Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his H.A.L.O. System addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This will be my first official Addon for the ArmA community! This HALO System will allow you to Jump from sub-orbital altitudes over 70,000ft from the mysterious rumored stealth drone "Vampyre". Other standard militray aircraft are also supported, such as the C-130, C17, and Russian IL76.
    This sub-orbital XHR-1 "Vampyre" can fly over 70,000ft and is meant to roleplay a Reconnaissance and secret H.A.L.O platform for 2035.

    The included Altimeter will be reading Barometric Pressure. ASL, Above-Sea-Level. You should know the Altitude of the DropZone and plan ahead. Tracking over 2km while in FreeFall is possible; more if under canopy for a HAHO. The jump location and altitude will be random to start. Option to re-route Flight possible. System should work for most ArmA Maps.

    There is a helmet-view complete with custom sounds and dramatic environmental effects! Your visor can (and will) fog-up, freeze over, can crack, etc. There will be thermal layers and accurate and varied temperatures displayed for most ArmA Maps and Climates. The temperature will also fluctuate with months, seasons, and time-of-day.

    The Altimeter can be displayed by using your 'Watch' button while geared-up in your HALO Gear for any Keyboard or Gaming Controller. If you are NOT Geared-up properly, the JumpMaster will deny your Jump and you will have to recheck and repack your gear. The temperature at extreme altitude can reach -70*F with little to NO Oxygen!

    Thermal Jumpsuit, Helmet, and Oxygen Supply IS required. ALL your Gear will be saved and packed into the Pack attached onto your front so you can Jump into the AO fully combat-ready! Water landings possible (and encouraged) for the Black-Ops operative you know you want to be!

    • Added: XHR-1 "Vampyre" Sub-Orbital Drone
    • Fixed: MP Menu for ALL supported aircraft
    • Altimeter: increased 'ON' to 40 seconds
    • Removed: Test/Example Editor Mission

Written on 2014-10-31 by Goblin


EricJ released an updated version of his Weapons Pack containing different weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote EricJ :
    This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.

    • Fixed zero of the AKM
    • Fixed Ammo configuration for the non-ASDJM and RH configs.
    • Fixed M855A1 ammo typo in the "u100_config" ammo box entry.

Written on 2014-10-31 by Foxhound

Bad Benson released an early alpha version of his Arma: Enhanced Movement on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a pre-alpha version of the addon. I sadly had to rush it to meet the deadline of the contest (and uploaded a broken version so could've spared me that). This goes especially for the animations. I literally made all 12 anims in less than two days so bare with me while I'll slowly polish every single one over the next weeks.

    I'm going to update it very frequently from now on. I'm using the pre-alpha term, eventhough the features I planned for the first release are all there, for the following reasons. The thing I'm trying to do is pretty ambitious considering the engine I'm doing it in .

    So naturally there will be some quite obvious but expected issues for now (look below for more info). So I'm not comfortable calling this even alpha. This goes, clipping etc. aside, also for data issues in the main game like missing roadway lods on a lot of objects. That for example is the reason you can climb on a vehicle but will get stuck on it in the most hated anim, the falling anim . I'm working on ways to fake roadway lods to allow climbing on everything, period.

    Detection is very loose atm because i'm still experimenting with different settings/methods. I will soon deploy more exploit prevention (climbing through walls etc. can happen) to make this useable in PvP some day.

    There is also a lite version of my earlier interaction key adventures in there. While there are also more elaborate addons doing the same available, I still like to have everything I personally like and am able to achieve myself in my own addon. So if for example a server allows my climbing addon but not someone's action menu replacement I still have a key to open doors, climb ladders etc.
    That being said I will soon add a check for said addons that will deactivate my own system to allow best possible combination with other addons.

    • one context sensitive key to:
        - jump
        - climb on/over and step onto obstacles..note: these actions are not allowed while a rocket launcher is in your hands or you are 60% (might change) fatigued
    • one context sensitive key to:
        - open doors/hatches and perform any close by actions (no get in yet)
        - climb ladders
        - access the gear of any object (vehicles, ammoboxes, etc.)
        - access gear of group members ( use yet)

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-10-30 by Foxhound


MrEwok released an updated version of his EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This pack gonna add all HMMWV's form arma2 and more, with upgraded visual an features.
    This addon is an extention pack for the HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import.

    I have renamed the @EWK_M1151 folder to @EWK_HMMWV so be sure to delete or replace the old pbo.

    • Fixed Frag6 inside bags
    • Fixed zeus compatibilty
    • Fixed M1114 gunner proxy on all lod's
    • Added deployable camonet (desert/woodland) on M1151_M2_Deployment

Written on 2014-10-30 by MrEwok

Tortuosit released an updated version of his Dynamic weather script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The script creates dynamic weather, is heavily configurable, has starting presets, weather trends and min/max values. Standard behaviour is that script lets weather cycle between min and max values. But you can also pin the weather at a specific level with the "constant" trend.

    - Presets are respecting min/max values.
    - Rain min/max is not available, as rain control is usually taken over by ArmA.
    - Generally, fog levels are more likely to be low.

    Weather changes / trend changes are executed every 20 minutes with no brute force, i.e. no abrupt changes and no cpu spikes (except at startup). After all, especially cloud/overcast change is slow in ArmA.

    Script is for SP usage, I have no clue about MP. The script is derived from a script of forum user Meatball.

    • Adresses above setovercast problem.
    • "oscillate" trend (jumps permanently from full cloud to zero clouds) was broken by design. Fixed.
    • You can now alt-tab to Arma the tort_islands.sqf (userconfig), edit it and return to your mission and your changes will be applied after mod restart.

Written on 2014-10-30 by tortuosit

Rydygier informed us he released an updated version of his ARTEMIS - Hunting Instinct addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ARTEMIS mod is an AI algorithm that simulates animal-like hunting behaviour of controlled units (Hunters) against chosen units (Prey). It's meant as a tool for mission makers, while easiness of Artemis setup makes practically everyone familiarized with editor's basics potential mission makers able to set hunter-prey missions fast and smooth.

    This code does some heavy calculations (mainly numerous LOS checks every second). Should be more efficient than 1.0, still too many hunters at once may cause hunters' reactions delays/sluggishness. How many is OK? Not sure & depends. Let's say "one or few to several". Number of prey units isn't as crucial.

    ARTEMIS is designated as opponent for player, but should work well also against AI.

    Hunter has to his disposal two customizable senses: sight and smell.

    Sight is specified by two parameters: light sensitivity and movement sensitivity. It decides, how easily Hunter will spot the Prey according on daytime, weather, size, speed, background (sky or not, surrounding terrain) and knowledge factor (memory).

    Smell helps to follow not visible Prey by its trail. Each Prey will leave "footprints", that Hunter can scent. Old footprints will be erased, also rain gives small chance for removing some parts of the trail. Smell (range) is strongly affected by wind (direction and strength).

    If there is no Prey nor trail known, Hunter will loiter randomly starting from last known position of last prey.

    If Hunter see the Prey, his behaviour depends on situation. His goal is surprise attack, prefferably from behind. Will charge anyway, if close, but otherwise will approach, fast, or stealty, only, when flanking the Prey (out of Prey's FOV). If catched in the FOV depends on situation can hide low or run out of LOS, then try to outflank keeping out of sight.

    Is most dangerous at night, in the dense forest when visiblity is poor.

    Hunter uses only melee attacks.

    • code fixes
    • improved hunter's behaviour

Written on 2014-10-30 by Rydygier

MrEwok released an updated alpha version of the Explosive ordnance disposal suite by him and the Lancaster Studio on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We’re glad to present the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit (EODS) this is an addon for Arma 3 that aims to improve the role of the combat engineer. This addon brings a new type of IEDs with many functions that are designed to extend the Arma 3 simulation. Besides of the IEDs, we’re developing a functional K9 unit (with a realistic Belga Malinois 3D Model and animations) that is going to have the ability to search for explosives in certain objects and areas.

    • added bisign and bikey files

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-10-30 by Foxhound

M1lkm8n informed us about the updated released of the JBAD Buildings addon by him and Smokedog on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Smokedog and myself(M1lkm8n) figured it's about time we release something. So we are releasing an very early work of all the buildings we have been working on for our Jalalabad terrain. Currently this pack includes over 100+ models all converted and upgraded to A3 standards such as breaking glass, animated door handles and a3 penetration. This release includes the newly opened takistan firestation.

    • bug prevented the jbad_mil_barracks door from opening

Written on 2014-10-30 by M1lkm8n

Burnes15th submitted an updated version of his FV4034 Challenger 2 TES addon.

    Quote :
    This adds the British FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

    The British FV4034 Challenger 2 TES MBT. Comes in 5 camo patterns and has a turret interior. There are many unfinished areas but i figure at this point i could do with some feedback and community testing to work out the values in armor etc. The armor has almost not been tested i gave it a quick blast to destruction just to make sure it was working, bear in mind that the real life challenger 2 is very tough. As in reported to be the most heavily armored tank on the planet. In one engagement it was hit by over 60 rpg's and a Milan anti tank weapon, the optics had to be switched out and it was back in service 6 hours later.

    The AI gunner problem is still there. AI gunner will not fire the main cannon by himself. you have to press CTRL FIRE to make your AI gunner fire but at present fully AI crewed vehicles will not fire their main gun.. There are some missing scripts for checking ammo count etc but that was down to my forgetfulness rather than them not being ready and i expect to update this later in the week with a finished interior etc.

    Anyway, this is my favorite piece of military equipment of all time so I hope I've done it justice. Let me know what you guys think.

    • version 3 alpha:
        - Fixed Icon missing error
        - Fixed Reference to bad weapon type in animationsources
        - Fixed Recoil animation
        - Fixed Eventhandler error
        - Fixed further texture errors
    • version 2 alpha:
        - Fixed - missing track texture (bad file path)
        - Fixed - missing commander sight texture (bad file path)
        - Fixed - cannot load woodland texture (had it mapped to a proxy by mistake)
        - Fixed - missing sandbag proxy (Bad file path)

Written on 2014-10-30 by Burnes15th

Drifter released his Kryptek Units on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds different Kryptek Units with the following camo schemes:
    • Kryptek woodland
    • Kryptek Desert

    • Squad Leader
    • Team Leader
    • Grenadier
    • Machinegunner
    • Automatic Rifleman
    • Rifleman
    • AT Rifleman
    • JTAC

Written on 2014-10-29 by Drifter22

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