Chernarus Electrical Grid version 1.1 released
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Loyalguard released version 1.1 of his Chernarus Electrical Grid (Script Pack and Addon) on the BI forums.
There are a couple of very important changes in this version for mission makers, more info in the provided readme's!

Quote Loyalguard :
This will probably be the last version of CEG. That does not mean development has stopped. I will most likely be migrating this project into a different version to be able to "intergrate" electrical grids from several different islands (to include A2OA and user made worlds). As it stands, CEG can only work with Chernarus and to make it work with other islands would break backwards compatibility. My goal for the new project will be for it to be easily compatible with any island with the proper electrical infrastructure. I figured a single addon/script pack that worked with several islands would be easier for players, mission makers, and server admins than separate addons/scripts for each island. I will strive to maintain backwards compatibility with A2-only content as well as offer both script pack and addon versions. Chernarus may remain separate, be incorporated into the new version, or be available in both depending on how the roadmap evolves. The next step is to analyze other islands (first priority are OA islands) and find the best way to go about making functional electrical grids for them...stay tuned...but in the meantime please let me know if you have any feedback on CEG v.1.1!

Changes in this version:
  • new:
    • - Added mission maker option to add arc flash explosion (randomly or deliberately).
      - Added a seperate demo mission just for the addon version. Demo for mission script version renamed to avoid confusion.
      - Added a custom game logic that when placed in the editor by the mission maker adds CEG as a required addon for the mission.
  • fixed:
    • - Corrected code that might cause clients connecting to multiplayer host servers not to experience same effects as host.
  • changed:
    • - Ensured that if mission script and addon versions were both present that the mission script version would be used instead of addon version to ensure backward compatibility.
      - Mission script version is now initialized by editor unit init line (e.g. game logic) instead of from the init.sqf to ensure priority over addon version.
  • improved:
    • - Optimized smoke stack particle code.
  • updated:
    • - readme.txt and missionmaker.txt

Chernarus Electrical Grid v1.1

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*(Only required for the addon version)

Written on 2010-07-18 11:46 by Loyalguard  

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