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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 1.7
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Ballistic Calculator for ArmA2 compatible with Operation Arrowhead

Date: 2010-04-19 16:36

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Ballistic Calculator


Ballistic Calculator for ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead or Arma 2: Combined Operations.

BalCa reloader.
Is a tool to customize ammo loadouts on vehicles. Generally it was designed to give a second life to commonly unused advanced arty shells, but it can much more :) For example it can load Su-34 with only FAB-250. Or 10 R73. Or 10 Kh29. Or various combination of them.
Usage - get close to warfare ammo truck or warfare supply point and select in action menu "Change loadout".

In OA version is possible to change loadouts in each turret separately.

Weapons with enabled ballistic calculator:
* Automatic grenade launchers (static and mounted): AGS30, AGS17(BTR90), Mk19.
* Mortars: M252, 2B14.
* Cannons: D30,M119,2A70(BMP3).

* No more need to have precalculated ballistic tables.
* Does not produce any manipulation with shell. It flying as is.
* BalCa automatically calculates needed azimuth and elevation to hit place selected on map.
* OA compatible.
* ACE compatible.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:


[+]Marker on map in targeted location
[+]Now here is 2 basic edition of ballistic calculator
balca_CE - common edition - works as before
balca_SE - serios edition - requires BalCa in inventory to work (exept AAV, stryker, BTR90, BMP3), automatically disables BIS arty computer
[!]Attention!! signs and server keys are changed
[!]Minor UI fixes
[-]If distance to target is close to maximum range, elevation marker didn't work.
[-]Sometimes target elavation didn't assumed in calculations.
[-]Minor issues with 1.59 OA update.

BalCa reloader
[!]A2 version no more supported, here is reloader only for OA (CO)
[-]RPT errors

* [!]Removed RPT messages like Updating base class*
* [+]Reworked addon structure, added function BALCA_FNC_GET_SOLUTION that will return needed elevation to engage designated target.

* [+]Script preload, now BalCa will work faster.
* [+]By default BalCa now enabled on BAF GMG (british version of Mk19)
* [!]Minor issues in russian localisation.
* [!]Demo mission changed to "Proving ground"
* [-]In OA shell flytime has not been shown. Fixed.

* Works with Grad and MLRS.
* Rangefinder. Enable BalCa, aim to target place and push "space".
By default rangefinder is enabled on BMP3,AAV,BTR90. To enable it to other vehicles add balca_rangefinder = 1; to vehCfg.
* Additional crosshair that helps to aim in direct fire mode. It appears only on vehicles with enabled rangefinder.
* Added support for variable arty charges.

* Now works without item in inventory. But BalCa item allows you to use it with every weapon on every land vehicle.
* Recalculates solutions when fire mode or current magazine changed.
* Works only at gunner's place in vehicle.
* Do not requires CBA.

- Added smoke, illum, laser-guided shell works as intended. Now it is not just sabots.
- Added BalCa reloader.
- Included two demo missions.

  • Azimuth and elevation markers now calibrated. Extreme position of them means deflection 200 meters.
  • ( )
    Deflection 200 meters.
  • Horizontal and vertical axes now have marking, so possible to shoot, for example, 50 meter righter designated target location.
  • ( )
    Deflection 50 meters
    Be aware that those adjustment do not assumes altitude changes of terrain. To minimize deviation, caused by it, use high solution.
  • Calculations optimized.
  • BalCa now is item. To add it to inventory write in unit init
  • this addWeapon "ItemBalCa";
  • To use ballistic calculator you should be inside vehicle (cannon, mortar, grenade launcher) and have BalCa in inventory.
  • Also some vehicles (AAV,BMP3,BTR90) have built-in ballistic calculator, so no need to have BalCa in inventory.

    - Multilanguage support.
    - Now BalCa provides fire solution in entire range of elevation angles => we have high solution for cannons, mortars can shoot for their maximum range.
    - UI fixes.

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