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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Community Base addons, Generation Kill, Baghdad, FFAA terrorists
Island(s): Baghdad
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Version: 0.98

Date: 2010-06-28 20:08

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Whiskey Tango

Brad's team will start in the desert southeast of Baghdad. From there they need to move in their Humvees northwest through the city.
The primary objective is to disrupt enemy communications and to destroy weapons stolen by Iraqi insurgents. Checkpoints need to be reached as well. The area north of the Tigris river should be considered extremely hostile.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

The 2 medics in Brad's team are ACE US Army since there are no medics with "healing powers" in the current GK build (at least I couldn't find any ).
For those who are familiar with the GK HBO series there is certainly more to ask in terms of how radio communication and the general GK 'feel' is depicted in my mission. But this is still work in progress and I will probably spice things up later on. It's been some time since a watched a GK episode and also this is what I could manage before the World Cup kicks off

- removed vehicle respawn script for all vehicles
- added more enemies on roof tops
- removed weapons respawn script, as similar functionality already exists in R3F Revive
- removed some of the civilians
- changed position of Checkpoint 2, now placed between the swords (suggested by EMERY)
- replaced medic supply box at checkpoints with vehicle ammo (suggested by EMERY)
- replaced spawning Humvee M2 open with the Mk19 equivalent (suggested by EMERY)
(the 'teleporting Humvee issue' is being investigated but is not solved in this version)

- removed temporary bridge since there is no need for it after latest Baghdad update (1.1)
- optimized enemy and civilian AI with regards to performance (waypoints, triggers, syncs)
- removed unnecessary triggers for performance reasons
- removed unnecessary/unwanted chopper transport script
- revised the total number of enemy AI and removed some infantry units without compromising too much on the level of intensity

- made the bridge 33% wider and raised it above water level. Also moved it a bit to the left.
- removed respawn for Humvees
- changed time of day; 2 hours earlier
- synchronized triggers for enemy technicals
- made custom music files lighter

- added custom music from the Generation Kill TV show
- changed some of the radio messages
- tweaked enemy placement in some areas
- added spawn message

Credits & thanks:
GK team for the GK mod + Baghdad map
ACE team always
FFAA mod team for FFAA terrorists
R3F for their [R3F] Revive script
Armaholic - you know why
BIS for almost a decade of fun!

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