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Version: 0.7 beta

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Date: 2007-04-30 12:37

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Armed Assault Script edit Editing Tool #1

FSM edit

Armed Assault FSM Editi Tool #1 Armed Assault FSM Editi Tool #2 Armed Assault FSM Editi Tool #3 Armed Assault FSM Editi Tool #4

FSM Edit is a freeware tool in which Mission Designers, Add-On Makers, and Script Editors can edit the AI behavior in Armed Assault™.
The AI incorporates a basic Finite State Machine which can be modified and executed via script or config.

FSM Edit utilizes a Graphical User Interface to organize and code the FSM file needed to modify behaviors. Shapes control the States of the behavior model while Arrows conveniently point the links that keep them together.

When items can be graphically edited, the process of development is much simpler, smoother, and quicker.


  • Graphical User Interface
  • Advanced Coding Platform
    • Syntax Highlighting for ease of reading
    • Auto-Complete for quick editing
    • Info Prompts to show important information about commands
    • Automatic Variable Recognition to prevent mistakes when using Identifiers
    • Automatic Outlining to filter or expand code
    • Smart-Comments for enhanced coding design
  • Multi-Format
    • Read/Write BIS’ FSM Format
    • Read/Write Standard XML for easy sharing
    • Read/Write Binary for maintaining diagram placement

.Net Framework 2.0 or higher

Legal disclaimer:
This product is intended for non-commercial use only. Commercial use and distribution is prohibited.

Commercial interest can direct their inquiries to

- Added Syntax Highlighting based on Script Edit & SQF Language(Tokenized)
- Added Automatic Outlining
- Added Auto complete
- Added Command List (replaced Commands.txt with Commands.xml)
- Fixed Save Filenames Extensions
- Fixed Export to FSM end-of-line in code block problem
- Fixed Array being in [ ] instead of { }
Note: Binary saves from previous versions will not work properly with v0.7, however XML files should import properly.

- Added Final States
- FSM Output no longer contains Links class if no links
- Added Paste to Init and Action Fields
- Added Color-coded keywords/integers/comments/strings for code in Init and Action fields
- Added Commands.txt file to contain a list of all keywords and commands for color-coding
- Fixed Strings in code for Condition, Init, and Action properties (double quotes required on FSM output)
- Fixed Zoom property for saved Binary document
- Fixed problem when Importing from XML (with an already open document)
- Minor code improvements

- Changed Layout Design of Menus (Color, etc..)
- Improved (Slightly) Import/Export Functionality
- Fixed Anneal Layout problem when no Document loaded
- Zoom Dropdown Fixed
- Included Readme file

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- BIS Forum

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