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Requirements: 1st Infantry Division by Cameron McDonald

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-03-20 21:47

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1st Infantry Division ACU Replacement Pack

The unit replacement pack itself has only been tested on V1.08 german. It
should work on any later version.

The unit replacement pack is compatible with FDF sounds and thepredators
modern warfare mod (sound only). For compatibility with other replacement
packs, you'll just have to try it and see. This only modifies the models
of the west infantry units, so anything that doesn't modify those should
work with it.

There are multiple install options for package included:

Heavy - All units wear the groin protector and sholder armor.
Mixed - Some units wear the groin protector and sholder armor.
Light - No units wear the groin protector and sholder armor.

You can only use one option at a time.

1: Browse to your arma directory (wherever arma.exe is located).
2: Put "CMCD_USA_1ID_Infantry.pbo" and the related key key files from

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