Group Link II version 1.0Plus signed
Editing and Scripts

=\SNKMAN/= has released a signed version of his "Group Link II v1.0 Plus" for Armed Assault in the BI forums.

No changes to these scripts have been made, we only wanted to make sure everybody would know its now possible to use the Grouplink addon on servers which only allow signed addons.

The original Group Link script was written by toadlife so credits should go to him first of all!
In OFP time’s KeyCat heavily modified the original toadlife Group Link script and tweaked and enhanced it.
So next credits should go to him for his outstanding work.
The ArmA Group Link 2 Plus! script is based on the last released version of Keycat's OFP Group Link 2 v.1.91 script.

This script features:
    * AI Enhanced
    * AI Call Reinforcement
    * AI Call Artillery
    * AI Mount, Unmount Vehicles and Choppers at the target position
    * AI Units in Choppers do Para drop or Unmount at target position
    * AI Drop Smoke for cover while Unmounting
    * AI On feet also drop Smoke for cover if the come into a fire fight
    * AI React to Gunfire
    * AI React to suppressed fire
    * AI Perform house searches at target position
    * AI Captive
    * AI/Player Dynamic Voices
    * Player Hit ,injured effects and voices
    * And lots and lots more
Download this signed version from our download section.

Written on 2008-02-23 18:33 by SNKMAN  

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