ShalenyUkrop submitted the first version of his Ukrainian P1G-TAC "Field Toad" and "Steppe Toad" camo uniforms/gear pack.

    Quote :
    Hi everyone, it's my first addon/mod ever, but I hope you'll like it.

    The addon contains uniforms, gear, shoulder patches based on ones produced by the Ukrainian company P1G-TAC.
    This addon is focused on "Zhaba Polyova" ["Field Toad"] (adaptive camouflage for use in the forest and steppe zone of Ukraine as well as in areas of mixed, tropical forests and equatorial zones) and "Zhaba Stepova" ["Steppe Toad"](adaptive camouflage for use in the steppe zone of Ukraine, as well as in the areas of semideserts and deserts, savannas and prairies) camouflages designed by the P1G-TAC company in 2013. The camo and gear by P1G-TAC is used by the Ukrainian Naval Infantry, SSU, Interior Ministry specops and volunteer battalions in the ATO zone ( conflict in the Eastern Ukraine ) as well as it's also popular clothes for hiking, hunting and such sorta stuff.

Written on 2015-08-02 by ShalenyUkrop


Mattastic submitted an updated version of his Marine Expeditionary Force addon.

    Quote :
    The Marine Expeditionary Force modification is an addon pack. It was developed to offer a professional solution for those wanting to portray the United States Marine Corps in ArmA III. Enjoy HD textures along with real "clean" looking uniforms. This modification has a long development road map and will grow to eventually include more uniform variants, proxy gear, weapons, and even vehicles.

    • Added: Marine Raider Units/Groups
    • Added: Recon Groups
    • Added: ECH Lite (Coyote/Earth/Grey/OD)
    • Added: ECH (Coyote/Earth/Grey/OD)
    • Added: Plate Carrier Light (Black/Coyote)
    • Added: Plate Carrier Heavy (Black/Coyote)
    • Added: Boonie Cap (M81)
    • Added: Baseball Cap (WM/DM/M81)
    • Added: Grey Combat Tactical Uniforms
    • Added: Combat Utility Uniforms (M81)
    • Added: Combat Tactical Uniforms (M81)
    • Added: Assault Pack (Black/Coyote/M81/OD)
    • Added: Carryall Pack (Black/Coyote/M81/OD)
    • Added: Kitbag (Black/Coyote/M81/OD)
    • Added: Patches (Logo/Jack)
    • Added: F-37 Thunder
    • Added: US HMMWVs
    • Fixed: Uniform Shoulder Insignia displays now
    • Fixed: Pilot unit helmet
    • Updated: Unit/Gear Naming Format

Written on 2015-08-02 by Mattastic

released an updated version of the ADF UNCUT project on the BI forums.

    Quote pastor399 :
    Australian Defense Force (ADF) Uncut is an ongoing project aimed at re-creating as authentically as possible the uniforms, vehicles and weapons pertinent to the ADF.
    We are directly supported by Day0, an Australian gaming community that provide us a home and host our official ADF Uncut Arma 3 servers.

    • Fixed CBA Keybind
    • Added Optional Config (@asdg_jr support)

Written on 2015-08-02 by Sbats


Tjockjocke released his Bo-105 helicopter on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds the Bo-105 helicopter to your Arma 3 game.

    This addon is a standalone version of the helicopter from the Swedish Forces Pack. We will continue to work with the Swedish mod and that's our primary focus. So please check out that as well.

Written on 2015-08-02 by Armaholic

CPL.Variable.A submitted an updated version of his Hindu Kush island for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Large 20x20km mountain terrain with multiple locations and possibility for combat scenarios.

    • unknown

Written on 2015-08-02 by CPL.Variable.A

CPL.Variable.A submitted an updated version of his Atlantis Map for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    A 20x20km Terrain offering potential for large air assault and naval operations as well Spec Ops scenarios.
    20 Large and smaller islands with unique locations.

    • New land mass connecting 2 largest islands

Written on 2015-08-02 by CPL.Variable.A

Dslyecxi released his ShackTac Map Gestures on the shacktac website.

    Quote :
    ShackTac Map Gestures (STMG) is a mod created to solve a simple problem – in a virtual environment, it’s impossible to simply point at a map or trace a path for others to see. This tends to slow briefings and is a purely artificial limit, so… this fixes that!
    After adopting this mod, ShackTac saw a significant increase in briefing clarity and efficiency. It became significantly easier for a leader to talk through a plan and show exactly what the intent was via gestures, and anyone with questions could easily ask them and show exactly what they meant on the map via the gestures.

Written on 2015-08-02 by Dslyecxi

kripto202 submitted an updated version of his Kommunity Insignias addon pack.
This pack contains many different Insignias that were made by different community members and anyone can add their own insignias.

  • version 1.5:
      - fixed: a small error on startup
      - add: Senta a Púa
      - add: Smoking Snake
  • version 1.4:
      - fix: wrong file location

Written on 2015-08-02 by kripto202

NorX Aengell submitted an updated version of his XENO - Taru Pod Mod.

    Quote :
    Hi everyone, I'm happy to share a mod who add the possibility for the Taru (Heavy lifter helicopter of CSAT) to attach and detach the various Pods he can lift. Feel free to ask for some features I can add.

    • Fixed : Bugfix with the new update of ACE3.

Written on 2015-07-31 by NorX_Aengell

Massi released an updated version of his NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote massi :
    Finally I found the time to release an updated version of my weapons, I’m sorry for the long wait and for all the issues it caused.

    This version should fix all the problems I red on the forums so far, and also update the weapons with bipods capability, it also set A3 sounds for all the weapons, since the old sounds were reported to create problems in some users.

    I will keep working on these weapons and on all my other addons in the spare time I’ll have, thanks again for all reportings and for your patience.
    You’ll find all the other changes in the changelog.

    • Added support for BIPODS
    • Updated sounds to new A3 standards
    • Udated weapons icons with new icon system
    • New PSO optics in 3D
    • Added a side mount optic for KSVK
    • Fixed attachments issues
    • Fixed config and models issues
    • Fixed AA launchers not locking on air targets
    • Fixed all weapons not showing in arsenal now present
    • Fixed Red dots and Aimpoints invisible now working
    • Fixed folding sight texture
    • Updated ASDJ Joint rails optional config
    • Added ACE3 optional config: make ATGM lock and firing, add Hunt-IR to GLs, make LAW, RPG18 and M136 diposable launchers
    • Added sub-sonic and blank-rounds ammo

NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons v1.9

(only required if you wish to use the asdg_jointrails_mas_weapons.pbo optional config)
ASDG Joint Rails
(only required if you wish to use the mas_us_rifle_ace3_c.pbo optional config)
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)

Written on 2015-07-31 by massi

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