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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds guarding dogs with different behaviours.

Date: 2011-02-04 10:10

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Clay Dogs


This all started while I was working on a mission where I needed some dogs guarding an enemy camp. There where already
several dog-scripts out there, both for friendly and evil dogs. But none of them where exactly what I was looking for.
So I started to write my own scripts, but soon ran into several problems. Dogs, as being ambient life, have some
build in routines that make it hard for them to follow orders. And createUnit'ed dogs simply talk way too much.^^
I decided to create this small addon to remove the default animal behaviour and add the quite nice attack animation,
which was present in one of the .pbos but for some reason is not usable ingame.

Dog Handler:
    The Dog Handler has to be controlled by the player and lets him give orders to the dog (attack enemies, search for explosives etc).
Guard Dog:
    Guard Dogs are AI controlled and can be placed anywhere on the map. They will attack any enemy unit (currently only members of players group!) which are within a certain distance.
Wild Dogs:
    A small bonus.
    Spawns a group of wild dogs that attack any unit within a certain distance.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.
The 'userconfig' should be added to your Arma2 directory.

Included files:


Dog Handler                                                   Guard Dogs

Dog handler:
Place the Dog Handler Module on the map and sync it to the player. You can sync as many units to the module as you wish, but keep in mind that the Dog Handler units must be player controled.
You can control the dog via Communication Menu (0-8).
Use the included userconfig to add dog-detectable explosives. (Default: PipeBomb, Mine)
Use the included userconfig to add vehicles to transport the dog. (Defaul: MTVR, Kamaz, Ural, V3S, Coyota (only unarmed variants))To change the type of dog (Pastor (Default) / Fin), put this in the players (Dog Handlers) init line:
this setVariable ["CLAY_DogType", "CLAY_Dog2"];
CLAY_Dog = Pastor
CLAY_Dog2 = Fin
The search radius for finding enemies / EODs can be set in unserconfig. (Default: Man: 100m; EOD: 50m)

Guard Dogs:
Guard Dogs are available for USMC, RU and GUER factions and can be found under 'Men' class.
Guard Dogs will automatically attack any units of players group. The default distance for the dog to start attacking is 150m. This can be changed by adding this to the init line of the dog:
this setVariable ["CLAY_DogAttackDistance", *DISTANCE*];
Where *DISTANCE* has to be a number and is the distance in meters how far any unit of players group has to be away for the dog to start attack.
To change the type of dog (Pastor (Default) / Fin), put this in the dogs init line:
this setVariable ["CLAY_DogType", "CLAY_Dog2"];
CLAY_Dog = Pastor
CLAY_Dog2 = Fin

Wild Dogs:
This will spawn a group of wild dogs at the position where the module is placed. There dogs will attack any unit within a certain distance.
To set the number of dogs spawned (Default: 5)(+/-1), put this in the modules init line:
this setVariable ["CLAY_DogCount", *NUMBER*];
To change the distance at which the dogs will start attack (Default: 150m), put this in the modules init line:
this setVariable ["CLAY_DogAttackDistance", *DISTANCE*];
Note that wild dogs will attack ANY unit, no matter which side or faction the unit belongs to. This includes civilians and other animals.

Keep in mind that this is an early Beta!
Not everything will work as intended and scripts and config still need a lot of work.
I decided to release this as is to get some feedback and new ideas.

Known Bugs:
* Pathfinding of the dogs is terrible
* Overall weird dog behaviour from time to time
* Dog Handlers' dog sometimes gets stuck after attacking enemy units
* If dog is ordered to board an unsupported vehicle, an error message from a BIS function will pop up
* Dogs might cause errors in .rpt file or even on screen
* Guard Dogs will not always start attack when player is in attack distance at mission start

A big Thank You to BI for this strange addiction
Big Daddy for his 'Blitzy' scripts, which where my major inspiration
Rommel for the EOD Dog idea
DMarkwick for the Tracker Dog vid, although I wasn't able to create anything that fancy (yet)
DeanosBeano for his dbo_dog, I epically failed at trying to understand that massive piece of config *lol*
And probably a bunch of other people I can't remember right now...

Beta 1.2
* Rewrite main scripts for multiplayer support
* Several changes in config
* Type of dog can be selected
* Dog Handlers dog no longer on civilian side
* Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements
* Added Wild Dogs Module

Beta 1.1
* Guard Dogs added
* Some minor bugs fixed

Beta 1.0
* First release

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