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Sickboy did sent us a few different news items about the ACE2 development a few days ago after we recovered from our harddrive crash but cause of that our news was behind so we delayed this news a bit, apologies to the ACE2 Team. So, although you may have already read this news we wanted to make sure the community is aware of the latest ACE2 development news.

Quote :
The next ongoing development update will feature the Russian version of the trainer jet L-39ZA with combat capabilities. It comes in the classic green-sand colors with Russian decals and two different armaments.
Additional to the present payload version of the Takistan faction with 4 UB-16 Pods containing 64 rockets of 57mm caliber and the planes dual 23mm cannon, a bomber version with 4 FAB-250 M-54 bombs will be in service to provide more firepower.

This makes the L-39ZA the perfect Close Air Support plane for the terrain size of Takistan.

This is the latest model I've undertaken to practice my high-poly modeling skills. Its an Special Operations Craft-Riverine and a video of it in action can be found here.
I'm hoping by the end of this sub-project, that we'll have SWCC boatmen, some nice gun boats, and Navy SEALs to drop them off from.
On the technical side - I'm using Modo for the modeling and these are just ambient occlusion renders of the high poly model. The current polycount is around 600,000 and I'll probably hit 1,000,000 before I'm done. For a point of reference, an object higher than ~20,000 can't be rendered in A2 and my current low poly model is ~6,000.
I plan to have it loaded out with 1xM134, 1xM2HMG, 1xMK19 and 2x M240s as armament.

For all the latest additions and changes to the ongoing development version have a look at the wip roundup page, there you can find news about all recent changes, also compared to the latest stable version.
First edition of small WIP Roundups - containing note worthy changes that do not warrant seperate blog entries. These changes are included in the next Ongoing Development update:
  • Added RobertHammer M16A2's and Mk12's
  • Drastically Improved PostInit initialization on dedicated servers
  • Fixed Helicopter Pilot Manual Fire Control; Missiles can now be controlled by Pilots
  • Improved Compass glare
  • Optimized Missile Guidance for Saclos and Hellfire (again)

In response to the question, what edition of ACE Mod ACE Team recommends to use: ACE Stable or Ongoing Development, we have the following to say: "We surely recommend the Ongoing Development over the Stable releases for a few reasons:
  • Contains latest fixes
  • Contains latest features
  • Improves the Mod's development cycle and raises the quality - due to a much more vibrant eco-system; request/report vs response (fixes/additions); We simply can gain feedback and reports sooner, as well as react quickly on them.
Additionally, the ongoing development gets hotfixed asap, incase of immediate/serious issues, which I believe hasn't been too disruptive since moving to the weekly schedule.
Read the complete article here.

Written on 2010-10-07 11:39 by Sickboy  

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