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Date: 2010-06-15 05:07

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Yoma AddOnSync tool for LINUX

PHP script to sync a Linux based Arma2 server to a Yoma repository.

This script will use a typical Yoma Auto Config URL and sync your local Linux mod files with the remote mod files. PHP must be installed on your Linux machine.
The mechanism is very similar to how the application on Windows functions:
    *downloads a "manifest" file, shown in the Yoma application as "Auto config URL" under the Server->Auto configuration tab
    *scans the file, item by item, and compares the local files to the remote files
    *if a change is detected, the local file is deleted and the remote file is fetched

Installation / Usage:
IEdit the config.php file to define:
    1) your Auto Config URL (the one you usually configure for your server in Yoma AddOn Sync)
    2) your target mod dir
NOTE: you may define multiple AddOnSync repositories, see the documentation in config.php for details
Run the following at the command line:
php -f addonsync-update.php

Obsolete files are not deleted, they will collect like dust. Sorry.
You can delete the whole mod dir and re-download if you're worried about keeping an excessive number of obsolete files.
All files are downloaded as lower-case filenames (as required to run a dedicated ArmA / ArmA 2 server on Linux).

- it now handles lower-case filenames automatically

Credits & Thanks:
Many thanks to Yoma for writing AddOnSync, but if this tool fails it isn't his fault, it's mine!

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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