Burnes15th informed us he released his Burnes Armories - Husky TSV on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is the British Army's Husky Tactical Support Vehicle.
    It seats seven and has a 7.62mm GPMG as its main armament.
    There is only a desert variant at present but a woodland color scheme will follow.

Written on 2016-06-24 by Burnes15th


Stcrowe released an updated version of his Loadout Transfer on the BI forums.
The Armaholic hosted archive does contain both an addon as well as a script version!

    Quote :
    Loadout Transfer is an addon meant for mission makers that will allow players to not only transfer their loadouts to other players on the server, but will also allow players to load their loadouts, save their loadouts, edit the loadout order, and more. Loadout Transfer does all this by working within vanilla BI loadout storage (Arsenal).

    Script Version:
      The script version must be included in your mission folder (make sure to read the documentation). It is standalone, and does not require anyone to download an extra mod.
    Regular Mod Version:
      This is the regular mod version. It has all the features of the script version plus it allows you to quickly setup Loadout Transfer menus using a module in the editor. This is idiot proof. Install mod, place down module, sync objects you want to have the menu to module.
      Remember all missions made with the mod version will require that users have the Regular version or E version installed
    E Mod Version:
      This is a special version that has all the features of the mod version and it includes the full Loadout Transfer menu to every ammo box in the game (and from other mods as long as they are descendant of vanilla ammo boxes). You cannot turn this feature off, so if you don't want that feature then use the regular mod version.
      Remember all missions made with the mod version will require that users have the Regular version or E version installed

    • Added a new module called Loadout Transfer Settings where you can set the transfer distance and allow the loadout menu to show upon respawn
    • You can now enable and disable Loadout in the Loadout Transfer Menu.

Written on 2016-06-23 by Armaholic

lukinator96 released his Tanoan Armed Forces on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds Tanoan Army faction to the game.
    Tanoan military lacks armor, modern equipment and even protective gear. Their goal is mobility, so they have
    really light equip, helicopter support to make it fast to the target and LRRP that stalks jungles for weeks long.
    Their best description is light infantry.

    • New poorly equiped faction of Tanoa Armed Forces, armed with Apex weapons and Redphoenix's sexy M3A1.
    • New jungle P42 camo.(2 new uniforms, PASGT and Watchcap in P42 camo, plus pilot coverals with Tanoan flag)
    • Quadbike with FFV feature, some reskinned vanilla vehicle like AH-9, Zamak, other vehicles' textures were not touched.
    • Using Apex french voice protocol.

Written on 2016-06-23 by Armaholic


NeoArmageddon informed us the CUP Team released updated versions of the Community Upgrade Project - Terrains addons on the BI forums.

There are three different versions available so please read the description and download just the version which best suits your need! There is no need to download all three versions!

    Quote :
    The Community Upgrade Project brings you CUP Terrains, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)".
    It builds upon the work done by kju for AiA TP and brings all of BI's iconic terrains to ArmA 3 as well as all the amazing 3rd-party terrains created by the community.
    CUP Terrains maintains full backwards compatibility to A3MP and AiA TP - no need to adjust any missions or maps.

    CUP Terrains is modular, so there are different downloads available:
    • Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete:
        CUP Terrains, featuring everything - all the data and the BI terrains
    • Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Core:
        CUP Terrains Core, featuring only the data necessary for the terrains, but none terrain itself. Useful for those who only want to use CUP Terrains with 3rd-party terrains. But beware: some 3rd-party maps might be dependent on BI terrains.
    • CUP Terrains Maps:
        CUP Terrains Maps, featuring only the maps created by BI - needs CUP Terrains Core to work. If you only want a part of the terrains featured here, just delete the respective pbo-files of the maps you don't want. But beware: there might be interdependencies between terrains.

    • Added: 5 New terrains from Arma: Cold War Rearmed, made by CWR2 Team
    • Added: Everon
    • Added: Malden
    • Added: Kolgujev
    • Added: Nogova
    • Added: Desert Island
    • Added: New CWA buildings, objects and associated data
    • Added: Animations for the sliding doors on stodola_open.p3d
    • Fixed: Materials in fire geometry of stodola_open.p3d and stodola_old_open.p3d
    • Fixed: RPT errors from view geometry of stodola_old_open.p3d not being convex
    • Fixed: updating base class RPT errors for Fuelstation, Land_Houpacka, and Land_piskoviste
    • Fixed: updating base class RPT errors from ThirskW inheriting CAWorld and Utes in different places
    • Fixed: RPT errors and ladders on panelak2.p3d and panelak3.p3d - Fixes 1419
    • Fixed: #CRTarmac parallax issue on Chernarus
    • Fixed: Tweaked desert lighting
    • Fixed: Tweaked Utes, Chernarus, Bukovina, Bystrica grass

Written on 2016-06-23 by NeoArmageddon

Duda released an updated version of his Advanced Sling Loading addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

    • Ropes can no longer attach automatically! You need to either get out of your helicopter or have someone on the ground pick up your cargo ropes and attach them to an object.
    • All players on board a helicopter are given a "ropes" action. This lets any player deploy, extend, shorten or release cargo ropes.
    • Once cargo ropes are deployed, any player can go to the end of the rope and pick it up.
    • Once the ropes are picked up by a player, they can be attached to pretty much every object in the game.
    • Players can drop ropes if they're carrying them
    • Players on the ground can detached ropes from an object

    • version 2.0.2:
        - Fixing issue causing some helis to damage when deploying ropes
    • version 2.0.1:
        - Fixing bug that prevented people from picking up ropes in exile

Written on 2016-06-23 by Duda

Donelsarjo released an updated version of his DES Elevator on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a small addon, that allows player to access roof tops and balconies. It is inspiered by Zooloo75's Acces Points script.

    • added: config for "Land_Hotel_02_F"
    • added: config for "Land_Cathedral_01_F​"
    • added: config for "Land_OrlHot"
    • added: config for "Land_Mil_House"
    • added: config for "Land_Mil_House_dam"
    • added: config for "Land_A_MunicipalOffice"
    • added: config for "Land_HouseB_Tenement"
    • added: config for "Land_Mil_House_EP1"
    • added: config for "Land_Mil_House_dam_EP1"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan2_01"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan2_02"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan2_03"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan2_03a"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan2_04a"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan3_hromada"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_mesto3_istan"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan4"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan4_big"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan4_big_inverse"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan4_detaily1"
    • added: config for "Land_Dum_istan4_inverse"
    • tweaked: folder structure

Written on 2016-06-23 by Armaholic

_blub released his xtbbmalloc on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A custom memory allocator for Arma 3.
    I made a custom memory allocator for Arma3 and I want to share it with you. Originally I made this for testing purpose only but maybe it can improve performance in some cases.

    • Based on Intels tbbmalloc 4.4 Update 5
    • Support for large pages
    • Includes some special tweaks which can improve performance in some cases (opt in)
    • Interface for reading memory statistics and modifying parameters on the fly
    • Customizable via settings file
    • Source code included. Feel free to modify

Written on 2016-06-23 by Armaholic

FoxFort submitted an updated version of his FoxFort Camo Pack.

    Quote :
    This addon contains different camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix.
    They are available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply box.

    • Added: CSAT uniform, Helmet and Harness with: Blue, EMR, Square (U,D,W) camouflage.
    • Added: AAF uniform, AAF helmet, Nato uniform, NATO helmets and Bonniehat with: Nomad camouflage.
    • Added: AAF uniform, AAF helmet and Bonniehat with: Blue and Type 07 camouflage.
    • Added: Tactical Vest in: CADPAT and Nomad camouflage.
    • Added: CSAT Russian armpatch/insignia - made by "graemetgd".
    • Improved: CSAT uniform with: Green, Khaki and Type 07 camouflage.
    • Fixed: Sample CSAT Khaki soldier had a wrong name.
    • Removed: CSAT Berezka uniform camouflage.

Written on 2016-06-22 by FoxFort

IceBreakr released an updated version of his Island Panthera for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Name Panthera itself comes from Slovenian history of "black panther" crest. Map itself is based on the real height data of Slovenia's Northwest part in Europe - named Gorenjska Region.
    "Gora" in Slovenian means mountain and Gorenjska region (represented in Panthera) certainly lives up to its name being home to most of Slovenia’s biggest mountains, including the highest of them all – Triglav (three heads) standing at an impressive 2,865 metres. The Julian Alps and the beautiful Triglav National Park are the main features of the region – offering not just outstanding scenery, but a wealth of plant and animal life and an abundance of outdoor activities. It is also home to the unforgettable lakes Bled and Bohinj. It is almost impossible to decide which one you prefer – Serene Bohinj and its majestic mountain setting or fairytale Bled with its seventeenth century church on an island overlooked by a castle perched on a rocky outcrop.

    • fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
    • lakes now visible via CUP Terrains, but still buggy with fog present
    • road and roadside object tweaks
    • dded runway and other lights to airports except Boriana (wip)
    • replaced ibr_rn.pbo addon with optimised ibr_pantheraobjects.pbo

Written on 2016-06-22 by IceBreakr

Taro8 released an updated version of his M2A6 Slammer Firepower Upgrade on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I have created a little config mod with adds a new version of the M2A4 Slammer tank for BLUFOR. It's my first mod like that so not everything works perfectly, so if you have any suggestions how to fix, or improve, certain elements, feel free to weight in. It was done mostly to figure out how to properly edit the config files.

    NATO found the existing M2A1 firepower to be lacking. To fix this issue the "Firepower Upgrade Conversion Kit" has been developed for the M2A4 Slammer with was already upgraded with the TUSK (although M2A4 only had 105mm main gun). Along with the improved armor of the M2A4 variant, the additional firepower of the M2A6 is something to be respected. It can still carry troops as well, making it a unique jack-of-all-trades armored fighting vehicle.

    • new additional zoom levels for commander and the gunner. The commander also gets a new extra wide zoom level
    • FLIR modes for commander and the gunner changed to black and white
    • commander's mortar: reload time increased to 6 seconds (from 1.8), artillery charge dropped to 50% (from 70%)
    • 20mm cannons got another slight buff to RoF (still slower then 20mm GMG)
    • reduced magazine number for 20mm cannons and 20mm GMG, removed 1 magazine each

Written on 2016-06-21 by Armaholic

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