Unsung Vietnam War Mod 2.5 released!
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Sgt_savage from The Unsung Team informed us about the release of their popular Vietnam mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead .

    Quote :
    Years in the making countless hours spent editing, changing, testing, editing some more … Well you get the idea.

    With the early arrival of Arma 3 our project had to be fast tracked and unfortunately, all of the intended content didn’t make it in this time around. However, with a host of new equipment, countless bug fixes & improvements this has become our most complete and stable release to date.

    A series of new enhancements and features have been added Such as, our custom DSAI module which plays dynamic voices in English, Vietnamese and Viet English. Which ,gives you situational awareness of where your team mates are and more importantly where the enemy is whilst in fighting in the thick overgrowth.

    Also we have included a series of ambience loops found under triggers making it the most realistic experience yet, featuring combat and environmental loops that the player can add to spice up any mission.

    Want to add some ambience to your firebase or outpost camp? Or need something to listen to when your squad is gearing up in MP games? Our virtual radio station pumps out songs with over 80 tracks of commercials and music from the 60’s.All tracks play randomly so no listening session is ever the same. And when you’re out in the boonies our virtual Military Radio station plays real authentic military radio from the Vietnam war through the RTO’s radio pack both east and west sides.

    Popular enhancement mods like ACE and ACRE are compatible with our mod. However, They have not been fully tested and may still have some issues. All additional enhancements and features can be found in the attached release notes, so remember to have a look for instructions how to utilise our latest enhancements.

    We have also included a self-installer this time around since some community members got confused how to install the mod in our 2.0 release. Now it couldn’t be easier.

    While this will be our final release for Arma 2 the team is continuing on to Arma 3. Therefore, no further development will be completed on the A2 engine. Further bug fixes will only occur if this initial release has something major affecting the mod gameplay.

    Again we would like to thank the community for the ongoing support over the years and those that helped us along the way.

    So hang up your desert fatigues, slap on some camo face paint, load your M16, watch out for Charlie.

    Good luck out there… You are going to need it…

Written on 2013-04-13 13:12 by sgt_savage  

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