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Version: v1.0

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Date: 2010-10-11 15:15

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Static Artillery Script


This is a script i made for myself, but decided to let it out to the public so that others may enjoy. The main goal of the script is to eliminate artillary speed fireing at infantry aproaching from very close distances, thus allowing the D30 to be more of a Long range Heavy artillary gun. its also good for special forces missions because the artilary will not kill you as you aproach it, but im sure you guys would add some type of defence near it.

I have many other static weapons scripts such as MG nests, Mortors, and Anti Aircraft guns, but they are still work in progress and will be released as soon as they are bug free, hope this will help many mission makers to come!

1. D30 will never run out of ammo.
2. D30 will move its barrel slightly before fireing to add a sence that the gun is being adjusted.
3. Once the crew is dead the gun will sieze fire and turn off the script.
4. you can set up almost as many artillary guns as you want with no errors or bugs, that i can see from my tests anyway.
5. you can adjust, the target, target radius, gun barrel height, and time elapse from when the gun fires to when the round hits.

Included files:
It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

Add the D30FIRE.sqs to any mission your making.
Add this line to any artillery gun and modify to suit the terrain, position, and target area.

[Artillery gun name, "Marker name of the target area", Gun barrel height, Target radius, 
time elapse from when the gun is fired to when the round hits] exec "D30fire.sqs"

[D30_1, "D30Targ_2", 80, 50, 2] exec "D30fire.sqs"

Credits & Thanks:
i made this myself but, id have to give credit to Mr-Murray for his artillery example from the 1st arma that gave me the idea.

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