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Requirements: The Unsung MOD, MBG Nam
Island(s): MBG Nam
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-10-20 16:15

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ZEUS Vietnam Mission Pack

Mondkalb & Toadball

This contains different vietnam missions:
  • UNS Co 06 Escape
    • On the trip to your FOB the helicopter you were aboard crashed. You survived the crash but lost all communications equipment and you don't have any maps of the area.
      The only thing you know: The nearest LZ is north west. Reach it.
      This mission is ideal for the first trip to the island. Explore the island with a real threat facing you but still having goal.
      Do not play the mission on any other difficulty than expert. Use ACRE for more emmersion.

      Maybe we could gather some time-records for this mision.

      Current Time Record is 55 Minutes (Team lead by Freshman).

      (By Mondkalb)
  • UNS Co 08 River Patrol
    • An 8-man LRRP squad is sent by boat to gather intel from a Vietnamese village behind enemy lines.
      The players are actually able to shoot out of the boat whilst driving.
      Use your A and D keys to change the facing of your character. Setting a high floating zone for this mission is recommended.

      (By Mondkalb)
  • UNS co 12 Hearts and Minds
    • A 12 man squad is being dropped into the jungle and tasked to check three local villages for VC.
      (By Mondkalb)
  • UNS Co 06 Metal Men
    • Two Tanks were dispatched to a unit stationed 200km east. You are these Tank Crews and need to cross the country occupied by large amounts of local guerilla.
      (By Mondkalb)
  • UNS Co 24 LZ Certain Death
    • Hold the LZ until helicopters come and pick you up. This should happen in about 20 Minutes after the mission starts.
      Use flares...

      (By Toadball)

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