Author: Mukcep
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Requirements: RKSL Flare System

Version: 0.14 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Heavy military transport helicopter Mi-26 "Halo" from "Our Weapons".

Date: 2010-10-17 09:22

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DPS converted to Arma 2 by Mukcep

Heavy military transport helicopter Mi-26 "Halo" from "Our Weapons".
Helicopter variants, represented in addon:
    - Mi-26T -Cargo (Can lift vehicles inside helicopter)
    - Mi-26T -Passenger (Can lift up to 70 mens)
    - Mi-26TM -Flying crane (Can lift vehicles or objects on exterrior carryng)
    - Mi-26TZ -Fuel tanker (Can refuel any vehicle)
    - Mi-26TMC -Medecine center (Can heal injured mens)
    - Model of crushed Mi-26.

- Possibility to transport vehicles inside (without any additional user actions menu), and paradrop cargo.
- Possibility to transport vehicles outside (through user action menu), and paradrop cargo.
- "3D surround system" 4 different sound generators: main rotor, two engines and rear rotor.
- Emproved random dammage system.
- Voice alert system (RI-65).
- Working flares (CMS) (LC ASO-2).
- New rotordust effect.
- Random numbers.
- Animated work of rear gear suspension.
- Active map in cockpit.
- Hight detailed cockpit.
- Paratroop script.
- Hight number of custom animations.
- Other effects.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included .pbos:


–°rane modification is not tested.

Credits & thanks:
This is convert from OFP with permisson from DPS.
Authors: DPS, Kerd, Voyager
Convert by: Mukcep

Models: DPS
Textures: DPS
Scripts: Voyager, Kerd
Config.cpp: Kerd, Voyager, DPS
Animations: DPS
Demo missions: AlexZ, Duher, Voyager, DPS
Digital photo: Filin
Testers: [HA]DiDro, TinK_Off, AlexeyZ, Armagedddon, Duher, KGB_CCCP, Griffelium, JoeBlack
Project coordinator: DPS

OW project would thank great teams and personels, which ideas were used in addon:
-DKM Mod (Map in cockpit)
-Footmuch (CMS)
-Gunship game (Female voice of RI-65)

Our weapons project also thank following names:
-Chief of KB "OOO ROSTVERTOL", Vdovenko Denis Uriyvich, who give to us real Mi-26TZ for experiments:)
-Website Helicopter Walkaround (, personality David Harvey,
for perfect photos of Mi-26 (
-Blackdog for show us David Harvey collection ;)
-FugaSS[RSP] and Binary[RSP], who tune-up dedicated linux server, to test addon in MP.
-CEP}|{AHT for supporting and english translation.
-Bohemia Interactive Studio for O2, Texview è OFP:)
-All OFP community, especially russian part of it, for wait this addon up to two years

- rope position fixed
- gunner optics added
- menu colors change

- rotor direction was changed
- cl_basic and cl_fire replaced
- keys regenerated (again)

- config.cpp sintax warnings
- fixed textures path
- auto attach get off
- fixed 'Load cargo' and 'Unload cargo' scripts
- bikey and bisign regenerated

- RKSL Flare System

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