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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
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Version: 2.0

Date: 2010-10-05 20:29

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Hornet's nest

Free roam / sandbox mission (campaign) for Chernarus A2

  • Fully populated dynamic world aka. dynamically created battlefronts (World in Conflict Tool WICT)
  • Norrin's revive script 0.3f - 90 sec for revive + mobile respawn point (leader and medics can deploy and remove spawn point / field hospital)
    • - that requires real cooperation, because there is only one spare spawn point at the start, so be careful once you begin moving original spawn point - one player must remove it from previous location and the other must put it to the new one
  • Leader can add HALO actions to all players -- one radio call enables this feature for all players -- it is arcadish but it is up to leader
    • - suggested usage --- enable HALO, half of the team goes to new location, deploy medic station, then other half comes later
  • Roles - you start with your equipment - you will have to find the place to rearm, or you can take from dead soldiers.
    • - 5 teams - I suggest you to disable AI from teams which are not in use since their position affect position of the battlefront
  • Support, transport and supplies for capturing some bases + deployable transport (HUMVEEs and trucks via radio) when you are not in the safe zone (leader) -- again arcadish but it is up to leader (GM)
  • Two neutral sectors, 15 bases total
  • COIN for setup bases and reward system --- you will get a reward for capturing enemy base (AI capture don't count -- player have to "touch" the base)
    • - CAUTION: don't forget to use your radio to resync with COIN so you can build again -- communication with HQ is necessary
      - Check number of points at the beginning of the game if you don't have error check enabled -- sometimes (rarely) there is an error with COIN initialization in the beginning -- just restart and it will be ok
  • SecOp missions -- both scripted and random on whole island
  • Dynamic weather and time changes
  • Four High Value Targets for you to hunt down:
    • - If you aim on the target he will stand still and raise hands. If you are skilled enough you can shoot him in legs and after you move your aim away he will lie down with face to the ground -- that way you don't have to worry about him shooting around. Approach him to verify target and to claim your reward --- or at least find their backpacks
  • 2 min of peace --- WICT is started automatically
  • 3 fully scripted battles

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

    How to play it as SP:
    Install it in MP and start it as LAN host as only player and disable all AI that you don't want -- mainly other AI-teams. If you don't disable them (3 teams are starting on different locations) WICT won't be able to work correctly.
    And if you want to use all features -- SecOps, COIN, HVTs, HALO etc. you should play on the first slot!!!

    * addon free mission
    * powered by improved WICT version --- WICT v4.0 BETA -- not official release
    * improved Dedi compatibility
    * more teams and slots -- 55 slots for you to choose, 5 teams, 5 starting locations
    * increased revive time to 90 sec
    * added automatic reinforcements for SP (GM = first slot only)
    * decreased frequency of SecOp missions
    * added "backpacks" marker for HVTs
    * added more scripted parts -- added base at Krasnostav airport (after capture) and added Chernogorsk defenses
    * added battlefront marker to improve players' awareness of battlefront position

    - first release

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    - BI forums

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