brimstone (Dual-mode SALH+Radar), 4xHEAT
        - Laser designator
    • RAH-66 Comanche (AA):
        - 20mm Cannon
        - DAGR (SALH), 12x HE, 12x HEAT
        - 4x ASRAAM
        - Laser designator
    • KA-48 Kajman:
        - 30mm Cannon
        - Skyfire rockets (unguided)
        - Skalpel ATGM (SCALOS w/ automatic tracking, can engage helicopters with limited effectiveness), 8xHEAT
    • AH-64 (Requires Arma 2 US Helicopters import):
        - 30mm Cannon
        - Hydra 70 rockets (unguided)
        - AGM-114L Hellfire (Radar), 4xHEAT
        - AGM-114N Hellfire (SALH), 4xHE/Thermobaric
    • AH-1Z Viper (Requires Arma 2 US Helicopters import):
        - 20mm Cannon
        - Hydra 70 rockets (unguided)
        - AGM-114N Hellfire (SALH), 8xHE/Thermobaric
        - 2x Sidewinder

    • Renamed Blackfoot to Comanche
    • Restored missing ASRAAM on Commanche AA
    • Added Brimstone missile for Commanche
    • Added ability to zero guns via laser rangefinder for Apache/Comanche/Viper
    • fixed SCALOS guidance on Skalpel ATGM to reflect automatic tracking
    • rebalanced AI dispersion on 30mm gun of Kajman
    • Added distinct LOBL/LOAL-LO/LOAL-HI/LOAL-DIR trajectories to Semi-active homing weapons.

Written on 2014-04-22 by Shadow_MSOG

Pepe Hal released an updated version of his Unlocked Uniforms addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This small addon unlocks every uniform to all factions in Arma 3.

    You can now loot and wear any uniform you may find - except for civilian clothings (I'm working on that but it is rather complicated).
    Note that wearing an enemy uniform doesn't allow to pose as an enemy : uniforms don't affect side relations.

    This mod should be compatible with most addon units : if you stumble upon any exception, please report it so I can make it compatible.

    • Fixed: A few civilian models and combat divers weren't compatible.

Written on 2014-04-22 by Foxhound

Legislator released an updated version of his GLT Mod on the Armaholic forums.
The GLT Mod is a compilation of missions and addons created and designed by the German Liberation Taskforce. The GLT itself is a fictional German Armed Forces bases faction of the 2030s which is taking part in the war for Stratis and Altis.

    Quote :
    GLT Mod 1.18 will introduce a fix for the respawn template of BIS that had been introduced with the latest A3 patch. However it will also feature a lot of Tropentarn units of the German Liberation Taskforce, some vehicles for the Nea Dimokratia militia and a lot of other stuff.

    • changed: Leopard 2A6 now is called Leopard 2A8
    • changed: GLT Oshkosh JLTV driver is a medic now
    • fixed: several issues in Leopard 2A8 showcase
    • fixed: old texture on one of the GLT HEMTT trucks
    • fixed: config error of GLT supply box
    • fixed: missing stringtable of GLT_Backpack_HMG_Support
    • fixed: rangefinder and binocular were lost after respawn
    • new: Nea Dimokratia VW Crafter (red + black)
    • new: Nea Dimokratia red beret
    • new: Nea Dimokratia red and black SUV
    • new: GLT Tropentarn uniforms
    • new: GLT Tropentarn helmets
    • new: GLT Tropentarn backpacks
    • new: GLT Tropentarn vests
    • new: GLT Tropentarn infantry
    • new: GLT Tropentarn static weapons
    • new: GLT KSK backpacks
    • new: GLT KSK uniform
    • new: GLT KSK units
    • new: civilian with black overall
    • new: black overall
    • new: GLT Respawn Template Fix
    • new: GLT Showcase: A-10 X2
    • new: loadout "glt_weapons_tropentarn" and "glt_weapons_ksk" for GLT_fnc_Crate
    • new: GLT Editor CleanUp - new vehicle class "Structures_Sports"
    • new: Dynamic Civilian Life v 1.1 (DCL) by Nicolas BOITEUX has been integrated
    • updated: all Stratis and Altis missions with respawnOnStart = 0 parameter

Written on 2014-04-21 by Legislator

Jw released an updated version of his Dutch MARSOF Units on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote jw :
    Looking at all the units already made it came to my attention that there was little to nothing that represents dutch units, so I decided to go ahead and start a little project of my own.
    To make a long story short, today I want to announce the Maritieme Special Operations Forces to the public.

    You can choose wich units u want to use! Any of the included rar files can be used standalone. Or simply use all files.

    • Added:
        - GhillieSuit "Desert"
        - SniperTeams Woodland/Desert
        - Green Balaclava's
        - Claymore charges in ammobox
        - CH47 hiddenselectiontextures
        - M4A3/GL/SB/SPR's
        - FN MAG
        - M107
        - L115A3 Green/Tan/Camo
        - .338 lapua magnum ammo
        - Backup ironsight
        - Side rails
        - matching suppresor
        - Custom weapon sounds
        - custom suppresor sounds
    • Changed:
        - ReconTeam AmmoBag
        - GhillieSuits to full Ghillie's
        - Balaclava's UI icons
    • Fixed:
        - UIM Coveralls
    • Removed:
        - duplicate Ammo type's in ammobox
        - Most UIM green/black Characters Backpacks
    • Simplified most config's
    • Small changes in character Loadouts
    • Updated:
        - Recon Fatiques
        - DCU Fatiques
        - M81 Fatiques
        - MTP Fatiques
        - NFP Fatiques
        - A-TACS Fatiques

Written on 2014-04-21 by jw

penneyfour has submitted an updated version of his realistic fixed wing ground and air traffic module for Altis.

  • Improved AI aircraft taxi functions (aircraft do not flip or jump)
  • Improved / fixed AI go-around functions
  • Flight plans improved / added
  • Improved sample mission file
  • Results tested in both Native ArmA 3 and All-in-ArmA (not tested with multi-player yet)
  • fixed taxi script, fixed most taxi problems (however some aircraft do not play nice.. see "Read This")
  • added flight plan 'D', tour of all airports
  • change to flight plans 'V,W,X,Y,Z', AAC airport no longer supported as a destination in default flight plans taxiway too narrow for larger aircraft
  • added added more space at spots 6,7,8,9
  • added classname list in config for push/pull
  • added revised 'READ THIS' file for install and configuration
  • change 'sample_mission.Altis' with additional supply depots and objects for loading into vehicles and aircraft
  • fixed go-around scripts for Gravia Rwy04R
  • added maps available in userconfig folder

Written on 2014-04-21 by penneyfour

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