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Requirements: NorFor Project - Norwegian Military Forces Project

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This patches your NorFor Project - Norwegian Military Forces Project to v1.1

Date: 2010-10-07 19:53

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NorFor Project - Norwegian Military Forces Project patch 1

This addon provides Norwegian military units for use with ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations.

The NorFor Project, which is short for the Norwegian Military Forces Project, started as an initiative with the purpose of expanding the Operation Flashpoint (OFP) experience into a realistic virtual combat and warfare simulation.
As the name indicates, NorFor will provide its users with units covering most aspects of the Norwegian Defense Forces, from tanks and helicopters to rifles and soldiers.

The idea behind a Norwegian simulation started early 2002 with the release of the very first Norwegian units for OFP, created by Ivan (Edge) assisted by Viking, under the prefix VIN. These units were based on the BIS Resistance models.

Viking continued work on Norwegian units, gradually getting help from other Norwegian fans (Jahve, andersgrim, Turbobyk, Marsuitor and Fudge). Units at this point were based on BIS models, along with many different units from other mods (Swedish Forces Pack, DDAM, BW-MOD to mention some). This work funneled out in the creation of NORMOD (NOM), which was probably the height of Norwegian modding (counting people involved).
More Norwegian fans entered the scene filling different roles. (SCA Jolly, ting, eisa01, Kopijeger).
As interest for the game and the mod waned, only a few members were left: Jahve, andersgrim, Viking, Fudge, Marsuitor and SCA Jolly.

After a some time with no releases, Viking and Marsuitor began work on units based on Ballistic Addons Studios Delta/Rangers Pack. They were assisted by Jahve, who worked on updating the weapon pack from NOM. This work slowly went on, culminating in the last work by Norfor for Operation Flashpoint, including the change from BAS models to HYK's US Soldier models. The "official" work and planning for the NorFor Project was started early 2004, by andersgrim, Jahve, Fudge, Viking and Marsuitor.

The Project released more or less finished content developed thus far in the spring of 2006, but a few members still continued work and planned a new release before Armed Assault (ArmA) was released in Norway (Q1 2007).
By the end, Norfor provided soldiers, weaponry, tracked and wheeled vehicles and air units from the Norwegian Armed Forces for OFP.

With interest at an all-time low during ArmA, nothing was released by Norfor for that game.

Now with ArmA2 and OA on the market, the pack which accompanies this Readme will provide the player with a decent range of Norwegian military units and equipment.

This release would not have been possible without the kindness and goodwill of other mods, like Swedish Forces Pack, DDAM and Pedagne MOD.
In addition, some textures and vehicles are taken from addons made for the earlier BIS games and the creators of these must not be forgotten either, like BW-MOD and DK.

  • Norwegian Army Infantry in Woodland and Desert uniforms
    • - Telemark Batallion
      - 2nd Batallion
      - Armoured Batallion
      - His Majesty The King's Guard, Engineer Batallion, Intelligence Batallion, Ranger Company, Border Company
  • Norwegian
    • - Naval Infantry in Woodland and Desert uniforms
      - Coastal Ranger Command
  • Norwegian Special Operations Forces (NORSOF) operators in Woodland, Desert and Urban uniforms
    • - Recon elements
      - Assault elements
      - Sniper Team
      - Special Boat Operators (with RHIB and Zodiac CRRC)
  • Norwegian Army Vehicles in woodland and desert variations
    • - Mercedes 290 light jeep
      - Mercedes 290 armed "Multi"
      - Iveco LMV armoured vehicle
      - Hägglunds CV9030N
      - KMW/MaK Leopard 2A4
      - NM113 variants
      - Crew (desert and woodland)
  • Royal Norwegian Air Force
    • - Bell 412SP (720 Sq, Special Forces Wing)
      - C-130J-30 Hercules
      - F-35B
      - Pilots (tan and OD jumpsuits)
  • Norwegian Police (BETA work)
    • - Security Service Close Protection Officer
      - Special Weapons and Tactics Unit Delta (Beredskapstroppen)
  • Norwegian Weaponry
    • - AG-3F2 Battle Rifle
      - MG-3 GPMG
  • Objects
    • - Bell 412 SP Wreck

    Extract the files from this archive to the folder where you installed the Norwegian Military Forces Project mod and overwrite the original files.

    Included .pbo files:

    Possible Future Additions:
    + XA-186 Patria Pasi
    + Updated MB290 models (optimized for ArmA2, present models are OFP era)
    + More Norwegianized soldier models (if BIS ever release sample models for ArmA2)
    + Missions/Campaigns

    Credits & Thanks:
    + Freddern for soldier uniform textures
    + DK for Wolf, CV90 and M113 textures
    + RavenDK for MB290 Armed model
    + Pedagne MOD for Iveco LMV variants, models and textures
    + Swedish Forces Pack for Leopard 2 model
    + DDAM for CV90 model (originally by Swedish Forces Pack)
    + Vilas for AG-3F2 and MG-3 models and textures
    + RobertHammer for amazing weapons packs
    + [APS]Gnat and mankyle of the BIS forums for outstanding assistance
    + Tom at for his huge armpatch collection
    + BIS for an amazing game
    + The past and present serving members of the Norwegian Armed Forces for inspiration

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Changed sound of Leopard 2 and CV90 to that of the T72
    - Added server key and signed each .pbo
    - Added Close Protection Officer (MP-7) under "Police"

    - first public release

    - NorFor Project - Norwegian Military Forces Project

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