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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-04-07 03:34

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Onmapclick Airstrike

This Script Makes a plane that will fly to where you click on the map and it will drop bombs then return to the place it started and it gets removed from the mission, you can call new planes every 15 seconds.

This works with SP & MP
The sample mission is still a little messy but fun.

In the init.sqs put

assist = 0

Add 5 triggers to your mission.
1 -
Set it to blufor present make it repeat.
In the name call it Airport.
In the activation put

working = 1

In the de-activation put

working = 0; hint "Air-Strike on its way \nETA 30 Seconds."

2 -
Set it to Radio Alpha make it repeat. In the activation put

1 setRadioMsg "Click on map"; [this] exec "AirStrike.sqs"

3 -
Set it to Radio Delta make it repeat.
In the activation put

assist = 1; hint "Target Assist is On"

4 -
Set it to Radio Echo make it repeat.
In the activation put

assist = 0; hint "Target Assist is Off"

5 -
Set it to Radio JULIET make it repeat.
In the activation put

menu = 0

Thats it, just goto your map and click on "select a target" click on target assist "on" or "off" depending what you want then click on the map , as soon as the radio says "select a target" again you can call in another airstrike The Target assist will check for any men or vehicles within 200 mtrs of where you clicked and update the target and marker when the airstrike is 1300 mtrs away.

If your trying to destroy buildings turn off Target assist.

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