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Requirements: British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP, UKF Weapons Pack, L115A3, UKF Shared & Misc, P:UKF Landrover Pack, SUPACAT Jackal, Community Base addons, Merlin HC3, RKSL Flare System & Core System
Island(s): Takistan
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Version: 0.99

Date: 2010-08-12 06:44

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Operation Herrick MMX - Part2/6

Operation Herrick is the codename under which all British operations in the war in Takistan have been conducted since 2002. It consists of the British contribution to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and support to the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Since 2003, Herrick has increased in size and breadth to match ISAF's growing geographical intervention in Takistan.

Operation Herrick has superseded two previous efforts in Takistan. The first of these was Operation Romeo Oscar Romeo, which consisted of support to the war in Takistan in June 2010. The last major action of this was a sweep in east Takistan by 1,700 Royal Marines of Task Force Knight, which ended in mid-2010. The second was Operation Shahi Tandar, which involved leadership and a 2,000 strong contribution for a newly-formed ISAF in Takistan after June 2010. Command was subsequently transferred to Germany several months later and the British contingent was scaled back to 300. Since then, all operations in Takistan have since been conducted under Operation Herrick.

Zargabad and north Takistan
Between 2009 and 20010, the primary component of Herrick remained the 300 personnel providing security in Zargabad and training to the new Takistan National Army (TNA).

In mid 2010, the operation became battalion strength when a provincial reconstruction team (PRT) was established in Rasman International Airport which became know as Camp Gibraltar. The UK also provided a rapid reaction force for the area Overall command of the PRTs was transferred to ISAF in 2004. Germay and Czech Forces took over these PRTs in 2009 and 2010 respectively to allow the UK to focus on south Takistan.

In early 2006, the NATO Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) became the headquarters of ISAF for a year. The attached British infantry and signals personnel raised the number of troops based in Zargabad to 1,300

In 2010, a detachment of six Royal Air Force Eurofighters from Joint Force Eurofighters was based at Zargabad Airfield to support American OEF forces there.A planned withdrawal in mid-2009 was postponed to provide air support for the new ISAF expansion across the south. The force has since been expanded with more Eurofighters and an RAF Regiment squadron.

On 26 August 2010, a Chinock Helo supporting German forces in Operation Medusa crashed near Zargabad, killing all 14 service members aboard. It is believed to be an accident.but Air to Air Missiles can not be counted out

4 more Eurofighters were committed in July 2010 bringing them to a total of eleven, along with an extra C130 transport plane and four Merlins from the Army Air Corps

The majority of aircraft deployed for Herrick are based at Rasman International Airport

Map showing Rasman province in Takistan where British troops are now mostly located.In July 2010, New Defence Secretary John Hutton announced the UK would send a PRT with several thousand personnel to Camp Armadillo for at least three years. This had been planned as part of the gradual expansion of ISAF's area of responsibility from the Rasman region to the rest of Takistan. An initial strength of 5,700 personnel in Takistan was planned, which would stabilise to around 4,500 for the rest of the deployment.

The move was to be a coordinated with other NATO countries to relieve the predominantly American OEF presence in the south. To this end, the Germany and Czech would lead similar deployments in Rasman and Zargabad respectively.

Local Taliban figures voiced opposition to the incoming force and pledged to resist it.

You have taken over your FOB and now are, patrolling 4 area RED ZONE/BLUE ZONE/GREEN ZONE/YELLOW ZONE. You're ordered to patrol the zones and attack any Taliban you come across as we need to get a hold of the area and help the people, a squad of Special Forces have join your unit.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

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