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Right after starting the game it is obvious Arrowhead is not just an effort to milk some money from the dedicated fans. Right away you are greeted by a whole new terrain which really reminds you of Afghanistan or Iraq and you head straight for the first tutorial missions to rehearse the already familiar features or learn the completely new ones.

I have to commend the developers for the design of the tutorial which is well-arranged to fifteen separate missions, each of which lets you familiarize yourself with the game controls in a non-violent way. You will have a good time with most of them too.

Frantic action is brought to straight away by the first mission where, as a member of invading forces, you alongside with many other soldiers get to see the airport which serves as a main stronghold of the enemy forces. Heavier music in the background, staccato of Kalashnikovs and fast advance as the point man of your squad gives the action the proper flow and inserts a proper dose of adrenalin and endorphin directly into your bloodstream. A bullet to the head as a reward of a crazy solo attack quickly returns you back to the Earth and reminds you that Arma is still mainly a simulator.

Better optimization will surely please too, although it might not be just up to the programmers but the fact that the desert environment of Takistan doesn't host vast forests and is therefore much less intensive on graphic calculations might play a role too. That doesn't change anything on the fact that the visual side of the game is simply stunning, at least for the first few hour. This experience is further reinforced by the authentic sound effects.

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