Author: Lightspeed
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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Zargabad
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-08-06 23:35

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Flame Pillar

Gather round Ghosts and listen carefully - it looks like coalition forces are preparing to commence Operation: Desert Seize in a matter of
days and will attempt to take control of Zargabad. They will be assault Zargabad from the West and attempt to secure the airport, and following that, the rest of the city. You Ghosts will play a key role in preparing the way for them.

Your first objective is to secure the oil refinery situated north-west of Zargabad at Nango and shut down the oil pipelines. The refinery is
the fuel supply source for Takistan forces and disabling this supply line should bring their transport operations to a grinding halt. The
refinery is well-protected and a military outpost to the west of the refinery at Azizayt will probably send reinforcements once it goes hot.
You may wish to secure the outpost prior to your assault on the refinery - your choice. Either way, neutralising these opfor should make
life easier for coalition forces when they commence their assault on Zargabad.

Once inside the refinery grounds, you should look for two buildings which supply electricity to the complex. These building should be
clearly marked with Electrical Warning signs. Attached to the rear of each building is a small generator and you must destroy both of
these generators to shut down the oil supply lines.

Your second objective is equally as important as the first. Intel has obtained satellite images of an artillery battery in the fields
due west of Zargabad airport and you must find and destroy these howitzers before Operation Desert Siege kicks off. I don't need to tell
you what those guns would do to our men as they made their assault from those barren hills.

One more thing men - there are civilians living in the shanty towns so watch your fire. We don't want to piss off the people we are trying
to help - this military operation is difficult enough already. Once you have completed your objectives - head to the EZ and wait for
your exfil orders.

Sound simple enough? Alright Ghosts - go and grab your kits - your transport leaves in 2 hours.

  • UPSMON script
  • Norrin's Revive (set to one respawn and medic only revive)
  • Join in Progress
  • Pre-set kits for each class (no ammobox for this - your class determines your loadout)
  • Auto-scaling mission - mission built for 9 - but if 5 players or less then the mission removes several OPFOR units.
  • Dedicated Server - this has been built and tested for dedicated servers so can be played in local MP or dedi.

  • Installation:
    Extract the folder to your ArmA2\MPMissions directory.

    This is my second mission for Arma2 - I made over 40 missions for Ghost Recon and my goal was to bring GR to Arma2 or vice versa. I think this one makes the grade and hopefully some beta testers will be happy to see how it plays out.

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