SP & Coop mission : Operation Dawn Skorpion by Azer1234

Azer1234 released his first mission in the BI forums.

Quote Azer1234 :
ur a group of elite german ksk and have to carry out a sabotage and an assination in zargabad.

iv made it so that if u have max players on (20) u can do a full assault on the town and come up against quite a large number of enemy, or if there is only 4 or so u can snipe the target and covertly carry out the obj's. ull still come up against a few enemy u need to engage but not as many.

it all works on triggers, the only scripts running are revive and the briefing.

P.S. when u evac, if there is a teamkiller with u the UN independent will engage u and screw up the evac, so check ur fire. teamkillers include people who kill civilians

Written on 2010-07-21 14:26 by Big  

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