Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool

Tophe submitted an updated version of his Arma Dedicated Server Tool.

    Quote Tophe :
    The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers.
    This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like.
    TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments.

    • New: Added serverCommandPassword
    • New: Information about which ports to open
    • New: Checkbox to enable Upnp.
    • New: Allowed File Pathing selection
    • New: Headless client settings now have settings for localClient as well.
    • Fixed: Bunch of minor bugs
    • Fixed: HeadlessClient config entries was a bit messed up
    • Removed: Required Secure ID, not used anymore
    • Removed: Steamport settings, not used anymore. Hardcoded from gameport.

Written on 2016-01-03 20:30 by Tophe  

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