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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-17 10:49

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Armed Assault Czechoslovak Visual Upgrade Addon #1 Armed Assault Visual Upgrade Addon #2 Armed Assault Czechoslovak Visual Upgrade Addon #3 Armed Assault Visual Upgrade Addon #4

Arma Visual Upgrade

This addon requires manualy modifing pbo files so a pbo decrypter/compressor is required. For safety please make a backup copy of the Ca.pbo file from your "Arma\Addons\" directory.
If you don't have a pbo tool, we ( suggest you use Kegety's ArmA tools.

This small addon adds some smoke and new sounds to the GAU-8, also the A10 will be available in desert skin.


  1. de-pbo your Ca.pbo file. Save the contents wherever you like, just someplace where you can find it.
  2. Open the pbo's extracted folder. Go to the ca\data\data\ folder. From my unzipped folder, open the 'sunflares' folder.
  3. Select between folders '6star' and 'streak glow', each folder has a different flare effect to choose from.
  4. Which ever folder you choose, inside you will find an 'eyeflare_ca.paa' file. Simply copy or move it to the ca\data\data folder. It should ask you to overwrite so click 'yes'.
  5. I've included a different seafoam texture located in my 'seafoam' directory. Copy it to your ca\data\data\ directory if you want to try it.
  6. In the extracted pbo folder, click 'back' to go to the ca\data\ folder, then open the 'Destruct' folder.
  7. Open my 'Damage Effects' folder, and copy or move the .paa files to the ca\data\destruct folder. It should ask you to overwrite so click yes.
  8. Now you need to recompress the pbo folder back into a Ca.pbo file. You can overwrite the original if you want, or make a mod folder (I won't explain how, check the forums if you need help) and put the new Ca.pbo file in there.
  9. Start Arma and make sure everything works!!!

Included files:

Here is a small video made by Blanco to show you the difference between the 2 sunflares :
Known issues:
Bigger things like the A-10 or the Harrier will have less destinct damage, but it's not that bad really.
I tried different effects for the bigger aircraft but it messes up the scale of damage on the 5ton trucks and a few other things. The important thing was to keep the damage scaled correctly.

this **DOES NOT** give you "uses modified file" messages in multiplayer This addon contains no bis property/copyright material. Thanks goes to the bis community!

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