Author: Buzz_Fledderjohn
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Requirements: Namalsk, Namalsk island hotfix, Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps
Island(s): Namalsk
Playable options:

Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-07-29 05:45

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Red Snow

The players join a Navy SEAL team and go on a mission to blow up a bridge, destroy two Tunguskas and a Spetsnaz encampment. Please read the in-game briefing and tips, they contain important information.

Date: 23 February, 2010
Location: Bering Strait - off the coast of Namalsk Island

In the final weeks of 2009, intense war broke out between Russia and the United States. Both parties are now fighting over the long-disputed Namalsk Islands, located in the Bering Strait between Russia and the state of Alaska. In times of peace, the island of Namalsk is home to scientific research, biodiversity and an active industry revolving around the island's many natural resources. Now it's a theatre of war.

After roughly three months of fighting, the Americans seem to be winning. The northern and eastern parts of the island are now in American hands. The Russians in the southern part of the island are desperate; they are fighting back as hard as they can, but many units are now retreating to the western coast. They are trying to get back to the Russian mainland.

You are part of a US Navy SEAL team codenamed "Stingray" which has been deployed to Namalsk. Your unit is to blow up Brensk Bridge. This will cripple the Russian retreat. You must also take care of the AA threat on Seraja mountain and at Brensk to make air support possible for tomorrow's operation, as well as destroy a Spetsnaz encampment. Last week those bastards killed two American soldiers during one of their nightly raids. Make them pay.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

  • Revive should now work
  • Fixed Spetsnaz boss dying too early
  • Both teams can now trigger the new task
  • Added and changed a couple of patrols
  • Changed a couple of triggers
  • Changed Spetsnaz camp
  • Fixed Saboteur spawning with wrong ammo
  • Corpsman now spawns with M16 w/ ACOG
  • Raised volume of all custom sounds
  • A lot more misc. tweaks that I can't remember right now

  • Credits & thanks:
    Special thanks to voice actors:
    - Sumrak for his great island
    - Schnapsdrosel for his units
    - Kronzky for his Urban Patrol Script
    - Tophe for his House Patrol script
    - Norrin for his revive script
    - mikey for his TaskHint function
    - SiC for his trigger scripting help
    - Killg0re for revive testing and being awesome
    - All the great addon & mission host sites
    - OFPEC
    - Bohemia Interactive, for their great games
    - The members of Tangodown.NL - Dutch Tactical Gaming Community

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Namalsk
    - Namalsk island hotfix
    - Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps

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